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I’m rather new to the site, but I definitely love it and want to be active in its mission. As I understand it, the mission is for people who are aware of the pending Change and Event to organize to help the people who don’t know what’s coming. I’ve been having difficulty in organizing a local support group, but I have also been brainstorming on how exactly my support group can rally and assist people unaware and Earth/Gaia in the Change and Event. It occurs to me that a support group would have two types of support to offer. One is the group meditations and similar activities for people who already have an understanding of the nature of Creation. But there is a vast group of people who remain stuck in the Abrahamic religions and all the rest of the social control mechanisms who will need more support in making the transition.

I believe we can accomplish the Prepare for Change mission for both types of people through a Campaign for Unity.

Earth/Gaia needs a hand up not a hand-out from the rest of the Universe. Until we are able to unify as a group consciousness, our efforts to evolve towards Unity will remain scattered. We must unify our path to Unity in whatever available means we can find. By banding the two types of support people into a common goal and effort towards Unity, the unaware people will gain the much needed exposure to the wonderful truths of Creation. A Campaign for Unity can accomplish several common goals. Here is the basic reasoning that guided me to this conclusion.

As we enter this time of change, our best tool for a return to a comfortable society is to embrace change and harness the opportunity to implement change. It will be all too tempting for us to repair/rebuild the existing social systems, or at least the way they existed in 2007 or 2000 or 1990. We must kill that temptation to conform to a reaction based in memory. We must take a path of action to create a better system/society via intuition. Even if we are thrust into a higher state of being, the task of unifying the human society remains.

Our future lies in the shining brilliance of Universal Love.

We need to allow our efforts and ideas to be drawn towards the embrace of Unity. We need to strive to substitute Unity for division in all of our social designs. This effort must begin within the individual as a commitment resulting from reflection, connection, inspiration, visualization and realization. The Event offers the chance for Earth Consciousness to harmonize with the Universal draw towards Unity. We must begin NOW to nurture and grow our society’s desire and attitude of service to others, where those who have something to offer provide it for those who need.

Those social constructs not currently aligned with evolution to Unity must be personally eliminated – beginning today.

Today, too many social institutions behave as bullies and they do this with regard to providing any service to the people they were formed to assist: HOAs, charitable organizations, PTAs, religious entities, etc. HOAs were originally formed for the common area maintenance of condominium complexes, where each condo owner shared in a portion of the responsibility of maintenance. Over time, HOAs have become a standard component of every housing subdivision/development, along with the introduction of common areas and rules governing how residents may and may not customize their homes. This is oppressive to free will and needs to be eliminated – TODAY.

Many charitable institutions are in operation that purport to take contributions and, in turn, provide a service to people (or animals) who are in need. A closer look at all of these organizations reveals that from 80% to 90% of the donations they receive are consumed by the organization itself through it’s operations, which include huge expenditures for marketing and executives’ salaries and bonuses. The bigger harm perpetrated in these schemes is not so much the misrepresentation itself but the illusion it creates that the people in need are being serviced when they are not; the loving service that was offered to the people in need was hijacked and embezzled by the brokers who were simply supposed to bring the helpers and the helped together. This is blatant manipulation of others (the many) for the service of the self (the few) and needs to be eliminated – TODAY.  HOAs and charitable organizations are only two examples of social systems run amok with greed, power-hunger and manipulation. A quick look around will show many of these types of social tumors to anyone who cares to identify them.

The change we need and the Event we approach are screaming to us to remove these tumors from our society. The effort to free Earth/Gaia by the many light workers, ETs, extra-density friends, White Hat Pentagon, White Dragon Society, Eastern Alliance doers (on and on) is truly a campaign of awe-inspiring, Universal Love, but it is largely missing a vital component that is intrinsic to the Universal mechanisms at work.

EACH ‘Earthling’ must MAKE MANIFEST their CHOICE of polarity for their existence.

Those who have chosen the polarity of loving service to others as their path to the Creator must stand and rigorously voice, defend and exemplify that choice. Stand in the HOA meeting, the run-for-the-cure gathering, the corporate meeting, the Sunday sermon – wherever we directly see behavior, policy, or law that swells with manipulation of the many for the service of the few – we MUST voice our recognition of that behavior and our choice to oppose it (along with our offer to assist in the changing of that behavior). People who have not yet made their choice of polarity will be quickly drawn to the light of the people who are exercising their polarity towards Unity. People who have chosen to polarize towards the self and the manipulation of others will quickly loose the strength they gain from that manipulation, once denied, and hopefully choose the path to Unity.

We must recognize the vehicles of manipulation and eliminate them – TODAY.

