The Vatican discovered hundreds of millions of euros forgotten in their bank accounts, a fortune that was not on their balance sheets and this saves the finances of the Holy Seat.

The money, which was not hidden, nor comes from illegal businesses, was simply forgotten, according to the Australian Cardinal George Pell, “minister” of Vatican Economics.

The news was revealed by the same “purple” in an article published this Friday in the British magazine “Catholic Herald”.

“We’ve found that the (financial) situation (of Vatican) was much healthier than it looked. Because hundreds of millions of euros were hidden in various sectoral accounts and did not appear on the balance sheets,” he asured.

“It is important to note that the Vatican is not bankrupt,” wrote the cardinal, who describes an old system, in which each service had an independence jealously preserved.

“Problems were kept. Very few were willing to tell the outside world what was happening (in their services) except when outside help is was needed, explains “the minister” of the Vatican.

Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, wanted to quickly clarify that “it is not illegal, illicit nor mismanaged funds.”

The money was discovered thanks to the audit requested by Pope Francisco to bring order to the controversial Vatican finances.

The finding of millions of euros is the result of constructive cooperation between the various institutions of the Vatican, Lombardi said.

The Cardinal Pell, known to be a conservative, is one of nine “purples” who advise the Argentinian Pope in his reform of the Roman Curia, or central administration of the Church.

The Secretariat for Economy, created by Pope Francisco, also considers it necessary to ensure the “efficiency” of the resources of the Church and advocates investing “better between poor and marginalized the Vatican finances”.

For decades the Vatican has been involved in scandals for unclear managing of its bank in illicit financial transactions with connections to the Italian mafia and even Freemasonry.

“Besides of the pension fund, which should be strengthened to deal with requirements for the next 20 years, the Holy Seat is funded by important real estates and investments,” said Pell in his note.



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  1. Funny!…how the vatican can say something about NOT being “Bankrupt” when THEY Should be because of all the fraud it has perpetrated on ALL mankind…They are the very creators of the “Money System” which now enslaves the entire world…the very creators of what we call “Christianity”(Worst Religion in the world!)
    Lets not forget “Fascism” originated with the vatican and is working with the current NWO cabal…and to tryy and say they “Lost” track of over 100 millions in eros???
    Just HOW stupid do these people hope WE are?!?

    • Not only that, but given all the calls from the current Pope regarding the necessity of better wealth distribution…why hasn’t the church done anything regarding their own asset holdings?

      I’ve read the Rothschilds have $100 Trillion in assets hid in a virtually infinite variety of manners; how much wealth does the Vatican have?!?!?!

      • GOOD question Nova…its called “Hypocrisy”…and since the Pope and the vatican are the most powerful man on earth thus control ALL of its wealth, you can understand how hypocritic THEY sound “Talking” about wealth redistribution…and YES they are the wealthiest organization on earth by virtue of the degree on control they have over EVERYTHING…most of it “Covertly”!…including the banking sector!


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