Free Energy Technology editor Sterling Allan, of Pure Energy Systems News ( provides a valuable service to humanity and very possibly the most comprehensive listing of unconventional energy technologies in this Directory: Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Best Exotic FE

“Exotic” is a catch-word for clean, free energy technologies outside of conventional methods such as solarwindgeothermaltidewaveriver.

Notable subsections of Best Exotic FE include certified Commercially Available,  possibly Commercially Available? and Licensing for Commercial Roll-out,  Approaching Commercial Roll-out, and Kits Available for Purchase, along with the continually-updated Top 5 Exotic Free Energy technologies at

Listings for Top 5 Exotic Free Energy technologies are based upon credibility and closeness to market, and Allan continually and transparently updates the Top 5 here: Tracking the Position of the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies.

Sterling Allan’s message is:  “There are many ways to harness the wheelwork of nature — energy sources that the environment provides free for the taking — that are not only clean but inexhaustible and ubiquitous.

Conventional renewable energy (there are 25 genres) has made great strides but has limitations. We are tracking some exotic modalities (there are 25 of those, as well) — that science has not yet acknowledged as legitimate — that are making great strides toward being proven and preparing for marketplace introduction.

Wouldn’t that be embarrassing for science if the ultimate proof, prior to academic acquiescence, would be marketplace arrival? When you realize that these exotics will not only be clean but much cheaper than even polluting power, you begin to understand why academia has become politically manipulated to be so slow to accept these new breakthroughs. It’s ‘power to the people’ in a very literal sense.

Our purpose is to help the most promising clean energy technologies move forward, and some of these exotic technologies often languish for lack of attention and support“.

I salute the efforts of Sterling Allen, noting that if just one of these technologies were ever available on a large scale at a reasonable price, there would be sweeping improvements to living standards and travel that would make the Industrial Revolution seem like small talk.

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