3 thoughts on “Mad World”

    Recipe for a new society:

    Begin with fresh download of relentless love.

    Focus first on Safety for all BEings. Make it so.
[stop all harm and harming ways now]
Focus next on forgiveness. Generate this abundantly.
[much more feasible when harm is ended]
Practice individual sovereignty as child of creator.
[in fact and in law, merkaba]
Let go the entirety of past trauma, engrams, and perceptions.
[none of it was true, and does not exist]
Knead all this together for innate integration.
[dance and sing and shake it out]
Rub some dirt on from Mother Earth.
[respect sacred guardian contract]

    Add ritually all elementals.

    [join the Living Universe]

    Celebrate the unity of humanity.
    [through unity of self]

    Get high on this until you are done.
[Remember all that is innate]

    Serve any number of others.
[Garnish with Grace]

    The holiday derived from this dish ends all lies, stops all tragedy, and vaporizes all division.

    This is renaissance

    Mission: Co-create a world of powerful, gentle harmony in unity with spirit

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