Cable (or satellite) TV began as pay TV with no commercials and has evolved into a monster of greed and manipulation. Not only has cable TV programing become full of commercials, it’s full of infomercials and propaganda. If we subscribe to cable (or satellite) TV, we must cancel that ‘service’ – TODAY. We can use free broadcast TV, or we can then better spend that effort (money) by putting it towards faster internet service, hardware, on-line subscriptions, etc. where we can view the entertainment or information that we choose – TODAY. We need to stop consuming the regularly recurring technological breadcrumbs laid down to lead us through the path of marketing to the alter of ultimate consumerism – products that are ‘smarter than we are’. We can evaporate this cloud of manipulation over our society by simply refusing the “upgrade” – TODAY. Our jerk-knee response that these moves will be “bad for the economy” must be squashed. ‘The economy’ is the largest vehicle of manipulation used to cart us around the marketplace. By cutting off our payments for the use of the cart, we remove power from the manipulators and make manifest our choice of polarity towards Unity. We can then better spend that social effort developing and deploying the technology that promises to free us from manipulation – TODAY. If currency will truly not exist in our future society, then all the more impetus to begin change – TODAY.

Post-Event, whether it brings sudden or gradual change, we will need to sweep through every corner of our existing social structure and remove that which does not contribute to the evolution towards Unity. We will be rewarded collectively if we begin individually – TODAY.

David White

David White is a new Participant. His essay is a welcome contribution – Dane

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  1. Dave well written and exactly the kind of submission we are excited to recieve. You make some very insightful recognitions which hopefully will inspire others to be part of these needed changes.

    The finacial and media observations are spot on in my view and something that can be rectified when the corrupt power infrastructure is removed in the lawful arrests we hope will come qickly.
    Rob Potter

    • Thanks a bunch, Rob. I felt a connection with this site when I first came across it (don’t remember where that link was). I hope I can offer some input of value.

      I’ve been investigating and following the Fed and its family of organizations since the mid-70s. It’s been difficult getting anybody to listen to me over the years. It’s an exciting relief that they are being opposed at all. The arrests will certainly be an Event to mark the Ages.

      Looking forward to working with you and the PFC family.

  2. David, You’ve said a mouthful my friend. I share and applaud your ideals for the changes necessary to achieve Unity Consciousness, however, the constructs designed to control our society will be a tough nut to crack.

    I’ve often pondered many such ideas but was always drawn the realization that as a stand alone effort, our insight would be difficult to implement as change for many people is a hard pill to swallow. If given the choice, many are likely to stand and face what is known rather then turning to face a change that is unknown.

    It reminds me of the Walls of Jericho, “it must all come tumbling down before a better world will resurrect from the ashes”.
    I believe that humanity must first bear witness to the destruction of the current system before a positive change will form.

    The “Event” will be humanities awakening to the illusions and manipulation that has formed our society. Its a complex issue and like you, I haven’t been able to form a plan to shortcut the effects of such change. Fortunately, human beings are extremely robust and very adaptable, a trait that will soon be pressed into service.

    Thanks for sharing your message.

    • Thanks, Bob. I feel I was guided to write that post (the words came faster than I could write.) It’s the result of speaking with folks in person.

      Most people I’ve spoken with do believe our ‘system’ is about to crumble from years of failure, and most of them are taking measures to prepare for it. Few believe (or care to investigate) the unfolding plot that has led to this point or that anybody is going to rescue them from ruin.

      Speaking with people, I find it’s overwhelming (to them and me) to try to encapsulate the Prepare For Change vision and mission into a simple discussion. That’s when I felt the need to reduce it down to a simpler ‘icebreaker’ topic like Unity. Humans have been divided and turned against the others for so long, I’ve found that most people embrace the concept of humans uniting in peaceful coexistence. I plan to try it, so we’ll see…

      (I also see too many people who can be described as Dante’s Ignavi – those souls who never took a stand on anything in life, never manifested their Divine Spark for self or others, never got off the couch. I can’t resist the attempt to get folks off the couch.)

      As you say, “Fortunately, human beings are extremely robust and very adaptable”. I’ve seen in the aftermath of hurricanes & tornadoes how quickly, eagerly, lovingly, selflessly people spring into action to help their neighbors and account for everyone’s needs. I think when the control of the ‘system’ is removed, humanity’s pent up light will burst forth.

      I agree it takes the Jericho factor to jar people from their matrix, largly because Darkness usually creeps in slowly and often is disguised as a simple shadow until “each evil deed adds to the evil deeds that are gone before until finally evil destroys itself.” All is well. The Cycles of time are well prepared.

      Thanks for the reply, Bob. I’m looking forward to more collaboration.


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