Independent insider sources and measurable real-world data confirm the war for Full Disclosure has gone “red hot.”

New triangular fighter craft allegedly made by Boeing have created a decisive tipping-point in the wars now taking place over Antarctica and elsewhere.

We are now seeing the fulfillment of prophecies dating all the way back to the Bible and other ancient texts.

This is a very exciting time and we can “expect the unexpected” as we move forward into the future.

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For those who are paying attention, it is becoming increasingly clear that “reality” is just another story we have been told.

We are so addicted to this complex body of concepts that we believe our version of “reality” to be the absolute, inerrant truth.

Nonetheless, in the post-Snowden era, we now know a secret as huge as mass NSA surveillance was occurring right under our noses, largely unseen.

Only a few lone voices in the wilderness were alerting us to the problem — and were often disrespected for their alleged “conspiracy theories.”

It is surprising how quickly most of us have settled back into the idea of things being “normal” after learning these outrageous violations are taking place.

We often feel these issues are far beyond our ability to influence as individuals. This is decidedly not the case.



Similarly, the UFO phenomenon has always been a mystery that we just can’t quite fit into a box easily.

How many are out there? Where did they come from? What do they look like? Are there good guys and bad guys? And why won’t they show themselves?

The intel I have gathered from insiders over the last 20 years reveals a vastly more complex story than most people could have possibly imagined.

Humans like us can evolve into beings who have a much different perception of time — such as where a thousand years of our time becomes like one year.

These people are still very much physical, flesh-and-blood beings — and do appear to be regularly operating all around us in our own airspace.

They can also bring us into their time continuum so that their perception becomes the new “normal” for us once we go there.



If you have seen my TV shows, conferences, videos and books, then you have a good grasp of how far-reaching and ancient these mysteries really are.

Powerful international alliances have formed and are aggressively pushing for a full disclosure of the truth.

This is a very real phenomenon. I did not realize how important our articles were to the Alliance effort until very recently — as we will discuss.

The Ascension Mysteries, arriving August 30th, is the most complete compendium of this high-level insider data that I have ever assembled.

For the first time, we have a full-disclosure overview of the hidden history of our solar system — going back over two billion years — in one single document.





Now let’s assume that “it” actually happens. Some kind of official statement is made, revealing we are not alone in the universe.

We are already getting deliciously close to that happening on a variety of fronts — including new insider intel we have come across.

However, even if we get a full disclosure of intelligent, technological civilizations being extremely common around us, we are still missing huge pieces of the puzzle.

We are still largely unaware of the spiritual reality that surrounds us and infuses our lives with purpose and meaning.



Very few can appreciate the complexity with which the ET / UFO phenomenon intersects with what we think of as spiritual reality.

Both “angels” and “demons” are very real, and are not just wispy ghosts existing in some never-never land, as common folklore may suggest.

The real story is far more interesting, and can bleed directly over into our reality — including us finding the technology and bodies of deceased “angels.”

These beings are working all around us. Certain air corridors have enough traffic that they would look like busy highways if you had the right equipment.

I am told the most recent military night-vision gear — so-called “fourth generation” — may allow you to see a little more of what is going on in our skies.



Since their technology is significantly more advanced than what we openly possess, the visitors are capable of remaining hidden. This is called “masking.”

This masking technology uses strategies where gravity is altered, allowing light waves to bend around an object — thus making it completely invisible.

If you were to actually collide with that object in the air, you would still crash into it.

Flight corridors for all commerical and private airliners are deliberately built not to intersect with giant floating cities and “highways” already in our skies.

We also know that the “report” from weapons that fire out of these exotic craft, and the explosions that then result, also cannot be masked.

Thus, strange atmospheric phenomena can be seen in the case of open warfare — and various craft can and do sustain direct impacts.

If such a flying craft was sufficiently damaged, it could then plunge to the earth, creating a wreckage site with high-tech debris and ET bodies.



Our “government” is very actively going around and cleaning up these messes, creating cover stories whenever this type of event occurs.

This so-called “government” is really a non-elected body of powerful elites who run the military-industrial complex and the Western financial system.

Though some people use terms like “Illuminati” or “New World Order” to describe this group, we typically refer to them here as the Cabal.

They have been fully engaging with these various ET civilizations since at least the 1930s — and have managed to keep the entire operation a secret.

Our intel reveals these shoot-downs are happening far more often now, and are creating huge “meteor” sightings. This is a very significant development.

Certain groups that had peacefully interacted for generations, if not thousands of years, are now openly warring with each other in our skies.

Though their ships can remain masked under normal conditions, their weapons fire cannot be hidden. They do become visible if they are shot down.

So many shoot-downs are now occurring that there is great concern that an advanced technology could come crashing down in a major metropolitan area.


Phoenix, June 2nd, 2016: Obviously an Asteroid (LOL)



Just over a month ago, on May 17th, 2016, a suspicious “meteor sighting” took place in the New England sky, centering around Maine.

It made a loud explosive noise as it flashed.

It was so bright and anomalous that the Portland, Maine Police Department referred to it as a possible “alien spaceship.”



5/17: Bright Fireball Streaks Through New England Sky

A huge flash lit up the sky across New England around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Hundreds of people across the region reported seeing the flash, which was likely a fireball – a bright meteor or object that enters Earth’s atmosphere.

The sight was captured on police dashcam video in Portland, Maine, and also spotted by NECN viewers from Killington, Vermont, to Haverhill, Massachusetts. Surveillance video at Burlington International Airport also caught the amazing sight on camera….

“Around that time I was just getting home from work, and I heard a loud boom here in Livermore Falls (Maine),” said Brian Pelletier. “I just chalked it up to somebody starting up a motorcycle or something. But I bet it was from that.”…

“The meteor (or alien spaceship) was caught on camera at approximately 0050 hours,” the Portland Police Department wrote on Facebook.

“Let’s hope the visitors are friendly. They could just be some of Stephen King’s friends on there way to visit him.”


The American Meteor Society website has a complete index of all reported meteor sightings around the world.

This event had a stunning 853 reported sightings, many reporting a loud noise, in VT, NH, NJ, Ontario, MA, ME, NY, RI, Québec, CT, PA, MN and New Brunswick.

The entire Northeast United States, and beyond, was lit up and physically shaken by this massive aerial spectacle.

As you just read, it was so strange that the Portland Police Department joked that it may be an “alien spaceship” and hoped “the visitors are friendly.”



Cover stories are already being lined up for a technological crash in an urban area in the event that it happens.

This will include possibly admitting that it is a classified aircraft.

These write-ups and video news clips have already been created in the event that they are needed, which could be any time now, given how the war is going.

The Cabal is extremely concerned about this happening and how they will manage it once it does.

This could actually be the tipping point that drives us directly into disclosure.




We again got dangerously close to disclosure with the very bizarre streaking phenomenon over Arizona that appeared in the early morning of June 2nd.

This was just over two weeks after the huge New England fireball had occurred.

The AMS had 412 different eyewitness reports of this object, even though it occurred around 4AM.

Many people again reported hearing a loud noise from the object, in addition to the characteristic nuclear-type explosion of blinding white light.

The visible sighting reports came in from seven very large states, including AZ, UT, NM, CA, TX, CO and NV.

The official sources tried to say this incredible, zig-zagging mess in the sky was caused by… wait for it… an “asteroid.”


6/2: Bright Fireball Explodes, Leaves Weird Trail in Sky Over Phoenix
A huge fireball exploded in loud booms, leaving a weird and mysterious trail in the sky of Phoenix, Arizona on June 2, 2016.
Did you hear this mysterious light in the sky? And did you feel the rattling noise this morning in Phoenix, Arizona?
6/2: Possible Meteor Streaks Over Arizona Sky

(CNN) — A fireball lit up the early-morning skies around Phoenix Thursday, leaving groggy residents wondering if it was a meteor, an explosion or something else.

A Phoenix Police Department spokesman told CNN that they got more than 60 calls about the possible meteor, which was seen at about 4 a.m. (7 a.m. ET).

“Many of the callers mistakenly believed they were being burglarized due to the accompanying soundcreated,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard said.

Phoenix resident John Burgmeier said he heard multiple booms as the fireball came out of the northeast.

“(It) literally made the entire sky bright,” he said. “It was like it was daytime.”

People who missed the show woke up to see the squiggly trails it left behind.

6/2: NASA Says Asteroid Entered Atmosphere Over Arizona

A huge streak of light brightened the sky early Thursday morning, prompting worry and curiosity from many Valley residents.

Watch the videos in the player above to see different views from ABC15 viewers around the Valley.

The first reports came in right around 4 a.m. from around the Valley and even in areas like Yuma, Flagstaff and Pine Top.

Several callers also reported feeling the ground shake.

