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Return of the Feminine : What Does it Mean ?

There has been a lot of talk, for good reasons, about the return of true feminine energy on this planet.

What does it mean ? This is an important question because for millenia, humans have been programmed a lot about this. In fact, this very question is at the core of the whole slavery construct of this planet, it’s the cornerstone on which the whole matrix was built, which allows it to stay in place.

The dark have spent a whole lot of efforts distorting and attacking this in so many various ways, that the programming goes much much deeper than most people expect, even those who are awake to a certain degree. So, we won’t generate much progress for our liberation by just skimming over this question quickly.

We know that, many millenia ago, certain beings became disconnected from Source/Creator. And we know they have been manipulating this planet, poisonning our food, water, air, music, societal structure, etc. I would ask everybody to set aside for a moment the why’s, and how’s, as this is not the point of this article.

We have also seen in previous articles how “feminine is reception, unity, connection, compassion, acceptance, letting go, silence, stillness. And masculine is action, movement, expression, individuality, uniqueness, choice, free will.

This can be observed by observing the dynamics of sexual organs, or sun and moon, and other masculine and feminine archetypes.

The moon and the yoni receive, welcome, hold, generate passively. This receptivity is what allows everything to be held in unity.

The sun and the lingam take initiatives, enter, give, generate actively. This action is what allows movement, from point A to point B, therefore creating individuality and distinction between point A and point B : every moment, every living being is unique.”

Can you see the connection ? Simply, when these beings became disconnected from Source, they became isolated in a parallel, artificial, distorted construct.They were disconnected with Oneness, which is feminine energy, and isolated in individuality only : their own distorted world, with no connection with the beautiful reality they had previously been a part of : they are part of Source, as the Light beings they truly are, and they became stuck, they could not receive any help, any grace.

This must have been so very difficult. I feel very sorry for them. I wish them to soon, receive all the healing, grace, and love they truly deserve. Think about it, there must have been such a difficult and extreme trauma to create such a crazy irrational behavior such as what we see now on Earth in their nonsense psychopathic behavior, creating suffering for the sake of suffering. This is no different from the psychopaths we see in the news, behaving totally irrationally because they themselves have been heavily traumatized. Archons and other dark beings have nothing to gain from creating suffering. We are all divine sparks, this is the nature of Creator and therefore every living being’s ture nature is Love, Peace, Harmony. Therefore this is the only valid reality, the only one that makes sense.

So, these dark beings are just irrationally acting out their traumas by generating so much suffering on this planet. By acting it out, they generate similar conditions to the ones they are in, always seeking to create a fake, disconnected, distorted, alternate reality.

And the basis for this is, as we’ve seen, suppressing feminine energy.

How does that manifest exactly ?

They’ve created an illusion of separation : individuality without unity.

The true nature of reality is that it’s based on the dance between individuality and unity. Between being yourself and being part of an ecosystem (the largeecosystem, the galactic, universal, all-encompassing ecosystem, the One, the organism we are all individual cells of with our own unique purposes).

So, in this construct the dark has created, being yourself and being part of a whole are always contradictory, men and women are at odds with each other, polarities are separated.

Distinguishing polarity and duality.

One of the basic programs created by the dark, is to confuse duality and polarity. They are not the same at all. Duality is a struggle between good and bad, between harmony and suffering. Polarity is a dance of complementaryopposites : active and receptive, masculine and feminine. Polarity is the basis for creation. It’s the cornerstone on which everything is based, on every level.

One can see the confusion between the two that’s commonly made out there by simply researching various definitions of yin and yang being put out on internet. This is a manifestation of the program of duality, which states that polarities are incompatible, and also, that suffering is needed because it’s a natural part of one of the polarities. Balance between action and reception is not the same as balance between health and disease, good and evil. Polarity is our true nature, duality is a program.

Click here to read more about this.

This program was started with actions of violence, actions that do not come from Source, which by definition generate this fake un-natural construct (since it is not coming from Source).

