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Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 729 entries to this date.  See: 2012portal.blogspot.com

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Transcript of the June 20, interview posted on June 26, 2016


Prepare for Change and Cobra Interview June 20, 2016

Lynn – Welcome ladies & gentlemen to our monthly Cobra interview. Your hosts today are Lynn and Richard. Our goal with these Cobra interviews as with our website is to inform, educate and prepare for coming events. Please remember that no one has all the answers all the time. Remember that your own internal guidance is the key and always go with what resonates with that guidance.

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At this point, I would like to welcome back our Warrior of the Light and liaison with the Resistance Movement: Cobra!

Lynn – Welcome Cobra http://2012portal.blogspot.com

COBRA – Thank you again. It’s very nice to be present on those interviews.

Lynn – We have many questions for you today. (OK)

Richard – So, Cobra, thank you very much for allowing us to be here with you and giving us this interview. Cobra, my first question is: We have heard many different ideas of what the center of the earth is like. Many people say it’s hollow with oceans and a sun and of course scientist say the core is made of lava and so on. Cobra can you please tell us what the earth is really like from the core to the surface?

COBRA – OK. The scientific model is to a certain degree correct but while we have inside especially in the outer layer of the so-called earth skin it is honeycombed. It means that there are tunnels and caverns and underground rivers and ocean systems which are quite extensive and some of them are populated by different underground civilizations. Aside from that on the physical plane the accepted scientific model is a great degree correct. (great, thank you very much.)

Lynn – Cobra, is it true that the water on the surface of the earth comes from inside the earth?

COBRA – It is a complex system. Some of the water does come from below the surface and merges towards the surface. Some of it comes from the atmosphere to be recycled through the oceans and some of it comes from the outer space. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, did the earth really have 2 moons at one point?

COBRA – The earth had through history various numbers of moons. Some of them have crashed to the earth surface. Some of them have escaped earth’s gravitational field and some of them were even removed or destroyed throughout the past. (thank you)

Richard – Is the moon that we currently have. Is it artificial or is it one of the original moons?

COBRA – It is not artificial. It is a natural object but it has been used extensively. There were many towns created below the surface of the moon. Many of the existing lava tubes were extended and many underground cities were build there. (wow, thank you)

Lynn – Is it true that the Cro-Magnon humans have amazing forgotten abilities because they were created to be the protectors of the earth and that all life that was being brought to the earth from other planets in our universe?

COBRA – Basically every species has potential for amazing abilities and absolutely every individual instead of that species to develop and activate those abilities. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what happened to the Neanderthal man?

COBRA – Neanderthal man was extinct because it no longer served the purpose of evolution. Small percentage of Neanderthal man survived and actually some of them are now, I would say, some members of the Cabal have a great percentage of Neanderthal genes in their genetic make-up. (wow)
Richard – So Cobra, about a year ago I remember you said that the royal families, more so the Khazar families, you said that they had been genetically modified with the Neanderthal but and I believe with an ET species. Is this true?

COBRA – Exactly. The Khazarian are exactly that faction which has a lot of the Neanderthal genotype in their genetic make-up.

Richard – Is this why they practice inbreeding and they don’t like to share their blood with the Cro-Magnon human?

COBRA – This is one of the reasons. Many of them are not aware of this underlying reason but some of them are. And they perceive themselves to be the superior race. It is their distorted perception of reality. (thank you very much).

Lynn – Many people say human nature is negative and evil but I don’t agree. When we are born we are pure unconditional love with no fear, worries or doubts. So it seems true that human nature is pure love. Would you agree with this?

COBRA – I would say that the deeper human nature or should we say the soul nature is pure love but the personality is, I would say, the reaction of the incarnated soul on the primary anomaly and the conditions that we find here on this planet and free will is the deciding factor in which this personality will evolve. Either in a good direction or so-called evil direction. So the free will is the most critical element here. But I would say when the conditions on this planet will improve the vast majority of people will make their free will decision for the positive. (beautiful, thank you).

Richard – Cobra, can you tell us about Mary Magdalene?

COBRA – Ok. I would need to have a more specific question.

