TZ here; Just moments ago I was inspired by this blog from Sophia Love to encourage everyone to take a look at the introduction video to Steven Greer’s new film.

She tells us how Corey Goode is calling for his followers to support Steven Greer’s new project. Sophia say’s “I support this movie because Steven has a large media presence, a lot of support and an infrastructure in place to get this produced.  Above all, once it is out there, more of us wake up and we only get louder.”

Of course we all agree to this here on PFC. We all need to get on the same page. The important new interview with both Corey Goode and Cobra by Rob Potter is another wonderful sign of unification and cooperation towards our one goal. Do not miss it! Here is the link:

“Unacknowledged – An Expose of the Greatest Secret In Human History : From Dr. Steven Greer

The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy!

The world is about to change and you can be a part of it!

The signs are everywhere. From startlingly candid presidential candidates to recent NASA & military whistleblowers, the forces suppressing truth can no longer hold back the floodgates of disclosure.

Dr. Steven Greer, the father of the Global Disclosure Movement, is thrilled to announce the ultimate campaign that ends illegal UFO and Free Energy Technology secrecy once and for all and embraces the beginning of a new civilization on Earth.

Following “Sirius”, one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history, Dr. Greer and his team are producing Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History.

“Unacknowledged” is named after the super- secret and illegal Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) that deal with the UFO/ET issue and will be THE disclosure event that we’ve been waiting for … AND we need your help to make it happen.

Click here to see the crowdfunding campaign going on now

Source: Steven Greer on Facebook:

Posted on Prepare for Change Friday 13th May at 2250 PM CET

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  1. Marion. I certainly had no intention of thanking this incredible group for you. You clearly have no shortage of your own words. I am thanking them for me and for all those thousands of others who do appreciate and encourage those who have gifted us and the planet in such a big way.

    Once again to the team here at….YOU FOLKS ROCK! Thank you a million times over for your dedication and amazing efforts. It is quite an amazing feat to have this all put together so quickly. You are utterly awesome!!!

    I have 30 years of experience overseeing multimilion dollar productions, teams of creative folks, for Dreamworks, Disney, Warner Bros etc. I know that when a person is encouraged, appreciated, and their successes are pointed out, the things that don’t work actually just fall by the wayside.

    And yes, Marion, you do bite. Just imagine how each hard working volunteer felt after all those long hours, to see your lonely critical post as a response. Perhaps you should read it again, and imagine what it would feel like to receive it. I am sure there was a whole lot of energy, time and enthusiasm lost.

    I suggest if you want your comments to be taken to heart, then start by listing what you think they did right. You have far more of a chance of having your criticisms heard if they follow a compliment.

    Be the change. Decide your desired outcome, and act accordingly.

    My desired outcome is always to have a happy creative group feeling very excited about changing the world for the better together, and doing a magnificent job. And I do my best to foster such an environment.

    I hope my letters help you prepareforchange folks know that you are very much appreciated, and that there are those who have your back. What you are doing is too important, and too critical in timing to let anyone take any of your energy and enthusiasm away. Thank you again for your magnificence. Sooo much gratitude…..

    Blessings all around.

  2. Ola Marian. Me thinks they are lucky you are not begging for a task. You seem to be more of a taskmaster, and who needs that when one is volunteering long hours. Perhaps a big whopping thank you to all who send their long hours doing the best they can is in order, instead of your criticism. So I will say it….GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL BEINGS WHO PUT YOUR TIME AND EFFORT INTO CREATING THIS MUCH NEEDED SITE!!!! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!!! YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!! And big hugs and shoulder rubs all around, especially at 4 am.

    • I bet you’re one of the born mediators, Laura, trying to keep the peace in any given situation. NOT stirring the pot is a must it seems, for you. How sweet of you to do me the honour and thank all hard working volunteers in my name. You really shouldn’t have done that my dear… snow queen talking 😉

      How easy it is to send each other notes on a screen, as moderators, sitting separately and anonymous in front of a screen, warning each other for difficult members/posters here, without taking the time to pay proper attention to the content that is presumably the cause of it. The content of my posts here.

      I’ve deliberately and consciously played a role here, though without the intention to break or doubt
      the nature of the transformation process taking place. Nor the work that is done to support that process. I’m simply an advocate for freedom of thought, expression and dialogue, wearing the jester jingle bell costume to wake people from their slumber. Or annoy them at times too.

      Within this transformation taking place, we’re on unknown territory, no rules and methods, deadlines and fighting in the trenches, metaphorically speaking, can be applied, while we create our path on this vast terrain, taking the first step… by step… by step. Be assured that I’m working towards the fulfillment of what we’ve been waiting for and have worked on, for a long long time, the embodiment of our soul in a physical body. I do it my way. I bark but I don’t bite.

      Blessed be

  3. I’ve offered my help about 2 months ago and haven’t found a response yet. Don’t expect me to go begging for a task. I’m giving my time and energy to another good cause now. Beware of loss of enthousiasm, due to working 24-7 overtime, it’s not my style. Preparing for Change grows too fast, imho. I suggest to let go of some of it, publish less articles, newsletters and what have you.
    Keep it simple and sort out priorities, it’s feverish almost, here. Calm down, breathe….
    When we choose, we will all arrive at Heaven’s door. Knock, knock, knocking……. Dylan’s tune.

