2015 November 12 ~ Cobra Resistance Interview

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Nov 2015, Rob & Cobra

Intro – Peace unto all that listen to the Victory of Light radio show and peace unto the planet.  We’re in a time of great change and this information coming forward is only knowledge.  Reach into your heart and your inner voice and do not cling on fear and don’t worry about every post or every single little bit of information that flashes across the blogosphere.

Use discernment.  Listen to your inner voice and connect to your feelings and then unify your thoughts and feelings in a positive intent with unconditional love and forgiveness as your by-words, the golden rule of the master Yeshua, the Christ, and all the great saints and sages who have brought forth the message of peace and love in the world.  It is a great honor and pleasure to do this show.

I want to thank DaNell  who is doing such a great job of transcribing.  She has lots of transcribing duties now, lots of Cobra interviews and she continues to produce in a wonderful selfless way.  thank you so much DaNell.  Rique Seraphico, as well and always for your wonderful edits and ability to make Cobra and I sound so good.  Also Neotech has taken over the YouTubes and I hope to get a link to one of those and put that on my site as soon as that comes up.

A little personal update.  I have moved to Maui.  I am taking production classes.  I will be creating a television show here.  Looking for possibly a production media expert on Maui who might be interested in working with me on the back scenes of production in helping me put in the slides and pictures and the final product of these TV shows.

Luis Maertens

Also I’d like to mention Louis Fernando Maertens, who is now in Laughlin, Nevada presenting at that famous annual UFO conference. He is sharing his message in the USA once again.  I’m really feeling his message is going to be shared worldwide because it is so important.   I’m going to be with him here in Maui at the end of February.  We’re going to do three amazing days in the sun kissed shores of Maui and on Haleakala.  We’ll have some more information up shortly.  You can see more about this Solar Activation on Haleakala here.


We also have a summer conference with Luis planned.  This will be a more intimate association intended to bring about preparation on an individual and spiritual level for open contact.  We will be working directly with the guides and the cosmic masters in radiation activations in the Mt. Shasta area and on the mountain it self.  We’ll be doing that for sure.

Here are some excerpts of Louis’s amazing experiences from 2 of his 5 books. These two have been translated into English. Please do read carefully the loving messages gifted to you here.

Here are free excerpts of Louis’ books.
The first book is called Runa Antillis ~ Magical Secret Base of the Andes.
Here is a link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book. Runa Antillis Excerpt

His second book is called 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays .
Here is another link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays.

Cobra and Red Dragon Interview

Also we’re hoping to move forward in a positive direction in awakening people in many ways in understanding what’s going on in regards to the positive efforts to bring about understanding of the new financial system.  I have an interview that just wrapped with Cobra and the Red Dragon ambassador. It was in this interview where they asked each other questions and we acknowledged our unity to make things better.  That will be available in transcript form only shortly after this Cobra interview on this same Cobra interview page.

I thank you all for your support. We do appreciate your help in donations to keep this site and my effort running.  There’s a lot of people that are helping out to make this happen and your support with any purchase of a product helps us. I am not necessarily a businessman, but I do have to keep things going here and by offering products I truly feel are of benefit is how I keep a roof over my head.

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But I took a blood test previously and I’ve been wearing it every day and I’ve already felt some results, so I’m really impressed with this product and I feel honored to share this laser therapy with people as everyone knows I love lasers and crystals, violet wands and plasma field energies to help us connect to our luminous self so we have our own experience.

Love to you all.  Thank you all so very much.  Victory to the light.

Check out those upcoming events on our website if you want to join us this February or this summer.  I do have another event possibly planned at the end of summer.  I am really hoping Cobra can be there. I’m kind of reserving three days for him a little bit later at the end of August.  If Cobra can’t commit, we may add another show besides Louis in July. Mt. Shasta at the end of August.  I do look forward to those events coming up.
God bless you all.  Victory to the light.  Here comes our brother Cobra.

