Russian president Vladimir Putin says that Western governments are enslaving humanity through vaccines.

‘When your children are barely human, psychologically-altered bots, their nerve cells and synapses failing to connect, and their neurodevelopmental processes dulled to the point of restricting them to sub-human level repetitive grunts and gormless stares, what are you going to do then?’

An insider from the Ministry of Health in Russia has revealed that an explosive report is being prepared that will be presented to the Kremlin on Tuesday regarding the huge vaccination cover-up being perpetuated by the US government agencies and its regulatory bodies, which is having disastrous consequences around most of the world.

It is understood President Putin personally requested the report. He instinctively mistrusts the vaccine agenda and wants the report to investigate the state of play regarding vaccines, Big Pharma, and

Western governments, in order to formulate a solid, direct response that will stand his people in good stead for the future.

According to the Ministry of Health insider, the report validates President Putin’s suspicions. There is a huge conflict of interests between the government agencies which regulate vaccines and the corporations that approve and implement the vaccines.

This investigation, involving internationally respected scientists and leading medical professionals, won’t be a laughably corrupt affair involving a payroll of ‘scientists’ who are willing to say or do anything for a dollar or two. Considering the fact that leading scientists and doctors who have dared voice concern about state-enforced vaccinations have been dying under mysterious circumstances in the US in recent years, kudos must be given to those brave enough to continue speaking out.

It is claimed the report will declare the situation a ‘self-perpetuating criminal racket.’ Educational institutions and scientific bodies are also ‘motivated by greed and generally corrupt.’ A recent study by the University of Bristol that declared diet soda to be healthier than water (a study covertly funded by the Coca Cola Company) is presented as an example of the absurd situation in the West at the moment, and is held up to ridicule.

The report says that President Putin believes the next stage of human evolution is currently in “grave risk” and that Western and global powers are “intentionally decelerating the process for their personal gain.”

“We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”

“We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests,” the report states.

Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an “intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown,” the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only “dark/evil” but “counter-productive in the medium to long term.”

Russia under President Putin has been giving away land for free in the past few years to people willing to farm organically and sustainably. The goal is to become the world’s “leading exporter” of non-GMO foods that are based on “ecologically clean” production.

The Security Council report comes just months after the Kremlin announced a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a major step in the fight against multinationals like Monsanto. Russia continues to lead the way in the realm of natural, organic farming.


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  1. I’m suspicious of him. I think he’s trying to play the good guy. I think it’s a PR scam. I think he works with all the NWO world order families and is part of the play to make us think he’s good. It’s all just a game for all of them. The work together and deceive us.

    • I totally agree with you….it’s all a puppet show and every single one of them is a puppet on strings as are thing we can do is live on the land, honor the land we live on and be self sustainable. …not wait for a government to allow us or make us be anything.

  2. We have vaccinated our firs son, he started to behave differently. Infanrix Hexavacine for GSK. Second shot was for first son and second son who is 1 year old. He got 41 degrees celsius after that. The main vaccination person told me, the she knows after 40 years of vaccinating they have hundreds of people like my first son with change behavior. So it is not a response of a body immune system. It is an actual change on a nerve system. They can change people personality not on a purpose I guess, the money. But its terrible to know it to be real not a conspiracy theory. I am from Czech republic.

  3. Putin is a total megalomaniac obsessed with his own power.

    And like they say Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.And believe it or not but Putin HAS absolute power in Russia….

    YOU can NOT negotiate with a megalomaniac Russian like Putin ( look what happened to Neville chamberlain’s promise of peace in our time when he negotiated with Hitler another megalomaniac LOL)

    The Russian megalomaniac and Hypocrite that is KGB Putin groom the world using Russia’s contact with its useful liberal anti USA, EU, NATO idiots in the worlds media just like Hitler did back in the day….
    But the facts are there if you just wish to see ….

    Russia is a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

    In its unannounced wars against Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya Russia relies on covert operations which fall squarely within the definition of “international terrorism” ……

    It is known fact that the propaganda from Russia RT- News and others (controlled by the FSB ) is trying too discredit Maidan movment, Orange Revolution, Ukraine, EU,USA and NATO with propaganda it is a well known fact it is all is sponsored by Russia.

    It is also a fact that the Russian FSB are sending operatives, acting under disguise, attempt to influence the policy of Ukrainian government by intimidation or coercion. They also try to affect the conduct of a government by assassinations and kidnapping,violating and pressing Ukrainian government.

    This activity is being conducted on large scale and over prolonged time period, despite condemnation by the USA, G-7, NATO, EU and UN. the State Sponsor of Terrorism by Putins neo Stalinist thugs the FSB continue…

    All the civilized world now is doing is trying to make a new Hitler understand that his megalomaniac actions will not be excepted by civilized world …..

