Scarcity: The Old Paradigm

Looking back about 50 years, I can recall the day when it seemed that ‘Scarcity’ was the unspoken mantra of the world. Nobody talked directly about it by name, but everybody was fighting over it.  There was never enough oil, enough money or gold, enough territory, enough power, or enough nukes.  Just after the assassination of JFK, the Johnson administration began to escalate the Vietnam War, atmospheric testing of Hydrogen bombs was ongoing, and there was a traveling science teacher who came to our elementary school every month to teach science for one hour period.

This period the classic Water Electrolysis experiment was demonstrated, where some electricity was applied to water (H2O) in order to separate the atoms of combustable Hydrogen from the Oxygen.  Simply stated, one test tube collected the Hydrogen atoms and another collected the Oxygen, and the result of lighting a match under the Hydrogen tube was a large POP!, and some water was created by the explosion!

Unfortunately, we learned that the energy derived from Hydrogen combustion (E2)  was not enough to account for the electrical energy we initially put in as Electrolysis (E1), and therefore it could not help with our ever-increasing demand for energy because it would violate thermodynamics, shown below.

Original Reason for Water Power Being Impractical
Original Lame Reason Why Water Power Is Impractical


Charlotte Iserbyt: The Secret History of Western Education

Charlotte Iserbyt,  from the Reagan administration’s cabinet came into the possession of certain documents which prove that in 1910, a new system of education was secretly established to limit early America’s rugged individualism and creativity in favor of mindless regurgitation of ‘facts’ and obedience to authority figures.  The Carnegie foundation, in a joint venture with the Rockefeller foundation, proposed a new curriculum for the Western Educational system (K-12) that was described in Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  Our education system has been  letting us down, on purpose.



What’s being stated above is that Standard Oil billionaire John Rockefeller’s organization was/is directly involved in the creation of an educational system that deliberately inhibits creative thought!   Is there even a remote chance of a little conflict of interest with respect to teaching about alternative energy sources to oil?  It’s most likely.  Do I know if the above experiment on Water Electrolysis was specifically designed to rule out the most plentiful liquid on the face of the earth as a viable energy source?  No, I don’t know.  But I DO have a source who states that in 1955 a water-powered car made 110 laps around a race track in Indianapolis!

If the Electrolysis of Water experiment is still being taught today, there is a better chance of it failing-to-convince due to the following revelations about water power.

  • In practice, it’s easier to separate Hydrogen from Oxygen in water, less energy is required than we had thought.  Experimenters and inventors have proven that many times over.
  • Processes that are powered by water are getting additional energy from the fabric of space known as Zero Point Energy.
  • Traditional Internal Combusion Engines are horribly inefficient, some 20% energy is wasted as heat.

Added up, the above revelations about water tell us that it is a viable source of energy.  All of the Cavitation Methods, listed below, have been proven successful in practice.

In some cases it has been shown that the energy (E2) that is derived from water-powered generators can be as much as 10 times or more the energy (E1) that goes into the process.  In plain English:

Water, the most plentiful liquid on the face of the earth can be used as a source of Free Energy.  Sea water, salt water, clean water or untreated rain water can all be used.  Energy which can power homes, businesses, hospitals, and more.  The processes often result in the production of clean, drinkable water, so there is an additional benefit of not needing costly chemicals to produce our water.

Certainly, nothing spells the end of that old paradigm Scarcity like this does!


Birthing a New Paradigm: Abundance

Anybody who’s watching the alternative media must be aware of certain unmistakeable trends in the area of Free Energy that is unlimited, sustainable, clean, and largely free for the taking.  Free Energy for home and transportation, for ending pollution and healing the earth,  for new creative communities that embrace Unity and advanced Consciousness, and Free Energy that supports our ability to travel in space for extended periods of time in comfort and wellness.  Free Energy means abundance.

Yet, the fact is, gas stations are still selling gasoline between $3.50 and $4.00 a gallon, which means that technically, we have not yet entered into the time of Free Energy.

The Earth Mother is Expecting Free Energy
The Earth Mother is Expecting


So, it feels like we are living in a bubble, sort of a fleeting reality.  We’re on the verge of something great, something is growing, but under the covers, so it’s not yet with us. Mother Earth is expecting free energy for us all!

What will life be like at the time of the blessed Event?  Will there be pain? Chaos?   Ecstatic joy?  Will our lives be changed forever?


Global Free Energy: Water-Based

Around the globe, each year there are more and more inventors coming out with water-powered automobiles.

Phillipines: watch video

Pakistan: watch video

Japan: watch video

United States: watch video

The O.P.A.L. Tour has already demonstrated a water-based generator in Tehachapi, CA which I witnessed in person.