Cobra interview

Rob –  OK, ladies and gentlemen, it’s pleasure to be here again on the Victory of Light radio show.  I’m your host Rob Potter.  We have another special interview, our monthly interview with Cobra.  This is November 12, 2015.  I’m here on Maui.  We just wrapped up a transcript-only interview with Cobra and the Red Dragon Ambassador and Louisa of the Goldfish Report.  It’s kind of a joint interview.  This will be a transcript only.  It will be coming out in five or six days after the Cobra interview.

This interview will come out first, so keep an eye out for that on this page in a couple more days after this is released.  It’s a very interesting interview with Cobra and the Red Dragon Ambassador sharing their ideas. We, of course, want all the light workers and those of positive intent to unite.

Speaking of unite, peace unto this world and to all of you in your homes here.  These are very interesting times.  Much of this has been prophesied and spoken out from the beginning and the end times in some of the Dead Sea scrolls and actually in the Bible.  They talk about Cog and Magog.  Cog is continuity of government of the Americans and MahGog is actually representing Russia. It has been prophesied that there will be certain elements coming up into Europe as precursors to change and I guess I’d like to start my questions, Cobra, with you on that vein.  First of all, welcome to the show.  It’s pleasure to have you here again.

COBRA –  Thank you, again, for your invitation.  It’s a pleasure to be here.

Rob – Well, wonderful to have you.  I was speaking a little bit about Cog and Mahgog and the Russians doing their thing. Now we have this orchestrated invasion of sorts – kind of of a Muslim thing which some people think is a real invasion.  Obviously for the most part innocent people are fleeing horror in their country. There has been some reports out recently that Interpol has stopped some fake passports that were going to be given to some mercenaries and things of this nature.  Can you speak a little bit about the ongoing situation in Europe and is this getting worse?  Is this getting better?  Are things calming down?  What’s the situation there now?

(This interview was done before the Paris false flag attacks by Archons in the Black Nobility.)

COBRA – The situation is getting a little bit better because finally people are beginning to realize what is happening and they have been starting to take some action and also the Russian actions in Syria are actually triggering one part of those refugees returning back to Syria.  So the situation is getting a little bit better.  And also our meditations have helped a little bit.  But the situation is far from being resolved, so we would need much more action, much more energy support.

Rob – Yes, I hear that there are some people actually who are returning to Syria now.  They feel that things have calmed down a little bit.  Is the firefight over in Syria or is it still on-going, or is it pretty much a mop-up and clean up operation now?

COBRA – The project is still going on in Syria, but people now for the first time in many years see a perspective.  They see a future.

Rob – That’s wonderful.  Do you think it’s safe for some of the refugees to return now or not quite yet?

COBRA – It is safe for some people for some parts of Syria to return, but it is not yet safe for everybody to return.

Rob – Can you speak a little bit about the general sentiment in Europe now?  I know this varies from country to country and individual to individual.  I’m sure that media is roiling things up. I’m not into watching mainstream T.V. or the European Television. Can you give us a percentage of positive people or are there a bunch of them who are, you know, kind of like an American red-neck, cursing other races and people or calling them  towel-heads or the other naughty names that they should not call their brothers and sisters?  What is the percentage of acceptance and awareness of what’s going on?  Or is there a circling of the wagons, so to speak, amongst the people, not the governments, but the people?  What’s your feeling on that?

COBRA – Basically both things are happening. People are beginning to understand the situation.  There is a lot of fear present and there is quite much of misunderstanding.  There is a lot of naive optimism and there is also a lot of hatred, which has been suppressed coming off of the surface.  But there are also many people who have balanced perspectives and are actually quite surprisingly good in understanding what’s going on.