    Meanwhile Putins propaganda machine is running on overdrive trying to convince the civilized world and its people that the so called Peacefully demonstrating for freedom in east Ukraine and south Ukraine are just Peacefully demonstrators…….

    But they are not Peacefully demonstrators most of them are shipped from Russia by Putin’s FSB and any Ukrainian citzan that is helping the gunman must by law be seen as traitors, saboteurs and terrorists when they are helping another government take over their country.

    If they don’t like the neighborhood why not just move to Russia that is what normal people do. But in reality what Russia has started in Ukraine has nothing to do with freedom or peaceful demonstrations. It is about Russia wanting to annex Ukraine like they did in Crimea. It is a Russian invasion masquerading as a demonstration (that is meant for extremely stupid people and anti USA.EU and self heating westerners ).

    Peaceful demonstrations do not come with murderers, terrorists, saboteurs, kidnappers, automatic weapons, missile launchers, anti aircraft guns, anti tank guns, grenades, grenade launchers mortars, and surface to air missiles.

    It also doesn’t come with 60000 soldiers reading to invade on the borders like the 20000 Putin used in Crimea that he told the world was not his until after he took over Crimea with force and a fake election then and only then did he admit they was Russian forces . The mean and woman that are Ukrainian ethnics living in the dombas that are getting shot by pro-Russians don’t same to be getting in to Russian news at all…..

    Like all the other murders of unarmed people. Putin’s undercover army are kidnapping and using Ukrainian citizens as shields. And when Ukrainian military try to take back the control of its own nation the story becomes is a pro-Russian media campaign saying Ukrainians are attacking using this to slander Ukraine and deflect Russia actions !

    Even the the President of Bulgaria has warned us that Russia has trained its sights on the Balkans to wage a “hybrid warfare” campaign aimed at destabilising the whole of Europe, He demands that the EU and Nato do more to counter the rising threat of Russian aggression.
    see link

    Ex-Russian FSB spy exposes Kremlin’s operation of terror, help to Islamic State

    Revelations by a former Russian agent, implicating the Kremlin’s involvement in terrorist activities in Europe and the Middle East. The account about to be heard bears the hallmarks of a real spy scandal – undercover operations, fake documents and financial donations.

    The ex-spy codenamed Yevgeniy specialized in terrorist organizations and counter-terrorism activities. The man firstly claimed that radical Islamist groups are staffed with Russian agents – and that Moscow has a real impact on their activity. This is what he told journalist Andriy Tsaplienko

    And second of all THE ONLY ‘trojan horse’ in EU right now is Putin’s own trojan horses better know as putin’s friends inside the EU nations governments pepole like like Milos Zeman, Viktor Orbán and La Pen in France and other useful dimwits like Pablo Iglesias Turrión from Spain’s Podemos political party and Matteo Renzi Prime Minister of italy and others in high offices in all EU nations PUTIN HAS HIS TROJAN HORSES and they and their families get well taken care of by Kremlin contacts and network insiders and business connections..

    All of them and their political party are receiving indirectly and directly financial and funding from the kremlin and have close business deals with russian state companies… and they are all well known to bang the kremlin drums in the EU JUST LIKE Pro-Kremlin Czech president Milos Zeman..

    Putin is using the Syrian refugees as an hybrid war tool ..

    Russian and their crimes Putin bombing childrens schools sub.. in English

    Also there is evidence that putin’s FSB may be involved with Russian gangsters in the massive smuggling of refugees into the EU to make it unstable..

    While Russia did not start the refugee crisis they may have found a way to exploit it to further their hybrid war against Europe. While the direct benefits of intervention in Syria are valuable to the anti-West coalition that Russia is forming, the far greater benefit could be a devastating flank attack on European unity.

    Organized by the FSB Putin is dumping Muslim ”refugees” on Norway as Norway is a schengen and NATO country Only 35 have come to Finland, even though Finland has a much longer border with Russia than Norway. But Finland is not a NATO country Norway is NATO and Schengen..

    The practical arrangements of the refugee traffic to the Russian-Norwegian border is by the FSB in Murmansk, in partnership with organized criminal groups, the webiste writes and citing norwegan intelligence sources who say that it is well known that the FSB, which is also responsible for Russian espionage against Norway, has close ties to the Russian mafia and other criminal groups.

    In Russia, a very organized transport and support operation is established. In addition to human smuggling, there is also a very professional and extensive sale of bicycles to “refugees”, given that it is not allowed to walk across the border. Norwegian or Russian citizens who drive refugees across the border could be punished.

    The route to the Norwegian-Russian border is also being actively promoted on social media, writes the outlet.

    And while Russian border guards require a Schengen visa to be let into Russia, there is no such requirement at the border to Norway – to seek asylum.

    However, the “refugees” – mostly Afghanis, who have lived a long time in Russia – have to bicycle across the border, as walking is not allowed.