Richard – We just want to know if she was married with Jesus. If they actually travel the world if they did positive things or if the things or the stories that we’ve heard are true. Like being a prostitute and those negative things.

COBRA – Yes, she was I would say, the soulmate of the being that some people call Jesus. They were both initiated into the mysteries and they were sharing some advanced teachings together and a certain lineage was born from their union. (thank you very much).
Lynn – Cobra, is it true Mary was Jesus’s guru and from birth? That she was preparing him for his mission?

COBRA – I would say partially true. He had many so-called teachers and instructors and she was one of them.

Lynn – Was mother Mary an incarnation of the divine feminine mother?

COBRA – I would say that she was channeling the energies of that archetype.

Lynn – Was mother Mary more powerful than Jesus?

COBRA – I would say that each individual being in this universe has unique power and it’s not useful to compare any individual being with any other individual being as more or less powerful. (well said, thank you).

Richard – Cobra, did Jesus leave his body in India?

COBRA – I would say that this particular being had many travels after the moment on the cross and India was one of them. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, what is a saint?

COBRA – A saint is a being that I would say tries to live his or her life according to inner principles.

Richard – Cobra, what is a lord?

COBRA – A Lord. You have many descriptions of that particular energy. It can be used in a positive or a negative way. That is a being that is in command of his own free will. (very nice, thank you).

Lynn – Have you ever heard of the concept of the word GOD. G.O.D meaning Generator Operator and Destroyer? It would explain the creator being the generating aspect of the source that is constantly adding to the creation in ways of manifesting. The operator being the masculine aspect of the source guiding creation and making sure everything is as it should Be. The Destroyer being the feminine aspect of the source because destruction always results in the birth of something new.

COBRA – OK. I would agree to a certain degree with this but again this is just a certain description, I would say a philosophical explanation of reality. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, is it true that The Source’s physical body is the physical Creation?

COBRA – Actually the Source does not have a body but I could say that the emanation of the source has a physical body and that physical body is the physical plane of creation. (thank you very much.)

Lynn – Are all universes based on the same type of experience?

COBRA – Absolutely not. This type of experience that we have on this planet and in this corner of the galaxy is a very unique and very, I would say, strange and distorted experience. The vast majority of universes and also the vast majority of galaxies in this universe do not have that type of experience.

Lynn – So are there universes that have easier lifetimes, without as many challenges?

COBRA – Exactly.

Richard – Are universes based on different principles? For example, I’ve heard that this universe we live on is called Free Will Universe. People can do what they want. Are all universes based on a principle like that?

COBRA – There are some basic underlying principles which are the same but there are some particular differences based on different physical constants and different, I would say, conditions, different levels of development in that particular universe. (thank you).

Lynn – Cobra can you give us an exact number of dimensions?

COBRA – Again, dimension is an arbitrary description of reality so if you have a different perspective you can number a different number of dimensions. (OK, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, will there be a place for awakening humans to learn truth and be healed after The Event?

COBRA – Yes of course, especially I would say on the surface of the planet there will be a lot of assistance for human beings that need a lot of healing.

Richard – Are there any places like this now or will they come up after The Event?

COBRA – They will come after the event. (thank you)

Lynn – There is discussion among the Secret Space Program (SSP) that Obama will ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to back down and allow Bernie Sanders to become President as disclosure is coming. Is this truly the course of the Event. Is supporting the Disclosure movement leading to the switchover in currency and governance?

COBRA – I do not see it this way. There are many possible outcomes of development of this situation but I do not see it this way. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, are the Akashic records real? Is it possible for humans to access these records?

COBRA – Yes, they are real and yes it is possible to access those records.

Richard – Are there humans now on earth now that are accurately accessing those records that you can actually trust?

COBRA – Very few. (very few, thank you)

Lynn – What affect will the Event have on the human colony on Mars?

COBRA – The event will not happen only on the planet earth. It will happen throughout the solar system, so all of this will be transformed. All the. . . whatever is remaining of the SSP colonies or whatever is remaining of the enslavement will be resolved completely. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, Is M-1 truly still alive or did the King of Kings die under house arrest in the 1960’s? Will the Dragon Families be in full compliance with the needs of the Event?

