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It has been an interesting full moon hump and  energies shifting dramatically. We have all been faced with many challenges especially in the area of finance. I have received many reports from fellow light workers at their wit’s end in regard to basic needs. I will remind you all to remember pure spirit has nothing to do with the material world and we must all realize hat these challenges are a chance to grow into meeting the realization that we don’t always get what we want.

I knowt he spirit of truth and the curve of spiritual development will assure we get what we need . There have been major energetic shifts in the entire consciousness of humanity world wide and many  are experiencing tremendous mutations in our physical bodies as we slough of the old emotional pattern and negativity that has been programmed into our belief systems of what the world is. We are finding more and more every day the world is not what it seems and it is we who hold onto attachments and fears. We are the creators of both pleasure and pain.

It is only when w allow pure spirit to infuse our minds with truth can we realize ourselves as pure bliss. The great spiritual transformation taking place on earth has not come to fail. We will triumph we will as a people realize there is free energy immediately available right now if we but had the collective will to demand its implementation. The lies of fracking the destruction groundwater the criminal malfeasance of government officials will meet with an exposure and criminal repercussions for those foolish ones who knowingly support such Policies which are destroying our world .

It is our unbalanced thoughts which have manifested this illusion of pain and separation and it is only our collective willful disciplined minds that with love and forgiveness can heal and bring about change.It is not the GFL or the space family of light who will rectify this error in mankind’s awareness of what has created this mess.

It is us , we the people individually and in groups who will empower each other in groups large and small to practice right livelihood,right diet, right thought, right concentration, right meditation, right speech, right recreation and right meditation. I have told you all repeatedly it is what we hold n our minds vision over time with emotional intensity that which we manifest to ourselves.

If we have no money and stress and worry constantly about our lack we will continue to manifest it. On the other hand if we intelligently reflect on why there is lack in the world and realize that what is causing this lack is a lie we can reveal the truth.  The criminals in control of a central bank fiat money system which through manipulation has destroyed our planet must be stopped by our responsible actions. We can and will, instead work tirelessly selflessly day and night to awaken our brothers and sisters to reveal “THE WHOLE TRUTH ” to them and try to create alternative models of supporting each other.

An honest system can turn things around quickly and one is ready and will soon be installed by our own divine declaration of truth. Please stop reading the never ending stories of what is being done by others instead take an active role in these programs of change and truth within a group or on your own.


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God bless you all.

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Warm Regads

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  1. Rob, Alexandra & the entirety of those glorious light workers, Vossa’s video is inspiring, it brightened my light! It’s sublime to feel his (& many of our collective) vision of our enfolding paradigm! As I emerge from my meditative hybernation, flowing with those powerful energies suffusing our reality, it’s refreshing to encounter such an uplifting, positive message. Vossa we resonate with your passion & love. Like you say ‘Leave fear behind’. Paul 3.5


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