    The bikes are left right after the border crossing into Norway, and the “refugees” are then free to seek asylum.
    see link

    Europe, Syrian migrants reach Norway by bike via Russia helped by Russian border guards to get into schengen zone
    see link

    Norway demands answers from Moscow over Arctic migrant route
    see link
    Russian spies have been using sex and alcohol to blackmail “naive” Norwegians into handing over sensitive information, it has been claimed.

    Norway’s Police Intelligence Service (PST) says agents with its Russian counterpart are reverting to Cold War tactics on its politicians and business people during visits to the Russian Federation.

    see link

    Putin authorizes police to shoot at women and children in ‘terror’ related inclidents

    FSB officers may use firearms against a crowd in emergency situations according to the new law

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law new legislation which allows Russia’s State Security Service officers (FSB) to shoot at civilians including women and children.

    The document was published on a government website.

    Russia’s Parliament (the State Duma) approved the document on December 22. It says that the FSB officers may use firearms against the crowd when it is necessary to prevent a terrorist attack.

    Russia’s Parliament (the State Duma) approved the document on December 22. It says that the FSB officers may use firearms against the crowd when it is necessary to prevent a terrorist attack.

    Russian and their crimes Putin bombing childrens schools in Syria sub.. in english

    Putin apologists in the West and some in Ukraine often argue that RuSSia is an important partner in the struggle against terrorism. Ukrainians probably feel otherwise. The separatist groups Moscow is supporting in the Donbas would no doubt be labeled terrorists had they tried to separate from some RuSSian province.

    The level of Russian aggression is rising, we have simply recognizing them for what they are and what are they nothing but bullies that is what they are …. We are not blaming Russia we are pointing out the facts of their crimes…

    This became patently clear in March 2014 just after the Ukrainian revolution, which saw the ouster of the Russian-aligned Victor Yanyukovich and the restoration of the country’s democratic constitution. On Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, “little green men,” as they later came to be called, suddenly appeared. Equipped with guns, wearing unmarked uniforms, and driving unmarked military vehicles, they began methodically taking over local government buildings and television stations. In almost every major city, local “politicians,” some of whom had previously been leaders of criminal gangs, seemed primed to welcome the little green men, almost as if they had been warned.

    Since the Crimean invasion, the Russians have advanced into eastern Ukraine using similar tactics. Adding a twist to the narrative, they have now entered the Syrian conflict too, in order to come to the aid of the fraternal Assad regime. Not only the United States but all of what used to be called “the West” has been flummoxed by these moves, even thrown into strategic disarray. And no wonder. In the quarter-century since the fall of Communism, we’ve forgotten what a cynical, unprincipled, authoritarian Russian regime looks like, especially one with an audacious global strategy and no qualms whatsoever about sacrificing human life. Let me say it again more clearly: Almost all of the men who currently rule Russia (and they are all men) were taught and trained by the KGB. Their teaching and training shows. Why would it not?

    Russia is focused hard on undermining the institutions of the West, among them the European Union, NATO, and the various treaties that have stitched together the post-WWII and post–Cold War order. A few people in a few Western capitals do recognize what Russia is up to. German chancellor Angela Merkel probably has a pretty good idea. She’s reluctant to draw all of the necessary conclusions, but I’m sure she understands Vladimir Putin’s tactics, if only because she grew up with them in East Germany.

    These tactics are not exactly the same as the ones Putin learned in the KGB in the 1970s and 1980s, but neither are they entirely different. In the past decade, for example, the Russian regime has reconstructed a state-run media machine far more sophisticated than anything the USSR ever invented and yet similarly blinkered. Although there are dozens of domestic news outlets, entertainment channels, and magazines, they all toe the same political line, with only a tiny number of exceptions. There is an appearance of variety but a unity of messages. Among them: The United States is a threat; Europe is degenerate; Ukraine is run by neonazis; Russia, unfairly deprived of its role in the world, is finally becoming a superpower again Communist ideology once sought to express all of history and all of contemporary politics through the lens of one giant conspiracy theory, this is nothing new. Abroad, Russian-funded television, websites, and Internet troll factories make similar points in multiple languages. Russia also backs—in some cases financially, in other cases ideologically—politicians, businessmen, journalists, and “experts” who give out similar messages. They include Marine le Pen, the leader of the far right in France; Gerhard Schroeder, the former chancellor of Germany; Vaclav Klaus, the former Czech president, who is now associated with a think tank created by a sanctioned Russian oligarch. Members of the Hungarian and Austrian far-right parties have traveled to Crimea to support the Russian occupation. Syriza, the far-left party in Greece, has deep links to Russia, too.

