I know the title of this post will get a bit of attention, but for anyone looking for anything funny, sarcastic, or inflammatory you have come to the wrong place.  Every week we get at least a few comments accusing us of either being Luciferians, Satanists, or “Illuminati in Disguise” (i.e. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing).  Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth.

We are trying to work toward creating a planet where people can live as they please in peace and abundance.  We believe this will come about via a massive revelation of previously suppressed information and technology along with a resetting of the financial system such that any person in the world can make a fair living wage to support themselves and their family regardless of where they live and what they do for work.  We abhor slavery in all forms – be it implied or blatant ‘human ownership’.  We believe that those running the international financial system for their own personal gain should be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes – that what they have been doing and how they have been doing it must be made public and steps taken to ensure that never again can decisions be made in absolute secrecy which affect the survival of billions of people.

This will take a lot of hard work and education.  It will requiring the complete shattering of the left/right paradigm which exists in most countries, such that decisions are made for the good of the residents of any nation, state, region, or city.  We can no longer allow our government institutions to be run by organized crime – those who are so rich and powerful that they cannot effectively be held accountable for their misdeeds and crimes against humanity.  All things must eventually become much more transparent – from monetary creation to government budgets to corporate financial records to national security.  All things must eventually be open-sourced to the greatest degree possible such that those who are interested in a subject matter are allowed full access to study all related topics.  In this way can we truly have the advances in philosophy, science, and technology which will bring us into a golden age.  It is via transparency and compassion that we will move forth into a new era for humanity.

Given the above statements, read them several times and then get up, go to your bathroom mirror and ask:  “Is the person who wrote those words evil?”  “Is the person who wrote those words an agent of THE DEVIL?”

If you answer yes to either of those questions, then I ask one of you:  Why are you even coming to this website and trolling about?  What are your own motivations for “Spreading the Word” or pleading for us to accept Jesus Christ as our lord and savior?  Are you getting paid to do this?  Are you working with others – perhaps a religious group that recruits volunteers?  Personally, I’d like to know where the armies of haters are coming from?  Because I would absolutely love to have the free time that all of you seem to have – going from website to website, page to page, spreading hatred and dogma upon websites that are actually trying to promote good in the world.

In my own life, I’ve had plenty of experience being ‘evangelized’.  No experience is more frustrating than seeing someone you love and care about telling you that you are filled with demons and that your soul will be condemned to eternal damnation because you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.  One of the ironies is that I joined Prepare For Change because I was trying to bring about something which would be able to save his life and allow him to see his children reach adulthood.  This person was a colleague and Evangelical Christian.

While I am treading on dangerous ground here, I think he honestly stopped fighting his disease because he was looking forward to joining Jesus in heaven.  Every day I think of him, and every day I become angry at the implications.  It is so easy to demonize those who choose to have abortions or wish to commit suicide that they are ‘Playing God’, yet this choice of his was celebrated by those around him because they shared his spiritual beliefs.  This begs the question – at what point should religion and morality come into play when choosing to live or die?  More personally, if I believe we are at the precipice of a game-changing event which will allow us to easily and painlessly treat diseases long thought uncurable, at what point am I obligated to try and convince him to hang onto life no matter how hard it is on a daily basis?

Believe it or not, I’ve tried ‘evangelizing’ to an Evangelical in just the manner I’ve described above.  Even more awkward for me personally will be when I contact his wife after the EVENT of which we so often write transpires.  She will come to this website, and she will read what I’ve written here.  Will she be angry?  Will she be amazed?  Will she be numb instead?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I’ve made a promise to myself to help them adapt to the changes that I believe will be coming, and to ensure that they can handle everything mentally and emotionally over the short & long-term.  Because I am not an Evangelical, I’ve remained on sidelines – I really do not know where I fit in their life at present, and I know that if I did reach out, I will once again be facing an uneasy situation where my desire to help will be turned into an opportunity to try and convert me…again.

Look, we’re not trying to convert all of you to OUR beliefs.  In fact, everyone of us involved with the Prepare For Change website is unique regarding their personal spirituality and views.  I think it is beautiful to work with such a diverse crew of people; I like being exposed casually to new ideas.  If it’s not something that I am interested in now, perhaps I will be someday – then I know whom I can go to for more information.

I think sharing of information and perspectives is the most beautiful process in the world.  It is teaching and learning, and both processes have to be done by each participant.  The teacher must ‘learn’ how to get through to the student, and the student must ‘teach’ their educator how they best learn.  This is a dynamic process which expands the paradigms of both individuals while enabling knowledge, experience, and wisdom to be transmitted between two individuals.

So after my rant above, I ask again – what is so dangerous and evil about what I’ve written above?  Is searching for truth and understanding actually considered evil within your belief system?  If that’s the case, either ask yourself why you adhere to these beliefs or simply leave this website.  We have ‘real’ work to do, trying to come up with useful education materials and ideas to help maintain peace and calm during what we believe will be a period of immense change personally and societally.  Going forward, I will refer any Evangelist to this post and ask them to consider some difficult questions as well.  I am comfortable that I do not know everything and I am willing to trust that I will not be condemned to eternally burning in hell for simply wanting to ask a few questions of any deity before I go along with their dogma.

