Transformation Has Already Begun – The Shift – The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity

How Much Are You Aware that You Are Part of this Shift?

Do you realise that by simply reading these words that you are an integral part of this shift? Your desire alone for change is more than enough. The support that you show for the revelation of truth by reading, or the desire to see and experience a new and transparent open type of leadership involves you deeply in this shift. Your desire to exist in a world where everyone is receiving not just their basic needs but abundance makes you involved in this shift. I would even go so far as to say that about 25% of the entire world’s population is actively involved in this shift on some level. Here is some of what archangel Michael recently had to say about this.
” What you think of as the megatrends are shifting, the mega events are taking place. And you may, or may not, be involved in what you think of those grand events. And, let me say, “think of,” because, my friends, you are absolutely involved in each and every one of those shifts. Some of you are at the conference table. Some of you are fully participating as what you think of as the limelight. Not all of you have volunteered for that. And, I hear your collective sigh of relief, saying, “Thank God!”
Those who are in the leadership, the new definition of leadership, not the old, cannot proceed without the support and union, unity, with each and every one of you. So when you extend your hand in love, in friendship, in support, in commiseration and compassion to another, you are immediately contributing and activating the global changes.
When your heart, through your decisions and choices, flies free, then you are declaring freedom and liberation, and might I say, my favorite topic, declaring peace on planet. Not at some future date of fulfillment, but in the moment and the ever-present moment of now. This is what you are doing. This is not what you are going to be doing at some future date. It has already begun. And, yes, that is what it means. It has already begun.”

Planetary Transformation Is Taking Place Within You + Me Now


For all of us to be ready to accept outer change and transformation we need to be transforming from the inside now and we are – we really are. Here are Michael’s words explaining this so beautifully.
“The shifts of the energy are very strong. You are finally fully receiving the Mother’s Tsunami. Might we say it is about time. What is changing is your ability to deeply and fully immerse, connect, and unify with these energies that are being made available to you.
So what it is doing is also taking much of your tension away from what we have called the mega issues, the big issues, even the small issues of rent and health care and relationships. And it is allowing you to connect with your essence and the essence of all, of the Mother.
When you are doing that, everything else drifts away. We do not mean that it is not important to eat, to breathe, to speak, to love. But this immersion and acceptance into the various forms of love, the experiences of love, is the biggest change. It is the extraordinary change; and it is not an external extraordinary change.
First is coming the internal, up close, and personal extraordinary change. And, that is what you are feeling and that is what many are feeling, and that is simply going to continue to grow because the more each of you is doing this and experiencing this…it is like a contagion and it is spreading person to person to person to person.”

Galactic Wave of Love and Time for The Event

Galactic Love

Cobra has provided us with information at various times about how a particularly strong Galactic Wave of Love from Source will initiate what we call The Event. When that Wave goes out and the signal is given things will happen very quickly. Nobody knows the hour or the day. Within as short a time frame as 20 minutes of The Event Flash Wave going out things will start to happen beginning with the arrests of the cabal and the closing down of the cabal controlled financial system. Because of the ‘groundwork’ that has already been completed through Wave after Wave of Divine Light Love Energy from Source i.e. the internal transformation taking place within humanity to a more loving calmer warmer way of being, the effect of this stronger Wave will serve to ‘blanket’ ~ ‘embrace’ humanity at that time and guarantee a calm transition.

It is my belief that many of the concerns that we have held as to how the populations worldwide will react to this sudden complete surprise will not be so much of concern at all when the DAY arrives. People will be provided very quickly through the regular media with good reliable information about what’s taking place which has been ‘ready’ now for several years. One change that was made in the plans a few years ago was that to the greatest possible extent the information scripts will be provided to reliable news reporters that people are already somewhat familiar with.
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Therese Zumi
16th February 2016 at 1728 PM CET

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  1. Well, when people give much anxiety or even hope for the RV or the GCR they are being as the christians that still await and with full faith force that Jesus is going to bring them to Heaven and the rest of people will suffer more. It is not a different scenario. It is the same. But much more alternative. I believe that the GCR is mentioned in all texts about the Event even more than the Disclosure, the Advanced Technologies or the arrests of the Cabal. That`s how human mind still works, they want the funds, not the liberation.

  2. I dont know what people are talking about or why or what they think they are waiting for or if this is some kind of process but it’s not going to work that way and there is no waiting….this is a choice, not about waiting for a slow change…I’m the only one who seems to be going to do something for humanity in the end…and not people writing stuff like this or the people thinking that reading this instead of questioning it will be doing anything they should have done before years ago. Don’t worry about waiting because in the future when I’m finally able to there will be no process or wait.

  3. Therese, are you also aware about Ibrahim’s and Blue Solara’s webinars concerning The Shift and Ascension?
    The last of webinars is here
    It seems that many of Ibrahim’s concerns are in concordance with Cobra’s intel.

    On the other hand, do you consider to be in touch with ‘Blue Solara’ concerning the “Sisterhood of the Rose”?
    Kind regards.

  4. Therese, are you somehow aware about Tanaath’s “Important Meditation About The Matrix”?

    On the other hand, are you in touch with her concerning the “Sisterhood of the Rose”?
    Kind regards.

  5. Thanks again for your insight!
    But do you not rather mean that: The Shift Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity – The Event.
    Kind regards.

  6. I honestly believe that 25% is rather 12%. That may be even too oportunistic. I talk to many people and I don’t beat around the bush, but go right to the spiritual awakening. Almost 99% think I’ve lost it and they walk away. Or the other answer is I don’t know what you’re talking about, but country is a mess and change is needed. Everyone is waiting for some other poor slob to make the change. Most people is this country are los pollos hermanos(from Breaking Bad); that means they are chicken people.

    • Robert what I am referring to when I say 25% of humanity are those people who are on some level aware of injustice and corruption even if this awareness is mainly in one or two areas that they personally might be familiar with. It is not necessary to have full knowledge about the extent of control in this matrix to be ‘awake’ on some level. These people are often actively doing what they can to support others around them in compassionate ways that help these others to keep going. “So when you extend your hand in love, in friendship, in support, in commiseration and compassion to another, you are immediately contributing and activating the global changes.” Hope this clarifies TZ


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