COBRA – The instrument of M-1 will not continue from the moment of the event. The whole thing will be restructured. The instrument of M1 belongs to the old financial system not to the new financial system after the reset. (thank you)

Lynn – The Rose Creatrix, also known as Nyx, (N-Y-X). The primordial Goddess of Night in ancient Greek mythology, has awoken in a human body being fully after the Transit of Mercury in front of the Sun and whose consciousness conduit also includes the Ascended Master Beloved Rose of Light, Over soul Isis, and Archangel Mother Mary Queen of Angels. Without identifying my human name right now, I want to know if I am the living embodiment of the Goddess that you wanted to awaken by jump-starting the Sisterhood of the Rose?

COBRA – The answer is No. (OK)
Richard – Are the Indigos, the Oraphims, Crystals, and other children of the light in direct communication with the Company of Heaven now?

COBRA – Some of them yes.

Lynn – This person states: I am preparing my team for full functionality by removing alien etheric implant devices, capping the chakras, defragmenting of the heart and mind, opening the emerald modem of the heart and saying daily spiritual warrior prayers that shield the light body and reemphasize Benevolence and Compassion. Do you have any particular instructions for this person?

COBRA – No. I would say that each person needs to go inside for guidance. That guidance is, I would say the most reliable guidance you will ever get. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, what are the 7 mental planes?

COBRA – There are 7 sub-planes of the mental plane and the highest 4 are the so-called higher mental plane and the lowest 3 are the lower mental planes. They describe various levels of frequency of mind of thought and ideas. (thank you)

Richard – Are the 7 mental planes the same as the 7 soul parts?


Richard – So what are the 7 soul parts?

COBRA – Some people describe this as 7 rays. These 7 rays are 7 different energies emanating from the source that tried to resolve the cosmic anomaly. (thank you)

Richard – Is it our job to bring the balance to those parts or to become those 7 parts or how do those affect humans?

COBRA – It is the job of the individual being to develop those in full alignment with the plan of the soul of that particular individual. (great, thank you very much).

Lynn – What was the purpose of the time loop to the present moment created by the Minoan people from the Central sun who created a civilization in ancient Crete?

COBRA – The purpose of that time loop was to reinforce and strengthen the goddess presence on the surface of the planet.

Lynn – Speaking of Crete Cobra, how was your conference there?

COBRA – It was amazing. It was one of the most visible conferences that we had until now. (wow, wonderful)

Richard – Is there anything you can share with us?

COBRA – We had a very good, very nice very powerful group. We had a lot of harmony and a lot of goddess presence and very strong energies that are creating support fields for the planetary transformation process quite strongly. (awesome, thank you).

Richard – Cobra, does the Voice of God technology also work to block ideas from occurring in someone’s mind?

COBRA – Yes, one aspect of that technology is basically blocking the ideas or shall I even say blocking the connection with your higher self.
Richard – Is there any way to remove that technology?

COBRA – The most effective way is to connect with your higher self and that connection will begin to dissolve that kind of technology. (thank you very much).


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Lynn – Cobra, why is there so much fighting on the surface in places like Kashmir and Tibet where there is a positive Agarthan or Pleiadian base underground? Wouldn’t their positive energies prevent fighting above ground in these areas?

COBRA – The exact location of the base is not in the fighting area. The fighting is taking place quite far away from that Pleiadian base. At this point the light forces do not control the surface of the planet.
Richard – Cobra, what do you think of the national/social banking system as an alternative, where government can create, issue and circulate the sole national currency at her will? Do you think it is more efficient and creative than the new Gold Standard?

COBRA – It is not more efficient than what is being prepared after the financial reset. This is just one or I would say option that some people are supporting but I would not say the most effective and positive option.

Lynn – Cobra, why is it said that the sun burns people’s skin? Is it really the sun that is causing the burning or is it maybe the work of Archons or some other negative force? What is causing this phenomena?