I believe in a universe – a “God” even – that wants sentient beings to learn and understand and grow.  I also believe that Jesus Christ was a much more complex PERSON than he is commonly portrayed to be.  After all, where in the Bible is information regarding his whereabouts and activities from ages 12 to 30?  I don’t recall this being anywhere within the books actually contained within the Bible.  I honestly want to know more about that person – the person with the missing history.  The living, breathing human who preached love and compassion in a very hierarchical society, who threw the “Moneychangers” (Bankers?) out of the Temple in a fit of rage, the person who was willing to spend times with those living in filth and poverty in order to show them compassion and love.

That is a Jesus Christ I wish to emulate – not worship.  It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery; hence, a logical conclusion may just be that Jesus would want us to ACT like him instead of WORSHIPING him.

That is how I feel about the matter.  If everything I’ve written above resonates with you, but you have different views – please continue coming back to this website, and perhaps even help us with our mission of education.  If the above makes you hostile and angry, then please just leave instead of making a comment.  I’ll just refer to this post as a reply, and may even delete your comment.

It is not that I wish to stifle debate, but rather it is that I just don’t have the time or patience anymore to accept any more preaching.  I’ve never received as much help from Evangelicals as I’ve given them in my own life – and I can honestly say I’ve given A LOT to those who are Evangelicals.  It hurts when those you try to care for end up looking at you as a potential convert.  You can see the gleam in their eyes…it’s like a car salesperson who sees you as someone who can be ‘persuaded’.  I’ve seen that look many times in my life, and it always hurts me when that shift happens.

We’re not here because we want you to convert us.  Let us do the job we came here to do, and leave us alone if you disagree with how we are going about it.


Nova Biscotti

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank you,
    However I am having troubles with your RSS. I don’t know why I am unable to join it.
    Is there anyone else having identical RSS issues? Anyone who knows the solution can you
    kindly respond? Thanx!!

    • Not sure on the RSS issue. I will ask about it.

      BTW, most people with the name ‘zippyloan’ would be SPAM comments. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Nova,
    I to have searched for the truth and am learning new things everyday. I believe that when we think we know it all then we stop growing on our path to the truth. I apologize for the hurt and abandonment that you have gone through by individuals trying to evangelize you and can tell you that we have been given free will for a reason, so that we can decide which truth might set us free from the forces that have enslaved humanity. I to have looked for the truth in many areas until my life was falling apart and I was going to lose my family and my house and then I humbled myself to get on my knees and ask Jesus into my life and to help me fix the problems in my life so I could save my family and my home.Until that point in my life I could not even sleep and had anxiety and when I humbled myself and turned over my problems to Jesus and invited him into my life. I felt loved and felt that everything would turn out fine. I can honestly tell you I lost a good paying job and he has been paying my bills and brought my family back together closer then ever for the past year. My family is back together, we are truly blessed my kids are healthy, we have a roof over our heads, and I can sleep with no problems and no more anxiety. I no right now there is nothing I can right to change your mind because that is not my job he want us all to come to him of our own free will he loves us all equally and when things do not go as planned after “the Event”
    and you are ready to call out and ask him into your life he will be there and he will answer you and will tell you what he did during those years in his life you want to question him on. You can not interview him until you invite him into your life and when and if you ever need him he will be there but remember he can not intervene unless we invite him it’s the free will at work. I hope your journey leads you to the truth as their is going to be a great deception coming to this earth that will fool even the elect if they do not have Jesus in their lives and I want you to know he will tell you this himself and more if given the chance. GBU

    • Michael, I completely understand where you are coming from. I am not a Christian in the conventional sense, although I do my best to be a “follower in Jesus’ footsteps”. There is a huge gap between what you are talking about and some of the criticisms which have been levied at PFC over the past two years. You are one of those who emphasizes the compassion and unconditional love of the one often referred to as “Jesus”, “Yeshua” or even “Sananda”. You reached out to someone whom you believed could help you in your darkest hour, and your prayers were answered.

      Conversely, those to whom I was writing this article many months ago were simply telling all of us “You’re going to HELL!” There’s nothing more insulting to those trying to be beacons of light, love, and optimism in a cruel than to label them godless heathens who must repent and accept Jesus solely as our savior.

      Personally, I think Jesus was one of the greatest people whoever walked on this Earth, but I also think much of any true evidence regarding his life, beliefs, and writings is under lock and key in the underground Vatican library. Simply, the Roman Empire reinvented itself around the time of Constantine, and co-opted everything Jesus stood for and converted it into a dogma which would be used to enslave and dumb-down the masses. It worked beautifully until the Renaissance, and every since it’s been a game of chess to keep as much of humanity as possible under the thumb of the Roman Catholic Church/Empire.