    Fake research institutions, “peace movements,” fictitious political groupings, useful idiots, and agents of influence, both paid and unpaid…We’ve been here before, too. True, the ideology has changed. These days Russia supports whoever is willing to promote its interests, whether far-left or far-right, and whoever can help undermine the established European order.

    the primary goal is to keep Vladimir Putin in power and make the world safe for Russian corruption, Russian oligarchs, and Russian money. Which might, in fact, prove a lot more appealing than the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    Russia is run by men who are deeply attached to the Soviet system, the collapse of which was the most shattering and disorienting experience of their lives. Most Western countries, by contrast, are run by men and women who thought that the collapse of the USSR meant that they could finally move on and think about something else.

    Lets look at the facts BUT NOT the so called facts that according to Russian TV and Putin supporting Propaganda is the facts but lets look at the real facts..







    Any evidence coming out of Moscow is as fare as i CAN SEE Lies..

    Just like the was lying about that their pro- Russians terrorist did not shooting down MH17 over Ukraine with the Russians army BUK system Just like they was lying about that is was not Russian army in crimea Just like they was lying about not have any GRU and FSB and special forces in East Ukraine just like they was lying about a CIA , neonazi EU takeover of Ukraine and lying about so called food / aid trucks going into Ukraine when it had weapons coming into and Russian dead soldiers going out..

    Todays Russia

    1992 invasion and occupation Moldovan (Transnistria War)

    1994 invasion and occupation Nagorno Karabakh

    1994 First Chechen War

    1999 Second Chechen War

    2000 Second Chechen War part 2

    2008 invasion and occupation Georgia

    2014 invasion, occupation and annexation of CRIMEA

    2015 invasion and occupation East Ukraine

    Russians that support Putin historical glory version of facts are nothing but stupid an have not historical knowledge

    • All well and good–you obviously spent a lot of time with this diatribe…exactly how does this relate to vaccines, immunizations and how they affect our immunization programs in the US and worldwide?

  4. Let’s hang on here for a second. Putin has taken a lot of civil liberties away from the people of Russia, Crimea and everywhere he is spreading his military machine.
    He changed the rules so when he became president again he would get 12 years in office. Hello? Dictator?
    If you can’t see the propaganda value in this report to Putins government then you need to think about recent Russian moves towards Eastern Europe and think again. Putin has endorsed Donald Trump for gods sake.
    Worrying times.

  5. When people tell me vaccines cause autism??????did you know antibiotics cause Down syndrome too?! my grandmother had polio when she was 5 and was left without the use of her right leg for the rest of her life. One of the most exciting days in her life was when the polio vaccine came out. She would never have to see people suffer like she did again. If you’re against vaccines, don’t have children. If you’re not educated enough about how vaccines actually work, your most definitely not educated or competent enough to raise children. Not only are you putting your children at a huge risk of contracting a deadly disease, but other parents children as well (the ones who actually give a shit about their child’s health). But I mean, you can’t fix stupid right?

    • I agree with you, polio vaccine has saved lots of people from a painful life. My aunt catches polio when she was 5 (living in Africa in the late ’50s). Since then she has 2 weak legs needing permanent mechanical support. She was also so happy for the new generation when the polio vaccine came out!

    • Crazy! You obviously don’t know your history! Look at the charts! Polio had declined RAPIDLY in the 3-5 years BEFORE the vaccine was even introduced! BEFORE it was introduced! The incidence of polio peaked at just under 60,000 cases in 1952, and was only 29,000 cases in 1955 when the vaccine was introduced. It was already 50% less than it’s peak WITHOUT the vaccine. And, it took years for it to be even available to the majority of the population! So, for at least 3-5 years AFTER it was introduced, the vaccine had VERY LITTLE, IF ANYTHING, to do with the natural decline!

      Also, if you are so convinced about vaccines, have just ONE scientist, NIH, CDC, anyone produce a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study (which, by the way, is supposed to be an NIH requirement for drug approval!) showing the benefits of vaccinated against un-vaccinated people!

      THERE ISN’T ONE! Now there isn’t anything on the ‘other’ side, either, as the costs are prohibitive (and Big Pharma is the only one that can afford to absorb the costs), but a look at some populations WITHOUT vaccines will demonstrate the risk: the Amish have almost a zero incidence of autism, asthma, IBS, etc.. Dr Mayer Eisenstein’s practice in Chicago, of over 30,000 patients, at last count, had one autistic kid! One out of 30,000+–in the general population right now, that 30,000 people would have about 1200 autistic kids! At that rate we are adding autism to our kids, 1/4 will be autistic by then of this decade, 1/2 by 2040! ONE IN TWO! 50% How are we to survive with 1/2 the population requiring such care!?

      If we don’t start asking questions and STOP believing all the propaganda, in my lifetime, we will be nearly extinct! Just like the dinosaurs!