COBRA – Basically the sun is getting more active because of the accumulative of the Galactic central sun and the veiled technology is misusing those particles to create so called energetic burns. So I would say that the veiled technology is misusing the natural outbursts of the sun the natural sun activity which is a result of the increased activity of the galactic center.

Lynn – Is there anything that we can do besides “sunscreen” as this blocks the sun’s rays preventing skin absorption of Vitamin D which is important for our immune system to protect us from diseases like cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. It is also key in regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Would it be helpful to use manifestation by placing an invisible shield around ourselves?

COBRA – That would help and what will also help is pure water which begins to dissolve negative technologies created by the veil. So the presence of water does help a lot. (OK, great)

Lynn – Will this end post Event? Will sunburns become something of the past.

COBRA – It will gradually dissolve as the veiled technology will be dissolved and the radiation of the sun gets balanced throughout the solar system. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, can you give us any information regarding human psychosis? Is there an element of E.T. or Archon interference in these issues?

COBRA – In the vast majority of cases the Archons and their technology are the cause of psychoses. The other cause is a traumatic. . . Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) so all of those things are created by the Cabal and by the Archons. After the event the psychoses percentage will drop basically almost completely to zero.

Richard – Is there anything people that are suffering from this right now. People who have family members, is there anything that they can do to help them?

COBRA – There are some healers which are able to address those issues. We have a web-site www.ethericliberation.com
where people can get healing in many, many different cases, so I would say that there is assistance available right now. (thank you very much.)

Lynn – A scientist in the USA back in the 1940s and 1950s named Royal Rife invented a frequency machine (called a “Rife machine”) that basically figured out the frequency of every disease — cancers, multiple sclerosis, and many illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Dr. Rife was able to kill these diseases with his frequency machine, which only eliminated the bad cells. He basically was able to simply eliminate the bad cells. The machine seemed to work with the whole electrical field and plasma level of the body. Do you think this type of machine — a frequency machine like Dr. Rife’s — is a precursor to what will be available after the Event?

COBRA – Yes of course, exactly. This is what is going to happen.

Lynn – Does this treatment effect the plasma and the etheric levels of the body?

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – Are there other treatments, currently in use, that are more effective than the Rife treatment?

COBRA – Tachyon chambers are quite effective and have produced excellent results.

Lynn – You have recommended drinking as much clear water as we can. Are there any foods you can recommend to help get rid of cancers and other diseases?

COBRA – I am not a nutritionist so I cannot give the specific advice in that area but I would say that clear water, good quality food and lots of nature and fresh air will assist in bringing body back into balance. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, a reader has said; I received an update from Winston Shrout stating the Black Nobility has surrendered. I have not seen any reference posted anywhere else. Cobra is there any substance to this?

COBRA – The Black Nobility has to yet surrendered. When they will surrender it will be at the time of the Event. (thank you very much).

Lynn – Cobra, you have written on the http://2012portal.blogspot.com blog about these Asian goddesses, Xi Wangmu and Dou Mu. You have said Dou Mu is here on earth now, somewhere in Asia. You had written she is in her light body, but is this a physical form?

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn – Can we talk or telepathically connect with these goddesses or communicate with them in any way?

COBRA – If you have pure intention you can connect telepathically with them of course.

Lynn – Are there any goddess vortexes in the United States?

COBRA – There are quite many but they are not publicly released at this point for certain reasons. (OK thank you).

Richard – Cobra, what is the significance of Sedona?

COBRA – Sedona is one of the most important energy vortexes on the planet right now. (thank you).

Richard – Is there anything that we can do to help it in any way?

COBRA – You can use your own guidance to connect with that particular vortex or any other particular vortex and assist in the transformation of the planetary light grid in whichever way it feels right for you. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, a reader wrote the following; About 2 months ago I had a very powerful vision. The Event had happened. The earth was moving up, first into the 4th, then the 5th, then the 6th dimension. While this was happening, I saw Jesus and Mary Magdalene walking down a set of stairs. The LIGHT kept rising and getting brighter. The earth was healed and beautiful! Jesus and Mary were pure, unconditional love. And behind them were the spirit halves of the male and female of Source! I was shown what heaven looked like, but what took me by surprise was that we, the earth, could go up to the 7th dimension. And the shock of that I sensed is that there is something above Source as we know it! And whatever this intelligence is, it is in the 7th dimension. I was not ready to find out what is above the Source, because I was totally unprepared to even receive this knowledge. My question is, is what I saw going to happen and is there an intelligence above Source?

