TZ here: I am reposting this ‘conversation’ by Steve Beckow about what will be needed on the other side of the bridge after The Event. Steve questions whether it might be too early for this conversation? I feel that it’s absolutely not too early, on the contrary we need to be ready for change every way we can now. Every time Steve speaks about the ‘Reval’ I simply translate that to The Event. Besides information here from Archangel Michael and others about what is required from the new leaders in every area on Nova Gaia we also learn how three different people were removed from an organization that Steve was involved with and Archangel Michael explains why. I wonder how any so called Lightworker can even imagine that they can be dishonest in any way and not be found out. No-Way!

June 14, 2016 by Steve Beckow

It may be too soon to have this conversation.

Many of us may just be sitting on the fence about leadership and too much information too soon, or information that’s too challenging, may have us shy away.

But I’m going to risk it.

Serapis Bey, on the last Hour with an Angel, (1) introduced a very masculine perspective on certain features of what lies ahead of us – most importantly, after the Reval.

One notion he introduced – the notion of discipline – has masculine, even macho, overtones to many of us. But Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us that discipline will soon be needed among lightworkers.

“Disciplined, self-directed life tendencies must be developed in order to develop intense mental clarity, along with an integrated personality that is dedicated and directed by the OverSoul /Higher Self.” (2)

Why clarity? Not only for spiritual discernment between the Real and the unreal, whose development is the purpose of physical life.  But also because we stand on the verge of our service as financial wayshowers. Elsewhere he explains the importance of that.

“We don’t want what you would call tools ever again to be put in the wrong hands. So the clarity of those leading the charge with me has need to be 20/20.” (3)

Discipline is often called self-control, self-possession. The Arcturians through Sue Lie once told me: “You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling.” Every thought and feeling. That’s a high bar.

The need to master them will only grow, they said.

“As you have felt, the energies of your month of October were very intense. They will only intensify as you move though the remainder of your ‘time.’

“Hence any thoughts or feelings that cause inner conflict of any form are best pulled into your conscious mind to be displayed as an experience. In fact, in 5D this will occur with your EVERY thought/emotion.

“Hence our leaders are having to totally hone this mastery of energy NOW.” (4)

In 5D, any thought we have will manifest so, there, we need to have control over our thoughts.

I’ve gotten to see Archangel Michael at work. He’s set a high bar of integrity for organizations I’ve been associated with.

Once he warned me that someone in the organization was acting out of integrity; that person soon left.

Another person tried to take the organization over. After warning the person to stop, which they didn’t, and telling them what would happen, he removed them.

Another person tried to blame our organization for an action they had purposely carried out themselves – and lied about. How does anyone think they can hide something like that from an Archangel? You can’t.

His comments on that occasion are worth noting.

“This is not coming from a place of judgment but, if the collective is going to complete this Ascension process, which as I have said to you is well underway, you cannot have those who are speaking or appear to be speaking or hold themselves out to be speaking in the name of the Lord, in the name of the One engaged in subterfuge and drama. It is not acceptable!

“There are many light workers still who say that they are completely committed but to some extent, … they are engaged in drama or [act out of] their own need for profile.” (5)

On another occasion, he told me solemnly: “There can be no falsehood.” (6) He can say that because he sees falsehood plainly.

People who want profile – who, for instance, are claiming to be incarnations of Gaia, Jesus, Michael, etc. – may want to listen to his admonition.  If you really were Gaia, would you be talking about it?

Most genuine incarnations of figures such as these do not talk about it.  They’re here on a mission and identifying themselves at this early date usually only opens them up to ridicule and impedes their mission. They have no need for “profile.”  Ask yourself: Why are you talking about it? Let go of all need for profile.

He’s watching all our performances. The Company of Heaven is plainly stating its expectations of us and then observing how we do.

And why not? In the Plan, as already written, we lightworkers are to lead the way. They have to know who among us can be relied on to remain centered, grounded, and balanced while making large, potentially global decisions.

Referring to financial wayshowers, he confirmed that:

“Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … [will] become the spokesbeings for many.” (7)

Are we ready to take up the challenge?

If you’ll permit me to expand on what AAM has said here by way of summary: Building on the foundation of the universal laws and the ground level of the divine qualities, we’re to erect the superstructure of Nova Earth.

He asks us to discipline ourselves, to take charge of ourselves, to put ourselves in our own driver’s seat and boldly do what needs to be done.

As financial wayshowers, he cautions us against lying, cheating, chiselling, hoarding, revenging, preening, seeking approval, and all other elements of Third-Dimensional business paradigms, drama, and subterfuge.

He invites us instead to cultivate love, generosity, forgiveness, service and all other aspects of Fifth-Dimensional “naturalness” (sahaja).

He requests that we take up the challenge to work with him, to lead in the building of this new world, this new interdimensional space, a work destined to knit the planet together and allow it to turn its face outward, from inner to outer space.


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  1. I am an incarnated Angelic Cherubim there are 144,000 of us here to assist humanity with Ascension. I was there along with Edgar Cayce along with many other Cherubim who incarnated as Essenes who were close to Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. There was not enough light to overcome the darkness to change the world. So we again have come back as a group to help humanity and Gaia. Everyone here chose to be here to do this work, to undertake transmuting ourselves and everything around us to increase the light. This is not self profiling. We are here at God’s beck and call. We with the aid of Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Federation are here to join our brothers and sisters and to welcome the friendly landings. This is a celebration and Jeshua will materialize so all may see and hear him speak. And so it is.

    Cynthia Taylor

  2. I have a question…..Why would our star brother/sisters work so had to help liberate us and usher in the Event only to leave us in charge of ourselves. I would think it would take many, many years for us here on earth to get our heads and hearts and souls where they need to be so we don’t screw things up again.

  3. I’ve experienced encounters with those people who know how to use cleverness with charm and charisma, gathering followers around them. One experience was directly effecting my life-story of past and future (scenario) in a 1 to 1 relationship, though physically on distance.

    Although the time that it lasted was devastating, 6 years ago, I found, in due time, that it was my intention and plan to set up such a challenge, before I took on a physical form on planet Earth.
    Of course I had no clue of acknowledging that at the time,

    I yelled and cried and danced my heart out. Lost 15 kg of weight. I was clear on one thing though and that was my intention to transform all aspects of this event for the benefit of my soul purpose.

    On a more of less ego-level I was furious at God and I demanded of him/her that all this turmoil should have meaning and purpose. I couldn’t accept it as a casual thing in my life, for I felt its impact in the core of my being. I bet a loud salvo of laugther rang through Heaven on that moment.

    Voila…. I’ve made it exactly so, without always knowing how to or what and why. Most of this process of clearing and healing my mind wasn’t involved in it, but another part of me was. Which proved to be great excersize for what’s to come. Our being carries great power and wisdom, as I’ve found out. This has offered me not only confidence, but an excersize in disciplin and self-restrain,
    self-reflection too. Though making waves and going through emotional roller coaster rides is still present at times. The way I am present with that makes all the difference, plus the ability to find the core issue amidst of the clanging and rattling.

    And so, I’ve changed the most painful experience in my life into the best medicine for my life.
    That’s how the weakest aspect of one’s personality, or nature, can be turned into one’s strongest.
    Plus the ability to feel affinity for oneself within one’s own heart and the ability to forgive oneself.

  4. I think it’s too early to think about anything yet. Everyday last week I had chemtrails being dumped all over my house. You tell me who is in control. We’ll all be dead by the time the dark ones are gone. Nothing has changed. It’s still the same old depressing day every morning until I don’t get up one morning.

  5. A new type of Cobra’s codes message came out. It is “L0 plasmap”.


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