After dawn, a strange trail of cloud-like patterns was left in the sky.



NASA estimates a small asteroid, approximately 10 feet in diameter with a mass in the tens of tons, entered the atmosphere above Arizona just before 4 a.m.

Reports place the object 57 miles above the Tonto National Forest, east of Payson. It was last seen 22 miles above the forest.

According to NASA, there were no reports of any damage or injuries, only light and sonic booms.

NASA believes there are meteorites scattered on the ground north of Tucson.

NASA is having difficulties obtaining data on the fireball because many cameras were saturated by the bright light.


Hey Look, It’s Harvey the Loop-Dee-Loo Asteroid. All He Needs is Love!


An “asteroid”. Zig-zagging around in space like Lee Harvey Oswald’s “Lone Gunman” bullet that killed Kennedy. Brighter than daylight.




This clearly looks more like the smoke trail billowing out of a distressed, frantic craft than the aftermath of an incoming asteroid.

If an asteroid breaks up in our atmosphere, it should fan out in a radial pattern from a common center, like a typical fireworks explosion.



Then the shattered pieces would all fall downward thanks to the effects of gravity.

What we see in this trail of squiggles appears to be a self-propelled object that is providing its own thrust as it flailed in the air before blowing up.

It’s the same sort of pattern we would see from a balloon that is zipping wildly around a room after being popped.

Then we see this massive blast of bright light — and the ground shook as the wreckage thundered to the earth.

Cabal-funded clean-up crews sweep into the crash site area wherever this occurs, and do their best to completely remove the evidence and cover it up.

The squiggling smoke trails this damaged craft left behind remained visible well after the sun had come up.



Back on May 29th, we released briefing information from the Alliance telling us to expect events just like this, four days before it actually happened.

Part One of this article series featured the graphic of exotic craft being shot down — just as you see at the top of this page.

In the opening paragraph of an article revealing the “War Has Gone Red Hot”, we said the following:


The art at the top of this article is a professional rendition of the aerial part of the battle that is happening now, based on high-level intel.

This is not at all a normal situation.

Due to “masking” technology this war is mostly invisible to us, but there are traces of the battle that we can measure.



Just four days after we published that image and the teaser paragraph about the war in the heavens, we had the Phoenix incident on June 2nd.

The Phoenix incident made it to the front page of Drudge Report, complete with a photo of the strange smoke trail it left behind.

I was very impressed to see the intel come true so soon after we leaked it — though I was distracted enough at the time that I did not photograph the headline.

This majorly publicized event helped to confirm the veracity and the urgency of the information we were given.



On June 6th, four days atfter Phoenix, another mysterious “fireball” sighting occurred over thirteen different American states, with very similar characteristics.

Once again, we had a bright flash, with 430 total eyewitness reports over a significantly widespread area in middle America.

The AMS received sighting reports in the states of IA, IL, MO, IN, KS, KY, AR, MI, TN, SD, OH, OK and NE.


6/7: Dozens Report Fireball Plunging Over St. Louis Area, Midwest

Dozens of people reported seeing what they thought was a meteor fall above the St. Louis area about 11:40 a.m. Monday.

Reports on social media surfaced about the sight, described by some as as a flash that fell from the sky and disappeared a couple hundred feet above the horizon.

Tom Stolze, who runs the website posted a video of a bright light falling in the sky to the northwest of an outdoor camera in O’Fallon, Mo.

As of Monday night, the American Meteor Society received 77 reports of a fireball seen over Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky. Several of those reports were in the St. Louis area.

“It looked like one of the more expensive fireworks shooting down instead of up.

“I could have sworn it landed in the field I was driving by!” one report from Wendelin, Ill., in the eastern part of the state, said on the society site.

One person saw the flash above Berkeley: “I saw a streak of white light followed by a burst of yellow/ orange before the object disappeared,” he wrote….


The American Meteor Society says on its website that a fireball is another term for a very bright meteor.

“A bolide is a special type of fireball which explodes in a bright terminal flash at its end, often with visible fragmentation….

“Additionally, the brighter the fireball, the more rare is the event.”



It is certainly interesting to have three of these highly rare “bolide” events in one month.

This occurred right while our intel said we should be expecting such sightings, because there is an unprecedented shooting war going on.

As we have said before, paid skeptics and perma-trolls overlook any and all compelling data of this type and just accuse us of having “no evidence.”



Enjoy their hatred a little bit longer while you still can. Savor the flavor. It will soon become extinct.

If our intel is right, the cover-up is going to come crashing down. Literally.

We are one “meteor” away from an event that could completely change the world forever.

This is only one of a variety of ways in which the teetering, groaning edifice of the Cabal is about to come thundering down to Earth.




Just like the people in Melanesia, who we discussed in Part One, we think “we are it.” The skeptics are simply more adamant about it than others.

The Melanesians were shocked when American soldiers landed during World War II and began giving them advanced technology they called “Cargo.”

The people believed these soldiers were gods, and created “Cargo cults” that exerted significant power for decades — even in the face of contrary evidence.

Their devotion even took the form of building elaborate straw models of the exotic, super-high-tech craft they had witnessed.






The people of Melanesia couldn’t imagine that there was any intelligent life outside of their own little cluster of islands.

The oceans surrounding those islands just went off into the great unknown, and had remained unexplored in their society.

They created elaborate systems of beliefs that were based on the few soldiers, planes and gadgets they had seen with their own eyes.

Tremendous numbers of assumptions were made. All of them appeared to be perfectly logical at the time, and formed the basis of new religions.

From our perspective in the “civilized world,” we can see that their beliefs were very, very far apart from the greater reality that was surrounding them.



Similarly, we think the “island continents” of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas are the only places on, in and around Earth where any people live.

We do not realize how many more people surround us — using various areas for living space, and technologies to keep themselves cloaked from our sight.

This includes as many as 2,500 different underground bases, often built into massive honeycomb-type limestone caverns deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

These caverns can be 20 to 40 miles deep, and miles wide — ready for mass habitation.

They are naturally lit by a bio-luminescent bacteria that grows on the upper areas of the caves.

They have naturally-occuring, weird flora and fauna that is mostly white, but life from the surface can also be brought in and do quite well.

They also enjoy excellent protection against floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and other natural disasters on the Earth’s surface.

It is going to be quite a “rude awakening” for us to realize we were this clueless about such a massive presence of intelligent life all around us.



Whistleblower Sgt. Clifford Stone reported working on a UFO crash-retrieval team for the military in the 1970s and 80s, up until he got out in 1989.

He had a flip-book of 57 different types of human ETs that were operating in our airspace and could end up crashing anywhere on Earth.

They were jokingly referred to as the “Heinz 57,” after the popular ketchup brand claiming to have manufactured 57 different varieties since 1869.



The flipbook had detailed information about the types of craft they would fly, what they looked like, and other necessary characteristics he needed to know.

One of the great mysteries, as he explained in the Disclosure Project back in 2001, was that each of these groups was human or humanlike in appearance.



This suggests a galactic or universal intelligence is steering the evolution of intelligent life along well-established tracklines, forming humanoid organisms.

It also appears these 57 different groups are not just popping in for a visit from outside our solar system.

They already live here along with the rest of us — in other regions outside the “islands” of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

They have lots of comfortable space in different places than what we are accustomed to thinking of as livable areas.

Their higher technology allows them to make use of areas we would normally consider to be inaccessible at this time.



There are a series of large, habitable regions underneath the ice of Antarctica that are host to certain groups, including those of the Cabal.

This works much the same way as an igloo in Alaska, where even though the walls are made out of ice, a small fire inside can keep it nice and warm.

Natural ice caves are created by the heat of sub-surface volcanic activity. There is land you can walk and build on, breathable air, and running water.

Here is an image commissioned by Corey Goode of one of the Cabal’s own bases underneath the Antarctic ice, complete with buildings and exotic craft.



Corey Goode recently provided us with a map of six different naturally volcanic areas under Antarctica that are home to secret Cabal bases.

Each red circle corresponds to an area that has been developed and has people living there comfortably right now.

These areas also show up on heat maps of Antarctica as visible volcanic hot-spots.



Access to Antartica is strictly controlled, meaning we cannot just go and check it out for ourselves.

The freezing cold of the surface area also makes it very difficult for any indivdual or group from our ordinary world to try to go sightseeing.

According to the 94-year-old aerospace engineer William Tompkins, there are also two much larger habitable caverns off to the right of Antarctica.

Their combined landmass is quite significant, dwarfing the size of either of the largest two ovals on this map.

They are almost vertical, on a slight diagonal angle, and run from the top of the continent to the bottom — creating a vast amount of livable space.



Both of these enormous strips of land are under the exclusive control of reptilian ETs known as the Draco.

According to Pete Peterson, and confirmed by Goode and others, the Cabal has often referred to this type of ET as Saurians.