  6. I knew I was right congratulations Putin!!! )Thank you for waking up the American citizens. I hope people will listen because it is true it’s a cover-up. I had to fight to not get my child vaccinated the doctors pushed so hard it’s all about money and I commend him, our government is hiding a lot of things thank you Putin people wake up! And… to my relatives back east who yelled and swore at me and my mother-in-law told me I was wrong!? I am right look around thanks again and everyone read up on your vaccines before giving them to your children or yourself…. Cindy

  7. The illustration you use, does not give credit to the seriousness of your article. AUTISM HAS NO RELATION WITH VACCINES!!!!!!! Please do not spread this kind of hoax. Why I know this? I am an autist born in 1955 while the ROR vaccine (the one incremented on internet) has been invented in….. 1971.

    • It is a mistake to say that vaccines are the only cause of Autism. What is more appropriate is to assert that it is caused by neurotoxins entering the brain and and causing inflammation. While there is no way to prove the source of these neurotoxins, the fact that these vaccines use them in very high amounts to “boost” the immune response has been correlated to the huge spike in Autism. In the 1950s it was very common for children to play with Mercury,to catch it in the hands and let let it roll around, break into many little beads and then agglomerate into a single bubble again. That of course, is not the same as injecting it. Lead, mercury and aluminum are all neurotoxins indicted for causing neuro-system disorders in anyone who ingestes enough. How this might have happened in your case is unknown, but they are the cause. Vaccines, in and of themselves are not the problem, but the adjuvants(made with mercury and aluminum) used are added in criminally excessive amounts. They are poisoning people. And they know it.

      • What are your qualifications to assert autism is correlated to toxins?? If mercury (or any injection) was a cause of autism, then adults could “catch” autism. There is no case of adults “catching” the disorder. You seem to ignore the genetic correlation. The day my nephew get born I passed out when I saw him. Another nephew (asperger, 22 at that time), had a similar reaction that same day. The baby was a couple of hours old and we already knew by intuition something was wrong, he has been diagnosed autistic 2 years later (average timing for an autism diagnosis). Nobody “become” autistic. We are born with it or without it. No correlation with injections. Neurotoxins are equally bad for everyone autistics and neurotypics.

  8. Vaccines have been altered since I got vaccinated in the sixties. The additives itself are dangerous, not the vaccine itself.
    I am glad Putin stands up for organic, we need a rebel

  9. I used to fly gliders and often would leave ‘chem trails’ from the wing tips, learn about dew point and atmospheric pressure, you waste time on conspiracies that aren’t real when your leaders, from many countries, torture and organise wars. Oh and vaccination is a brilliant natural medicine, does what exposure to diseases does but with much lower risk, not no risk but much lower, shouldn’t be in the hands of big pharma but still brilliant natural therapy. Do the real research, learn what herd immunity is and how it works, learn how we develop immunity in exposure to disease and how vaccine mimics this, then decide.

    • You created “chem trails” with the wingtips of your glider? Chem trails are not made from water vapor. How could you miss this important distinction?

      Oh, and another distinction regarding vaccines. Vaccines are a good idea, yes indeed. But the problem is not “vaccinations”, but abuse by a group of genocidal maniacs. This is WHAT everyone is talking about. How could you miss this?

      Where do you get this condescending BS, talking down to people who are having the real experience of being damaged from these things?

      Do the real research? You are talking out your….

  10. how about polio and dr Salk who saved many lives and will continue this way and than measles and the list of llife saving vaccines is endless and many more to come.v

    • Having read about a dozen books on this subject, and kept an eye on the Internet for many years regarding it, I can say with some authority that we have been terribly misled by TPTB regarding this modality. Not only are vaccines dangerous because of their known side effects – from their toxic ingredients, and to the baby’s immature immune system, not ready to handle such a shocking load to their systems – and because of their not-commonly known ingredients, such as (deliberately included) infertility agents, and, more recently, actual killing agents (TPTB having figured out how to cull us without threatening themselves in the process). But they are not necessary. There is a whole range of natural substances that can handle the childhood diseases – and more – without having to resort to the vaccines, with their damnable side effects. Besides clean water and good hygiene and nutrition (the morbidity rates of all of the childhood diseases – and more – were going down before the advent of the vaccines for them, for these environmental reasons), there are: large doses of vitamin A for measles; large doses of vitamin C for polio (& every other disease); colloidal silver for the DPT triad; the list goes on.

      Vaccines are highlighted because of a) money, and b) power. Power over humanity. By power-lusting people, who will do anything – anything – to corral us and cull us at their whim and will. We are, then, up against dark ‘principalities and powers’, that must be stopped in their push for total control over us in/by their New World Order; a totalitarian state of control, that The People of the word must shrug off, before they accomplish their dastardly deed, and for us to get to the better outcome awaiting us, on the other side of this great challenge that we have been given, to awaken to, and overcome, by mature use of our free will.

      It is all about consciousness raising. And to separate the sheep from the goats. May as many of us as possible be on the side of the angels in this separation going on. For, there is a far, far better world awaiting us, than the dystopian vision that also awaits us. If we don’t rise to this occasion.

