This Man’s Words Will Change Many People’s Lives for the Better /Harald Kautz Vella on Escape The Prison Matrix

This September 6th interview with Harald Kautz Vella should be heard by everyone. I think it will make Cobra happy!! It will help him to be able to move back home to the Pleiades quicker!
Warning – it might just change your life! – For the better of course. Can you resist listening?

Here are some {just a few} of the many subjects covered in this one hour chat.
Discipline in thoughts, words, emotions and language would really help us to create a new morphological field = a new reality.
To create the new reality all we need is a grid of people who are totally focused on creating from a space of heart energy and heart feelings and consciously creating our reality – nothing can stand against this – when a group of people consciously create a peaceful place in their heart there is no space for war – dark forces target less conscious people and limit their thinking and have hoped that the outcome of this manipulation would be a dark future.


Tough Truths! Plenty of them that will change many lives just from listening:

To create a new reality we need to step back from the matrix and take a look at it.

People are unknowingly all taking part in daily black magic rituals to do with money, power and even eating. We all need to listen to Harald here. These are tough truths and if we want to get out of this matrix then we should exit it every way we possibly can NOW. How many times has Cobra been asked advice regarding banks etc. and how many times has he said “get your money out of the banks’ if your bill payment is totally tied to your bank account then leave only what you need there to pay bills each month nothing more.

We are poisoned by vaccines + starved on nutritionally depleted food.
We die of starvation – food in stores is so depleted of nutrition etc. – organically grown food is 300 times more nourishing!!

40 minutes or so in Harald talks about getting out of the money game and why it’s so difficult and how we can do this. Great stuff!!
Don’t miss this you will regret it!


PS: If you are not familiar with Harald Kautz Vella and the Bases Interviews and his book ’Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation’ of which he is co-author of along with Cara St. Louis, you might be interested in an article of mine where you will find many links to these other interviews. I have attempted with this article to give some details from Haralds interviews and connect this information with earlier information provided by Cobra;
Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix / Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

Therese Zumi
26/09/2015 at 2131 PM CEST

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  1. Harald published this on his Facebook yesterday. Please, take a look:


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