They have vast, densely populated cities in these areas, composed of buildings that are far more high-tech than anything we see on the surface.

The Draco are on the losing end of a war througout the galaxy that has beaten them back into our solar system and a few neighboring ones.

The Draco have built vast cities in these two caverns below the Antarctic ice, with populations numbering at least in the millions.

Their total population numbers in our solar system could now be as many as seven billion — comparable to our own native population on Earth.

We are protected from them by benevolent ETs that will never allow them to do more than we have invited by our own collective free will.

Furthermore, their time here on Earth is very likely about to come to an end.



According to Tompkins, the Draco cut a deal with the Germans before World War II, and offered the smaller areas in the above image as a concession prize.

This allowed the Germans to begin developing their own secret space program, using technology given directly to them by the Draco.

The plan was to create a “Dark Fleet” of ships and personnel that could go out and begin conquering other worlds, as the Nazis attempted to do here.

The Draco would be leading the effort, and needed the industrial might of the Germans to help produce a sufficiently large army to make it possible.



Again, I acknowledge how bizarre this sounds to most people, but there is a staggering amount of interconnecting evidence that suggests it is true.

Tompkins acquired this intel from over 1200 different embedded American spies he personally debriefed between 1942 and 1946.

[UPDATE: Dr. Michael Salla corrected me on this. It was 29 embedded spies with a total of 1200 debriefings over four years.]

The security was so high that he was the only person in America tasked with the job of interviewing these assets from within the German space program.

[UPDATE: Salla indicated Tompkins was the only one disseminating the intel, but he was one of five doing the interviews.

This included an Admiral and three Captains. There was also a stenographer taking dictation.]

I have now had many hours of conversation with him on the phone, exploring this fascinating subject, and his credibility is rock solid.

For people who really know this world, all we are doing here is giving a history lesson and updating it with the things that are happening now.




The white craft you see in the middle of the under-ice cave image is what we are calling a “bus,” built by another humanlike group living inside the earth.

This group, who refer to themselves as the Anshar, have a much more accelerated perception of time than we do.

Thus, events that took place thousands of years ago, as we measure time, could be considered as fairly recent history for them.

Almost all of the things we cover on Ancient Aliens, including giant stone monuments and even Atlantis, are considered very recent by these standards.

The arrival of Jesus, and the angelic beings that helped guide us through those interesing times, was also a last-minute development from this vantage point.

This gives us a remarkably different perspective on how we see such civilizations.

As we revealed in Part One, Irish and Scottish scientists proved that different lifeforms we see on Earth have surprisingly different perceptions of time speed.



The Anshar only came into the scene as of last September, but they have now become one of the most interesting and important elements of our story.

They routinely maintain telepathic contact with many of us, usually subconsciously. I have had clear and obvious messages from them as well.

They do appear to have a key role in helping us go through this epic transition that is heading our way.




The story of what Corey Goode has experienced since he began debriefing me in October 2014 keeps getting stranger and stranger as time goes on.

It would be nice if I could write a “short and sweet” article about all of this, but in order to create a stand-alone piece, time and space is required.

All of his data lined up with what other insiders, working for a vast “Secret Space Program” (SSP) in the military-industrial complex, had independently told me.

Corey grew up in the SSP, having been pulled in as a Texas youth based on his military family history and high scores on aptitude tests.

Most people who go through this program are “blank slated” and remember very little if they are returned here — whereas Corey achieved total recall.

Thanks to the great spiritual laws of the universe, he was “authorized” to be brought back up as of 2014, since it wouldn’t violate his free will.

I have not yet been taken into this world — at least not in any form where I am allowed to consciously remember the results.

However, the data from various insiders is so interconnected and fascinating that I have no doubt in my mind that Corey is telling us the truth.



Pete Peterson revealed that a Neptune-sized object called “The Seeker” came into our solar system in the 1980s, terrifying the Reagan Administration.

Many more spheres, usually about the size of the Moon, appeared in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They came in, cloaked themselves, took a position and then just remained there. They did not answer any hailing signals.

There were plenty of visible signs of these arrivals in the “Sun Cruiser” phenomena many observers were catching off of NASA’s SOHO satellite photos.

At least 100 more spheres arrived around the time of the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21, 2012.

Now, they could be as large as Neptune or Jupiter in size. Again they assumed various positions and then simply remained silent and motionless.

I first covered the story of the SOHO data, with links, in an article posted on June 14, 2015.

Corey and I presented many visible and stunning images of these planet-sized objects in our public debut at the Conscious Life Expo this past February.



The spheres appeared to be intended to help manage the much-anticipated solar events and consciousness shifts expected to occur during this timeframe.

In The Ascension Mysteries, I summarize all the best data I have from ancient and modern prophecies, insiders and scientific data to explain all of this.

I had known about and anticipated major events for years, but the arrival of these giant spheres was quite a surprise to me, even with all I have studied.

Many of the details have appeared on Corey’s official website,, including articles for which I have provided editorial assistance.

I took copious notes during each call with Corey in the early months, typing at top speed while still thinking enough to ask detailed, insightful questions.

By late February of 2015, four months after we started, I had absorbed the majority of knowledge Corey had to share.



By this point, the war within the SSP — between the Cabal factions, the Alliance factions and various ETs — had gotten very intense.

The Cabal tried to fire on a giant and heretofore-unknown spherical craft parked near the Moon in December 2014.



This created visible results that were recorded by the cameras on the International Space Station as a red laser-like beam striking a spherical area.

The sphere redirected the beam to its origin point in Australia and destroyed the base, along with everyone who had been there.

The “official” NASA explanation for this event was that they fired a laser to “create an artificial star” in the sky.

What better way to “Fire the Laser” than to use the “Very Large Telescope?”



12/16/14: NASA Says “Fire the Laser”

Recorded on Friday, Dec. 5, at 9:20 am GMT, the footage led some enthusiasts to speculate that the red laser bean was a signal being sent by an extraterrestrial craft that was trying to communicate with Earthlings.

Coincidentally, the footage has been recorded on the same day that a laser was fired into the sky by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope.

This was done to generate an artificial star in the sky.

Per Matthew Abrahamson, mission manager for Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the mysterious red light was created by a novel laser communications system.



Just to be clear, I had three different credible insider sources besides Corey independently confirm that this beam was an attempted kill-shot against a sphere.

NASA is required to crank out cover stories like this in order to try to prevent the public from waking up to the truth too quickly.

An “Outer Barrier” then formed around our solar system, preventing anyone from getting in or out, and a no-fly zone was created around the Earth.

William Tompkins had independently heard about the spheres visiting us, although his intel only extended to there being one of them.

In many cases, insiders will get parts of the story but not all of the details will be forthcoming.

Nonetheless, the degree of crossover between these various accounts is quite stunning.

I finally created a grand overview of all my insider data that has come in over the years in The Ascension Mysteries.

Early next month I will dictate the audio book, and then I will finally be done with production on this epic adventure.



The “Outer Barrier” and no-fly zone around Earth were both stunning, game-changer-level events for all ETs living and working in our solar system.

Corey then met up with an Alliance that had formed in the Cabal’s own Secret Space Program as of March 2015.

These people grew up in the Cabal and certainly have PTSD damage from years of institutional abuse.

They do want what is right for humanity, including a full disclosure, a release of all forbidden technologies, and an end to all secrecy.

Corey was only brought up there after the beings inside the spheres personally requested him by name at the end of February.

This was the first time they had ever communicated with the SSP — either through the Alliance or otherwise.

Corey was taken up there by a very unusual means, involving a small orb of blue light that turned into a sphere that engulfed him and brought him into space.



In this initial, landmark meeting, Corey also was re-acquainted with ETs he had experienced contact from before, known as the Blue Avians.

His initial contacts with these beings were so sacred to him that he refused to tell me anything about the experience.

Other so-called “sphere beings” were introduced to him, and to the Alliance, once he was brought up in this same meeting.

Corey’s main human contact with the Alliance was through a man we are calling Lt. Col. Gonzales, who had also been approached by the Blue Avians.

Gonzales had the very unique job of liaising between the SSP Alliance and other groups working to defeat the Cabal that we are calling the Earth Alliance.

A coordinated effort is underway to produce Full Disclosure, where we get all the technology and benefits the SSP now enjoys.

It has been awkward for both of us, to say the least, to be given such an outrageous-sounding story to share with the public.

However, the daily realities this situation has thrown us into are as serious as a heart attack, requiring constant vigilance to remain safe and effective.



It seems impossible that such elaborately complex secrets could be kept hidden from us.

Yet, the seriousness and importance of disclosing this information is so high that we must set aside any feelings of inhibition and just pass it along.

