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We need more cobra interview questions for monday interview. please send questions to [email protected] by sunday at 2pm LA time.
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  1. Cobra’s update alert!!
    The videos of ‘Ordo Bucintoro’ are unable to be seen (as image) and nor to be played as videos!!

    On other hand is resulting from the comments that something great is revealing from the video post, isn’t it?

    Please, may the post be completed by some text in order to be understandable by those who are not able to play the videos!!
    May it not be forgotten that world wide not everybody has update media-players and other last versions of softwares!
    But the posts shall be in the accessibility by everyone world wide…

    With kindest regards.

  2. Thanks for the invitation for questions.
    Cobra would you please elaborate, explain, what is the Source? It, he, she, that, seems to have such a important role in discision taking, making. Has the Source no responsability for the deteroriation of the earth or the matrix?? Is the Source playing games with us? By all means, has the Source no knowledge to set us free of the strangelet boms, scalar technology, HAARP etc. ?
    Thanks for all your inspirational information.

    • Have you somehow read this new post?

      It may seem valuable and well explained.
      May we kindly invite Cobra to give us a point of view about these information.

      • Ahh, you have found “Ken’s Blog”. Before getting your hopes up, please look at the following post:

        In his view, anyone who is an Intel insider is a Cabal shill. If that was true, then there is no realistic hope for humanity. A major part of the ‘awakening’ that is occurring right now is within the Intelligence community as well as the Military-Industrial Complex. It is because of the brave whistle-blowers and the near-constant leaks and revelations that I have hope we’ll be able to bring these ‘people’ to justice.

        Admittedly, due to this tendency of him to ‘paint everyone with the same brush’ I do not pay much attention to him. I think he gives the awakening human a very negative and cynical perception of what’s going on behind-the-scenes; this despite the fact that he is a meticulous researcher and a fairly decent writer.

    • Interesting questions. I think the best analogy to how ‘Source’ works can be found via the ‘Star Wars’ concept of “The Force”. In it, Force/Source is described more as a potential energy that is available for all sentient beings to use…provided they are willing to put in the time and effort to understand how to work with it.

      Hence, along this line of thinking the ‘cosmic anomaly’ that Cobra writes and talks about would be analogous to the ‘Dark Side of The Force’. It is used for deception and control, and allows those utilizing ‘cosmic anomaly’ to obfuscate their intentions completely. While the Prequel Trilogy suffered from some horribly awful dialogue and script-writing, many esoteric concepts which Cobra speaks of are somewhat blatantly revealed within it.

      Think of the Emperor/Chancellor Palpatine as the “Head Archon”, who is able to completely hide his intentions from even Yoda whose abilities at remote viewing are legendary (“Difficult to see. The dark side clouds all.”).

      Now, think of this per Cobra’s writings: ‘Restoring balance to the Force’ would be equivalent to the permanent removal of the cosmic anomaly. My belief is that this unprecedented development is due to the realization that technologies long hidden from the Light Forces and beings of higher consciousness actually have the ability to permanently damage the fabric of space/time itself. This is why so much effort is being focused on our little blue world; because the utmost evil that has existed in the local universe has used Earth/Gaia as it’s hidden fortress of last resort – and humanity represents the hostage collateral which has been used for over 25,000 years so they can continue their nefarious plans without interference.

      If they were allowed to succeed, a logical extension of the Chimera’s transhumanist experiments would likely end up being a human/reptilian hybrid of cloned super-soldiers all under the control of the Archons/Chimera. This is what was used as the ‘police force’ of the galaxy in the Star Wars saga.

      I hope the above explanation helps somewhat, but admittedly it is my own interpretation of the concepts described by Cobra. I could be way off base, but this is how I’ve tried to understand many things which I myself have had a difficult time wrapping my head around.

  3. Please recommend us the page of “cobra interview questions needed” for the October Cobra’s interview.

    It may be useful such a post a time before the interview with the new question in order to share them between the bloggers and to complete them before are submitted to Cobra to be answered.
    Otherways, as happened till now, in some cases we will have only answers (good answers, but) to incomplete question.

    We consider very very important that in order to spread the true to have at first complete views for many important metaphysical questions.

