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Okay, it is time! Announcing a new Cobra interview!
Three of us here at Prepare for Change will be doing an interview this month with Cobra. After the recording we will make it available here on prepareforchange.net. We are excited for this opportunity and hope that each of you will support us by listening.

We invite all for you with burning questions to place them here after this article. We will ask Cobra as many questions as can be answered in the allotted time period.

Angel Eyes ~**~

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  1. Cancer is on the rise. Will cancer be eradicated in our lifetime ? Could those people with cancers and other life threatening diseases look forward to being cured by the galactics?

    • Thank you for your questions Valvaliant. The interview is completed for this month. Your questions will be saved. Please know that after The Event there will be a release of many new technologies. Also there are things that can be done now to alter that and most conditions. Search until you find answers that will help.

      Angel Eyes ~**~

  2. Waiting for Cobra’s interview recorded on February 16, 2015…

    • ghjkjlj If you haven’t seen it yet click on the “Radio” tab. Our premiere radio show will air Sunday, February 22, 2015 on BBS Radio Station 1 at 9-10 PM PST. You can go there by just clicking on the arrow under “Radio”.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

      • Thanks for answer,
        But I do not understand however the issue with the Radio Show…
        I need rather a link to click on!

        On the other hand have I understand that on Feb, 16, occurred a regular monthly interview, and on Feb 22 will occur another interview on the Radio Show you speak about?
        Is it correct?

        In this case we need already the Feb,16 recorded interview!!
        With kindest regards.

        • Our very first Prepare for Change Radio Show will premiere on Feb. 22nd. It will be the prerecorded interview with Cobra. Cobra interviews are prerecorded due to the request for voice modulation. No future PFC interview date is scheduled at this time with Cobra. The PFC Radio Show will always be on Sundays at 9 PM PST. The guests will change from week to week. There will be an archive section set up in the future so that shows can be heard at a later time (after the original airing). The station address is: http://bbsradio.com/station1schedule
          AE ~**~

          • Thanks for answer!
            On other hand you say “No future PFC interview date is scheduled at this time with Cobra.”
            However, in Cobra’s post
            you find this message:
            “Robert PotterFebruary 16, 2015 at 12:46 PM
            Cobra interview happening today and will post on www.thepromiserevealed.com under radio “cobra interviews” within several days.
            In this case, is this (Feb.16) not a Cobra regular TPR monthly interview (for February)??

          • Rob Potter is part of Prepare for Change also. This week’s interview was done for PFC. This was not done by Rob but instead done by other members of the PFC council for PFC. Remember that Cobra does other interviews for other people & groups also, not just PFC or TPR.
            Angel Eyes ~**~

  3. Questions for Cobra:
    . Will babies born after the event know who they are or will they still be born with amnesia?
    . Will everybody automatically know who they are and where they are from when the event happens? Will they automatically be awakened?
    .Will there be any visible sign that the event is about to happen?

  4. Hi, I´m Brazilian and my doubt is about when the people like me , can see the Brother´s light from the sky and your´s spacecrafts. Sorry my English.

    • Thank you for your question Marcos. I don’t completely understand what you are asking. The Cobra interview has been done for this month. If you would please rephrase your question we will be glad to ask for you next time.
      Angel Eyes ~**~
      Obrigado por sua pergunta Marcos . Eu não entendo completamente o que você está pedindo. A entrevista Cobra foi feito para este mês . Se você por favor reformule sua pergunta teremos o maior prazer de pedir para você da próxima vez.
      Angel Eyes ~ ** ~

    • DJ, The interview is completed for this month. Your questions will be saved. Cobra interviews are prerecorded due to the request for voice modulation. Your questions will be saved for a future interview. Cobra is less likely to update on any ongoing actions. If you would like to submit other questions for next time you may.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  5. Dear Cobra some are saying that “the shift” or “the event” is an extinction level event for humanity. Can you please clarify.
    With the symptoms of ascension such as fatigue, aches and pains etc., should those symptoms be subsiding now because we have entered breakthrough stage or will they continue because of more intense compression?