The people at Gaia were so convinced of Corey’s truthfulness that we were given an entire weekly show to reveal his intel — Cosmic Disclosure.

The gamble paid off, as Cosmic Disclosure is now so popular that its actual viewership numbers well exceed those of CNN.

This is measured in terms of actual viewers of the television programs themselves, not in web-based news traffic in which CNN is still significantly higher.

CNN is still treated as a far more serious network than our own — in the traditional media at least, controlled by the Powers That Were.

We have now generated an entire year’s worth of half-hour weekly episodes featuring Corey’s testimony, without repeating any material.

Our show just blew into the ozone these past two weeks with episodes featuring William Henry.



Multiple pieces of tangible evidence were presented showing the presence of “Blue Avians” and sphere beings in ancient artwork worldwide.

The comments on these episodes have exploded, with people saying they are the best yet — tying everything together, and linking it to ancient cultures as well.

The only way you can really get “up to speed” is to binge-watch 26 hours’ worth of shows — a good two week’s worth of work for most at two hours a night.

Gaia is about to get a 6X boost in its overall bandwidth, which should address concerns certain folks have had in their connection speeds.

Download options are always available in case you get any hiccups, thus ensuring a clean run.

Also, a Roku box is super cheap, starting at 49.99, and since it downloads the show for you, pauses are very rare — if they even happen at all.

I use Roku and have never experienced more than very occasional and very brief pauses for buffering, and usually it never even occurs.

If you haven’t already subscribed, you can watch whatever you want at this link for an entire month at 99 cents, followed by 9.95 thereafter.

The company is going through a very significant growth phase at the moment, which will soon lead to noticeable increases in production value.



Corey and I taped six hours of video at my home beginning on March 17, 2015.

On the way to my home in Los Angeles, a bald-headed man offered Corey a shot of hard liquor at an airport bar.

Corey rejected the shot and a guy next to him suddenly said “I’ll take it.” The man almost immediately vomited after drinking it and Baldy disappeared.

This was only one of many such death threats and harassments that Corey and I have both had to endure since this all started.

Our March in-house taping became the “demo reel” that led to the Gaia show developing, beginning on Monday, May 18, 2015.

It was quite a massive effort to go from that initial visit to a fully-realized and airing show by the end of June — in barely over six weeks’ time.

Each taping Corey and I have done has been fraught with difficulty, threats and bizarre interference — but we have continued to persist in our efforts.



The scope of Corey’s experiences widened even more when he met an alliance of human ETs living inside the Earth, beginning on September 3, 2015.

This occurred while I was vacationing in Canada after a very intense year, going through my own spiritual healing and life-review process.

The article that summarized his initial meeting is quite vast and complex, and he did an amazing job with it. I highly recommend reading it here for context.

Corey has had many more meetings with these people since then, and in some cases I am the only person “on the outside” who has heard about it.

This is an ever-evolving story, and as new developments occur, we do our best to create episodes out of them and publicize them openly as well.

We are also now routinely working with artists to get as many illustrations as possible for each twist and turn of the story.

If all of this turns out to be true, and widely disclosed as we believe it will, then these episodes will provide valuable historical context when the time comes.



One fascinating new piece of intel that Goode learned from these people is directly relevant to everything I have said on Ancient Aliens.

I had already deduced that ETs were openly living and walking among us, creating historical accounts we now call mythology, up until about 800 AD.

The interesting new information begins with realizing that some so-called ETs are not extra-terrestrial. They’ve been right here the entire time.

A treaty was signed shortly after the ET-assisted creation of Islam, and its resultant schism into the violently warring Shiite and Sunnite factions.

This is exactly what we observed happening in our own 20th century history with the creation of the cargo cults.

No religion is exempt from this problem. We are not picking on Islam. The same story kept repeating over and over again.



All of the advanced civilizations operating around us, both good and evil, made a group decision to withdraw from view at “the last minute”.

This gave us a short burst of time by their perspective — 1200 years — to grow up and become “modern” without their direct influence distracting us.

For this same reason we could call this event the Mohammed Treaty or the Mohammed Accords.

Each time they tried to give us spiritual teaching, it quickly turned into warring factions — so they decided to stop interfering and withdraw from view.

They also had to stop building giant stone structures all over the planet, which up until then were commonly being done.

In so doing, they were also adhering to certain laws that preserve our free will — akin to the Prime Directive in Star Trek.



One of the most bizarre pieces of new intel we have gotten concerns the very recent efforts to end the Mohammed Treaty.

If this is successfully done, then it represents a landmark move in which these various groups could again begin appearing openly before us.

However, for some outrageous reason these accords have to be voted on and agreed to by all parties involved — both good and evil.

We heard this vote was going to take place earlier this year. And as you may have suspected, the Draco were the hold-outs who said no and refused.

Nonetheless, our representatives from these inner earth groups seem confident that this is not going to hold back Disclosure for much longer.



As you can see, this is a very complex story, and I still haven’t gotten through more than half of all the new intel I was asked to pass along.

A very condensed two-part presentation of some of this new intel was given by Dr. Michael Salla earlier this week.

You can read Part One here and Part Two here and get a quick overview of some of what you will be hearing from me next.

I have gotten directly caught up in this drama as a result of my work to help spread the truth, and there are personal angles I will be sharing as well.

For now I need to end this part of the article since we are again heading out to Colorado for more tapings, and I need to work on my slides for Wisdom Teachings.

I look forward to continuing the narrative in the near future, and have enough down-time in the coming two weeks that it should be doable.

As always, I thank you for your support.



Corey has had a really rough time on several levels, including financially, and if you are so inclined, donations at his website are greatly needed now.

He has gotten hit with a raft of unanticipated expenses, obviously part of a coordinated attack, that have flattened him out.

I will be getting into far more detail about the threats and abuse that has occurred for both of us in the next update, although he has suffered far more.



We both got into a lot of trouble with the Alliance for not having done more to release critical intel at certain key moments.

Personal issues and sorrows are not considered reason enough for us to “embargo” the release of vital information.

Anything and everything we suffer with down here is considered to be completely ridiculous compared to what the Alliance is now facing.

I asked the SSP Alliance to bring me up there for abuse and torture as an “under-performing asset” instead of Corey, but was refused.

The reason apparently is that the Blue Avians are preventing this from happening, since my contact with this world is not yet “authorized” at this time.



Thankfully, before what would have been Corey’s thirteenth session with a guy we’re calling “The Wrangler,” he was spared from further involvement.

The Blue Avians contacted him and said these experiences were no longer going to be authorized.

Nonetheless, he is very rattled from what has happened, and it is extremely clear from talking to him how real all of this is.

We don’t want to take for granted the idea that his visits with the Wrangler will stop — so I will do my best to get everything out there expediently.

Again, I know how crazy all of this sounds to the un-initiated, but once you start watching the show you will quickly start putting it together.

There are some very fascinating stories yet to be reported, so stay tuned!

If this all works out the way it looks like it will, we have quite an awesome future in store for us — and we won’t have to wait very long to see it.

All of these events seem to be last-minute buildups to some epic changes in society that will affect all of us in truly profound ways.




Thanks to certain comments I read after moderators approved them, I can see there is a bit of confusion since I ran out of time last night.

Let me clear it up now that I have a few more minutes before I have to hit the road.

Good and evil ET groups — angels and demons — worked out a treaty 1200 years ago not to shoot each other down or attack each other’s bases.

They decided to allow our collective free will to play out, with each group only doing whatever we invited them to do.

However, now that the Earth Alliance is aggressively defeating the Cabal, with the help of the SSP Alliance defeating their off-planet divisions, that has changed.

The Cabal and the Saurian groups have aggressively broken these treaties and began attacking the neutral and benevolent groups.

This caused the inner-earth civilizations to pool their resources together and form a temporary alliance for the common good.

Massive numbers of Cabal assets and personnel are being transferred down to Antarctica and in some cases South America, where large bases exist.



The ETs have told us that “we” are responsible for defeating the Saurians. It cannot be done for us by outside ET groups. It is our responsibility.

Multiple insiders, including Tompkins, have confirmed this is the case.

However, the only “we” here on Earth who have sufficient technology to do this is the military-industrial complex.

Many of them do NOT like the Draco at all.

The Draco see the handwriting on the wall and know the end is in sight.

The sun is going to go through an energetic change that will likely destroy them, but will have marvelous effects for the “authorized” human life here on Earth.

This change is very thoroughly examined, in unprecedented detail, in The Ascension Mysteries, only two months from now.

The vast majority of the Draco will be defeated when this event happens. They know they cannot be here for it.



The Draco are now trapped in here by the Outer Barrier.

The no-fly zone around the earth was temporarily dropped after it started, to set innocent ET groups free, but it is essentially back again in a new form.

The Draco recently tried to flee the Earth from Antarctica in six large teardrop-shaped ships. They likely had high-level Cabal people inside with them.

