interviewed Benjamin Fulford on May 3, 2018.

UPDATE:  Very detailed notes or, nearly a full transcript, is below.

Today Benjamin discusses North Korea, China, Japan, the White Dragons, the bloodline families, the United States and  Iran. Benjamin talked about the BRICs nations,  the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and gold-backed currency.

We hope this interview will be the first of many with Benjamin.

About Benjamin Fulford’s Column

We have read his weekly column for years on his website,   Benjamin is in contact with many insiders, including the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; and the Freemasons.  Benjamin is not just a journalist. He is fighting for planetary liberation.

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Your interview hosts today are Richard and Meg.  We hope you enjoy this interview.

This May 3, 2018 interview with Benjamin Fulford is about 51 minutes long.

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Your hosts: Meg and Richard
The following notes include a few small extra words to make the information understandable.
Richard and Meg’s questions are not stated in detail.

Let’s Begin!

Benjamin requested this addition to his biography: Benjamin is actively working to overthrow the psychopaths who are in town.  We will honor his request.

Question Re. North Korea

Benjamin: I’ve been reporting from Tokyo for 30 yrs.  In the past I believed North Korea was a rogue state, but no longer. Chinese thought of No. Korea as an American colony, according to Japanese intelligence. No. Korea was founded by members of Japanese military government.  Basically they rebuilt Imperial Japan in No. Korea. No Korea is actually similar to Japan before WW2.

They — the bad guys — balanced China-Russ-USA against each other. In 1992 No. Korea (or did Benjamin state Russia?) lost 40% of their gross domestic product. (GDP).   No. Korea transferred their nuclear technology.  The plot changed. No. Korea became a rogue state to use to sell weapons. US transferred nuclear technology to No. Korea.  The US started using No Korea as an arms sales place.

Benjamin: People lose their long-term prospective. For example, we hear: “Soon, in 2 -3 months, No Korea will have missiles that will hit Alaska.” This has been an ongoing story for 20 years. In 1998 No. Korea showed, with their satellite technology, they could hit or attack anyone on earth.

President Trump, after he came into office, wanted to go after No. Korea, but decided to help unify Korea. South Korea said okay, but So. Korea said to US, “Stay south of the 38th parallel.” US will stay south (of this parallel) to be sure No.  Korea is independent from China.

Question re.Iran:

Benjamin: The Shah of Iran’s kids told me (Benjamin) that Bush gave Iran neutron bombs. Iran didn’t want to use them against Israel. Iran wanted to give missiles back to Obama, but Obama acted like he didn’t know anything about them, and Obama wouldn’t take them back.

Question re. Iraq:

We have the “Weapons of Mass Destruction – WMD- story.” We knew Iraq had WMDs, because the US sold them to Iraq. Cleverly, Iran smuggled their WMDs over to Iran while the inspections were going on. So, while the cops were in Iraq, there were no WMDs in Iraq. The US soldiers woke up and asked, “Why are we fighting here when there are no WMDs?” They didn’t really understand the whole thing, but the soldiers did wake up to problems with the official story.

Question re. Iran missiles and Israel:

Benjamin: Israel has had 200 nuke weapons for a long time. This is known.
I was offered job of finance minister of Japan if I went along with plan to destroy 90% of humanity. I said no, I didn’t want to do this.

The US (Bush regime- note taker believes Benjamin means the Bush-1 presidency) paid farmers to not grow food, so many countries starved. In fact, US developed SARS, Ebola, weaponized flus, to destroy 90 percent of people.

Benjamin did background research on Iran and researched a man named
“Sabatai Zinn” who called himself a messiah, from the year 1600 in Turkey. This Zinn person believed the Jews would carry out the prophecies. The Sultan took him in and this messiah. Zinn pretended to convert to Islam. Now we see all these people pretending to be Muslims, Christians, Jews, and they are involved in a plot of Gog and Magog to kill each other. Everyone else but them would be slaves. A man named Benjamin Freedman also revealed this whole thing during Cuban Missile Crisis.

I  actually lived in Cuba, as a baby, during the Cuban missile crisis, because my father was a diplomat.

Benjamin: Anyway, there is still a split between Zionists and ordinary Jews. We see all these World War 3 efforts going on. Israel is under the control of fanatics who are not actually even Jews. It’s crazy and Armageddon, and the people in charge are the ones who need to be removed from power. You can see all these conflicts being set up:
China vs. Japan, the No. Korea situation, Iran and Israel…..All are being set up to have World War 3.

Question regarding Gog and Magog:

Benjamin: An Israeli newspaper said G7 is Gog, and, Magog is Russia, China, and Iran.    Weapons are given to both sides to keep the fight even. Chinese identify it as a “zero sum game,” but in fact, the crazy people really want a winner and a loser. Basically, the world needs to shift over to a system where everyone wins.