    • Very good questions Ann, your questions will be saved. Cobra interviews are prerecorded due to the request for voice modulation. Your questions will be saved for a future interview.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  6. Dear Cobra,

    1. Could you describe the spiritual experiences that led you to know you were on the right path?

    2. In the past year, and especially recent days, I have noticed the glorious, almost supernatural, warm colours in the sky at the setting of our sun. Is it my imagination or is something else going on?

    3. I feel as though being positive can protect me from RF radiation and wifi etc. Am I being foolhardy or can we adjust our frequency to negate the alleged damage caused by ubiquitous RF transmitting/recieving devices?

    4. When will it be safe to hear your unmodulated voice?

    5. A man (called Eric Dollard) speaks in an interview about our sun being hollow surrounded by a thin layer of hydrogen, that there is no fusion except in the magnetic arcs, and that it is a transformer of energy from another dimension. Is any of this accurate?

    6. A lady (called Yellow Rose For Texas) talks about the solar system being machine like, that planets are, or used to be, tethered to their paths and that the planet Earth is basically flat, and that we are inside what can be likened to a giant internet server. Is any of this accurate?

    7. A man (called Rupert Sheldrake) has posited that a ‘morphogenic field’ shapes and reacts to all the energies of creation including consciousness. Is this true, and if so is this what we are interacting with when we meditate?

    Thank you Cobra, Rob and both your wonderful teams. Keep up the fantastic work!
    Big Love,

    • You have some very good questions here Martin. They will be saved for a future interview. Answer to #4 Post Event! FYI…..Cobra doesn’t answer personal questions so we don’t ask those.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  7. After the Event we will all be working for the good of the planet and each other. Does this mean that people who have legal wealth will be encouraged to give it all away to the less fortunate? For example, will we still be able to have two homes?

    • Thank you David. Most of your questions were asked. Be sure to listen Sunday, Feb 16th 9 PM BBS Radio Station 1. You will find a direct link under “Radio”.
      This will be saved for next time.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  8. Will there be any signs that the bank closure/bond-debt bubble crash is imminent? How much food should a family be prepared for storing?

  9. Of the cloaked ships in our skies, how many are the US government’s and what are they hiding/doing? How pervasive are they? Are there certain regions that are targeted more than others?
    Thank you.

    • The interview is completed for this month Lou. Cobra interviews are prerecorded due to the request for voice modulation. Your questions will be saved for a future interview. Cobra is less likely to update on any ongoing actions. Recommended storage for food and water is about 2 week’s worth.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  10. How do we know any of this is real. There are so many people out there with some system for the new era and channeling so many different entities, arch-angels, Paledians, Archons, etc. etc. all promising something that never happens. It is always in the future, you have to be patient, the time isn’t right but in the meantime you can buy this or that from me to help. How do we know this is real or just another empty promise or hoax?

    Tired of waiting to be released from this prison.

  11. What more needs to be done before the surface population can make use of the soul transference and body materialization technologies?

    It seems to me as though there is no small amount of persons who want to end the Cabalists’ lives. Would it be better to have the Cabalists spend time in correctional facilities and clearly inform them of the potential benefits of experiencing psychotherapy in hopes of obtaining their consent? Why or why not?

    Is there anything that you would like to say to those who fear being threatened with psychic dissolution in the Galactic Central Sun?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my questions.

  12. 1: In a recent interview Cobra stated the elections in New Zealand were rigged … can Cobra tell me how they were rigged?
    2: Is Round Op Alpha’s list of Statesmen and Govt Officials the real list to be actioned as Gordon Duff stated?
    3: Will New Zealand be a safe haven for all the corrupt politicians and banksters of the world and if so, will the Dragon families rid New Zealand of them?
    Thank you for informing the world!!!

  13. Would love to hear about your journey, what brought you to this place and time to aid us lightworkers! Feel amazing these days, though a TI for 15 years, technology seems to be easing some, any suggestions for us TI’s?

