Dear Custodians of Earth Star Gaea Terra

We are living in a most wonderful time. We are the Makers and the Weavers of our very Reality. Our choices are bringing forth the Reality that is playing out around us.

It is time now to stand in your true power as an I AM being of Light and a Sovereign being of Earth Star Gaea Terra, for your family, friends and all around you, to allow yourselves to have a Voice that is Strong, Powerful and Illuminated with Truth. This is your right, to peacefully manifest that which is required for absolute abundance for all. Total Freedom of Speech, freedom of media, Freedom of love, Freedom of expressing yourself with the gifts that has been given to you.

You see, we are Peaceful Beings, we were created in the Light of Truth and we all originated from Source. Everything is a reflection within and around you. Are you ready to become practical in your daily endeavors to contribute to the greater whole of this life cycle you are flowing in?


It is in Oneness, Absolute Truth and Beauty where we all flow together Harmoniously together with the flow of the cosmic sounds that echoes throughout existence. Our light and our actions flows outwards to all. What we feel, think and do has a very strong affect on our surroundings.

With this said, we wish for you to Acknowledge the Divinity that is within you. We wish for you to See once again the amazing creations you can create. Open your Hearts and allow the divine light from Source to illuminate you with Truth, Pure Conscious awareness, Healing, Abundance and Joy. It is you who will create this AS YOU ARE CREATOR BEINGS! It is you and you and you who will Establish Peace and Harmony within your heart and all hearts that surround you

pinkmandala-281x300The blue print of Sacred Codes that flows from Source to the Inner Core of Earth and then towards all living beings upon Earth Star Gaea Terra is activated with Divine concepts, ideas and prosperous Illumination of Cosmic and Explosive LOVE. It is the LOVE in all hearts that activates the harmonization of all that is.

The pure flow of Peace, Harmony and Co existence.


We are living in auspicious times dear ones, these times will bring forth Great Illumination to the future generations, our grand children and their children after that and so forth. What we do today will cause a ripple effect throughout all that ever was and will ever be.

137441-abstract-fractal-fractal_flowers-300x169It is time dear ones to see Truth Once again and To Restore that which is our rights as living beings.

Now without further ado, I wish to invite you to hear the voices of all those who represent the Constitutional Republic, founded by our founding fathers, speaking through President Geiger within:

Visit us at

Our Pledge of Allegiance, “and to the Republic, for which it stands,” demonstrates that our government is indeed, a republic, not a democracy. The Republic for the United States of America is the only lawful interim government for the United States of America. Our Republic was re-inhabited in 2010 and is in the process of shifting governance from the unlawful, unchartered UNITED STATES municipal corporation to the de jure Republic for the United States of America.

You have recently heard in the media that the Republic for the United States of America (The Republic) has been re-inhabited. This is true. This is not a new government. This interim government is the continuation of the government that our founding fathers began in 1776. It is the original government that your fellow Americans have re-inhabited. This may be shocking news to you, but it is the best news you may have ever heard about your country. It may take you a bit of study to understand how over the last 100 years or more our constitutional government has been stolen from the American people. We have provided you with the documentation necessary to begin your journey towards learning the truth and understanding our history. Again, the government that the founding fathers started in 1776 is back, restored, and available to you.


It is necessary for every American, with becoming energy to endeavor to stop the dissemination of principles evidently destructive of the cause for which they have bled. It must be the combined virtue of the rulers and of the people to do this, and to rescue and save their civil and religious rights from the outstretched arm of tyranny, which may appear under any mode or form of government.

