Strong and Gentle Leaders Will Lead the Way Forward

In this third part of the discussion about the necessity now for people to accept their very often latent hidden ability to show the way forward, the necessity now for the amazing people who have been so to speak ‘waiting in the shadows’ to come forward and take their rightful roles in all walks and areas of life, I decided that Jesus Sananda or Yeshua needs to be heard at this time on this subject. As He was the guest recently {April 30th} on ‘An Hour with An Angel’ it was easy to find some very recent advice from Yeshua on this subject and the very associated subject of the ascension process that many on this planet are now experiencing.

In this discussion with Steve Beckow Jesus goes to great lengths to explain to us how amazing we all are. He emphasizes that although we strive to become more spiritually enlightened in one way or another that we are fine right now as we are and we must stop being so unkind to ourselves in overly judging our every thought word and deed. He says;

540cbcc0173e” Before we begin I want to speak to the magnificent brilliance, the glory, the splendor of who each of you is; not who you will become and not who you have been, but in this moment where we gather together to have this conversation, at how brilliant you are.
So often I hear you – we all hear you even when you think we don’t – I hear you saying, “What will I become? How will I be different? What will I look like? What will I feel like? What will my talents and capacities be? How will I experience the fullness of my true inter-dimensional self?
Let me please bring you back to who you are and who you are already. It is not about and it never has been about you becoming a different person. Are you transmuting, are you transforming, are you shifting, growing, increasing your frequency, your vibration?
All of this is so and you are doing it in a very steadfast and consistent manner, and taking at the same time in that solidity also the quantum leaps. And you have noted that in yourself; one day you feel that you are stuck in the mud and the next day you are dancing on Venus.”
Then when Jesus continues here He is referring to the ‘anchoring, expanding’ within us of the Mother’s Tsunami Wave of Love that is continuing relentlessly to affect the awakening of everyone on Gaia until we are liberated;

“So I emphasize before we even begin this broader discussion – the divine perfection of who you have always been and who you are right now – your key is anchoring, expanding, anchoring, expanding, receiving, surrendering, and anchoring.”

This discussion on April 30th 2015 between Jesus and Steve is very much focused on determining the difference between the terms Ascension and Enlightenment. What is now taking place upon Gaia has never ever happened before in this way. Up until now there are so few people who have succeeded in ascending to higher dimensional awareness while still existing in a physical body here on Gaia and this is now going to change dramatically. After The Event there will be huge numbers of people ready to go through this ascension process. People will also be provided with the appropriate information that they will need to feel balanced in this process. The very day of The Event when the Event Flash goes out from The One and quickly reaches us here on Gaia, we are all going to ‘feel’ this strong loving spiritual energy and it will be very exciting. There is no need for concern here even though there will be temporary moments of confusion. Everyone is going to experience this on some level independent of whether they have earlier held any belief in the supernatural. Many will have so called Ascension experiences on this day and in whatever way that people feel this energy on the day of The Event it is going to transform them forever. Now we know that Divine Mother/Father One have been preparing us lovingly yet relentlessly in the past 2-3 years with the Tsunami of LOVE for this Event experience and for our new existence upon a 5D Gaia.

1538832_368995669905311_6639598429558568388_nRemember that everyone’s experience will be in accordance with the level of heart consciousness awareness that they as individuals have reached at the time. There will not be any demands of any kind for people having to develop at any quicker pace than they themselves are perfectly comfortable with. Every single person on Gaia will be able to make their own choices regarding their continued process of spiritual development.
Jesus here is lovingly pointing out that ‘Ascension’ will not mean that we must leave our physical body but that we can continue our existence as ascended beings in physicality. …..

“ But will you and I revel, celebrate the completion, the anchoring of this segment as humanity shifts into a higher realm and higher state of being? Oh yes we will, together……. The plan for humanity, for Gaia, for this system at this time – and you have need to realize that when I say ‘this time’ I mean a span of time, I do not mean a particular day. But during this time has been ascension of the planet, of the kingdoms, and most wonderfully of humanity, of humanity coming to a place where they are evolved and in some ways returned to original pattern……..

