Days of Intense Energy Demand Intense Healing /
A Prayer / Mantra for those Tough Days

This is certainly way too late in the day to be hanging onto grudges of any kind. No matter what harm that we as human beings have done to others on any level in this or any of our many past existences on this planet we are going to have to forgive ourselves and others and there is no time like the present.

Someone whose opinion I trust said the other day that he had been informed by Higher Spiritual beings that a decision had been made from Source {on September 19th – 20th} that all past lives wrongs were now deleted !!! Some of us have come to this planet only recently, some of us have been here for hundreds of lives and some even longer and here were talking tens of thousands of years.

All wrongs deleted!! So what he said was that all that people would need to deal with now is THIS life. We need to get our act together and focus on the correct goal and leave behind any negative / untruthful ways of being and return to living from our hearts.

Change happens INSIDE. The heart is the source of our deepest contact with the Divine. The heart is everything. The only goal of any worth is learning to begin every act we do and word that we speak FROM THE HEART.

But if our heart is ‘locked’ because of earlier hurts we also shut off the ability to receive the love that heals.

When our hearts are open and we commune with the Spiritual Realms we KNOW when we are in contact with the true higher spiritual beings because we FEEL the emotional contact of their endless love.

Every single true Light Love higher being be they Ascended Masters like our Beloved Jesus/Yeshua or Archangels or Mother Earth or Divine Mother Herself want so much now to have us realise who we are and that we are so loved and that all can be forgiven. They do not judge that’s what we do and even if we are now suddenly confronted at this intense energy time with memories of incidents or situations in life that we could have handled in better ways it’s time to let go of judgement and forgive our ‘littleness’ and start to open our heart to LOVE. That’s really all there is – all else is illusion – all else was our getting lost while searching for more love and not knowing now to find it.

Go inside – go into your heart – the seat of the soul – and BE with Source – with those Higher Angelic Guides and accept the great healing from them that is being offered to us so willingly and joyfully right now and always.


This Hawaiian prayer can be so useful when we have those frustrating moments or days to say to ourselves first and foremost and to others silently or openly as the case may be.

I’m sorry: Please forgive me: Thank you: I love you:

or maybe this way round if you prefer;

I love you: I’m sorry: please forgive me: Thank you:


Videos are available in most languages: this is one !


Therese Zumi

26th September 2015 at 0953 AM CET


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