  14. Is there some reason that my questions for Kobra were not qualified to post?

    question1: was regarding the cell towers with
    question2: regarding the cities of light
    and I now have an additional question:

    Will Greece be issued funds from the global collateral accounts, or what I think people are calling the RV. so that Greece will not have to again make a deal with the banks for more debt. creating a precedent of telling the big banks “NO” unshackling themselves from debt slavery?

  15. 1. is the dream body connected to past life memories? if so can we be empowered by our dreams.
    2. do planes of existance such as the etheric or astral plane differ in any way shape of form from one dimension to the other, or do they co-exist in the same way in all dimensions.
    3. what are the womb chakras of Earth.
    is it true that the archons were manipulated by even higher hierarchial multidimensional beings?
    4. is life in higher dimensions inconceivable by our 3d matrix way of thinking
    5. is it true that earth’s purpose originally was to be a 7th dimensional seed planet.

  16. If there was a departure of the Cabal them coming into the Light on the 11th of February then why can’t we implement some initial benefits that would end the suffering and slavery.


    Thank you!

  17. The recent photo of the Goddess in the cloud was beautiful. If seen in real life – it would be even more so.
    Should we expect such phenomena around the Event?
    How can we differentiate between benign ‘signs’ and those designed to mislead?

  18. 1. No clue if you have this information but anyway; Is it possible to gain access to the City Telos under Mt.Shastas – Cal, and or other such Lemurian cities?

    2. When the event occurs and durin the mass landings, approximately how many ships will there be? And will there be over the whole planet in every country…?

    3. What exactly are Crystal light chambers?

  19. 1 how to stay hopeful when you are losing your job, home, health, when you are down and out and completely owned by the financial system and struggling to survive.
    2 How to protect yourself from attacks of (Low)Frequency/Haarp/EM/high energy weaponry.
    3 Is Cern still dangerous? I think it’s not, but a lot people do worry about it.
    How important is it to stock up on food?
    4 I would like to have 1st contact with ET’s is that something that is likely to happen soon? Is this only possible after the event? Can I do something that will speed up that contact?
    5 Is there anything we can do to turn things our way like trying to change current politics or is that futile?
    6 I felt the lifting of the physical bombs and it felt light for about a week and then it felt like there was a counter attack and I was very emotional and felt very weak and cold all the time. I know other ppl felt it too. Was there a counter attack? Since 11-2 the energies are ok again.
    I want to express my gratitude for everybody on and around this planet who work so hard for us to be free! Thank you Cobra for translating and giving updates, it is the little bit of hope that keeps me hanging on. <3

  20. Thank You Cobra fot the work you`ve been doing!
    Why hungarians,majors has been persecuted? They have been on the planet thousands of years, even tough Hungarian runes has been discovered all over the world Bosnian pyramids, Eastern Island, Egypt etc.Are they coming from the orion starsystem?

    Thank Robert! Love& Light!

  21. I forgot to ask in my earlier comment. I was fascinated by the posts regarding “the Cities of Light” from a couple of sources. Can you give an update or give any information on these? Thanks so much

  22. Could Cobra explain why cell towers keep popping up getting larger and more menacing looking. They have a lot of power running to them. and it is very peculiar that it is a non issue to people I am around. no one seems to notice or care.I understand about staying in the higher energies of Love and gratitude and I am doing this rather easily. When I drive by these cell towers though they draw my attention in a negative way. Is this a discernment or do I need to clear and pay it no attention. The strange thing is I can usually get the answer by asking myself. When I do that My answer from self is to not pay any attention to them.`Yet here I am asking about them. Your insight would be appreciated. Thanks so much

  23. With many many thousands of people focusing meditations and visulizations on the defeat of the Cabal each person has their own idea of how they see it happening… Is it more effective for the masses to all have their own version of the defeat of the Cabal or should we all focus on one version as a group and if so what exactly

  24. 1. Can Cobra confirm that the quarentin has been lifted? Do we now have access to all the bennies/energies as the rest of the universe? Can you explain what we now have access to.