Mercy Warren, History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution,

karenpainting“IMPORTANT NOTE: This painting is copyrighted so that it cannot be altered in anyway, but Karen has given the NASHP permission to distribute an image of this painting in a poster. If you would like to have a high quality poster of this powerful image of the Angel of Renewal and Restoration to hang in your home or office to accelerate the activation of the codes for Divine Government you may order one through our website.

by Patricia Cota-RoblesJune 9, 2016

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are asking us to join together now in Divine Service in order to transmute the residue of the cause, core, effect, record, and memory of the obsolete patterns of our fear-based and fragmented human egos, which are no longer viable. The Divine Intent of this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan for 2016 is to make our lives and the lives of all Life evolving on this sweet Earth easier by paving the way for a NEW and HEART-BASED form of Divine Government. This will be a Government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity, BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

The United States of America has a vital role to play in this unfolding Divine Plan. At this time, our presidential election is clearly reflecting the antithesis of Divine Government. As the Light increases on this planet and the Earth prepares for the new patterns of perfection that will soon bathe the mental and emotional strata through the Portal of Divine Cause in Alaska, everything that conflicts with the patterns of Divine Government is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light. Consequently, every day we are witnessing how very broken and corrupt not only our political system in the USA is, but how broken and corrupt the governmental systems are around the world as well.

As you read these words, know that you are joining in consciousness with thousands of Lightworkers all over the world who are reading this information with you. Together, through our collective consciousness and our focus of attention, we are cocreating a Chalice of Light that will serve as an Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to anchor the Immaculate Concept, or the Divine Blueprint, for the Divine Plan now unfolding within the presidential election taking place in the USA.

In 1977, we were told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that a critical factor in raising the consciousness of Humanity, and paving the way for the patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth, would be for the United States of America to fulfill her Divine Destiny. The Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan for the USA was cocreated in the Realms of Cause by our Founding Fathers when they wrote the sacred documents guiding the behavior of American citizens. These documents are the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

America was to model to the rest of the people on this planet a Higher Order of Being, a New World. This was to be a world that would heal the separation and reflect the Oneness of the Family of Humanity. The United States of America was intended to model the microcosm of the macrocosm for Planet Earth.

The name AMERICA is an anagram for the I AM RACE. The Divine Intent of this name represents a race of God Conscious people comprised of ALL races, ALL nationalities, ALL cultures, ALL religions, ALL creeds and ALL Lifestyles. A race of people who are functioning within the full embrace of their I AM Presence reflecting Oneness, Divine Love, Reverence for ALL Life, and decisions and actions that perpetually reflect the highest good for ALL concerned.

Needless to say, we have fallen far from the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan for the United States of America, but those patterns of perfection are still pulsating in all of their resplendent Glory in the Realms of Cause. They are awaiting the opportunity to tangibly manifest in the world of form.

In 1977, a plan was set into motion through the unified efforts of the Company of Heaven and Awakened Lightworkers on Earth that would reclaim the USA from the fear-based and fragmented consciousness of separation and duality and set her on the path to fulfill her Divine Destiny. In order to accomplish this Divine Mission, it was critical that the patterns for Divine Government be activated and recalibrated to a frequency that would reach into even the most asleep hearts and minds of Humanity.

In order to accomplish this mighty feat, a magnificent Angelic Presence from the Great, Great Silence volunteered to project her luminous Presence into the atmosphere of Earth above Washington, D.C. Once she took her strategic position there, she created a canopy of Divine Light and Love that embraces every facet of government in the USA at national, state, and local levels. This august Being is known throughout the Realms of Light as the Angel of Renewal and Restoration.

Since that Cosmic Moment, her canopy of Light and Love has been gradually recalibrating every particle and wave of Life associated with government in the USA. This Divine Intervention has been gradually preparing the USA for the time when the masses of Humanity would be Awake enough to manifest a Government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity, BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.


by Patricia Cota-Robles

Call For Divine Government I AM, I AM, I AM.

I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love…

I invoke the great Beings of Light associated with Divine Government to this planet, and I invoke the Beloved Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

Blessed Ones, blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Perfect Will, Divine Love and Divine Illumination in, through and around every person involved with the governments of Earth at national, state and local levels. 

Blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Will, Divine Love and Divine Illumination in, through and around the electorate and governmental officials of all nations.

Let them feel and tangibly experience the Power, Wisdom and Love Nature of our Father-Mother God flowing through them as they elect their governments and vote on all issues before them.

SEAL this activity of Light in the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame anchored within the heart of every person on Earth. Expand this Light daily and hourly a thousand times a thousandfold.