…… There are many, many steps on your pathway, on your journey home back to the Mother. Is this ascension monumental? Not only for each of you but for this universe or this galaxy and far beyond. So it is a milestone.
You are thinking that when you walk through that portal, into or through the ascension portal, that everything changes. But the point is – do you expand, do you become the love? Yes. So there is a substantial shift and change and there is an expansion.
But your fundamental self of being on planet to create, to build, to enjoy Nova Earth – that is still intended and part of the plan to be in physicality…….

After Ascension the process of Enlightenment Continues;….

…….but is the process by which one seeks the One, the Source, the All, the Divine, and the knowing of the Divine within and because it is within, it is without.
But that divinity and the anchoring of enlightenment in these degrees that we are going to talk about is the anchoring of the divinity within. Now let me be clear with you, we do not want – and you are far too wise my sweet listeners – to play a semantics game. Divinity is love.

3If you are knowing and anchoring in the love, then you are knowing and anchoring in the degrees of divinity and of love…… There is always room, and for those who desire this, the potential for more. Do not, please, make the error of mental body to think that if you are completing your ascension that you have achieved absolute enlightenment. That would be an incomplete understanding.”
Jesus wants to make it very clear in this discussion that the process of enlightenment and ascension does not at all necessitate that we become someone other than the person we are now.
“……..but what I am also saying is don’t delude yourself that you are becoming someone else when who you are is already perfect.”

Then Steve asks Jesus another question;
SB: It occurs to me that perhaps you could tell us what lies ahead between here and ascension; what kinds of internal events, primarily, are we going to go through in this last leg of the journey? Can you talk about that?
J: Yes, and it is occurring within you and outside of you.
SB: Okay.
J: Now depending on your perspective, as you well know some are more internally aware and certainly more perceptually attuned to the inner workings, where others are more externally focused. It is neither here nor there, but both are important. And in this, what the Mother calls “Third Wave”, there is also the – oh, to call it increase is a very mild term – but she is also multiplying her gifts of clarity, her gifts of purity, her gifts of grace.
You are feeling that internally and you are feeling it in two ways, and they are not necessarily step one, step two. It is a back and forth and a balancing until you come to the middle of your being. So what you are experiencing is further integration, deeper integration, not merely of past lives, of different aspects of your being, but a deeper integration, a deeper solidity, appreciation, understanding of who you are, who you really are.

Then Jesus goes on to speak about the process of clearing out old debris that we may still carry within us and “frustration and irritation and disappointment or disillusioned – you name it. And this will come up, and it will come up with yourself and it will come up with others. The point is to simply observe it, participate where and how is appropriate, to let it go, and to maintain not only your sense of humour, but your sense of balance. Balance is key”

He explains that we are experiencing things differently feeling things differently and that we are experiencing more of what LOVE is.

1395766_683355738361458_443195056_n“You are feeling a greater sense of love. And the first definitive quality of this is love of self.

Now you don’t have that definition, oh I think I love myself more today. It is simply being awash, afloat in love so that that sense of differentiation begins to disappear. It is not to eradicate the uniqueness, the splendor of who you are, but the love becomes totality that you are part of that unified grid so that you feel the love for your fellow humans, for the kingdoms, for the mountains, for the streams, for the Divine, for your guides.
But that is the key, is feeling awash in love. That – and think of it in terms of a washing machine; so you are in the various cycles, everything is circulating at once, and what you are really waiting for is that final spin cycle. What we suggest to you is that you are already in that final spin cycle.”

Externally – and again the separation that we are using to have this discussion is artificial. But nevertheless let us proceed.
Your perception and your actual experience – because that is all you have to go on – your knowing of the external world begins to shift. Now if you are in that rugged piece of cleansing then you may well be frustrated, agitated, disappointed, etc. with the human race.
But by and large what is happening is that your perception and your experience of the outer world, whether it is your next-door neighbor, the person on the street, or the person in Iraq, is becoming more loving, more benevolent, more understanding, and based in passion and compassion and wisdom.