    2. As far as Ascension goes from this point to ascension what is still left to do?

    3. I’m still seeing chem trails whats up with that? and every morning I wake up with frost on my windshield and when it dries it leaves this white powder on everything what is the cause of that and will clear up? Is that a natural occurance? is it soot, chem trails, dirt from the earth, toxins and poisons, radiation,calcium or all of the above?

  25. Cobra said that we here now are better off than those who have passed because the astral plane is not good right now. I have had a family member die recently and now I am concerned. What is going on over there?

    If we have this grid up how have people been seeing all these UFO’s over the last 75 years?
    Are these archon ships?

  26. What may be true in all of these:
    May Cobra confirm or not…

  27. I might be oversimplifying this but…if humanity’s slavery to the financial system (money) is he problem. Why do some folks talk about ‘prosperity packages etc, where everybody receives a big pile of money. So the solution to the ‘problem’ is more money?

  28. In view of Light Workers being intensively attacked by Cabal lately, how Cabal can identify who are the Light Workers?
    By Google Search entries, WEB site asscesses or an invisible search mechanism using the Scaler technology together the the Inplant as a transmitter and a receiver.

  29. Questions for Cobra & RM

    1. In case of the Event, should we stock up on food & water supplies?
    2. Will the financial system completely crash (death) for the new system to be implemented (birth)?
    3. From my understanding Ascension is more of a gradual process, but will the Event trigger the masses to start awakening?
    4.How significant was the decoupling of the Swiss Franc to the Euro?
    5. Has Cobra heard of the Pleiadian group called Laarkmma?
    6. This is more of a request than a question, can Cobra ask the Lightworkers that follow him to focus on the Energy of Love & not fear (as fear feeds the dark forces)
    Love & Light

  30. I’d like to know more about twin souls
    and how to reconnect with them
    And also
    what does it mean when they show up in a dream?
    Could it be a shared dream?
    Or is it a dream of the future?
    Or just what my mind wishes to happen?

  31. Given the complicated, bombs strangelet and chimera, how could the event to be triggered in the summer of 2012 as stated several times cobra?

  32. Some question for Cobra’s next interview may be:

    1 – How will our society look like in 2025? (The end line of the 1975-2025 project)
    How will the human body look like? How will humans be living and how will they die? How will look the DNA and how long the life span of middle aged nowadays people?
    Will we have any kind of ascension? (at least more octaves of 3rd density, if not the lowers of 4th density?), What happen if the plan will not be completed till 2025?

    2 – What does the end of duality consist in??
    As is known nowadays, we learned about a so named ‘illusion of duality’, about which we may understand that is a metaphysical phenomenon by which a conscience (self conscious entity, having thus an ‘ego’) perceives itself separated from a whole in which he is part of. Isn’t it?
    Does the ‘Duality’ consist in something broader than this? As we know there is an absolute duality, ego and soul extension together separated from Source, and a relative duality in which the ego and embodied soul are separated from all of extensions.
    How many degrees (levels) of duality does exist, or as case may be imposed?

    3 – we need more intel about the ascension process.
    And, as well Cobra claims there were already a few peoples who where ascending it seems to be of nowadays interest, even before the Event.
    We do not ask Cobra about calendar dates, but rather about the ascension process itself.

    – On the other hand, Cobra confirmed us in a way the validity of the Ra material.
    In the Ra material we are told about the ascension that it may occur into both a positive and negative 4th density. Therefore we have the right to ask more about and to be well informed.

    4 – Another question for Cobra’s interview:
    We were told many times by Cobra that peoples who would not cross to the light, or who would not be able to accept the light will be sent to the Central Galactic Sun.
    What means ‘not be able’? Who will appreciate this (humans or ETs)? Will it be a trial?
    Will this be a new kind of death sentence after the Event which will replace in a more human way the electric chair?
    Who will be these people who will be sentenced to be burned in the Central Sun?
    What will result?
    Will be many common people who will be sentenced in this new way?
    Who will advocate common peoples in order to prevent them to be sent to the Central Sun?