(repeat 3 times)

And so it is, Beloved I AM.


Purifying Decree (Updated by the Lemurian Light Council to spread across the entire Planet)

In the Name of the Presence of God, I AM, and through the magnetic power of the Sacred Fire pulsating in my heart and the hearts of all Humanity…

I invoke the Elohim of Purity and all of the Legions of Light associated with Cosmic White Lightning of Purification.

I invoke Archangel Michael and all of the Legions of Light associated with his Sword of Blue Flame.

I invoke ALL of the Angelic Legions associated with the strength and purity of God’s Will, Divine Love and Infinite Wisdom.

I invoke Saint Germain and all of the Legions of Light associated with the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Beloved Ones, come forth NOW…and blaze your radiant Flames of Light with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around…

(1) All of the embassies, chanceries, consulates and all offices of the international representatives in Washington, DC and all across the Planet.

(2) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the Capitol Building, the Congressional Office Buildings and the Senate Office Buildings and all parliamentary buildings across the Planet.

(3) Blaze this Divine Light through the State Department, the White House and the Executive Office Building and all governmental buildings across the Planet.

(4) Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the Pentagon, all military bases and every office and business concerned with military affairs in any way across the entire Planet.

(5)  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the Supreme Court and the entire Judicial System in the United States of America and judicial systems and secret courts across the entire Planet.

(6) Expand this Sacred Fire now through all of the remaining Departmental Offices of Government in the United States of America and the entire Planet.”

Purify and transmute every electron of precious Life energy associated with the governments and military forces on this planet that are not reflecting Oneness and the Reverence of ALL Life.

Now, I ask the I AM Presence of every government official and employee to PURIFY (repeat 3 times) the consciousness and the mind of that person.

Replace all negative thought patterns with Divine Consciousness and the desire to manifest God’s Will—in ever-expanding action—until the reality of Divine Government is firmly established in the heart and mind of every person on Earth.

Close in upon and TRANSMUTE anything that is hindering the expansion of God’s Divine Plan for the governments of the United States of America and the world.

TRANSMUTE (repeat 3 times) ALL that is not of the Light cause, core, effect, record and memory before it can act, manifest or longer be sustained.

TRANSMUTE (repeat 3 times) ALL negativity into the pure Light of the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame and the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Aspects of Deity. I accept this call fulfilled as God’s Most Holy Name, I AM.  And so it is.

Gratitude to the Angel of Renewal and Restoration

Mighty Angel of Renewal and Restoration, in grateful humility I acknowledge your Presence in the Universe and the tremendous service you are rendering to Planet Earth and her evolutions.

I thank you for sustaining a canopy of Light over Washington, D.C. and the governments of the USA at national, state and local levels. I now offer you the Cup of my Consciousness and the good of my Causal Body to help you expand and sustain this canopy of Light over the foci of government for ALL of the countries of the world.

I ask you to SEAL all governments on the planet within a constant outpouring of your 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Flame of Renewal and Restoration, until all Life is purified, restored, renewed and manifesting God’s Plan for Divine Government on the New Earth.

This is destined to be a Government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity, BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

I consecrate and dedicate my Heart Flame to be the Open Door through which the purifying process of this Sacred Fire will constantly flow, to restore all Life evolving on this sweet Earth into God’s Infinite Perfection.  And so it is, Beloved I AM.”


Now Beloveds, for you to be a Voice and to Restore your Constitution back to it’s Divine Blueprint, here are two very important Petitions that will change the very history of our Earth Star Gaea Terra.

A call to action to all of you who believe that you have a voice, that you should be heard by the ones who serve in in the Light of Truth. With this you bring forth that which is needed in our everyday lives. Peace and Love truly lives in all hearts. If we allow ourselves to stand United as One we birth the Radiant Life that Thrives with Abundance for all.

This is the Call to Action to Reinstate the Natural Well being of the Whole. The ripple effect that this action will cause will live on forever in the hearts of many. For we are now the Founding Mothers and Fathers of the World we live in.

If Virtue & Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslav’d. This will be their great Security.

Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, February 12, 1779

Sign the Petition:
“We, the people, of the 50 Sovereign States of the Republic of the United States of America, acting as a voice for the rest of the world, duly swear and let it be known, post haste, that we bequeath to the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, forthwith, the title of Commander in Chief” 
These Petitions will be a big support for Financial Abundance for all upon earth and for all the Natural Healers. Be sure to Sign and Send it to everyone in your community! This includes all Naturopathy,Holistic, Shaman and Earth Healers. Within the Natural Law Petition there is an open Letter to all Medical Establishments to reach the hearts of all doctors, nurses, parents and people of the world.


Sign the Petition:

The top General, or the #Supreme #Commander of the #Marines, Navy and all other military branches, is the only person who has the authority to arrest military personnel, congressmen, senators, and all others in the three branches of the National Government. At the city and state levels, only the Constitutional Militias, U.S. Marshalls, Federal Marshalls, and Constitutional Sheriffs can arrest. Police and corporate Sheriffs cannot arrest. They will be arrested if they do not comply with their oath of office and change their values.

Please Share this Far and Wide!

This will be an example for other Countries across the Globe!

This is a worldwide support Call to Action!


Well Father and Mother is here and has answered our prayers to bring Love! Shine on Dear Ones!

Let us move from what is shown here…….

Well Father and Mother is here and has answered our prayers to bring Love! Shine on Dear Ones!

Let us move from what is shown here…….

To this:

So we ask again, what is your Definition about Love? What are your Definitions about all Divine Attributes that you associate with Love? What do you wish to bless the World with? Each time you perceive any lack of these Divine Qualities, it is a time to remember to bless with these. Everything is a flash-card for your Highest Expansion and Growth, everything is Here to Help You. Remember to bless with Gratitude whenever any experience reminds you what Kinds of Blessings are necessary (“Thank You for Helping Me“).

The Purpose of being on Earth at this Time, is to be Light where darkness was. Whenever you perceive darkness, it is only an absence of Love ; it is then time Pour forth your Flames like Suns of the Morning~ to Bless it with Love, and with whatever specific Divine Attributes of Love necessary in that part.

Each Heart from the most Macro to the most Micro Level of Existence, is a Divine Template, holding an Infinite Number of Attributes. Each are Equal, Perfect, Whole and Pure, All are a Part of the Fractal, and are the Whole at the same time. Each is Unique, and Each is the Same. Each is the Part, and Each is the Whole.

Be Blessed with Perfect Unity, and Unconditional Understanding Dear Ones.

As always, with Infinite Blessings of All Love Is,

~ Amu Raea ~

Justice is here for all Upon Earth Star Gaea Terra


International Justice Systems in Place for The People of The World:

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

ITNJ Mission

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) is constituted to protect and defend the Natural Rights of all peoples and all sovereign beings everywhere. Wherever harm has been done to any living man or woman or any group of People, and all avenues of recourse have been exhausted without finding remedy or resolve, these cases may be brought before the ITNJ. Wherever justice has been denied, the ITNJ will serve as final arbiter of Natural Law.

The ITNJ is constituted to uphold natural justice as the foundational tenet of human expression beyond the artifice of borders and boundaries.  There are and will be no borders limiting or preventing justice for all peoples.

The ITNJ is purposed to apprehend the abuses and tyranny of systems and institutions whose agents act as if they are above the Law. The ITNJ intends to restore the Rule of Law and to restore common dignity and sagacity in jurisprudence, wherever such may be required to uphold the peace.



justice belongs to the people…

A storm of protest by the people is rolling across our planet in the face of a systematic attack upon human rights and national sovereignty.The global courts of international law are wholly inadequate to address this threat to human welfare.  A web of interlocking elite financial interests which now dominate Western government and military acts with impunity to further an agenda which is clearly hostile to the freedom of mankind.

LET US BE CLEAR: Justice4Humanity is not TRYING to form a new International Human Rights Court — IT ALREADY EXISTS. This is YOUR Court. ALEGAL, LICENSED, VIABLE AND ENFORCEABLE International Human Rights Court for the People – The Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ).