SB: Can you tell us why is balance key and what is the relationship between balance and love?
J: When you are in love, and I don’t mean in the romantic sense, although that is a reflection of being the love, but when you are immersed in the love, in the divine essence, then you, by definition, are in balance. As soon as you start to waver then you become distracted.
Michael {Yeshua – Jesus Sananda here referring of course to Archangel Michael} uses this term very purposefully – when you become distracted by either the internal clearing or by the external drama or the event of the day, then you are wavering out of the love and you are wavering, teeter tottering out of the balance.

sananda_kumara1When you are the love, when you are embodying and anchoring the love then you are in your place of balance . . . because you cannot access the totality of yourself, of the inter-dimensional reality, of the alignment with the Mother/Father/One if you are not in balance. And how do you get to balance – yes we know there is much discussion about clearing and dredging, but truly the balance is maintained, not just by still-point, but by the love……
……..So when we tell you – because much of even now what we say is allegorical – when we tell you that your heart is expanding, and it is not just energetic, many of you have felt the pressure of late in your heart as it expands, as it is pressing outwards, because it wants to encompass your entire being. It does not want that sense of delineation and differentiation.
So it is all of you. You cannot say, “My heart loves you, but my mind despises you.” It is all of you. And let me say – I love all of you; the parts, the pieces, the aspects that you have either disdained, or ignored, or aren’t too sure of, or even worse, fall into shame about – let it go.
I love all of you.
And I love all of you with all of my being, all that I have ever been and all I ever will be . . . That is love and that is balance……..

SB: We are nearing the end of the show so I’d like to ask you if you have any closing remarks?
J: You, all of you, beloved listeners this night, you are doing stellar work. You are in your ascension. You are already most of the way there.
Come walk with me, take my hand, and let me show you; let me guide you the rest of the way.
I am with you.
SB: Thank you very much, Jesus.
J: Go with my love. Farewell.
Link here to this full transcript;

Before I close this 3rd part article on leadership I would like to bring back Archangel Michael into the discussion again to refocus a little more on the word gentleness. If you have read the second part of this three part article you may recall that AM said that gentleness is what is called for. Traditionally Archangel Michael is known for having many warriors of peace among his ‘aids’ and many times the word gentleness might not be the first term used to describe them with. Steve asked Michael to speak about gentleness perhaps especially to the men and this is what He said.

AM: Gentleness is key. Think of it very practically. When you grab somebody by the arm, by the scruff of the neck, and you sit them down and you say, “Listen to me. This is what you are going to do. This is what you came here for.” Well, that is about as effective as the old third dimension has been. It is the old paradigm.

26506-today-dont-ask-god-whyask-him-what-are-we-going-toAnd that is why persistence and stamina are important, but gentleness – it is one of the qualities of the Mother, of the Feminine. Think of it when you approach someone, not in false humility, but in authentic, genuine, heart friendship. You take them by the hand, you touch their heart, you acknowledge who they are and you say to them, “Will you come and sit with me and share your heart, your thoughts, your dreams, your desire? Will you let me share mine? Can I share the insights that I have received? And can we do so in the garden of beauty, of sweetness and kindness where you are not threatened or controlled.” Then you have cooperation and you do not encounter resistance.
Too often in the male archetype there has been a sense that you need to put your head down and plow through – that this is what you do and it has been what you have done. And you have done it with the clearest and the sweetest and kindest of intentions, “I am going to put my head down and provide for my family. I am going to make sure there’s food on the table. I am going to protect my sons and daughters from violence.” So I do not criticize you, and those of you who travel with me to the dark places at night know situations of fierceness, but you also have known situations of such gentle kindness that it has changed the entire situation in the blink of an eye.