    Please help us in this way if possible.
    Kindest regards.

  4. Is it however possible for another scenario of the supposed Event, …in the sense that BRICS and Eastern Alliance will grow slowly while the ‘west’ is losing power??
    In this case there will not happen a surprise Event with mass arrests, but rather a smoothly transition (as Cobra claims to be the best) to a new system, isn’t it??
    On the other hand Ben Fulford speaks about a ‘lion dying slowly’, do you agree??
    And neither Michael Salla on his exopolitics news doesn’t ever speak about ‘the Event’ in the form as we wait for it!
    – The final question is: Do we have a ‘second’ or a ‘third’ way for the Event to happen??… at least from the point of view of provable news and intel?? In this case is it true that the more delaying the Event the greater probability of a smoothly transition without any Event at a certain moment??

    • We need also a point of view of the RM concerning the truth of the news and comments from these articles

  5. Hi cobra
    I am aware of your vast knowledge and understanding on many issues concerning humanity and one that i can not find genuine reputable information on is ‘Statins’ for the treatment of high cholestrol & Familia hypercholestrolanemia, the later condition which is apparently to do with a gene mutation i have. I have been tested for F.H with extremely high readings of of blood. I have researched the Statin drugs and watched a documentary called ‘Statin Nation’. There are lots of mix opinions on this and concerned that i have been told by doctors that these are my only option. I am having a hard time believing the doctors and pharmacutical info and not sure what information to trust and whether this drug will harm me rather than extend my life. I have recently found out i am a Starseed also could the gene mutation be part of the Starseed body physiology/chemistry?
    If it is to do with that would a Starseeds body some how compensate for the gene mutation in some way so my body will function with out harmful effects of Cholestrol on the body or risk to health?
    Are Statins really a safe drug to take, is there a safer way or option??
    I know your not a doctor but your kowledge in this area would be greatly valued as i don’t trust what the doctors/pharmacutical companies dish out. Thank you.Namaste!

  6. COBRA,





    2012.12.21 – +20 ÉV!!! HUNGARY!! ÚJ VILÁG!

    144+9=153. This is the time! János 21,11.

    455 – 2014,
    this is not is 666 bat 777! good.

  7. Cobra, are the solar flares contributing to activating our DNA strands and if so, is there any differences between first, second and third wavers? Could you explain the purpose of these groups’ missions and how is it contributing to our ascension process.

  8. Cobra, is there such a thing as a Zon (male) and Zygon (female) and if so what is there role in the Universe?

    Thank you for all that you do. You are greatly appreciated. Peace.

  9. Rob, please ask about validity of the work of Asha-yana Deane:

    Validity of her books: Voyagers 1 & 2.
    Our 15 dimensional nature.

    her websites are:

  10. Cobra, Is NESARA for the benefit of all humankind? Does NESARA truly originate from St Germain to benefit all of humanity? Can we trust in the new Revaluation or Reset?
    Thank you for all you do for us!

  11. Cobra, thank you for EVERYTHING you are doing for our planet. We are so grateful for you and the work you do for our liberation. Thank you for updating us on the progress.
    My questions for you: What do you think of NESARA? Is NESARA originated from St Germain? Is it meant for the benefit of all being on this planet?
    I am so skeptical of all the BS of the Bankster Cabal…it is hard for me to want to trust in NESARA. I appreciate your comments or knowledge on NESARA. Thanks.

    • Positive or negative, Grant? I know I’m a few days late in replying, but I’ve been feeling waves of energetic changes lately. It’s hard to deal with the roller coaster, sometimes.

  12. What role has the Chinese race played in the history of the Human evolution? They have been always a peaceful race, yet being labeled the “bad” guy. Why?

  13. My questions are:

    Who is Lucifer?

    What is the connection between the archons, the reptilians and the cabal?

    Is there just one ultimate individual or group that runs earth?

    What process creates the ego?..are the prebirth etheric implants the direct cause of its creation?

    Was the reptillian brain part of the original human’s brain system?

    • Diane, my guess is that Cobra will want to refer you to his most recent blog post (click on my name for link). I do not believe he can share anything more at this time.


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