Specific little-noticed provisions of international law, enacted by the UN General Assembly as binding upon all UN member countries, fully authorize and empower an independent non-governmental Court to exercise universal jurisdiction over all matters of International Law – provided that such a court meets certain criteria. The ACIJ meets those criteria.  These provisions have remained unused – UNTIL NOW. For the past 5 years, a small and dedicated group of judges, lawyers and human rights advocates have quietly worked to build the legal infrastructure, volunteering their time and donating personal funds to make it happen.

Justice4Humanity was created as an awareness and fundraising campaign to support the ACIJ. It’s time. And WE NEED YOU. We need your support in spirit, in Social Media and in any amount that you may be able to give to meet our funding goals to quickly move the Court into action. This court will not be funded by Governments or special interest groups. It needs to be funded by the people, for the people.

We are here to answer your questions.  PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES and watch our introduction video below, read the information available here on the site and watch and listen to the early interviews which answer many questions as well.

6 MINUTES OF REVELATION: Move from dismay into inspired action – watch the Justice4Humanity Introductory Video here and share with friends of Human Rights & Justice.

So now Let us Heal the World Together

From the Hearts of Mother Father God/Source and all Beings of Light and Truth


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  1. I also second that SocialFlotribute, on the Bashar statement,”YOU are your government!” When I heard that in 2013 it totally moved me. And everyone needs to hear it now. I Love Bashar and his bluntness very much!!!!!

    • Yes, I agree too. Now that the USA is officially bankrupt, the American people have no other choice thatn to be their own government. Similar to The Event, which from my perspective is: us, you and me, each and everyone on planet Earth.

  2. That pop up at the top is NSA scare tactic pop up. Edward Snowden said they do this a lot when their is damaging information to their agendas. Just click the Ignore this warning. It is just a warning and a contract offer to be in fear and you do not have to believe it and accept that contract of fear. We are Light and Love so we do not believe and accept it ever. Second, click the last tab in the red bar that pops up. Then close and ignore that window that pops up and displays bad-aware message. Most people do not know that Malware/Anti-Virus companies do not always set the criteria on what is bad/malware, the Cabal does also. I also get the same message only on Firefox, I always ignore and skip those.

    Much Love,


    • I second that Jeff, it’s a fact that the momentum is about to be reached, in simple IT terms, we are terminals of information and fearful theories are not supported by the Source, Bashar nailed it as always in this short insight on the perceptions we receive “YOU are your government” 🙂

    • Thank you, Jeff, I’ve found access now without experiencing any problem. Oh wait….
      there’s a spider crawling on my screen…. oops, there’s another one…just kidding 😉

  3. Dear khajiit7

    There is no place for judgment or separation when we place ourselves in the stillness, the center of the storm, where everything is pure, in Harmony and filled with Love, the center of each sun, in this case visualize yourself as a radiating sun.

    We all live together on one planet, we are spiraling together and flowing in Harmony with one another. If one is out of sync it affects the whole. No one is greater or smaller than the other. We are all equal. We tend to forget that all is a reflection of ourselves. Our very existence, being and thought processes affects the whole. If more people can understand this, their hearts will open in awareness.

    One video that shows how we are all connected and how we are part of the whole is traveling within to the most micro and then to the most macro level. Zooming out from the smallest cells within all life and moving outwards towards all planetary bodies, suns, galaxies, universes, etc. We hold galaxies within us. Together we shape and create.

    Move away from the Illusion of separation and see yourself as part of the whole. What you do on this side of the world affects all on the other side. This is called the Butterfly effect. We are all connected. Where there is distortion, healing comes forth and this is what is brought forth in this article. Healing for all on earth through balancing one area that has a big effect affect on the rest of the world.

    Wherever you are now, is where you were guided to assist on the planet and to be in an energetic sense and in the grand plan of bringing all back to Love.

    If we all work together we can heal the whole world, no matter which area is focused on.

    I hope these Petitions within will be an example for others to awaken to their Sovereign voices. Each country, town and city can break free from the chains that has kept them from living freely, abundantly, healthy and in harmony with the rest of this world and the Universe.

