(NB – This is my first post on Prepare For Change in many months.  It’s been a hard time as I’ve been working 70 hours a week and have had many health problems as a result.  Out of necessity I needed to step away.  Below is a follow-up which I think it highly relevant given what many of us will be encountering at the time of the EVENT.

I expect the hardest time to be had by those who grew up in one of the Abrahamic religions.  This goes not only for those currently devout, but also those who have turned away from dogma and become agnostic or even atheists.  Many times those who leave one of those three religions become embittered and dismissive of any notion of a ‘higher power’ or a ‘conscious universe’.  Given my belief in the universe as a spritual ‘operating system’, I don’t really know where I fit within any definitions.

Anyways, below is a response to my article, and I’ve included my reply below it.  Take it for what it is worth, and post a comment below or on the original article if you wish.  When time permits, I’ll do my best to continue the dialogue.  I feel very strongly that all of us in the TinFoil Hat Guild will need to be open to dialogue and conversation with others who do not share our beliefs and philosophies.  Instead of being dismissive of those who have alternative belief systems, reopening public conversation about what spirituality and ‘spirit’ truly is will help us advance as a species and become truly more loving individuals.)

I to have searched for the truth and am learning new things everyday. I believe that when we think we know it all then we stop growing on our path to the truth. I apologize for the hurt and abandonment that you have gone through by individuals trying to evangelize you and can tell you that we have been given free will for a reason, so that we can decide which truth might set us free from the forces that have enslaved humanity.

I to have looked for the truth in many areas until my life was falling apart and I was going to lose my family and my house and then I humbled myself to get on my knees and ask Jesus into my life and to help me fix the problems in my life so I could save my family and my home.Until that point in my life I could not even sleep and had anxiety and when I humbled myself and turned over my problems to Jesus and invited him into my life.

I felt loved and felt that everything would turn out fine. I can honestly tell you I lost a good paying job and he has been paying my bills and brought my family back together closer then ever for the past year. My family is back together, we are truly blessed my kids are healthy, we have a roof over our heads, and I can sleep with no problems and no more anxiety.

I no right now there is nothing I can right to change your mind because that is not my job he want us all to come to him of our own free will he loves us all equally and when things do not go as planned after “the Event” and you are ready to call out and ask him into your life he will be there and he will answer you and will tell you what he did during those years in his life you want to question him on.

You can not interview him until you invite him into your life and when and if you ever need him he will be there but remember he can not intervene unless we invite him it’s the free will at work. I hope your journey leads you to the truth as their is going to be a great deception coming to this earth that will fool even the elect if they do not have Jesus in their lives and I want you to know he will tell you this himself and more if given the chance. GBU

Michael, I completely understand where you are coming from. I am not a Christian in the conventional sense, although I do my best to be a “follower in Jesus’ footsteps”. There is a huge gap between what you are talking about and some of the criticisms which have been levied at PFC over the past two years. You are one of those who emphasizes the compassion and unconditional love of the one often referred to as “Jesus”, “Yeshua” or even “Sananda”. You reached out to someone whom you believed could help you in your darkest hour, and your prayers were answered.

Conversely, those to whom I was writing this article many months ago were simply telling all of us “You’re going to HELL!” There’s nothing more insulting to those trying to be beacons of light, love, and optimism in a cruel than to label them godless heathens who must repent and accept Jesus solely as our savior.

Personally, I think Jesus was one of the greatest people whoever walked on this Earth, but I also think much of any true evidence regarding his life, beliefs, and writings is under lock and key in the underground Vatican library. Simply, the Roman Empire reinvented itself around the time of Constantine, and co-opted everything Jesus stood for and converted it into a dogma which would be used to enslave and dumb-down the masses. It worked beautifully until the Renaissance, and every since it’s been a game of chess to keep as much of humanity as possible under the thumb of the Roman Catholic Church/Empire.

I am very happy that your life has improved by reaching out to the one most often called ‘Jesus’. I am even more happy that you are not coming here for the sole purpose of telling me and others working for this website that we are all going to hell for citing blasphemies.

I very much look forward someday to finding out the truth about that man. I do not worship anyone. Rather, I look to those often referred to as ‘Ascended Masters’ as models of conduct whom we should all emulate. We as a species and a world will be better for walking in the footsteps of those people. That also includes the many female ascended masters whose writings and works have been erased from history as patriarchal systems of control have been implemented globally in order to stifle the benevolent energies of the Goddess – i.e. the ‘female’ have of what many consider to be ‘God’, the ‘Lord’, ‘Allah’, ‘Yahweh’, or other terms.

Spiritually, we are a very confused species. But when someone’s heart and intention is pure, it shines no matter what the underlying belief system of that person is.

To finish, you are not the ‘target’ of this post. I hope you can appreciate that.


Nova Biscotti

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