    • Dr Salk was a Saint. It is unfortunate that the pharmaceutical industry has used the idea of vaccines pioneered by Dr. Salk in such a discrediting way. When they are brought to justice and the truth is known, vaccines will regain their honored position among humanity’s medical breakthroughs. Until then, be very careful of taking vaccines or allowing your children to be vaccinated. It really is a scam to make money now.

  11. And government in Serbia is making vaccination obligatory and compulsory by the law, with penalty of aprox 1200eur and possibility of taking your child away from you as you are putting it in danger, also school attending will not be allowed for kids that were not vaccinated because of danger they propose for other (vaccinated, i mean if they are vaccinated shouldnt they be safe) children, for all infants, no matter if they have or do not have allergies, also our government has allowed import of Pentaxim vaccine which is not even approved in EU. They are playing dangerous game with our kids.
    Vaccination should be done, should not be compulsory but voluntary, but vaccine content should be strictly monitored and checked, tested before it is to be administered to children.

  12. I’m definitely siding with Putin here. These fuckheads suspected ME as the agent that begins the end of their downfall. Well they’re half right, because at the moment i’m exposing, for instance, the National Autistic Society of America, as the profit/crime racket they really are.

  13. It would be of Better Interest of the world if we focus our discussions on the Putin’s Explosive report not on anything else, Kremlin and UN-WHO will surely come up with an investigation regarding this, have patience than BP burst.

  14. decelerating evolution. that’s a good one. well to be fair, anything you do in order to cure ANY disease or to help ANYONE survive a little longer, is decellerating human evolution. If you really wanted human to evolve, throw then into some nuclear waste so their DNA can alter freely and then force them to copulate with a magnitude of different partners. please people, don’t buy into anything an article says, think about what they are saying it and why. this is the biggest hoax I’ve ever seen. besides, all the anti-vaccer scientists and doctors dieng under mystterious circumstances, come one. If that was true, just give us some names, some examples of why it’s suspicious.

  15. In Canada The Goverment will seize your children if you do not vaccinate them and it’s a free country. Free to do what we are told or face consequence.

  16. A hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner advocated not to use vaccines, particularly in children, because certain diseases produce their own natural immunity.

    A fever also enables the spirit to realign itself in a more harmonious way with the physical body and the supersensible etheric and astral bodies. (Etheric = Life force body, Astral = bearer of our conciousness Spirit = eternal incarnating individual Spirit.

  17. Please don’t take this as putting you down, I am not, but clearly you have done little research on the topic of Chemtrails which are being done with military air craft by carefully chosen pilots that have little or no family and no simpathy for their role against the rest of the population.

  18. That was HYSTERICAL. What other comedy does that beady-eyed sociopath have to share with us. Does he have any old home movies of pulling pranks with his KGB buddies? Clown.

    • Are you a beady-eyed sociopath? How do I know that you are not? Will you get up in front of a roomful of hostile reporters and answer questions for several hours non-stop and treat every question and questioner with respect? Not only that will you give intelligent answers to all of those questions, good enough to quiet that hostile group? Putin has done this consistently. It is not required that you love the guy, but you have to respect that he can do these things when no other leader in the world can even come close.

  19. Putin is as egotistical as any politician, and cares as little for the people of Russia as Obama cares for the people of America. Its all ego games between these powerful men. However i still think its very cool that he’s speaking out against western agendas. Not that regular people of the west will take any notice, as they still believe their government wants their good!
    My in-laws went to Russia, among the people they met they found much fear of the police and fear of becoming a political prisoner in Russia. Russians do not have the freedom of the west, comedians cant belittle the political party on TV for fun.
    So dont think that just because Putin is exposing western malpractice he is a good man. He’s simply exposing the west. Doesnt mean he’s giving more freedom to his own people.

    • I have done research on the situation in Russia, and the western powers are doing everything they can to destroy Russia and in particular, Putin. If their is a climate of fear in Russia, much of it is due to the concern that the CIA is paying off people to undermine the legitimate government and replace it with one that will allow the natural assets of the land to be harvested by western corporations. Did you know that the Russian Central Bank is controlled from Washington DC? That all investment capital in Russia is borrowed from outside of Russia(foreign investment) and that their Central Bank cannot create money for their needs? This was imposed in the 1990 agreements after the USSR collapsed.

      You may need to consider that Russia is besieged by jackals from within and from without. It is no wonder that they are paranoid.

    • Yeah, well said, i agree. Its great that hes speaking out about big pharma n the effects of vaccination but he aint no saint.

  20. He is right on the vaccines, poison food and numerous other things. It isn’t hard to expose the corruption surrounding these issues and at least he is speaking about it and we need to listen.