    May all know they are free and may all know that they are blessed abundantly.


    • So beautifully stated dear Maria, “what we do in file echoes in Eternity” one of my triggers, each time I watch again and again the Gladiator I’m infused with Divine Love because “You are so unconditionally loved and supported that you are allowed to feel unsupported and not loved.” (Bashar again) to blaze every single trace of fear or separateness <3 🙂

      Change comes anyway, blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God, Rome had to face extinction, Ottoman Empire and now WDC, it's Gauss again, that curve of distribution function combined with chaos theory and here we have a Shift of Ages, Divine Laws are immutable :))))

  4. The website you provide “” comes up in big red saying it is an attack page and my information is in danger of being highjacked. Am I the only one? Is it my anti malware protection? What’s up with that?

    • Yes Debora, I’m having the same result with that website. Don’t know where you’ve found it in this article, I don’t see it present here in this page. Anyway, I’m not going to trust it.

  5. MY MOTTO(s):

    Truth will set you free but first will p**s you off…
    When things are messy, I always think for myself.
    The ME era is history, the WE one just showed up for a while 🙂

    Hello everyone this is Dana from Romania, a beautiful country who had a lot to suffer because of the alliance with the corporate government of the former USA (fracking, Monsanto, etc). This is not about countries, cultures, races, military alliances, religions, borders or governments on the planet, this is about the Human Race acting like I AM One finally to restore our natural born divine rights and to take over the planet given to us to bring Heaven here nothing else or less.

    My concept on love and unity is that if we don’t love each other giving our lives for each other (BTW like dogs do) we will get back to this lesson until it’s done, higher purpose or anything else will occur soon.

    I see it’s about:


    Principles that can’t be removed by personal, limited, distorted and subjective overview on things. Even Romans who postulated all broke the natural chain of causality and like any empire they perished of “Indigestion”.

    When NATO came here to invade our sister country Yugoslavia our people cried and begged for mercy, we prayed and went to the embassy to show support and compassion at any cost. We know the history of the globe was faked Now we discover the cruelty of the rituals these creatures have practiced around for eons maybe

    When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans we felt again that our human family is in danger and need us in every way possible.

    Shall I mention Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria too? No I won’t, Because of this

    We have friends, family, business partners, dudes and all kind of connections across the globe, we act like family all over the planet, if not what’s the point with the Shift of Ages? It’s not a show to watch it with popcorns and coke.

    Please allow me to remind you that every single invasion of peaceful countries was triggered by the corporate government owned by the 13 families through their Pindar. We eat crap because of Monsanto who was defeated by humans by this huge step and will be erased from our lives soon thanks to Vladimir Putin warning here

    I also have to mention this too the Galactic Agreement signoff of Pope

    So are we passionately and obsessively driven by our inner call to FREE the Planet of the darkness in our minds, lives, countries, governments to empower people to heal their souls? OR NOT?


    With Love and Joy,


    P.S. ~ A few rituals to warn us that we need to ACT NOW OR FOREVER BE SILENCED!

    1) David Icke EXPOSES Bohemian Grove Sacrifice To LUCIFER Helel ‘Queen Of Heaven’ Venus Ishtar

    2) 7 Creepy Conspiracy Theories About The Denver Airport

    3) David Wilcock, The War has Gone Hot!

    4) The men who crashed the world

    Enjoy 🙂

  6. Yet again as always the one eyed American point of view..Everything always about America. I guess now the event and new world and its creation is only for Americans.. God bless America! America! America!! or shall i say I AM RACE.. but really i shouldn’t because I AM NOT RACE because I’m not American. I honestly think we haven’t yet had breakthrough because America has no idea how to let go of ego… and actually has no wish to. Divine forgive me but i tire of this sharade and truly wonder how unity between all of us will ever be made when America makes everyone else feel alienated so well.

    • Please forgive the lack insight about your situation.

      It is also important to realize the Global Elite chose America to be their pawn to sacrifice for global conquest and using newspapers they owned made its people inflated with manifest destiny so they would presume the right to do the bidding of the New World Order. The vast story of this manipulation can only be presented as a patchwork quilt by many and various authors on this site. We do try but it is up to our readers to see the integrated story of global conquest by seemingly unrelated policies at every level of society.