Something incredible happened. Brand-new triangular-shaped craft, known as “chevrons” due to their interesting shape, suddenly popped up.



This is the critical intel I was supposed to have disclosed at the end of April, and got in serious trouble for sitting on for so long.

The chevrons were extremely effective at shooting down the Draco craft. This has been a tremendous game-changing event in this war.



Corey’s people in the SSP Alliance did not know who built the “chevrons”. It appeared to be one of the Earth-based “lower level SSP” groups.

In order to give them honor and respect, I will refer to these Earth-based space program groups as the military-industrial complex, or MIC.

All the SSP Alliance knew was that they were seeing a dramatic “surprise attack” with a new weapon that no one, including the Draco, knew had existed.

Its effect in military history was equivalent to the discovery of the crossbow or gunpowder.

The superior weapon wins the war. It’s a classic story. It just happened again.

This epic defeat and cornering of the Draco has huge ramifications for the future we will see unfolding on Earth.

Somehow the MIC managed to make a huge quantum leap in their level of technology, sufficient to take out the Draco.



Peterson knew all about these triangle-shaped craft when I discussed it with him on the phone. The MIC are very proud of their new weapon.

It is very likely that the MIC got this technology from Alliance defectors from the space-based ICC, or Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.

The ICC is a faction of the SSP that started out as a part of the MIC.

The ICC then became far more powerful and splintered off in various off-planet colonies.

This group is completely self-sufficient, never needs money or supplies of any kind from Earth, and is effectively a breakaway civilization.

The craft piloted by the earth-based MIC were nowhere near as advanced as those of the ICC or Dark Fleet, but all of that has changed now.



These new MIC “fighter jets” were apparently created in two places by Boeing and possibly other contractors.

This includes the Skunk Works in Palmdale, and another facility at China Lake in the Mojave Desert.

The underground facility at China Lake is big enough that with the right equipment, it looks like a city of 500,000 people at night.

These new, stealthy-looking black triangle craft can fly along normal jets and airliners completely unseen and undetected.

They apparently have a rounded area at the front that forms a cockpit. Their total size is approximately 90 x 90 x 90 feet.

They are powered by a mercury centrifuge that generates antigravity and propulsion. They can turn on a dime at Mach 17 and it doesn’t hurt the people inside.

These capabilities did not exist for the Earth-based MIC space program groups before, running through the DIA and other such organizations.



Pete confirmed there was a shooting war over Antarctica, and that massive amounts of Cabal assets are being transferred there now.

His briefing was that this transfer was occurring through many different C5 Galaxy craft. Each plane holds 500,000 kg, almost a million pounds.

Corey’s data is that there are massive submarine tanker ships doing this transfer as well. It is huge in scope.

There are tons of data points we can see in the visible world that show the Cabal is about to experience an epic defeat.

That is why they are scrambling to move everything of value to a safe haven.

The tankers are moving through vast undersea tunnels that lead straight to Antarctica and were perfected and built out by ancient ETs long ago.

This next illustration is based on Corey’s eyewitness testimony of seeing these massive undersea tunnels firsthand.

The craft at the bottom are the gigantic “supertankers” that the Cabal is using to transfer all their assets to their last possible safety zone on Earth.




Peterson’s own briefings also confirmed that there have been four or five epic UFO shoot-downs recently.

The Cabal is still scrambling to cover them up. In some cases, a C5 Galaxy is immediately flown in, and multiple trucks are stored inside of them.

As soon as they land at the nearest available area, the trucks come rushing out and shut down the entire area with a cover story.



Another unexpected surprise development in this war has been the arrival of reddish-white-glowing spheres with portholes along the equator.

These ships also were of unknown origin and have gotten directly involved in shooting down the Draco as they attempted to flee the Earth.

As amazing as it was for me to hear this, Pete independently confirmed this detail as well — without even knowing what I had heard or who it came from.



Pete said that he had personally witnessed spheres of this sort in hangars, dating back to his time in the 1980s.

He said they were 70 to 80 feet in diameter. The black circles around the center appeared to be portholes with glass over them.

That way, whoever was inside had line-of-sight visibility.

Pete was never given information about whether these were of extraterrestrial origin or built by someone here.

It does appear that they are perhaps an upgraded version of the reverse-engineered “Cosmospheres” the Russians have had since at least the 1970s.

The classic whistleblower Peter David Beter disclosed the existence of the Cosmospheres in his briefings from the 1970s.

This therefore suggests that the Russians and the MIC have now teamed up against the Draco and the Cabal, which is a very significant development.



In addition to the battle we are seeing in the skies, and the possibility that these “fireball” events are UFO crashes, battles are occurring underground.

Entire underground cities are being completely wiped out. When this happens, suspicious earthquakes occur.

Benjamin Fulford covered this about a month and a half ago with unusual earthquakes that happened around Japan.

These apparently were only a few of the attacks that became visible to us.

The Cabal is also suppressing information about these attacks by modifying earthquake data from the USGS.

They do not want us to see quakes that are at a magnitude of 6 or higher and are very close to the surface, as it makes people ask too many questions.

Corey got pulled out for his most recent meeting with the Blue Avians at the exact minute that a large earthquake occurred here in California.

It is entirely possible that this was deliberately timed with yet another underground base being wiped out.



This war very likely now includes craft from warring factions physically breaching the boundaries of their enemies’ underground cities.

It does appear that the “good guys” have technology that can defeat the Saurians and other such negative groups, and a massive clean-up is going on.

Another key issue is that the Draco have technology that is holding back the natural energetic shift we are going through here on Earth.

This includes huge “tankers” that are in low-earth orbit, beaming out frequencies that scramble our ability to integrate this new energy from the sun.

There are other systems both inside and off of the earth that are causing this scrambling effect to occur as well.



With technology like the new “chevron” craft, the MIC / Earth Alliance could now shoot down the tankers and destroy the Draco mind-control grid.

However, this would cause us to very suddenly be propelled into a consciousness shift. At first, this could be akin to the feeling of a psychedelic trip.

Although this would cause people who are already advancing spiritually to develop even more, negative people would have extreme difficulties with it.

This could lead to outbursts of violence, aggression, self-harming behavior and other types of powerful mental illness.

It does not appear that there is any way to gradually turn off the Draco grid. It’s either on or it’s off. There’s no fader dial.

There is deep concern about doing this, even though they now have all the tech they need to do it. My vote is “Go for it.” This is part of the Ascension.

Yes, some people will freak out, but this will be balanced by the positive benefits others will have, which will enable them to calm everybody down.



There was confusion in the comments section about who the Wrangler was.

First of all, Corey was picked up by the “lower-level SSP” group earlier this year. This was to secure intel that in this case would feed back to the Cabal.

Corey was given a hostile abduction, including chemical interrogation. I received my first detailed briefing about these events on April 27th, 2016.

According to my notes, Corey was picked up several times within 8 or 9 weeks. It started in January and extended through February.

The MIC groups didn’t know if Corey was part of a program or just making things up.

They started taking blood and skin scrapings as well as hair samples. They were looking for trace elements to see if he had been where he said he had been.

Much to their surprise, the trace elements proved that Corey had indeed been to these places. He also knew things he couldn’t have known otherwise.



Corey was strapped to a flight-type chair and given massive doses of drugs that made him unable to avoid telling the truth.

A military official stood before him with an Ipad in his hand. He was reading a large number of German, Norwegian and Russian words out loud.

The official was trying to see if these words could set off any mind-control trigger programs.

After each word they would check off items on a list, saying no he is not this, no he is not that. They were very surprised that he didn’t fit into anything.



They were also taken aback by Corey’s demeanor. He was not freaked out by the inside of the craft.

Corey heard turbines when the craft took off and the charging of what could be capacitors.

There was a vibrating hum or shake to the vehicle as it started to move and a slight feel of inertia.

Corey commented on that, and they looked at each other shocked. Corey told them it is an “old” model.



At times there were two and at times there were three personnel debriefing Corey to get actionable intel for the Cabal.

They would talk amongst themselves very little. They were discussing what drugs he was being pumped with.

They said this is a “level (something) anesthesia. He won’t remember anything.”

After each step, they would tell Corey “You will forget.”



Corey did forget one of the most significant steps that had happened until it was later brought to his attention.

A tablet was placed in front of him that apparently had a camera that followed his eyes.

Corey was shown a long series of pictures of military personnel, like what you would see when they had first graduated from the Academy.

Some of them were military. Some were wearing suits like from intel organizations. They were mostly Air Force and Navy.

Apparently, in that drug-induced haze, Corey’s pupils slightly dilated when he saw the faces of people he knew.

His eyes identified and “outed” three people, one of whom was Gonzales.

