reikicatReiki and Cancer

 What is different about this cat? Look very close.

Does it look right?

Or is something a little off?

This is from a local art show, and is a cat painted onto a large river rock stone.

One needs to look beyond the immediate appearance to appreciate its true form, and in a rock’s case, it’s true strength.

So is the same with patients with cancer.

“Treat everyone around you as if they are going to die tomorrow. Be kind and caring. Open and honest. And loving, as much as you can, for they will leave the earth knowing they are not alone.”

That is my motto for all of my extremely ill patients, especially the cancer ones. It is instinctive. It is to my core, and it goes a long way back to my first days in medical school to the hospital.

For some reason, I adore taking care of my cancer patients. And over the years, I find that they respond well to me. Add Reiki to this interaction, and it truly, truly allows a transformative experience for both the doctor and the patient.

Here are some steps to take when dealing with your cancer patient in your life:

1) Listen 

One of my first cancer patients was a young teen with a lesion on the scalp. The dermatologist found it was cancer. Imaging showed it was from a large mass inside the head coming out. This patient was confused and perplexed by the medical system. ‘Do you walk into walls?’ the neurosurgeon would ask.  “What kind of stupid question is that?” she relayed to me. She also had a terror of seeing the operating room, and made me promise not to let her know what it looked like inside. At a world famous children’s hospital,, they routinely have the older  kids walk unassisted to the OR. They are not knocked out like everybody else. When she wanted to walk to the restroom, I let her. But then I titrated anxiolytic to effect. Because of her seizure medications, it took more. Four times the normal dose! But it worked! And she trusted me so much, I was personally requested for her anesthesia for every case. I am still friends with the family, and even though this dear soul passed, I have her picture in my house in her cheerleader outfit, I enjoyed working with her so much.

2) Admit that you are not perfect 

These people have been through the medical system. A lot. Find out what they need and what has worked for them. And GIVE IT! Even though it is not your usual style. The openness and caring that you want to make a special experience for them is the message that you want to send. They truly are your best customer. In several cases, that short time in pre-op is the most normal they will be in their lives again.  These patients will soak up your compassion like a sponge, their families too, and it is right for it to be like this.

3) Be honest and let love flow from your heart

“The doctor’s job is trying to amuse the patient until they get better.” is an old saying that is mostly true.
These patients are going for a cure or to relieve their symptoms from the cancer that will ultimately kill them. Be real. Be grounded. Be kind. For your kindness goes a long way with them in their battle for their life. Everyone, most everyone they have met and are going to meet will in some way find out about you if you do your best as you do your job for them. It will be like, “I went through this horrible surgery, but the anesthesiologist was so nice and I had no pain or nausea.” when they talk about the experience to others.

4) Reiki, Reiki, Reiki…

There are two kinds of Reiki-1) a continuous source of Reiki to others and 2) formal Reiki, or in my case, intentional O.R. Reiki on the not so obvious to others in the O.R.

Set your soul on POSITIVE. Keep it that way. Your cheerfulness is an anchor to others in an otherwise traumatic situation for them. Be a leader. Show them you are comfortable with this procedure and the anesthetic. Reassure them everything will be okay. And in truth, even if the cancer leads to death at some point, you know that you will have balanced their energy patterns as each individual needs, and moreover placed the transition symbol into their aura to permit a safe passage to the end of life and beyond.

5) Follow up

Patients like to see you after. They have something to say. I know that you are busy as an anesthesiologist, and time is short in between cases. But, if you have the time, and do so, your visit to them afterward will bring closure to you both. Let them have their say on how their experience was with the anesthetic. The encouragement and support offered at this time is blessed. Most blessed. Over all.

It is my hope that these words shall encourage you in working with your cancer patients. I had one yesterday who was post-chemotherapy and still had good veins! But a portacath and no hair. I blessed her when I gave diksha* during surgery, and held her head in my hands with my heart.

“Is it over?” she asked, puzzled, in the recovery room.

“Yes, it is.” I reassured.

“Wow, those drugs sure worked. The only thing I remember was in the pre-op room talking to you.”she said surprised and with good emphasis on the not remembering part.

“That’s exactly how it is supposed to be.” I smiled, linking my right  pinky finger in hers, verifying with my pinky promise that I did exactly what I said I would do for her.

* =* an advanced Lightworker informed me the the Oneness Blessing, which is freely taught and shared, is suspected to be possibly not of the Light. It may be a method to transmit archonic implants into the spiritual community of Lightworkers. I have since had all my implants removed and diksha oneness is no longer one of my healings in my practice.

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  1. Buen día
    Hace año y medio murió mi papá, yo traté de aprender reiki por internet (you tube), no sé si le habría hecho efecto, me hubiera gustado que viviera, me pregunto si estará bien.

