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Last night I read an article in the magazine, Whole Living. It was the January/February issue, titled: All in a Day’s Work on page 54. The writer is Alice Oglethorpe, and I think she did an excellent job putting it together.

The article guides us to make healthier lifestyle changes at our place of work. For example, straightening your desk, or having a local farm bring boxes of produce in for people who are too busy to shop right.

I feel that as a Reiki Practitioner I can explain WHY some of these tips are helpful in an energetic way. Let’s go over them one at a time:


the article says–Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that when people had good relationships with their office mates, they were less likely to die in the following two decades than those who didn’t have a strong workplace connection. A study at the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, says a lack of unity at work increases your risk of becoming depressed by sixty percent.

ReikiDoc says–of course. Your energetic systems interact with others at work through daily events at the office. Your auras combine to form the collective ‘consciousness’ of the workplace. MBA’s call this ‘team spirit’ and come up with exercises to build it. They find it gives synergy and people are more productive when they are happy. Energetically speaking, when you are with people with  a like vibration, you will not be as stressed because nobody and nothing is sucking the life out of you energetically. It builds!


the article says--It absorbs volatile organic compounds.  A study from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Uppsala University in Sweden says you will reduce the number of sick days and get more work done if you see green in your workplace, for example, a potted plant on your desk.

ReikiDoc says–nature is a direct connection to Source. It is not affected by the ways of the world (except from some influence from the actions of man. Nice man? Nice garden, healthy plant. Yes?). Therefore it is going to raise your vibration by having nature’s harmony into your office space. Not only will it absorb the VOC’s, but also it will decrease the carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen in your area of work.


the article says–A study from the princeton Neuroscience Institue found that having a disorganized work space makes it difficult for people to process information effeciently. Objects scattered around compete for your attention and disturb concentration.

ReikiDoc says–This is Feng Shui 101. The chi, or life force, gets lost and stuck in clutter. No wonder why you can’t think. Furthermore a cluttered mind creates outside what is within. Forcing neatness into your workspace will influence the structure in your mind right back.


the article says–The Environmental Protection Agency says poor indoor air quality in offices is a major cause of headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea and forgetfulness. When these symptoms go away on weekends and vacation, it points to the office air as the offending source.

ReikiDoc says–there is a special life force in the air that we breathe. Mystics from all walks of life are taught to study their breathing to relax and to ground themselves in meditation. There is something IN THERE, just like there is oxygen in the water in a goldfish bowl. Perhaps there are also things we breathe OUT energetically that ground themselves to earth. Being in an office is like too many goldfish in a bowl that is in need of cleaning. Go to the surface and take a few big gulps of fresh air. Filter your ‘goldfish bowl’ with air cleaning devices and plants.  Bring the Light in with each breath. At my house, I do NOT use any air conditioning. It makes me feel sick. I leave all the windows open at night. When I come home, I air out the house and get a good cross breeze. And it’s cheaper too.


the article says–A study from the University of Michigan found that people who looked at photos of natural scenes immediately improved scores on cognition tests.

ReikiDoc says–Nature bypasses the Mind and helps you connect to Source. Even a picture of it. Source is source is source–peace, harmony, love, joy, all is well…


the article says–the Journal of Applied Psychology says that being exposed to office noise actually makes you less motivated to toil away at a difficult task. Pop in earplugs, get noise-cancelling headphones, or play soft music at work.

ReikiDoc says–Discern. You control your reaction to events around you. You cannot control events. If you need mental concentration, be mindful and tend to your needs. Protect yourself with the above measures like earplugs, etc. I have written about ‘grounding and protecting’ in the past. It is not just the noise. It is the mechanical devices throwing off their energy, it is the people that you work with, it is the imprinted energetic patterns on the building and land itself. You can’t ‘do your thing’ with all these outside influences. Take steps.


the article says–don’t spent $1000 on a special ergonomic chair. Your body needs to move. It is a little energy boost. Get up and stretch a bit. Change up your tasks to keep it fresh.

ReikiDoc says–exercise is another way to raise your vibration. With all those things at work taking your energy out of you, take a pause to put some of that energy back in.


the article says–‘sitting for ten hours straight comes with health risks, like weight gain and a higher chance of developing diabetes and heart disease, regardless of how much you exercise outside the office.” Toni Yancey, MD, Professor at the UCLA School of Public Health, “Short walks during the day help to counteract that while also relieving stress.”

ReikiDoc says–again, RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. Move around. See Nature to get a hit of Source. I do plies in the OR during long cases. I get up every half hour to measure urine output, just to keep moving. Some people put treadmills at their desk and lose incredible amounts of weight just by standing and walking slowly on it through their day.  You are a being of Light, like a battery. Hook it up to Source one way or another every now and then and RECHARGE!

I wrote this, because the article is on the right track. But there is so much more to it than meets the eye.
When you start thinking ‘energetically’ a whole lot of things start to make MORE SENSE.

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