      I am very happy that your life has improved by reaching out to the one most often called ‘Jesus’. I am even more happy that you are not coming here for the sole purpose of telling me and others working for this website that we are all going to hell for citing blasphemies.

      I very much look forward someday to finding out the truth about that man. I do not worship anyone. Rather, I look to those often referred to as ‘Ascended Masters’ as models of conduct whom we should all emulate. We as a species and a world will be better for walking in the footsteps of those people. That also includes the many female ascended masters whose writings and works have been erased from history as patriarchal systems of control have been implemented globally in order to stifle the benevolent energies of the Goddess – i.e. the ‘female’ have of what many consider to be ‘God’, the ‘Lord’, ‘Allah’, ‘Yahweh’, or other terms.

      Spiritually, we are a very confused species. But when someone’s heart and intention is pure, it shines no matter what the underlying belief system of that person is.

      To finish, you are not the ‘target’ of this post. I hope you can appreciate that.

  3. To Nova:
    Do not let the negatives wear you down! You are brave and courageous! Let us all support Nova with good thoughts and prayers. We appreciate the work you are doing. I did not feel you were being heavy handed. We are all passionate about what we believe. This passion can lead to becoming emotional about what we believe. Once the emotions set in the EGO uses this to try to control or to win. So it is the perception of these so called fundamentalists that they are right, the chosen, and the followers of Jesus. Anyone who is stating anything outside the literal interpretation of The Bible is blasphemous. These people are fearful of change and change is in our title. They must feel this is an attack against their idea of God, who is some old man with white hair and a beard up in the sky dispensing justice against all the boogiemen down here.

    I hope it is ok if I share a personal story. We never know who will be affected by our example even when we think their is no way this person will change. When my three boys were young I shared with them freely about my beliefs in the metaphysical aspects of life. Of course they grew and became affected by wordily things. When my oldest son was a teen he became more involved in the Catholic church. He attended a Catholic University and now 24 is in his second year of seminary to become a Priest. After learning what I have through Cobra and others sites about the Vatican, it has been very hard not to share my knowledge with my son. It is amazing how skilled religious leaders are at brainwashing a young person. Many times I believe they don’t even know they are doing this. They are just doing what tradition tells them without questioning. Sort of like the rest of the population. I have been praying the last year for my son’s I Am Presence to guide him. If it is to be a Priest then so be it. If there is a possible alternate path even better :). Even though I was silent I still held beliefs that I wanted him to change. I recently in my own mind gave up what I felt was right for him ( not to be a priest). Literally the next day he called me and told me he was leaving the seminary at the end of the semester this Dec. This was totally unexpected and then I remembered consciously agreeing to let go. Wow! He wants to get his Masters and teach catholic theology in high school. He wants to marry and have children. He is happy and at peace about his decision and so am I. I know the truth about the Vatican will come out. How this will affect my son and his beliefs I do not know? What I do know is I will be there to support him when he finds out the truth. For all those who have learned through Cobra and other sources the possibility of corruption in the Vatican, Governments etc… It is our mission to Love and support the millions of people who will initially feel angry, confused and lost after The Event. You Nova have been very instrumental in helping us do just that. So thank you.

    • During 1997 I considered becoming a Catholic Priest for a few months. I am quite happy I did not.

      I have not had a chance to listen to them, but apparently Malachi Martin – a former Jesuit – gave several revelatory interviews with Art Bell on Coast to Coast. You can find these on YouTube. They come highly recommended by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

  4. hhhmmmm…. What we need is education on how to survive outside of the consumerism that is taking humanity down a dead end. Education on free trade, community shares & the how and whys of bartering and trade. As for the Evangelicalisms in your life – the first step is just letting them be. Focus on living in the love that you are and living your life as you see fit. People will awaken when their soul is ready. Opinions are like a$$ holes everybody has one.

    • The post was probably a bit heavy-handed, but it is based upon experience both in reading blog comments as well as my personal life.

      I have been accused of acting like a fundamentalist since I have become much more certain that the EVENT will happen. This is particularly grating because I spent roughly two and a half years sorting out all of the various websites before I felt comfortable advocating for a certain paradigm – which as it turned out ended up being the one portrayed by Cobra.

      I figure anyone coming to this website prior to the EVENT is coming here with some knowledge of what is about to happen. Hence, if someone is just ‘combing through websites’ looking for the next place to troll – or worse is actually a paid troll…then I wanted a response ready for those people.

      But there is also a personal element to this story. I am just tired of how mean people are, and how often they use holier-than-thou terminology as cover for sarcasm. I did not want to reply sarcasticly, but as a real person with real feelings.

      • Thank you. It was a difficult post to write. I get very frustrated by others preaching to me when, in fact, I’m working diligently behind-the-scenes to bring about a better world.

        It was also inspired by people in my personal life who simply believe they know better than I do regarding the “one true path is Jesus”. I firmly believe he is saddened by the hatred and vitriol thrown about by those who claim to be his followers.


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