    • Muchas Gracias, Carmen Maria,
      Con permiso, hablamos en Anglais, por favor. Hablo español pero no escribo en español bien. Lo siento mucho por ti papa murió…

      La pregunta a mi es, en Anglais:
      Year and a half ago my dad died, I tried to learn reiki online (you tube), do not know if I would have taken effect, would have liked to live, I wonder if I’ll be fine.

      Yo digo, en Anglais:
      Learning Reiki online does not have a high success rate. Although there are some who teach online, and I have also once ‘attuned’ people online, the best way to learn Reiki is in person from a teacher. This is because they activate the Reiki that is dormant in your energy system, just like one would use jumper cables to start a car that has a low battery. When I attune a student, I go into their aura and do a series of movements that I was taught to do when I became a Reiki Master Teacher. Somehow, this ‘works’ and soon the student begins to feel the warmth of Reiki flowing out of the palms of their hands, and is able to give Reiki to others when in person. With learning Reiki Two, the student becomes able to send Reiki to others, with their permission, across distance and time. Yes, I routinely send Reiki ahead, for example, if a client or friend has a job interview or surgery, and the person simply ‘walks into the Reiki’ that is in the future waiting for them. An excellent place to start is, a very reputable institution. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! Please let me know how your studies turn out. I care. With so very much Love and Gratitude to you for your Light, Namaste.

  2. Dear Douglas,
    My sincerest condolences for your loss. Zacky did not suffer, and lived a most happy life with you. Not all dogs are as lucky. You know how to provide what a dog needs to enjoy an incarnation on Gaia in your home.
    With your permission, I have sent Reiki to you and to Zacky–right now your Guardian angel is holding it for you, and with your okay it will be ‘delivered’ in the best way for you.
    I also do mediumship, and I ‘saw’ Zacky healthy and whole, with lots of energy, with a reassurance to you He is always watching you and loving you from where he is right now.
    Animals are not like people, spiritually. Although we are Preparing for Change with the Ascension Process and The Event, all animals and plants are ‘already there’ in the higher dimensions. That is why they are so loving and loyal. They couldn’t be any other way. In a way, The Event will help bring all of us up to their level! Isn’t that wonderful to know? In my opinion, animals are a form of angel, who come to earth to live a good life and go home. Zacky is HOME. And Zacky LOVES you very much. That I ‘sense’ quite clearly.
    Zacky wants you to know ‘his presence’ is around you sometimes too, and want you to notice when He is making himself ‘known’, It can be a hunch, a reminder out of the blue, or hearing his sounds walking around. Whatever you think is happening that is from Zacky, it probably is. I wish you great peace in your grieving and recovery from your loss. Your aura is weakened by a loss like this. Zacky and I care and want you to take steps to strengthen it. Raise your vibration by doing things that you enjoy and are healthy for you, drink plenty of cool water, and rest. Namaste.

    • Thank you so much for the kind , healing words, already you have given me so much relief. I am very grateful to receive Reiki for myself and especially Zacky, I have been worried about his transition to the other side.
      Zacky was a large dog, his mother a shepherd/rottweiler cross, his dad a purebred St. Bernard and was the smallest of 13 pups. He came into my life by happenchance(?), and it didn’t take long before we became very attached to each other. He was a gift from God, to help me through very difficult times. He was like a rock, he loved me that way, very devoted and most loyal. He was one of those big gentle dogs that would lean against you as his way to hug. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, however I couldn’t bear to risk having him break the bone in his leg and then amputation etc. They told me that he had already been in pain and was hiding it from me.*sob* I am comforted to hear he is home ok, and although I am in tears and torn apart right now , I will be alright.
      Again, your words have been a great relief and I thank you. You probably are a Wanderer as described by David Wilcock, ER doc and Reiki practitioner is an unusual combination. We are blessed to have you here.
      I have been looking for him, or a sign to know he’s ok, and now you have answered me. I will follow your advice.

  3. My dog was the most evolved being I know. We have been together almost 12 years and as my constant companion we became very close. He never complained and was always full of love, pure and simple. Today I had to have him put to sleep. Osteosarcoma had swollen up his front leg at the carpal and the cancer had spread to his lungs and liver. He died painlessly, head on my lap, totally surrendered to me, such as he lived his life. Bye bye Zacky, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Please forgive me, I am powerless to help you live longer and free of cancer. I wish I was 10% the man you thought I was.

    Do dogs evolve with us when shifts happen like the event? Can we ever see them again? Do they reincarnate like people? They are special beings, where do they come from? Why do they only live a short time, and then they are gone, leaving us in tears?


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