COBRA – I would say The Source is at the top. I would say the source is at the core of the creation so there couldn’t not be anything above source. What people can understand as being something above the source is when we resolve the cosmic anomaly we come back to the source with that understanding which was not present while we were incarnated in this dimension. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, what is the plan of the light forces in regards to the impeachment of the B.R.I.C.S., Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff? We know the Cabal wants her out and that her ouster will affect the B.R.I.C.S. Cobra can you give us an update on this situation and the current political climate of the people of Brazil?

COBRA – OK. There is a quite intense conflict between the light forces and the dark forces in that particular country. And this conflict is quite intense. The final outcome will be positive but before we get to the final outcome there may be a lot of tension and a lot of conflict and many situations that will appear not to be good. (I understand, thank you).

Lynn – A reader in Turkey wrote: On four nights when looking out the window I saw a red cloud, then blue lightening and no rain. Do you have any information on this phenomena?


Richard – Cobra, it has widely been reported that the Cabal plans to reduce the Earth’s population by 90%. With the world’s current population estimated to be 7.4 billion, using that 90% figure gives us a total of 6,660,000,000 (six billion, six hundred and sixty million) murdered. Can you offer any comment on this figure?

COBRA – This is just a calculation for this particular current situation but those plans will not be successful anyway, so those numbers are not indicating anything. (thank you very much).

Lynn – The last few months we have noticed lots of cases of people getting ‘possessed’ by entities on the streets, subways, schools, super markets, etc… It is as if it was some sort of Archon infection going around these days! Do you have any knowledge of what is happening Cobra?

COBRA – It is a very intense purification of this Archon network around the planet and many entities which were already in human bodies they are being released and they are being agitated because more light is coming in and this can get quite unpleasant. (got cha, thank you)

Richard – Some light workers and light warriors are now ready for first contact. Besides meditation and prayers what else could you recommend they do to effectively bring about and expedite this long overdue event reunion?

COBRA – It is the highest purpose to spread information to awaken as many people as possible through alternative media, to open blogs, to write articles, to do things that can assist any way in this particular situation. (I understand thank you).

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Lynn – Since most laws and the entire judicial system is going to change after the Event, what will the future for Judges and lawyers around the world look like?

COBRA – They will have to retrain to some other vocation. They will need to do something else.

Lynn – So will there be no legal system?

COBRA – The legal system will be greatly restructured, simplified and there will be no need for judges and lawyers will be drastically reduced. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, there is currently a movement to create common court laws in each county, is that a part of this system?

COBRA – Yes. (thank you very much).

Richard – Cobra, RT news said last week that Argentina was ending the ‘public transmission’ of RT News in Argentina. They were shocked because the notice came from the Argentinian government as a surprise and with little notice to them. It seems the Cabal is gaining a strong foothold in South America. What do you know about this situation Cobra?

COBRA – I was not informed about this situation but I can check and the next time you ask this question I can get some answers. (thank you very much).

Lynn – With all of the Souls on the Earth why can’t we get 144,000 to meditate at the same time to reach critical mass to bring about The Event? They can get a million students to mediate, but why can’t we get 144,000. Why has it been so difficult to make happen???

COBRA – It is because this particular meditation is a little bit more complex and requires a little bit more dedication. (I understand, thank you).

Richard – Brexit is an abbreviation of “British exit” that mirrors the term Grexit. Brexit refers to the possibility that Britain will withdraw from the European Union. The country will hold an in-out referendum on its EU membership on June 23. Cobra do you have any opinion on the Brexit vote that will occur on June 23rd?

COBRA – I think this will happen on June 23rd. We will need to see what will happen because basically the Cabal always, or I should say Almost always tries to interfere with the voting process. So most likely this will happen again. (great, thank you).