  21. Lets get real here
    I am a simple carpenter turned master Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, and Healer and Published Author Christopher Lord Evans On(Amazon.) But i am interested in life on earth .
    most countries are loading our clouds with chemicals as mentioned , because they are all trying to control the weather, it is this which is causing the weather changes when they mess around with our fragile echo systems and this in turn often produces changes in the climates ,country’s trying to control the seasons and yet altering them causing a shift in the earths weather cycles and climate changes, Which once in the atmosphere causes trees and tree roots to die and they cant absorb nutrients or water any more and they become diseased,putting mankind on a perilouse path to exstinction of the human race, as they manipulate weather patterns wherby photosynthesis no longer operates as they eventually kill of our fragile eco system ,and the Americans are doing this big time ,which is recorded within the mandate of the unIted nations AS THEY REFER TO america sending rockets up into space and exploding and releasing chemicals into our clouds in order to promote global warming which in turn is killing people and ime sure people have heard of acid rain, which kills the roots of plants and is being used as a weapon to control nations and kill them by fucking around with peoples lives , All this scientific intervention can be placed directly at the door of American Government and private company’s doing this.No wonder the American population are mostly, all on pharmasutical drugs and lots are now addicted to those drugs which were prescribed by their own doctors, psychiatrists and everyone involved in controlling the whole population as the pharmasutical companies control legislation which started in 1910, when synthetic drugs were introduced into the country , whilst they killed and got rid of all natural remedy’s from mother nature that used to cure ,people .And they took control of surgeons and doctors training and changed them into robots that done the bidding of the rich familys controlling the synthetic produced drugs.the Rockaffellas and the Carnigeis hom also control the federal reserve being a private bank which the governments of the world have to lend from and pay back with great interest.,

  22. Chemtrails schmemtrails, you do realize that these supposed chemicals would have to be loaded into the planes by actual humans don’t you? The first airport employee to be fired for any reason would expose the process for all to see if it were true, it isn’t. You can’t make thousands of airport employees be quiet about poisoning other people. Use your brains before the vaccines kill all your neurons

    • Yes a Smart Person. Vapor Trails in the Sky have been seen only since the Jet Engine was developed and Flew at high altitudes releasing Warm Moist Gases in the Cold atmosphere.People produce Similar “Chemtrails” when they Exhale on Freezing Cold days. Animals do as well. There has never been a single piece of Evidence to prove that Chemical Tanker trucks are Loading Commercial Aircraft with “Chemicals” the Weight of Liquid would be To Much to carry with Passengers,Luggage,Freight already on Board…

      • Wrong. Real contrails dissipate. What these planes are spraying would be the equivalent of your breath following you for a miles long walk and spreading out into cloud cover.

    • That would be one heck of an operation…. The planes the chemicals where do you keep all of it…. I once was told by a conspiracy theorists that it was on islands off shore… Lol …. Nobody ever noticed all the transport of the fuel , chemicals, planes…. All the people to maintain all the equipment. And all these great powerful leaders poisoning the planet for the depopulation of the planet… Aren’t they poisoning themselves too? And what do you do when it works and your left by yourself with a faulty planet that has broken water systems… And disfunctional weather because they’ve changed the atmosphere????…… I’m just saying… Lol

      • The said leaders who approve such attrocities are supposedly psychopatic maniacs who do not have the ability to be consequential about their actions. In other words no empathy to other human beings. They live in their own different reality. Likes of David Icke has researched that they aren’t of human origin but rather reptilian blood lines. Princess Diana was once heard saying with all seriousness that royal family are not human.
        Therefore they do not care for planet nor humanity. They just want control.
        So sorry Anthony but lol will not do here. Shows lack of knowledge and your own ignorance.

  23. so many good thing attributed to Putin. some are probably true and some are not. when it comes to world leaders, he is probably the best in the pack…. still i am not sure about the validity of this article

  24. Lets forget the arguement over whether putin is trustworthy or not. He is right now setting a good example of how our appointed guardians should behave and what they should stand for. I really hope this inspires some of the other leaders in the world because they will certainly find the adoration and appreciation that theyve been looking for their how lives by setting a good example like this. Go putin u are the best… atm. Pity all my young relos got vaccinated.

    • Ash I couldn’t agree more. Putin has an authenticity and integrity that few leaders have. This could be that his martial arts training has engaged both sides of his brain and he is able to make humanitarian decisions which is rare in politics. Regardless of reason when I watch videos of him addressing his audience I see and hear a man of considerable social competance and honor. A new leader for a new world.

  25. I don’t trust any of them anymore!
    I am a true believer in karma and I truly believe our maker will have his way with these evil power hungry war mongrels!

  26. where is the proof he exterminated his own people? do you not find vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and GMOs extermination?


  28. look at this how they press the ppl to vaccinate ..a clear blackmail

  29. Rhebe, he is really talking about people just like you. They have succeeded to make you believe that black is white and wise versa.,that good is bad etc. Listen the way Putin speaks, he never says Russia is the greatest, best, most powerful like the idiotic American leaders say about USA
    I know I am speaking to someone who is beyond helping. You area poor specimen of a healthy being. Did you take your pick yet?