This caused a major rift with Gonzales that developed soon afterwards. Another of the three got killed and the other likely had to go into hiding.

Remember — the SSP Alliance members are all known to the Cabal portion of the SSP. They have had to do their work in secret.

This event did cause significant damage to the SSP, and effectively fractured the trust and good faith with Gonzales, who is now in hiding.



Corey was having Chinook helicopters fly over his house and put green lasers on his chest, as if he was about to be shot.

These helicopters can hold multiple soldiers who can zip-line out and “sanitize” an entire area, and everyone in it, very quickly.

We showed the video of one of these helicopters circling Corey’s house at the end of our public debut in February.

Corey also had what appeared to be a death threat in his own home, where a marble cigarette was left on the kitchen countertop.

This appeared to be a Mafia-style threat that he and his family were going to be “smoked.”

People were also walking by his house, wearing black and peering in.

The effects that these events have had on his family have been very stressful, to say the least. This is not just a story on the internet. It is very real.



Corey was picked up, questioned and drugged several times by these people.

They would push different narratives on him while he was in a drugged state.

This included the idea that there are no ETs out there. It is all really just us from the future.

They would keep pushing these ideas on him forcefuly in between questioning.

They were trying to get intel out of him and create disinformation for the rest of us as well.



The “lower-level SSP” got very angry that Corey was leaking intel about their plans for an open, public “Partial Disclosure”.

This was the Cabal’s last-ditch plan to reveal some very fascinating intel to us, including Ancient Builder Race ruins and spaceships that can fly in our solar system.

They intended to try to discredit all UFO scholarship and whistleblowers that violated their party line, while inspiring everyone to fall in love with them again.

The sudden, unexpected reboot of the X-Files, after more than a decade, was a full manifesto of the storyline they had hoped to sell the public on.

Corey was being abducted and told not to interfere with this plan — right as the new X-Files episodes were revealing their blueprint for partial disclosure.

We did not listen to the death threats. We outed their plans in a very major way at the Conscious Life Expo and have continued doing so since then.

The Alliance groups have since concluded that the partial disclosure scenario is impossible to achieve.



Much of the intel I just shared with you had gotten embargoed from public release due to both Corey and me being thrown off by a variety of distractions.

In my case, much of it involved finishing a major book, taking a much-needed vacation and working through a huge amount of difficult emotional issues.

I had made statements to Corey in writing, such as through Skype text and email, that I would release certain updates at certain times.

Although I had told him I would do this, I didn’t realize it was of such critical importance.

The book was constantly creating new distractions and the personal issues just kept coming as well.

What I did not realize was that Gonzales had been the key player in passing intel from the SSP Alliance to various Earth groups.

Once Corey inadvertently outed Gonzales, a critical element of communication had been silenced. There was no alternative left except through us.

Had I known that these articles were so significant, I would have moved Heaven and Earth to ensure that I still got this information out there.



It was very rough for Corey to have Gonzales, his only real friend “on the inside,” to turn on him.

This included trying to prevent him from going along on meetings he had been specifically invited to, and effectively take over his role.

Gonzales also spent an extended time in the inner earth, but was doing things like pacing out the facilities as a military planner and being deceptive.

Gonzales was ultimately asked to leave and had to go back to an Alliance safety zone in the Kuiper Belt.

He has since been taken away for healing by the Mayan breakaway group we have discussed on the show. He will not likely be seen again for some time.

This has created a critical problem — a breakdown in the SSP Alliance’s ability to liaise with Earth Alliance groups and confer on valuable intel.

That was why it was so urgent that we get this seemingly crazy-sounding information posted on the internet.

The whole climate is so deadly now that no one from the SSP Alliacne dares try to travel around the Earth or communicate.

Corey is still able to do so because of positive karma authorizing his safety. Nonetheless, the “karmic discharge” required has been quite rough.



The Wrangler is a new character who Corey first saw the same time he sat across a metal table from Gonzales, in shackles, and realized they now hated him.

The Wrangler is a character from the SSP Alliance who specializes in “mobilizing under-performing assets.” That means Corey and myself.

The SSP Alliance people are fighting for a better world and full disclosure, but they are all graduates of the exceptional torture of the Cabal as well.

The Wrangler seemed to have the classic “personality metamorph” / sociopathic characteristics that made him excellent at torture and interrogation.

Corey was brought up a whopping twelve different times and was aggressively verbally abused and threatened by the Wrangler on each occasion.

Tragically, I did not hear about this and really understand it, or what I could have done to stop it, until I met up with Corey at Contact in the Desert.



The Wrangler told Corey that he had destroyed a critical point of communication in Gonzales, and needed to make up for it.

He was being offered Gonzales’ old job. He would get paid well, but would have to keep everything he did a secret, even from me.

This work apparently would involve face-to-face contact with very high-level personnel in the Earth Alliance, passing along critical intel.

It goes without saying that such work would also be extremely dangerous, potentially a death sentence.

We were also told that powerful mind-control technology was being beamed at both of our homes, making it hard for us to work or concentrate.

This technology would be shut down, and most of the significant threats against Corey and me would cease, if he took the job.

I had actually recommended he do it, because if the Alliance needs it and he is the only one they’ve got, then it may be worthwhile.

Corey decided on his own that he could not take the job. We were supposed to tell the truth, all the truth, and he did not want to respond to blackmail.



On Sunday, June 12th, Corey was about to go see the Wrangler and tell him he was refusing the job offer.

Corey’s level of stress at this point was very high. He was also furious with me that I hadn’t released this intel online yet.

All of this data had come in very quickly, including the realization of the horrific, murderous hell that Corey was now going through.

I only realized what was going on at the very tail end of my time in Canada, and blew out an article immediately on Sunday, May 29th.

I scrambled like mad to get something online in the immediate hours before Corey was going to be brought up to see the Wrangler again.



The Wrangler saw what I wrote in Part One, since they can read everything that goes online in any form.

He screamed in Corey’s face in their last meeting: “Cargo cults? We have all this critical intel to be disclosed and he writes about f-ing cargo cults?”

I had thought I was doing a good thing by creating a setup that would help to smooth out the path for the rest of this intel to emerge.

I certainly did not realize I would get in even more trouble for not being specific enough in getting the intel out right away.

Yet, once I got back from Canada, I had two days to prepare for a major conference — Contact in the Desert — and I had to make slides.

Corey was going to this event as well.



We met up on Thursday, June 2nd at the house I rented in Joshua Tree.

It was only once we had an in-person meeting that I found out the full scope of how I was seen to have been screwing up.

There were challenging messages to integrate from the SSP Alliance, the Anshar / inner earth group as well as the Blue Avians.

The SSP Alliance accused me of “sitting around all day, playing guitar and masturbating.” LOL. It’s true.

Kaaree, the priestess from the Anshar, told me “If you want to be a priest, you need to start acting like it.” That meant no more dick jokes on stage.

The Blue Avians said that I had a “subconscious savior complex” and needed to identify and heal it in order to get back to work.

I realized that I had not wanted to do this job because people were seeing me as a savior. I was rejecting the role, and thus buying into the idea.

Now I see that I am not a savior, I am not special, I am just one of many people at different levels helping us move through this transition.



After getting this briefing, Corey admitted he was surprised at how well I took all of this very critical information in.

I must say that getting these “punitive” messages was highly inspiring, and got me to change my life on a variety of levels.

The changes have been difficult, but were also necessary and are positive. This includes personal things I cannot reveal due to the law of free will.

My goal has been to get off the “bench” and dive back into this mission with a renewed sense of vigor, and it does seem to be working.

I am very glad I got the book done and am making the personal and spiritual changes necessary to heal PTSD and restore full effectiveness.

The conference became a jubilation. It was some of the most fun I have had in such an event, and my talks were very inspired and different than usual.

Corey went up on stage with me more than once, but didn’t say much. He was still very worried about further meetings with the Wrangler.

He also told me that disclosing the intel on stage was not enough. It needed to be out in writing. And we weren’t there yet.



Corey was due to meet the Wrangler again on Sunday, June 12th.

He was terrified of this upcoming meeting because he was going to reject the offer. Plus, I still hadn’t written the damn article yet.

I felt terribly about this, but was doing the best I can to work through my own difficult situations — which are seen as ridiculous by the Alliance.

Corey was due for pickup around 1AM, but nothing happened. He sat around for two hours.

Then, quite unexpectedly, the old blue sphere showed up and picked him up by the traditional method at 3:04 am.

Corey had been mostly meeting with the people of the inner earth or the Wrangler up until then, so this was quite unexpected.



Corey was brought up to the usual location for the Blue Avians. He is standing inside a sphere and sees the stars all around him.

The floor he is standing on is a series of cris-crossing lines of white light in a square grid pattern. The Blue Avians, such as Tear-Eir, stand in front of him.