  4. Theresa, I’m sorry, but the link you provide in this article doesn’t lead to a video with Dr. Stephen Greer. It leads to a request to support his work. I’ve noticed repeatedly on this site, that publications are done in haste, common sense is lacking due to losing one’s cool in the sensation of “groundbreaking news” and the pressure that is present in expectations of members here, causing the need to answer to them. Which is a mistake, as I perceive it. It’s palpable and I must ask you to take all this into account. No one here should be pressed or chased to perform or show up with results. Also I’ve noticed that the moderating work is often somewhat in confusion or delayed, or both. Please be accurate in your posts here, with a balance of attention and time. It builds not only confidence in you, but also in the readers. Besides, it’s ensuring your credibility, no doubt that’s important in this world of often off world subjects, hocus pocus probability, this probing and exploring of our reality. I really do appreciate all the work and efforts present here, by you and others that create this website, this meeting place. I’m voicing, in a way, the 11th force: releasing all that doesn’t serve the purpose.

    • Yes, we are total amateurs here. Volunteer at all hours before or after our day jobs. Forgive our follies as we are not professionals in this way. I have an idea – care to help? We could use it.

    • Dear, Marian Baghor,
      You have not to be sorry about anything in this work.

      Your long and moralist posts here in the site, concerning our points of view, could fill very good a new blog with your opinion, on which, why not, we might comment your posts, and Cobra could it approve later as well.

      Do it better so, in order to not waste your efforts and coherent thinking you are promoting here.
      And possible, or not, many many of us might be interest in.

      With kindest regards.

      • Concerning your claims:
        “it’s ensuring your credibility, no doubt that’s important in this world of often off world subjects, hocus pocus probability, this probing and exploring of our reality”
        Theresa’s credibility has already the time proof as is.
        She has not to adjust her credibility, as time has proven it ‘as-is’.

        May your possible new blog with your opinion gain the same time credibility as her.
        Cordial regards.

      • Be secured, John John. Saying “I’m sorry” is a general British expression, meaning “I’m sorry but….there was no..” meant as a way of showing regret for having noticed a mistake. You’re not English from origin, I’ve noticed your grammar. This is a little culture-clash I presume.

        Regarding being a moralist, John John, you and I could shake hands I think. To take a position as a benign dragon with claws clothed in velvet, you’re true to your style to not respond coming from your own point of view, hiding behind a “detached” position, sharing your views and comments “from a distance”.

        Do you see that you haven’t touched on the subject (and my response to that) of your interest in receiving the answers and info that you hope to receive here and find missing repeatedly? Wake up please, you’re one of many, in the so called Lightworker world, to ignore the issues close by and jump on a cloud to join the whooping celestial surfers.

        My reason to leave this place is, that it’s the absence of sharing both qualities: honest humanness with all that IS, including quirks, mistakes, emotional flares, accompanied by respect and a lightworker/idealist/wayshower- role, that causes sites and communities such as this one, to disappear in the vagueness aka insubstantiality of a virtual dreamworld.

        This view of mine doesn’t imply a denial of the transformation that is happening and the messages of wayshowers presented here. I’m living it fully, it’s a great celebration.

        I’d rather connect with all that is part of me, in a sparkly sparring with a passion and ardor, a sense of humour and justice, discussing topics and exchanging views and experiences in the world….out there, with kindred spirits alive, eye to eye, than be present in a virtual insubstantial world that exists for the main part of members separate from a world I just described, my favorite one.

        I don’t feel sorry for anything, John John, not even for making mistakes and projecting on others. I’m well aware of what I’m doing. The role of a jester isn’t alien to me. I’m growing through 2nd puberty too, at this point of my life, it’s part of waking up to who I am. I’m learning all the time. It’s the sparring in blood, sweat and tears, hot headed or snow queen style, that I prefer, more than the virtual rather bloodless world.

    • Your absolutly right – the link leads to an introductory + crowd funding video. I would have to say that your comment here has been ‘done in haste’. Maybe in your haste in reading this you expected to see a video with S Greer – if you re-read the article it states clearly that we on PFC would have to agree that the idea of supporting the development of this video is something worth while. TZ

      • Thank you, Therese, your response is at least spot on, on topic, honest and direct. I was in haste, sharing my frustration. That’s related to other issues here, in my own view of course.
        I and I wasn’t fair, projecting it on your way of sharing news. I fully acknowledge Dr. Stephen Greer’s work and dedication. Though I still ponder the possiblity of ET races coming from violence. For I truly wonder if far advanced beings with similar technology, higly evolved in consciousness, are capable of causing havoc, by missing the point that love is the greatest power in the Universe. Choosing to exist in a Service to Self. Psychic abilites don’t always go hand in hand with spirituality, keeping a balance, see what I mean?


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