  30. Really? Putin an amazing man? He might be right but the fact is he is as dishonest and slimy as the Leaders in the Western World he accuses of being deceptive. It’s all a power game folks, doesn’t matter what country you represent, it’s all about who comes out Top Dog in the end. Considering how many of his own people he has had exterminated in his own country because they disagreed with his views, I really urge others to do more research and not just praise him because of one article they happened to read on fb.

  31. The only leader, of people ,
    He is upholding all our national anthems for us.
    When you listen to your national anthem, don’t be sad that you have been let down by those whom you chose to lead you,
    Listen to your anthem and see the face of President Vladmir Putin , behind reminding you to stand loyal to your country your values,
    Salute to the man, who bus for his people but also for the rest of humanity

  32. Agree Brenda their food in Russia is contaminated too by heavy metal spraying, check out live webcam streams online at any city in most countries

  33. I suggest the everyone should listen to this man because he is a little before his time. He is very intelligent and I love him and his people for the quality of life they represent. They are a very beautiful people. and we are all of the same family whether you can believe this or not, and the same goes for the Chinese people as well and the rest of the world. There is of course many flaws in some of the people who should not exist at all and it’s very difficult to pick out the one’s that try to make life difficult for us all.

  34. Sounds like Putin knows exactly how corrupt U.S. is. I commend him for speaking out. The powers that be don’t like it when people are good and tell the truth. They are evil. They are responsible for BILLIONS of people suffering and dying from their TOXIC VACCINES, depleted uranium weapons, GMO food, Monsanto, Chemtrails, water fluoridation, Stupid wars, ALL OF THE TERRORIST ACTIONS THAT HAPPENED SINCE 1960. They are responsible for ALL the autoimmune diseases that have cropped up since 1970. All the Autism, the cancer from their Nuclear testing on U.S. ground. What kind of people would bomb a country with civilians, using depleted uranium that has lasting effects for a billion years?
    Thank you Putin for putting it just like it is. You have my INTEGRITY REWARD

  35. I wish Putin was our President! He is a good man who cares about people. He is doing his part to help save humanity and make this world a better place for us and our children. If Obama can get the world peace reward, what does Putin get for saving humanity. This should be the highest reward ever given. On behalf of the American People, I would like to present him with some kind of a reward of love, light, truth, dignity, integrity, life, family and the respect for all of creation. Help me out here, what should we call this reward? I need a name that would wrap all of this up? Please post your ideas.

        • I don’t care if you gay or straight,but i’m sure don’t wanna see their idiotic gay pride parades and i don’t want them to act like the whole world owes them something. Be gay all you want ,but don’t demand from me to be understanding,because i just don’t want to understand something i consider disgusting.

          • i yea it seems all the social rights movements have gone super in your face in the past 20 years, radical feminists is another good example

    • I wish Putin would be your personal president, so you could live out the rest of your life regretting that you were a gullible dupe that gave up your freedom to a thieving gangster and dictator.

  36. As Russia also particiates in Chemtrails, I find it a little strange when they say they want to be looked on as a supplyer of Organic produce, when THEIR skies are also full of chemtrails, which are full of toxic substances such as Strontium, Barium and Aluminium!

    • Brenda I talked with a girl, biochemisist from USA about chemtrails in USA and Russia. I gave her videos of the sky over big city Ekaterinburg made during a week. the first chemtrail was detected at the fifth day of recording. Th recording was made at the speed 1:10

    • “There are 18 vaccine-preventable diseases in Russia and children can be vaccinated against 14 of them. However, there is not a standard programme of vaccination (vaktsinatsia / вакцинация) and most vaccinations are only recommended, not obligatory. Vaccination is not compulsory for children with allergies.”

    • I agree with your take on the matter, As nasa and russia also share the lie about deep space travel, This is all by design to destroy the US and help along the NWO, I also would like to know who owns china`s central banks? Rothchilds by chance?

        • No they don’t. Please Google “BRICS”. It is Brazil, Russia, India, and China and 180 other countries that do not take or give support to the rothchilds. BRICS was created to counter systemic central bankster corruption. The time to honor criminal banksters has passed.

  37. Putin is more than suspicious. He knows about the depopulation agenda of the cabal and a host of other things which most people ignore in favor of listening to the propaganda being spewed daily from mainstream media, especially that boob box.

      • Jaysson

        Now I am surprised you can read. The word is older than the TV show, you know that, right? If we restrict our use of words to what you have not learned from TV, we will need to invent another language. The Secret Space Program calls them the Earth Syndicates, meaning organized crime networks. Soon Hollywood will co-opt that term and you will think it is just a TV show, which is exactly the point of using such terms in “entertainment”.


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