And, we have the military industrial complex, and they have so much money and they have to be bought out — so to buy them out, we do an expanded space program. So we are slowly shifting, but the crazies still control Israel, France, Germany and they’re still fighting over the US. It’s not over.

I was told as a kid not to look at the Bible and I didn’t understand the Biblical side of all this until I started researching Bank of Japan.

Benjamin: The Global Warming Faction is much more moderate. (The Global Warming Faction said): “Just tax carbon, no need to kill all these people.” They’re ( the Global Warming Faction) is more moderate, but nobody elected them. Their global warming story is a bullshit story and was made up to get money and it’s (the story of global warming) is made up, all to be Gods or kings of the planet. They, the Global Warming people, were not elected.

Question re White Dragon families:

Benjamin: When SARS was released, to kill Asian people, Red, Blue (Dragons) asked Benjamin to find people in the west who would work with us. The US Marines said okay. Remember the story of Smedley Butler, who was offered job of president if Smedley would overthrow Roosevelt, but he wrote a book instead exposing the bad guys.

The US Marines said they are the good guys.   And the British Empire intelligence wanted to be the good guys, too. Japanese Intelligence and Russian RSB came forward. Lots of people came forward and got together.   So: The White Dragons is a “cover” for this group and they are the Good guys to remove the bad ones from power.

The US is like a beautiful woman with syphillis. You have to be sure she takes antibiotics ahead of time. This is what the West is, I  told them (his contacts in Asia).

The Bailun is the “White Dragon” in Chinese. But this White Dragon group includes the Merovingian Kings. They all intermarry and it’s still (this White Dragon ruling group) is the old Royal blood line.

There are different groups within this. The Red (Dragons) is the old Ming bureaucracy. The Blue is the Persian middle-eastern Royal families. The White is the European group. The Black Dragons are kind of anti-European and they are behind the East Asia sphere of World War 2. Black Dragons (NOT? apologies–words are unclear) quite right.

Ben-Tan is a goddess for fertility, music, education. The goddess of Ben-Tan convinced a big sea dragon to become the protector of poor and weak. The sea dragon was therefore a good metaphor for the good guys.

Question re China and their surveillance:

Benjamin:  China and Singapore have a future planning agency to help them build infrastructure, housing.   Now China is cleaning up their environment, so China has good points on these things. But China is turning everyone into mono-thinking group and this is classic monarchy. People at highest ranks will have to reign this in. The Chinese need some education because so many have come in from the countryside into the cities. For example, Chinese people have to learn you can’t just defecate anywhere in a city (eg., the Louvre in Paris has signs in Chinese telling them — the Chinese — they must use a bathroom.) China has a little way to go.

I was asked a while back about the surveillance. It depends on one’s view of the government. If you trust the government, it’s okay. If you’re paranoid, you worry about them snooping. I told them to leave people alone in their bedrooms. But in fact, they have too much information. You need too many people to watch everyone on the planet. But I live in an aquarium. I am a high-profile individual.

Benjamin: I had a girlfriend and I received a call from the government, asking me about my private activity with this girlfriend. I had to make my personal life much more boring as a result !

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Question re massive technology:

Benjamin:  Chinese have algorithms that look for key words and they can spy. Most of terrorists come from the agencies themselves, in order to justify their budgets. As an example, I went up into the mountains with my North Korean spy girlfriend and I left behind the monitoring phones and the authorities freaked out. I was off their system — not on  their grid system– for 20 minutes. As a high value target, I was noticed.

Don’t worry too much about Artificial Intelligence. The Chinese told Benjamin they’re trying to build a goddess and he thinks they’ll try to hack reality itself. They may be able to change reality itself and this is what we may start seeing.

I have seen reality change — I have had these experiences myself.   It’s weird, unexplored territory. Maybe I am an optimist, but AI will discover love is the most powerful force in the universe and I don’t think it will want to harm us. I have a plan to leave and go to the mountains, eat grubs and survive.  I have a friend who he can go stay with.

I once took a high bureaucrat fishing and this guy caught a fish — this man fed himself from nature — for the very first time. Canadians know how to survive in the bush, but many people simply don’t.

Question Re Gold Backed Currency:

Benjamin:  I think the US dollar is already gold backed. Look at a graph of a dollar vs. other currencies. They move in a narrow band. The Lehman shock was probably when the US got rights to Asian gold to back it up.  The problem is that the Americans don’t control the system. The only answer is for Americans to issue their own currency. It’s in the interest of controllers to keep control. Tariffs aren’t the answer — Argentina was the 2nd wealthiest country after WW2 and with tariffs they descended to 3rd world status.

Question re BRICS:

Benjamin: They came up with this just by looking at numbers. Not sure the BRICS alliance really exists any more. But Brazil is going in its own direction. India doesn’t want to be a Chinese vassal state, so they are holding back ( from BRICS).   BRICS is more like a non-G7 lineup in the world. China and Russia are pushing a great Eurasia alliance. What is happening is they are building a new world that is controlled NOT by G7 familiies. It’s non-G7 these days.