Rob – Well that’s wonderful and I really think that’s good that there’s a lot more awareness coming on.  For those of you in Europe who are listening, please be aware that we are all brothers and sisters.  We’re all children of the living loving Creator, and if we look upon each other and practice the golden rule and do unto others and in the face of sour reaction we return love and forgiveness, that’s the way we’re going to heal this.  Cobra, there have been talks in regards to Corey Goode and Ben Fulford has mentioned some things and we talked about this a little on the Goldfish Report, but I’d like you to allay people’s fears about 100 more years of the financial system being held over to the elders as far as the disclosure process.  These people are obviously part of the old school Cabal.

COBRA – Not all the groups are part of the old school Cabal, but there are many groups which have been put on the backburner because the Cabal was having their time and now they feel it’s their time.  But in reality what will happen is that all the groups on the planet will have to align and connect with the higher vision for this planet that is abundance for everybody and full and complete disclosure.  There are some Chinese interest groups, it’s true, that want to delay disclosure, and there are some groups from other parts of the world that want to delay disclosure.  This is not going to happen.  They can manifest a delay of a few months, but not 100 years.  It’s not going to happen.

Rob – Yea, I agree.  I thought that was pretty ridiculous.  And I agree with you that the spiritual forces at some point will see that things take place.  And this is the conundrum.  We talked about this previously.  We have a situation where we have all these different factions with all these different ideals moving forward.  How does the Resistance and the Galactic Forces intend for this to come down and to an explanation?  Eventually does higher spiritual force interpose itself into the situation and declare like a teacher at the front of the room, ‘Tap, tap, tap world, you guys must come together in a unity here and come to some sort of a consensus on universal transparency and abundance for the planet’?   With all these people in different areas in secret societies going on, where does the meetings come forward?  If we can’t get this done on the human element down here, it seems so far apart. What is the plan of the Confederation and the Resistance to really bring this in to end all this bickering, so to speak, for power and control and allow the universal principle of abundance and allowance and allegiance to each other to come forward in our financial system?

COBRA – OK.  What will happen is at a certain moment, when it will be safe enough, the RM will simply give quite substantial intel to certain people on the surface and this intel will be released for those certain people on the surface and this will change the rules of the game, because suddenly this intel will be out there for everybody to see.  All those groups which are now having their back door deals, this will no longer be applicable because things will change and one intel release of that nature can change the rules of the game for everybody.

For the rest of the Interview transcript, click here:

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  1. Blessings- It is important to note that the ones who are aware and even reading these posts are the ones that need to protect their energy and focus THE MOST. I stopped watching TV and increased my meditations. If anything this is a call to increase the amperage of DEMANDING prayer FOR LOVE, FORGIVENESS, PEACE AND REQUEST DEAR GOD OUR FREEDOM.
    On a side note- the North Moon Node- Known as Babput Draconius or Dragon’s Head was conjunct Mars=war on 11/13. I like to think of this as St. George’s sword that swiped the head off the dragon as it rolled passed it in the opposite direction? The beginning of the end? Do not be divided, do not lose focus, join together in our light beams, MORE THAN EVER!

  2. What is new in this interview is that there is put into discussion the 2020 time about the event?
    Is yes or not. And the answer about ‘all possibilities’, therefore yes or also not.

    So, friends, may you develop lucid dreaming techniques for yourselves and do the meditation in that lucid dreaming state, which is much more powerfull that the relaxed awaken state. Google it for more details.

    But, on the other hand, there is very very surprisingly that not Cobra and others tell us about it!!!
    Google Stephen Laberge’s pdf work for very valuable details about lucid dreaming and altered state of consciousness. It is a scientific documented work and is very very worthly.
    Kindest regards.

      • What is also new resulting (even indirectly) from the interview is that if free energy is released than strangelets may start to explode. Therefore, not only if the Light forces try to trigger the Event.
        With things going so, we may expect to hear one day that strangelets will explode even if we access Cobra’s webside or if we link together for the light… 🙂

  3. Are we allowed to wonder that Rob Potter is still able to perform another new interview? 🙂
    May we remember that an interview with Corey was promised month ago,… and still not!…
    And that the interview with the Red Dragon Ambassador lasted also month long until it was released?
    Kind regards.


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