The communication is telepathic and the sights are very interesting. He sees multiple spheres in our solar system, with a purplish or bluish color.

These are normally cloaked and invisible to our own people, as well as the SSP, but within this area he can see everything.

They are all arrayed in a vast gridlike pattern throughout our solar system.



The first thing Corey noticed was that the spheres were far more active than usual.

There were an ongoing series of energetic discharges passing between them.

He was told that they were having to work harder to buffer the ever-increasing changes going on in the sun, as we get closer and closer to this event.

One visible sign of these epic changes was in what NASA called a “Monster Hole in the Sun” as of May 27th.


5/27: NASA Spots Monster Hole on the Sun



In short, this “monster hole” is another sign of the ever-increasing pressure buildup leading to this mega-event.

The spheres are dissipating the energy so nothing happens until our collective free will authorizes the change.



Corey was also told in this meeting that he wasn’t going to be seeing the Wrangler anymore.

The reason for this was that the Alliance was so angry at us for our lack of action, and his rejection of the job, that he would have been severely tortured.

I did not want to say anything bad about the Alliance, but since they see this work as so important, they felt that such actions were justifiable.

Their main goal has been to shock us back into productivity, and it definitely has worked.

I would rather have been tortured myself than see Corey go through it, knowing how rough this has been for him.

That has been a very, very difficult reality for me to integrate, but I am dealing with it by writing all this now as precious seconds tick away before I must go.



The Blue Avians also told Corey that Gonzales hasn’t been ready to accept communication from them yet. He is still going through healing.

Most interestingly, they told Corey these mounting solar changes are creating a rapid vibrational increase here on Earth.

It is inescapable and is affecting everyone, right now.

One major sign of the change is that it is causing people’s old karma to come up much more than usual.

We were told that many people are going to start losing it, demonstrating end-time madness, nutty and crazy behavior.

This is also affecting the SSP Alliance, causing them to become rash as they panic about the transitions we are going through.



Furthermore, we were told that these energetic changes are soon going to reach a crescendo.

Once this happens, massive numbers of people will start having ghost experiences from loved ones who have passed over.

We will start receiving direct contacts of this nature, giving us inspirational information. Far too many will be experiencing it for it to be ignored.

Once this happens, we know that we are close to some very major changes.

We are then told to keep our eyes and ears open for more of the amazing stuff that we have been speculating about.

This could include the open appearance of UFOs, a solar flash, and the resulting thinning of the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds.

I asked Corey if we would develop telekinesis or actually experience Ascension, but this was not mentioned in his information-sharing.



In this same meeting, Corey was asked to pass intel to the inner-earth beings known as the Anshar.

The Blue Avians responded to the Anshar’s question about ending the Mohammed Accords.

Some of the groups related to the Draco had refused to take part, so the big meeting was not going to be allowed to occur. All participants had to be present.

Corey had a telepathic meeting with Kaaree after this in which he conveyed the information to her.

Kaaree didn’t seem all that concerned. She said that was just the initial bid in a larger transaction.

The topic wasn’t at all closed. Ending the Mohammed Accords was merely a first salvo or attempt.

Kaaree and her people already knew the Draco would never come forward for that particular meeting.



Somehow I still manage to have a half hour to pack and prepare for my flight to Colorado, and have added all of this data in as a major new section.

Now we are far more caught up than before.

There are still other details but this is a significant move forward.

The timeframe Corey is getting for these epic changes still seems to be starting in the 2018 window, as he was told all along.

We do not know if anything of such awesome significance will happen before then.

We could start seeing the Cabal collapse very visibly this year, and probably will experience major developments in 2017.

That’s all I have time to do right now. Hopefully everyone will be less pissed off at us now that we got this out there!

Thank you again for all your support. I don’t even know if I have enough time to play some guitar now….



I went ahead and bought the in-flight wi-fi so I could go ahead and write this mini-update, and fix a few small mistakes I saw in the text.

Dr. Michael Salla wrote me to clarify that Tompkins had 1200 debriefings from 29 spies, so I went back and fixed that above — and one other small error.

Synchronicity struck again, as it so often does. No conscious effort is required, but it continues to impress me. It never happened on the phone like this before.

I loaded up this article on the way to the airport in the shuttle, as we fought the blazing heat outside. Much to my delight, the hit counter was at 33,111.

I photographed it and will upload it here once I land. Otherwise I have to pay twice and it’s not worth it just to get it in an hour earlier.

Once I came in here to do the edits, one of the recent articles also had a triple-digit repeating pattern, 777, in the hit counter as 67771:




The things that have happened involving Corey and me, as well as others in this big game, invariably lead to shouting from the rooftops.

“Proof! Proof! Liar! Bullshit!” And so on. Those are some of the nicest sentiments in the comments moderators rejected for their level of disrespect.

You do not have authorization to come into this space and verbally abuse us. The things that are happening are very real and extremely painful.

I undoubtedly would not have written this much, this quickly if the pressure being put upon us were not so intense right now.



“But you have no PROOF! You have no EVIDENCE!”

That’s the point of the Prime Directive / First Distortion / Law of Free Will.

If you were given the full proof at this point, you would not grow spiritually from hearing this. If you read the Law of One, this is thoroughly explained.

In the face of total proof, there would be no grist for the mill. No uncertainty that requires personal intuitive validation and a “leap of faith.”

Even once we get Disclosure, no one really knows if the “solar flash” will really happen. That is another level of the game we will probably experience.

The people in the SSP Alliance themselves are very divided on what may or may not happen.

Tompkins knows about the prophecies of the flash and says there are as many different interpretations as there are people.



There will indeed be a time that we get Full Disclosure. Once it arrives, the spiritual value of hearing and accepting the truth goes way down.

The main thing beings like the Blue Avians want for us is to foster, nurture and encourage our spiritual growth.

Some of what I am passing along is of far greater value to people in various Alliance groups than it is to the rest of us.

In that sense, part of what you are doing here is “reading other people’s mail.”

For those who have really done their homework and watched Cosmic Disclosure, these will undoubtedly be fascinating and in some cases tragic developments.

If someone is unfamiliar with any of the reference materials, or my 20-year history of interviewing insiders, I get that this could all seem ridiculous.

I even made those caveats several times throughout this article.



If you read sacred texts like the Bible, it clearly states that most people will doubt that anything is going to happen right up until the moment the flash occurs.

This is how the whole game is designed. The exercising of will or faith is required. You light a candle in the darkness.

I just heard “it is going to be really bumpy on our way into Denver. If you have anything to discard, this will be your last and final time to do so.”

A very interesting synchronicity indeed.

I guess I need to close the lid here and brace for impact.


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  1. Totally different that Cobra and Benjamin Fulford are saying… Well, in one of the episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey says there is an Earth Alliance composed of many groups that were hurt in the past by the Cabal and they are fighting against the Cabal, but Corey and Wilcock never mentions the Resistance Movement or even the Galactic Forces and I would like to know why they do not mention these groups.

  2. david & corey, thank you both. it is amazing that you provide this to us. you are both incredibly brave and we don’t even find the right words to express ourselves after reading this. we are blown away with all this information. your hard work is incredibly appreciated. thank you! can’t wait to hear more.
    abundance of good energy to you.

    thomas & anna

  3. David, I deeply respect you and Corey and wish to express my deep gratitude for what you are sharing with us. Thank you. This is not easy. I believe in what you are doing and what Corey is doing. You are protected. May it always remain so. One question: Where does Commander Valiant Thor fit into the picture? Namaste!

    • Rob Potter would be the person to answer your question Steven. His site is The Promise Revealed. Warm regards TZ

  4. They give dates just so you wait then when it’s time – nothing happens. He said 2012 – nothing.
    He said Sep 2015 – nothing happened, now another. Boring! Controlled opposition. Buy my book please send me free money.

  5. David – Thank you for this massive update. The people who are upset at you are just those who’ve feel they are ‘entitled’. I just appreciate the time you take when you do create the time to update.
    This is a weird question but I’m curious as I live in a place where there is gentle summer winds and the past month, it’s turned into a wind tunnel blowing 30-60 mph every day. Could it be that the war above causing this wind below ? Thanks for your bravery!

    • I think these could be the farts, coming from our space family finally coming closer to the time of an encounter with us, full of beans 😉 Just me, kidding.

  6. This part of David Wilcock’s message here reminds me of the wise recommendation I once read
    “The creation of your path is the stepping of your feet, one in front of the other, one step at a time” and that’s how I perceive what’s been said below.

    (Quote:) “But you have no PROOF! You have no EVIDENCE!”

    That’s the point of the Prime Directive / First Distortion / Law of Free Will.

    If you were given the full proof at this point, you would not grow spiritually from hearing this. If you read the Law of One, this is thoroughly explained.