So what you as peaceful warriors, as central administrators, as healers, as teachers are learning is that gentleness, first and foremost to yourself is a reflection of the Mother’s love. If you cannot be kind and gentle and sweet to yourself then you cannot be gentle in relationship. Gentleness carries a sense and an energy of such love-force that the resistance disappears. So this is resistance that the humans have had, and rightfully so, of being told what to do. That is why we always say we suggest, we guide. We will never tell you what to do unless it is to save your life, and even then we may not say a word.
Gentleness is the key. Kindness is the key.

SB: Thank you for that profound teaching, Lord. Truly I’ll be reflecting on that quite a bit. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
AM: Yes. This discussion of mastery, of leadership, I would like to continue. And I would like you all to think, to feel, to explore: “What is my mastery?” And to embrace it with such incredible glee that you are jumping up and down and coming out of your skin.
Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.
The link to this complete text is found here;
Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015
Channeled by Linda Dillon
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This article was originally posted here on PFC on June 6th 2016

Therese Zumi

23rd June 2016 at 0755 AM CET

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  1. Another way of putting it in words:
    (For those in the UK, find an invitation in the source link)

    Psychic Struggle and Synchronotron
    Posted on 15 June, 2016

    At this very moment the lines of destiny are being unraveled and rewoven into a new pattern.

    From one perspective, it appears there is a battle within the Planet mind between the conditioned historical force and the cosmic freedom of the new, the noosphere. But it is only the old that is doing battle. Ancient story. Ancient forces. Ancient powers at play.ancientatomic07_03

    The story replays itself until we learn the lessons.

    All the perturbations we are experiencing in the world today are a result of adjustments involved in the biosphere-noosphere transition with its many implications, overlapping forcefields and timelines. We are at the point where all that was hidden (throughout aeons) is now being revealed. Though some are not ready to know.

    With all the tragedy and injustices we see in the world, it is important to do all we can to maintain a vibration of harmony. By succumbing and reacting to events or people with aggression, hate or violent opposition is to entangle our vibration in the conflicting energy and repeat the cycle.

    Rather than argue with others about differing belief systems, find common ground. Agree to disagree. Remember what is truly important. Focus on the Big Picture. We are being given opportunities for growth that are inaccessible in “normal” times (whatever that is).

    “Adversity should be immediately recognized as an object of either compassion or patience because without such an object how can we bring out these noble qualities?” Tzo Nyuhdo.

    We are releasing (the old) and simultaneously evolving (the new) which creates a sense of chaotic dissonance. The psychic struggle is a stage of evolution and it too shall pass. Now is the time to strengthen and discipline our minds, as darkness feeds on weakness, lower emotions and inability to control them.

    At the sight of conflict the Secret Dreamers withdraw to Higher Ground to continue their internal preparation for the moment when Emergence is inevitable. For they know that Mind is the interiorization of Matter and Matter is the externalization of Mind. And perfect Love, Compassion and Forgiveness is the Universal solvent.

    Each day that passes is one closer to the last. Now is the time to activate our Superconscious mind, open our hearts, remember who we are, stabilize the realization, and then act accordingly.

    To create positive change in this world requires acting from the inside-out, not re-acting from the outside in.


  2. Thank you for this, Therese and beings of light supporting her and those who work for the Victory of the Litght. The following text I find very clear and helpful in grasping the nature of the 4D world and the relationship between density and vibration, which isn’t expressed as ladders of Jacob simultaneously and the understanding of our own 4D experiences, by our mind. In the trainings of energy work I’ve seldom found such clarity in the way of putting it into words. I also found much resonance in the reality of what is described, coming from experiences in the astral realms and in readings of energy with people, animals and non-physical beings. To me, it’s helpful in discerning our leadership, now and up ahead and it might offer clarity to some of us here who are on that path.

    “As a being evolves through the densities, its ability to resonate with the divine or demonic increases. In other words, it expresses STO or STS more intensely and at greater extremes of frequency. Hence in the astral, a good-natured human might be a little higher up than a benign animal group soul, and a positive alien higher than the human, and angels higher than the alien.
    But once you factor negative beings into the equation, you see that higher density does not always mean higher in the astral because a negative alien or demon will be lower in the astral than a negative human.

