Duality: bye bye

Historically speaking great change has transpired in conjunction with financial decay. Cases in point include the situations in the American colonies prior to the revolutionary war or Germany prior to WWll. In the former case good stepped in to replace the oppressive, while the opposite occurred in the latter. Facts are that when financial discourse is in play people are far more attentive and psychologically prepared to accept drastically new concepts in order to reorganize and/or re prioritize societies.

Putting that into perspective as it relates to NWO agenda, and the awakening of our population to same, question arises what is optimum sequence of events in order to accomplish a goal of non-violent transition to New Society that PFC is supporting on this website?

My perception is that most of our blockage to finding truth is caused by dualism. We find it in every aspect of every event, every happening, and every experience, all day every day by each and every one of us. It happens in science, archeology, politics, education, medicine, child rearing, laws, and religious thought.

Eliminate dualism and everything changes……….instantly. I say…………….Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff White, financial group, PFC

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Duality is a reflection of the reality between light and dark on the world – perhaps the last left in the galaxy. Goodbye to this false and oppressive construct. We welcome the transmutation into all light!

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