      The Rothschild dynasty has coopted the leadership of every country they have instituted their banking system, and with control of the money they have bought the leadership not only of the financial industry, but of every institutional structure making up the country. The model they have created and use to do this worldwide began in America during the nineteenth century.

      For the above reasons the USA is pivotal not only to their control but also the removal of their control from every country in the world. Maybe an apparently USA-centric revolution is the only real revolution to free the planet. Today the Global Elite (Rothschild banking system) is seeking to destroy all human and civil rights in the US, again a model for the rest of the world, but particularly important for them since the exercise of those rights by the American people are the biggest threat to their existence at this time. The people residing in America possess natural rights which are unimpeachable in the law of the nations. It is these rights the Global Elite intend to extinguish by mass genocide if possible, and they are presently using media to undermine all morality and spiritual awareness to gain acceptance by the portions of the population to damaged by poison food, air and water to resist and those who are hypnotized by drugs and sex. It is all the Global Elite agenda and you can read supporting information on this site.

      So if you feel that there is some inequality in the point of view of US residents, please forgive them, they are doing God’s work to free everyone on Earth.

  7. Is it sensible to be cautious?
    Reading about the petition by Avaaz, I remembered having heard recently about Avaaz. I may be wrong, but Corey Goode may have mentioned Avaaz, in one of the publications here, I think it was
    last May 2016. Not sure if it’s true, several sources do report about Avaaz as a suspicious organisation.
    This is what I found about Avaaz:

    “The background of Avaaz sheds light on its unequivocal pro-war and anti-Syrian position.

    Avaaz – Shadowy Beyond Belief

    Avaaz’s latest 990 form,(3) from 2010, raises a number of questions. Avaaz has only 16 employees, and is listed as a ‘corporation’ for the purposes of the 990 submission. Oddly, for an organisation that receives no governmental or corporate funding,(1) Avaaz received over $6.7 million in 2010, and paid its President over $180,000 as a salary (still feel good about donating?). On top of this, in 2010 Avaaz gave Res Publica (more on them later) a $100,000 grant. Avaaz is doing extremely well considering this and the fact that it was established relatively recently, in 2006. Where is all of this money coming from?

    Avaaz is “incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)4 organization in the state of Delaware, USA“.(4) The foundation’s office is based in Manhattan, at 857 Broadway – the same address as Res Publica(5) – an entity which co-founded Avaaz along with Ricken Patel.

    The background of Res Publica offers a glimpse into the nature of Avaaz. 24 Hours for Darfur and Darfurian Voices (using the same etymology of “Avaaz”, which means “voice” in Farsi and several middle eastern dialects) are two projects of Res Publica. These projects(5) are aimed at drawing international attention to Darfur – with a view to demonising and vilifying the Arab government of Sudan”

    “The fraudulent ‘humanitarian intervention’ concept is built upon atrocious lies and emotive propaganda peddled by these networks of closely interconnected ‘human rights’, ‘democracy promotion’, and ‘crisis prevention’ groups. Before having an emotional knee-jerk reaction to these issues, we must inspect the people behind these voices. Avaaz’s recent petition feverishly entitled “Protect Syria’s Children Now!” currently has over 780,000 signatures. Orwellian ‘human rights’ outfits such as Avaaz have become adept at manipulating well-meaning activists and liberals into supporting the very agenda they purport to oppose – placing them firmly in the same camp as the most virulent Zionists, Neoconservatives, and war hawks one can imagine. This makes the illusory nature of the left-right dichotomy clearer than ever before, but even more worryingly it expedites the march of the NATO-GCC-Israeli war machine that now has Syria in its crosshairs”.


  8. This may be different for others, but I can feel the nearness of disclosure on many levels now. Reading through this was a melt-down in a positive sense. I’ve moved from anarchic.. uhhh.. antarctic permafrost, into the unraveling of many veils, these last weeks. I’m in tears, thank you very much!


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