    Again, whereas density measures a being’s degree of conscious sophistication, evolution, and power, there is an additional spiritual or astral factor that measures the presence of light, purity, spirituality, and vitality. This factor can be positive or negative in value, and by clairvoyants is perceived as brightness or darkness of energy. Hence, among 4th Density beings you have both positive and negative types, and this refers to their spiritual polarity or astral qualities, i.e the intensity and purity of their STO or STS tendencies. For example, the lowest beings in the astral, the chthonic demonic overlords, are incredibly dense and pure centers of STS impulses, like black holes. Meanwhile angels are likewise intense and pure centers of STO impulses, like radiant suns.

    In occultism, the astral body is the seat of cognized impression, passions, willpower, emotions, and wishes. These are all energies or impulses that, like vectors, point in a certain direction. For us humans they can either point more upward and toward our higher nobler self or downwards toward the baser self. When the astral body is polluted with impulses that point in the direction of serving matter, it undergoes a bit of spiritual entropy or decay or darkening because it loses the nondeterministic creative qualities intrinsic to spirit and instead subjects itself to the deterministic entropic tendencies of matter.

    Demons are an extreme example of the latter, who despite being nonphysical are nevertheless embodiments of death, entropy, decay, destruction (characteristics of matter, as proven by the laws of thermodynamics) and sow these wherever they go. They are extensions of the “Abyss,” reaching upward like tentacles and pulling everything it can grasp down to its level. Demons pollute our etheric environment with their low vibrational energies, make plants, animals, and people ill as a result, and seek to destroy all qualities of spirit within a person.

    So the higher and lower astral environments are inhabited by beings of higher and lower spiritual polarities. Thus a kind of resonance is established between who you are and where you go in the astral. This explains some of the discrepancies between what people experience when they die. Some report entering a healing environment surrounded by loving helpers, others report being taken into dark hell worlds of torment. The latter admit to being angry, selfish, negative people, so what they experienced correlated with who they were internally at time of death. To visit the higher astral regions, you have to be of a corresponding higher spiritual nature or be taken there by divine grace.

    Of course, positive beings from these higher regions can elect to come down into the lower ones without too much difficulty when divine intervention is required. In contrast, the lower beings cannot enter the higher because they lack the energy, strength, and integrity to rise up without losing cohesion in their chosen astral polarity; thus such beings tend to disintegrate (they describe it as burning, as in “the light is burning me”) if they enter too vibrationally high an environment, which is the last thing they usually want.

    Note that even our everyday 3D environment, with its everyday events and everyday people, is vibrationally higher than the level where these demons originate. So when they project themselves out of their astral pits into our environment (mainly our etheric environment) they undergo disintegration unless they can gather enough dark energies to condition a space (such as a bedroom, bar, basement, corner of the closet, a haunted box, tomb, etc.) to make things more comfortable for themselves, commonly referred to as nesting.

    Therefore it follows that by conditioning a physical space with higher vibrational energies (via love, devotion, gratitude, happiness, health, life, freshness, brightness, etc. or simply requesting a higher spiritual intelligence to bless and protect the space) that makes this environment especially caustic to demonic entities”.


  3. Thank you for creating these opportunities and offering of suggestions and support. It’s true that gentleness and kindness are present in company of determination and firmness. There’s a new
    no nonsense feel, a strengthening of character that only loving parents can show and teach their kids. No one of us is alone and no one needs to feel alone. As much as receiving feels like a muscle in need of training, to me at least, awareness of company seems to be in need for a bit of training too. I can feel the little hand of my inner child in mine.

  4. I wanted to Thank All Beings and Spiritual Beings involved who’s insight and Guidance was conveyed in this article. I am humbly grateful to you All, much Love and Thanks to everyone.

  5. I love everything Theresa post, because I am receiving all this information, the same thing by mind and ideas, that flows to my mind, Everthing is pararel to my thoughts. God Bless you my sister, Margarita Fabian from Puerto Rico


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