Lynn – Do you have an opinion on this Cobra? Do you think they will vote for the removal from the EU or do you think they will they stick with it?

COBRA – Again I would say that most likely people will vote for removal from EU and this vote will not be respected.

Lynn – What part in the overall situation plays the Venusian hierarchy (Sanat Kumara and the other kumaras) and the planetary hierarchy of ascended masters in the liberation of the planet and The Event?

COBRA – OK. They are assisting with their energies. They are uplifting the atmosphere, inspiring people and they are also preventing many things from happening that would otherwise be quite dramatic and could disrupt the balance on the planet quite much. (thank you).

Richard – Cobra, are you aware of some of the oldest races residing in the inner earth such as the Hyperboreans and Polarian (Adam Kadmon) race?

COBRA – I would say that there are many races but those names and those descriptions are not always accurate. (I understand. thank you)

Lynn – This question is in regarding a single universe. Recently you said
in all of the other Universes had been integrated into this one. What do you mean by that?

COBRA – It means that they were absorbed into this universe through a certain wormhole or singularity because the consciousness on the cosmic plane was high enough for something like this. (wow)…

Lynn – When did this happen.

COBRA – This was happening around the time of 1999 when a huge cosmic portal had opened and this cosmic portal has triggered drastic changes which will now as a consequence liberate the solar system and planet earth.

Lynn – So was this a short period of time that this occurred or has it been a gradual change.

COBRA – It was quite intense and quite fast. (OK).

Lynn – Is this what our scientists are observing and describing as “the Universe is getting bigger and expanding”?

COBRA – Not exactly.

Lynn – Although I don’t believe in astrology, (especially the western one), I’d like to know: Did the merging of multiple universes into a single one have an effect on our Astrology charts?

COBRA – No because the Western astrology usually uses the main 9 planets of the solar system, the sun and a few of the fixed stars and usually does not take into account more distant objects such as other galaxies or other universes. (got cha).

Richard – What is a shooting star?

COBRA – A shooting star – it is a piece of debris that has entered the earth’s atmosphere and burned because of the friction of the earth’s atmosphere. So-called Meteor. (I understand, thank you very much).

Lynn – In the recent years, I’ve been seeing a few changes in the NIGHT sky. For example, I’ve noticed during the 2015 winter solstice period, the days were at least up to 8-10 minutes longer than they used to be before. Sirius doesn’t seem to be at the place it used to be before. Another of such changes is the disappearance of the constellation of Ursula Major/The Big Dipper/The Big Bear. I live in Southern California, and it’s been up to 3 years that I haven’t seen it from here. The Small Bear is there, but the big MAMA is nowhere to be found…..Can You please comment on what I’m observing/seeing?

COBRA – I cannot answer this question with much detailed evidence like photographs with dates and locations because people claim to see or perceive many things without detailed proof, so it’s not possible to assess each individual case without solid evidence. (I see).

Lynn – This person is also wondering if this is a situation that is only visible or not visible in this part of the hemisphere. And also she says; (maybe she needs a good pair of night goggles to see better?! ;))

COBRA – I would say that basically this is not happening but if anybody has strong evidence of this that could become interesting. (thank you)

Lynn – Who are the Seeders?

COBRA – This is one description of the central race and named so because the central race have assisted in formation of various civilizations throughout the galaxy.

Richard – Who are “the guardians”?

COBRA – This is a different name for the same group. (I understand)

Richard – Cobra, what is an angel, or what we perceive as an angelic being,

COBRA – An angel or angelic being is the being that is part of the light evolution and has his or her free will completely aligned with the free will of the Source. (thank you)

Richard – What is their purpose.

COBRA – Their purpose is to anchor light and spread light wherever they go.

Richard – Do they work with human consciousness or make contact with us at any time.

COBRA – Yes. (thank you very much)

Lynn – When, and how was the mixing of the languages done, and by whom?

COBRA – The mixing of the languages was done basically after the fall of Atlantis with the purpose of creating more division on the surface of the planet and this was done by the Archons.

