Keisha Crowther - Little Grandmother
Keisha Crowther – Little Grandmother

Closing the Circle – with Little Grandmother

In October of 2010 I started upon an intensive reawakening process which led me to discovering the deeper aspects of the truth about our imprisonment in this matrix. It all started when I first listened to Little Grandmother. I then discovered the work of people like Michael Tsarion and David Wilcock and almost 18 months to the day after I first started listening to Keisha and her wisdom Cobra started his blog. Having literally studied non-stop for 18mths I just knew the first time I read his blog that he was someone speaking from a place of certain knowing. I ‘heard’ the voice of someone who knew with certainty that he was telling the truth and I quickly decided to attend one of his first conferences in 2012.

If you have been awakening to the truth of our existence here and have not yet heard Keisha speak then I would warmly recommend that you listen to her now. Everyone should be aware of the amazing work that she and many other wisdom keepers have been doing to bring us to the place that we now find ourselves** in. The ceremony that the Mayan and Hopi tribes called forth in April of 2009 was a pivotal point for change upon Gaia. Our beloved Mother Gaia – Who is a revered Goddess/Archangel of Light by beings all over the cosmos was leading ‘Little Grandmother’ – Keisha through the entire ceremony. It was an enormous and necessary healing that took place and that put us all firmly in touch with the Goddess energy that was crucial to the liberation process as a whole.

Artist ~ Josephine Wall
Artist ~ Josephine Wall

Keisha has a role that covers many avenues. She was given into her care many enormous old crystals that were placed in the ground worldwide to balance and renew the leylines and support our Galactic Family’s work of balancing the energy here. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to have an understanding as to why we must return to living from the heart if we are to survive here. She has made us aware of our Mother Gaia and Her longing for us to renew our connection to Her. She has informed us about the prophecies of old that foretell of the return of our Galactic Family to Earth and how they will support the return of Gaia to her pristine beautiful form. She speaks about a pole shift and how that will culminate in the shift to a new dawning on Gaia. In her early messages she speaks of the three days of darkness that will accompany this shift. Cobra has explained to us that this darkness will no longer need to be a part of the shift. He has also explained that we are in the midst of a magnetic pole shift at this time.
Cobra’s Situation Update from February 18th

Where you, might ask do we now find ourselves**? We find ourselves literally on the eve of complete liberation on this planet. 2 days ago Cobra gave us an update that I know will have put a big smile on many faces and released worry and tension for many Lightworkers. This is what I wrote on my blog when I presented his update yesterday morning. “TZ here: We have all been waiting and hoping for an update from Cobra and now we have one with the most fantastic news. I would have to say there couldn’t possibly be better news than this right now. You all know I assume that the ONE main hinder to The Event taking place has been the strangelet / toplet bombs and it would seem that this problem is very soon to be solved!! Also here Cobra gives amazing and ample evidence to show how the cabal WILL NOT BE ALLOWED OR HAVE A CHANCE to try to prevent 100% disclosure!! Plus, lots more wonderful information here about the return of the Light. Enjoy ! Victory to the Light !”
Here a direct link to that update;

I have found myself thinking about Keisha this past week and feel that her calm loving words can help us at this time to have a deeper knowingness and calm as to how the ‘Shift’ ~ ‘The Event’ can pass peacefully despite the enormity of what is about to take place. In this new update from Cobra we have been given details about the Resistance Movement operatives that will be supporting this peaceful change at the time on the surface and I’m sure that this has helped many to see that things will indeed go very well when the DAY arrives.

These are the videos with Keisha that I have chosen to share with you now and there are of course many more – I will also give a link to her website where you can click on ‘Media’ and find more if you so wish.

Return of the Ancestors Part 1
We learn how Keisha came to learn about her role as one of the Earths ‘Wisdom Keepers’ at this time.
Little Grandmother Keisha “Return of the Ancestors” 1 of 3

Return of the Ancestors Part 2

The Mayans and the Hopi tribes called for a very special ceremony to take place in April of 2009. Here we learn in great moving detail about the ceremony that was conducted by wisdom keepers like Keisha and devoted ‘tribe of many colors’ members simultaneously worldwide in 2012 that has forever changed our possibility of remaining upon ~ surviving upon this planet. I dare say that you will be moved to tears when hearing this and truly understand why there now exists ONLY a positive timeline ahead of us. Here you will truly gain a deep understanding of the importance of Goddess energy upon Gaia at this time.

Little Grandmother Keisha “Return of the Ancestors” 2 of 3

Return of the Ancestors Part 3

Here Keisha explains so simply and eloquently how our intelligence is increased a thousand fold by living through the heart.
NB – Here we learn of the prophecy of our times –
an explanation of the Hopi Red and Blue Kachina Prophecy and the return to earth of our brothers and sisters from the stars – ‘white men coming in discs from the stars’ ~ our Galactic Family.
Little Grandmother Keisha “Return of the Ancestors” 3 of 3

Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther in Zurich in November 2010
This is a 25 minutes’ summary of her workshop in Zurich, Switzerland of early November 2010, which I warmly recommend as it includes details about the ‘shift’ and other very important messages.

Keisha Crowther – Little Grandmother – Website

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Therese Zumi

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  1. To me, the artwork shared here by Josephine Wall, represents a perfect balance of power of divine feminine, loving magnetism, and heavenly beauty! It is breathtaking and heart inspiring! Thank you, Josephine, for your amazing artistic talents!

  2. Therese, again I send a very heart felt thank you for the time and effort you put into this on our behalf! I am very thankful for this and am quite eager to become very familiar with it all! Sending peace to you as we all move forward to the Event, Full Disclosure, and Ascension! <3


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