    5 – What happens to the twin soul and the entire soul family for someone who is burned (recycled into pure energy) into the Central Galactic Sun?

    6 – What happens if someone who’s soul is ‘born’ from a certain galactic sun might be burned in another Central Sun (of another galaxy), not in those which he comes from?

    7 – May Cobra explain the non physical form of the soul (soul extension). What are in a wider description the soul extensions (embodied soul, higher self, soul family, soul group, so on)?
    – Which is the level up to which the burning (recycling) in the Central Sun does occur?

    8 – How long has last the darkness in the Riegel star (Orion constellation), and who has it liberated, the same light forces or others, or has it been liberated by itself (by lack of interest of darkness to last longer)?
    – Was the darkness of Riegel star a 3rd density one, or a higher one? Which are the planets around the Riegel star on which the darkness is coming from. How long is the teleportation travel (in earth time) from Riegel to Earth? (May we remember that Riegel is almost 70+ solar diameters wide, it is at 800+ ly away from Earth, and is the 5th brightest star on the northern sky).
    Please may be understood the importance of a detailed answer.

    It may be thus of more interest these subjects rather than asking day by day when the Event will happen or when the RV or the GCR, or other exclusively mundane question?
    With kindest regards!

  33. 1: What will be the view of gun ownership in the new paradigm?

    2: What will happen with Christians and other Fundamentalists in the New World?
    In fact what will happen to any and all holdouts that refuse to spiritually evolve post event?

    3: How will each adult receive 100 thousand dollars from collaterol accounts,without creating inflation and crashing the new system?

    4 could you perhaps give us more insight into how the Cashless transaction system will work,after the transition from the gold/silver system?

    Will we simply use digital credits,get all products/services free of charge etc etc?

    5: In Cheryls notes from your conference it seemed like you were saying that the first contact and event would happen around the same time.

    However I have always understood you to say that there would be a global transition period between the even and first contact.Just like there will be a gradual transition from the gold/silver backed financial system,to the cashless society.
    Was the way Cheryl wrote it simply a misunderstanding of what was said.

  34. To Cobra:Can the Light Beings and who ever else see who is meditating down here on planet ?

    Also if there is ships over our areas far up we can see some parts of them , do they know we can see them and are taking pic of them ?

    I have many pic and videos of many objects with many strange designs on them some have lights but the whole ship does not show and there is more then one over us on clear night ..Some time we see changing colors sitting for hours then they leave turn orange or white many of them…We see redish orange ones or huge white lights they sit but you can see other parts to these objects ..

  35. The overall divine plan clearly has many layers and camps of creation so to speak. There are the pure spiritualists solely channeling the vibrations and teachings of love, effectively creating a rising of frequencies. They sometimes seem oblivious to the physical work and manifestations occurring. There are the ground troops such as the resistance movement and incarnated beings creating changes in the physical and etheric with minimal acknowledgement of the work of the pure spiritualists.

    The Galactics and Celestials of divine light appear to be working with all camps of creation. The information and teachings of each camp seem to only touch on the workings of the other camps. Sometimes there appears to be conflicting ideologies and a taste still of duality. It can be confusing for those individuals attracted to various camps of creation as witnessed in written blogs.

    It currently feels like one big disassembled puzzle that is about to come together to form a beautiful picture.

    At the end of the day there is only one truth, the Law of One and Laws of Intent and Creation. All camps are a beautiful piece of the ONE with the same intent but different journeys of creation. That is the beauty of individuality.

    Will there be a time where these different layers of creation fully unite in humanities consciousness? If so, will it occur at the time of the event?

  36. questions for Cobra
    – who is lucifer and is he connected to any of the alien races dominating this solar system
    – what is the process of gaining power thru the sacrifice of people , especially children as being done by the elite?
    – How does pedophilia thigh into this ?
    – what is “harvesting” ..
    – Do the goetia demons exist and was Solomon their conjurer?
    – if there really is a veil hiw can ufos be seen beneath it?


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