In One Million Cavitating Water Electrolyzers, Moray B King suggests that there are many, many different ways to power automobiles and electric generators from water!

Cavitation Bubbles and Plasmoids: Donuts

Cavitation, the creation of self-organized plasmoids, is the secret to getting clean, free energy from water, and there are many, many ways to achieve it.

Cavitation Methodologies

  • Electrolysis Gas in Narrow Gap
  • Blow Air
  • Venturi Vaccuum
  • Vibrations
    •   Mechanical
    •   Acoustical: Sonic, Untrasonic
    •   Oscillate Electric Field
      •      Toroidal Coil
      •     Pulsed Waveform
  • Electrodes
    • Rough, Clean Surface
    • Small Gaps (< 1mm)
    • Causes Turbulence, Cavitation
  • Electrical Stimulation
    •   Pulsed Waveforms
    •   Minimize Current and Electrolyte
    •   Frictional Rubbing via Circulation
  • Circulation
    •   Water Charged by Rubbing
    •   Turbulence, Cavitation
    •   Vibrate Plates: Reed Cavitation
    •   Recycling Water Integrates Energy Content

Global Free Energy: Plasma-Based

Sierra Leone, Poland, Italy, and China are some of the nations currently in possession of plasma fusion technology.   The Keshe Foundation is sponsoring free workshops around the world on the development of Plasma Fusion energy generators, the design which has already been freely distributed to the major nations, and not-so-major ones, on a Memory Stick.  Proof of the plasma generator can be seen on the following video.  and also this one,  and transportation, space travel   , healing diseases, and creation of food and other carbon-based necessities appears to be in the making.

In theory, at least, everything required for self-contained space travel has been developed by the Keshe Foundation.

Global Free Energy: Rotating Magnetics

This short video clearly demonstrates the free energy the can be generated from a few magnets found around the house.  It is not difficult, then, to imagine how to manufacture a much more efficient, high-powered engine with bigger magnets, coils, etc.

The John Searl Story, recently produced, tells a truly heart-warming, yet amazing life-story of an individual who has been working on a totally unique and near-perfect form of Free Energy that came to him in successive dreams as a boy.  Sucking in energy in the form of free electrons that are all around us, Searl’s device, called the SEG, features no friction, cooling temperatures instead of heating up with usage, and the ability to produce Super-conductance and a field of its own gravitational force that allows it to travel in space.  Other benefits include the emitting of healing energy in the form of negative ions.

Also, the Hope Girl Fix The World Project is sponsoring the production of another magnetic energy system through a new funding campaign shown here  and website here:  The Peoples Fund To Change The Planet


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  1. These are great questions, Douglas, but I am not an intermediary to the Quantum Home Energy Generator or any other of these technologies. That site is provided in the article, and you are free to contact them. Hope Girl and PFC offer the assurance that the inventor’s intent is sincerely to bring out the technology to Humanity as opposed to making a killing in profit on it, etc. It does appear that the time for producing the prototype has expired. Are they on time? How soon would production follow the successful testing of it? More importantly, what would be the cost of a unit for the home…before the Event? After the Event? Would funding be available from Collateral Accounts, etc, that would mitigate the cost after the Event? Hope so.

    Are you more the experimenter or just a consumer of these devices? If you are an experimenter and perhaps wish to get involved at the level of, say, being a distributor, you might find that to be very rewarding. Remember when the PC was just new and there were competitors out there like the Atari and the Amiga?

    Last time I heard, the Quantum Generator will be rolled out first in the U.S. just because of Customs/Import issues in the current state of the world. That could change, or the group could choose to roll-out to Canada next, in case you might want to become involved in that process at some level.

    Safest is just to sit tight with whatever is working for you now. However, if you can afford to experiment or possibly become a local distributor then reach out to a technology provider. Talk to Paul Pantone on to receive training on GEET and/or send away for a kit to convert an internal combustion engine to water-power. You could definitely become a distributor of GEET.

    It’s late and I am so bleary-eyed that I cannot even read what I am typing. More later, eh?

  2. Sounds great John, I am ready to disconnect the power lines from the house and return to Epcor the bill as well as the smart meter. Let me know how much they are and where we can pick up new free energy device and is it under warranty? I hope we will have a new free energy furnace that will allow disconnection from Atco gas as well! EPCOR has control over our water, maybe I can just drill a well for a complete disconnection here in the cold city of Edmonton. I hope the shock waves in the Fort McMurray tar sands aren’t too bad for the economy when they shut down as the price of crude will plummet. I’m sure the federal gov. and Steven Harper won’t be too happy when we all switch over to free energy but can’t please em all. Should I sell my Honda generator now before word gets out? Thanks Doug


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