The program was then anchored further by implanting males and females with incompatible programs : males were blocked in their heart chakras, and females in their sacral chakras, making it so that they are stepping on each other’s toes, and have no meeting place. This generated a belief system, which in turn contaminated the way we relate to the polarities within us (we are all a balance of both), and outside of us (every situation is a balance of both). Once there is an imbalance, everything can be corrupted. If there is balance, there is health.

How do polarities connect ?

Sexuality is the life force

Polarities connect with each other through sacred sexual energy. Inside, and outside of us. It is how life is created and how life is connected with Source/Creator. Source is both polarities together, so sexuality is how we real-ize Source : how we manifest it in our reality. Intercourse is an important part of sexuality, however sexual energy extends far beyond intercourse. This is very natural in realities which have not disconnected from Source. But here, it has been attacked a lot, it has been an integral part of the suppression of feminine energy. Since the late 1800s, the cabal has lost power on this aspect and haven’t been able to suppress it as much, but still, a lot of programs have been inserted into humanity through millenia and there is a lot of left-overs, and also when the cabal couldn’t suppress it as much anymore, they started doing a lot of efforts to distort and de-sacralize it instead, in order to disgust and disconnect people from the true nature of sexuality, which is our life force.

“How can we ever expect to change anything if we are unable to shape our own sexual and core experiences ? If we continue to feel oppressed, repressed, and victimized by something that happened chapters ago in our life, by the rules of behavior fed to us by the religious right, neoconservatives, our parents, our culture, and the media, how can we imagine ever changing or having an influence on anything ? When will we get our priorities in order and start saying no to political and religious meddling that is mucking up the sanctity of relationships, pleasure, and our spiritual destinies ?”



Art by Ines Honfi

 Sacred sexuality is an integral part of Goddess mysteries which were practiced by Jesus, Magdalene and the Essenes among others. Their teachings were very different to what is usually portrayed. The programming goes much deeper than what most people imagine, so it’s very beneficial to start working on ourselves about this as soon as possible and as much as possible.

Feminine energy in general, in our daily life : What can we do ? How does it return exactly ?

Realize Unity.

Listen. To what happens inside you, and outside of you. Receive the messages. Observe.

Listen with real emptiness, with no previous experience getting in the way.

Be a blank page on which you can choose to write anything you choose.

Be still. Witness the fire within. The masculine fire moving around, be still and accept it, let it flow, receive it.

Listen with sacred neutral energy, let go of all belief systems and pre-conceived ideas, in order to perceive accurately.

 Witness the fire in people. Their passion. Their reaching out for love. Realize it is just that : a desire for Love.

Listen to your inner messages that tell you when something is good for you, and when something is not. However, one can only receive these messages accurately when previous experiences and belief systems are not getting in the way. So, be empty first.

Receive yourself. When you hear your inner messages saying “no, don’t do this”, listen to them. Witness also what makes your heart sing, and do it. Put your inner messages in practice. Follow them and they will guide you to your highest potential.

Witness the desire for Love in others. The masculine movement of reaching out. Help them express it in a balanced healthy way if needed, if you can. Receive their healthy actions of reaching out, their Love, accept it, welcome it, embrace it.

Witness the divine spark in everybody. Their own uniqueness. See the good in them. Receive your true internal messages, the ones coming from your soul, that tell you to not receive unhealthy energies, but don’t focus on them further than what is needed to be constructive. You can then, from a distance, focus on everybody’s divine spark.

Find the people who resonate with you. The ones you connect with the most. Unite with them as much as possible, as close as possible. Create together. Evolve together.

Real-ize balance of polarities by doing both : observing and addressing everything, and choosing and focusing on what you want to create.

Witness how we are all inter-connected and inter-dependant, how our true selves all have a role and a place, and how together we form a mandala and we are One.

Listen to each other, be still, empty and listen truly. Receive each other.

And you will see : the Goddess is back.

Back together in balance with God. Never to be separated again.

They are Source, together.

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  1. Q: ‘Balance between action and reception is not the same as balance between health and disease, good and evil.’
    Action and reception are complementary. Health and disease are not.

    Thank you. I learn a lot and I need to learn a lot. Need to take time to think about myself. Love.


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