    In the face of total proof, there would be no grist for the mill. No uncertainty that requires personal intuitive validation and a “leap of faith.”(End of quote)

    And regarding the hour of the Event, I believe we’re the timeclock and the ones who set it at the same time. Sometimes that feels scary, sometimes that feels powerful, but the choice to be the timeclock can be made despite those emotions, I imagine.

  7. I find here a place to point some “news”.
    Surprisingly, it seem to be the first time when in Ben’s report (Posted by Benjamin
    June 20, 2016) comes out the phrases “disclosure and secret space program”, “big event is coming soon” and “giant spaceships to come”.
    Of course, beside of his phrases we are already enough at all, as are “a debt jubilee”, “end poverty”, “stop environmental destruction”, “a future planning agency”, so on.

    • Yes, despite of his hard work, just now he may be a joke with his (out of tracked) recycled information as ‘releasing karma’, ‘they are not here to save us’, ‘2018’, self styled as looking like Edgar Cayce, so on.

      You have HERE something NEW for NOW, not for 2018 or who (the hell) knows when.
      Look it: You have it in many many translations.
      Watch the movies on the website and read the message (for now, not for 2018). It is very WORTH for NOW!

  8. Ok, what does this mean?: “The sun is going to go through an energetic change that will likely destroy them, but will have marvelous effects for the “authorized” human life here on Earth.”

    WHO ARE and WHO DECIDES who the ‘authorized” humans on Earth are?

    And you have to elaborate on who/what is the “Wrangler” – there is no mention of him in Cosmic Disclosure or other material. Perhaps I missed but still, please don’t just throw a name or phrase out there & expect everyone to understand what you mean. I know you’re uber busy and probably wrote this in a hurry but expand on things not mentioned earlier. Thanks.

  9. résumé détaillé français ici (french detailed sum up here)

    traduction: irina myers (résumé français détaillé)…/davi…/1201-full-disclosure-asc-ii…
    -La divulgation sur les OVNI à elle seule ne résout pas tout.Il faut prendre en compte la réalité spirituelle.
    -Les “anges” et les “démons” existent.Ils vivent et travaillent autour de nous.1 technologie militaire existe pour les détecter : le mécanisme de vision nocturne “4ème génération”.
    -Les couloirs aériens sont délibérément organisés et construits pour ne pas qu’on découvre des villes géantes flottantes et des lieux de passage (de vaisseaux ou autres…).On utilise des technologies pour masquer leur présence.Parfois, en cas de “guerre ouverte” , d’étranges phénomènes atmosphériques peuvent être observés et des crash peuvent avoir lieu.
    -Il y a une guerre dans les cieux qui s’intensifie sérieusement.Les gouvernements font tout leur possible pour cacher cela et donnent des versions officielles fausses.
    -Il existe une sorte de “gouvernement” qui n’est pas officiel et qui est composé d’élites puissants non élus qui régissent le complexe militaro-industriel et le système financier occidental.Bien que certains utilisent des termes comme “illuminati” ou “nouvel ordre mondial” pour décrire ce groupe , nous les appelons “la cabale”.
    -Le 17 mai 2016, dans le ciel de la nouvelle angleterre dans la région du Maine , il y a eu 1 explosion avec un flash .On a cru à 1 météore mais c’était si bruyant et anormal que le département de police du Maine à Portland a rapporté “un possible vaisseau spatial étranger “(conséquences de la guerre et des fuites en cours).
    David Wilcock donne d’autres exemples précis observés avec photos et liens internet.
    -David Wilcock fait 1 parallèle entre les peuples ou tribus qui vivent sur la Terre sans savoir qu’il existe d’autres peuples au-delà des océans et de leur frontière avec des technologies et 1 vie différente jusqu’au jour où ils subissent le “choc” de cette découverte ; et nous les habitants de la Terre ignorant qu’il y a d’autres peuples et d’autres technologies en dehors de la planète jusqu’au jour où on l’apprend.Cela peut changer profondément les points de vue, les consciences et les croyances (y compris religieuses).
    -On nous cache des choses dans beaucoup de domaines.On les cache de notre vue (avec des technologies ou autres choses pour les masquer).Cela inclut au moins 2500 bases souterraines établies dans des cavernes de calcaire comm des ruches/nids d’abeilles (alvéoles) , profondément sous la surface de la Terre et protégées contre les catastrophes naturelles.
    -Le témoignage du sergent Clifford Stone (lanceur d’alerte/dénonciateur).Il a travaillé dans les années 70 et 80 dans l’armée sur les sites de crash d’ovnis .Il a diffusé un livre sur 57 civilisations différentes qui viennent sur notre planète.
    Il y a de grandes zones habitables sous la glace de l’antarctique utilisées par certains groupes y compris la cabale.Des cavernes naturelles de glace sont créées par la chaleur de l’activité volcanique souterraine .Corey Goode nous a récemment fourni une carte de 6 différentes zones naturellement volcaniques sous l’antarctique qui abritent des bases secrètes de la cabale.
    DES BASES DRACOS EN ANTARCTIQUE.Ils ont des grandes villes très peuplées composées de constructions de hautes technologies .Ils ont perdu une guerre galactique, ce qui les a obligés à venir dans notre système solaire .Nous sommes protégés contre eux par des extraterrestres bienveillants.Leur temps sur Terre touche à sa fin.
    Selon Tompkins, leur plan était de créer la “dark fleet” (flotte noire) avec des vaisseaux et du personnel pour conquérir d’autres mondes comme les nazis ont tenté de le faire ( association entre les Dracos et les Nazis).
    -David Wilcock nous parle de la civilisation “ANSHAR” et de leur perception du temps .Il ajoute qu’ils ont des contacts télépathiques et qu’ils ont un rôle-clé dans la transition actuelle.
    -L’arrivée de Jésus et les êtres angéliques nous aident et nous guident.
    -David Wilcock nous fait un petit historique de Corey Goode .Il parle aussi de l’arrivée des sphères géantes.Il fait un peu de pub pour son livre et le site internet de Corey.
    Les sphères semblent être destinées à gérer les évènements solaires prévus et les changements de conscience de cette période.Les sphères ont été victimes d’attaques au laser.Elles n’ont rien eu et ont repointé le laser vers le point d’origine de l’attaque .
    -David Wilcock nous parle de Corey Goode, des aviens bleus , de Gonzales et des civilisations de la Terre intérieure. ( il faut se référer aux épisodes de “cosmic disclosure” pour en savoir plus à ces sujets, ils sont traduits sur le site français de corey .Il y a aussi les épisodes d’ “ancient aliens”).
    -Le traité ou accords Mohammed
    Toutes les civilisations avancées qui sont autour de nous (bonnes ou mauvaises) ont pris la décision de rester cachés à notre vue pour nous permettre d’évoluer et grandir à notre rythme pour devenir une société moderne sans leur influence.C’est ce qu’on appelle : le traité Mohammed ou les accords Mohammed .
    A chaque fois qu’ils ont essayé de nous enseigner , cela a mal tourné , alors ils ont décidé de ne plus interférer et de ne plus construire des monuments de pierres géantes ou autres partout sur la planète.(lien avec la directive première dans Star Trek).
    Il y a actuellement des démarches pour mettre fin à ce traité grâce à la divulgation totale même si les Dracos s’y opposent.
    -Mise à jour sur la guerre
    L’Alliance de la Terre est en train de vaincre la cabale de manière agressive avec l’aide de l’Alliance (positive) des SSP (programmes spaciaux secrets).
    La cabale et les groupes Sauriens (Dracos) n’ont pas respecté les traités de paix qu’ils ont fait avec d’autres groupes .Ils ont aussi attaqué des groupes neutres et bienveillants.Les civilisations de la Terre intérieure se sont unies pour le bien commun.
    -Des biens de la cabale et son personnel sont transférés en antarctique et en amérique du sud dans des bases.Les tentatives de fuites sont stoppées.Il y a une “barrière extérieure” .Une zone d’exclusion aérienne a été temporairement abaissée pour que des groupes innocents puissent êtres libérés.
    -David Wilcock nous parle du vaisseau “chevrons” qui abriterait des Dracos et des membres de la cabale qui veulent fuir.
    -Les évènements solaires ont créé une rapide augmentation vibrationnelle sur Terre.Cela affecte tout le monde.C’est inévitable.Nous sommes à la porte de changements majeurs .Certaines personnes peuvent avoir des expériences avec des personnes chères qui sont décédées pour nous donner des informations et nous aider à évoluer.Il y aura aussi des apparitions d’ovnis , un flash solaire et l’amincissement du voile entre les mondes physiques et spirituels .
    Nous pourrions commencer à voir la cabale s’effondrer très visiblement cette année et d’autres changements majeurs d’ici 2017.


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