Questions regarding the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB):

Benjamin: British were deeply involved with the AIIB. The British Royal family and British Rothschild families were involved. When AIIB was announced, England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland all jumped on board. US and Japan didn’t join. So you can see the split in this. This is the real split now between these 2 groups. The so-called Global Warming families of Europeans threw it in with Chinese and Russians.

They are doing huge things with the AIIB. They are building schools, roads, bridges, and other huge projects for the benefit of the planet. The AIIB is something like 60x bigger than the Marshall Plan at end of WW2. If Americans get on board, they could build a bridge connecting Alaska to Siberia and take a train from Washington to London by way of Beijing and Moscow, it would make transportation great, communications so much cheaper. So many things to do. But, the US – Japan are not in charge so don’t want to be part of it.

There is a stranglehold in humanity – extends to Rockefeller and JP Morgan and oil. Oil is not required any more and AIIB can help bring out the new technologies.    Look at India and China investment in solar power —  the solar power investment is more now than in coal power. Somebody said enough solar energy is available in one day to power the planet for 10,000 years. They are moving toward it.

Oil produces as a by-product, carbon and we are a carbon-based life. Dogs, cats, people, plants ought to be able to use the oil technology and turn deserts green and build more life-giving, ocean-cleaning technologies and just shift oil that way.

We can get rid of smoke belching vehicles from cities. And oil could be part of it. Yes, in the 20th century they (the bad guys) suppressed the technology. Oil companies suppressed the new technology. We could have moved away from oil. And — there is always a pipeline issue in there somewhere.  Regarding Syria,  Gassprom, Exxon Mobile, Chevron.
Let’s go into this another time!

Thank you for listening to this May 3, 2018 interview with Benjamin Fulford.

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  1. I have a life long high frequency hearing loss (thus I hear Pythagoras ‘music of spheres’ quite well?) so if I don’t see lips moving – I don’t hear human words very well. A transcript would be nice, too, of course, but having just re-read this below comment here (because I TOTALLY misread it above here the first time ??)….well…☇

    May 7, 2018 at 12:20 AM | Reply
    Hello Deva! No matter how much they try to soup up humanity! If you stay focused on your higher self nothing will happen to you! Raise your own vibrational field and poison will lose all power! It happens to me! At the age of 11 one morning I saw a little open box on the table at home before going to school and iin my eyes it was some kind of chocolate (by the way I loooooove chocolate!) and to me it was a wonderful idea to have something sweet before going to school! Well …. for sure I left back an empthy box and went to school very happy! Few hours later the school director came to my class room in order to ask if I was ok. My answer was “yesss sir, everything perfect” ! My dad called the school because in the litlle box was not chocolate but STRONG POISON FOR MOSQUITOS!
    Meanwhile I,m 67 years old and still alive!! :-))
    Blessed BE!]

    Yep, THAT IS EXACTLY how spirit works sometimes??

  2. This is an excellent interview! I love to listen to Ben Fulford, and I like y’all’s interviewing style, on point with class!

  3. Cordial saludo Benjamín,
    quiero pedirle el favor si puedes colaborarme con la siguiente información:

    cual es el correo y teléfono de la organización que compra los bonos históricos.
    estaré atenta a su pronta respuesta. vivo en Colombia, mil gracias.

    • Hello Andrea: Currently we are not able to create transcripts for the Benjamin Fulford interviews. Perhaps we can do this in the future. Can you find an English speaker in your area to help you translate it? Thank you very much.

  4. Good job. I always am learning new things from Ben from a part of the world I have littel experience in. Thank you.

  5. One thing that confuses me is that the deep state says it wants to kill off 90% of humanity, yet they have poisoned the food, water, ground, air and even the materials our houses are made of and things we use like shampoos, toothpaste etc. How do these crazy, soulless, misguided fools expect to live on a poisoned planet? Can’t they realize they are cutting their own throats? (or did they dumb themselves down in the process of dumbing us down). The light will win, t always will. Victory to love and light and special blessings and protection to all the whistle-blowers, light-workers and all the many others who are in service to others.

    • Hello Deva! No matter how much they try to soup up humanity! If you stay focused on your higher self nothing will happen to you! Raise your own vibrational field and poison will lose all power! It happens to me! At the age of 11 one morning I saw a little open box on the table at home before going to school and iin my eyes it was some kind of chocolate (by the way I loooooove chocolate!) and to me it was a wonderful idea to have something sweet before going to school! Well …. for sure I left back an empthy box and went to school very happy! Few hours later the school director came to my class room in order to ask if I was ok. My answer was “yesss sir, everything perfect” ! My dad called the school because in the litlle box was not chocolate but STRONG POISON FOR MOSQUITOS!
      Meanwhile I,m 67 years old and still alive!! :-))
      Blessed BE!

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