Richard – Same purpose religions and cultures and all that stuff was created? (yes). Got cha. thank you.

Richard – Cobra, we came from one… We are one… Everyone is loved… It’s never too late to turn to the light, right? (Yes) So, isn’t it that the Dark Ones need our love the most right now? To show and share our love with them, so they can feel it, turn to the light and with their power and knowledge be a great asset to us all? And won’t their power and knowledge be a great asset to us all.

COBRA – I do not believe this. I don’t agree with this. What the dark forces need is firm boundaries at this moment. They need to be told “No”. They need to be stopped.

Lynn – Several years ago an amateur astronomer named John Lenard Walson released photos of several unknown craft he photographed in Earth orbit. Some were correctly identified as the ISS and the space shuttle, but many of these craft were not so easy to identify. Some of the photos can be found here, and he’s listed the website which will be in our transcript here: http://www.rense.com/general79/wdx.htm
Can Cobra offer any comment on the craft photographed?

COBRA – I would need to see the photograph and then I could make a comment. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, should we be sending love to the Yaldabaoth or simply visualizing it gone? Which is more effective? Are we trying to heal Yaldabaoth or kill it?

COBRA – The most effective would be to visualize it transforming and being absorbed into the one. Exactly how this will be done you can leave it to the light forces. (thank you very much).

Lynn – This person states: I always run into an “invisible wall” that stops me from doing/being/ having all that I feel I am meant to accomplish. I cannot see this wall. But I know it is there. I have talked to others who have same experience. What is this “invisible wall” that sabotages all of my efforts?

COBRA – This is the veiled technology which I have described in detail in my blog. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra can you please explain, what exactly is Dark matter & why is it referred to as Dark?

COBRA – A dark matter is scientific concept which is not exactly completely true. This is how scientists try to explain the missing matter in the universe without understanding the higher energy levels and without understanding scalar fields completely. (thank you)

Lynn – This may be a Humorous question, I’m not exactly sure: What type of devices do the American political candidates wear that keeps them looking like humans, and not like shape shifting lizards?

COBRA – They are not shape shifting lizards. They have different devices but no devices to prevent them from shape-shifting. (OK)

Richard – A highly publicized shooting took place in Ottawa, Canada, on October 22, 2014, in which a Canadian man with ties to the government and who had recently converted to Islam, is said to have shot and killed a Canadian soldier before attacking the Canadian Parliament, where he was subsequently shot to death by police. It has been alleged by credible sources that a high ranking member of the Stephen Harper government named Denis Lebel was about to be exposed for attending a child sacrifice event at the Vatican, and this incident was staged as a smokescreen designed to divert attention away from this. My questions are: 1) Was any soldier actually gunned down that day, and 2) is the story about Denis Lebel true?

COBRA – OK. I would need to go deeper into this case and check with my contacts to answer this question properly.

Lynn – I read some posts about how Obama will disclose information on Extra-Terrestrials just before his presidency ends. This should be around the time of the U.S. election. Is this part of the full disclosure process by the light forces (and hence the start of some mass change visible to everyone) or is it just another sham?

COBRA – The exact way how disclosure process will occur is not determined yet because there are many factors involved. President Obama may or may not be involved in that particular process. But most definitely he is not the key person for that process. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, are the ideas of first wave second wave, 3rd wave true? Is that an accurate description of what is happening?

COBRA – It is not happening now but apart from that I cannot answer this question. (alright thank you)

Lynn – This person states: I have been using the Cobra Protection protocol (Mirror Shield & Soul Star Chakra Vortex) daily for several months. I described it to a shaman that I trust who said mirror shields are great, but they require a lot of energy to maintain. Is this true and does take a lot of energy?

Protection Protocol:

COBRA – This technique was given to me by the Dragon forces and has been proven many times to be quite effective. (thank you)

Lynn – In the alternative news the pineal gland is much discussed. For the present human on the surface is it safe to activate the third eye within their archon’s matrix technology?

COBRA – It is safe if you have a strong inner guidance.

Richard – What does it mean to activate the third eye?

COBRA – It means to activate with special electromagnetic field inside the center of your head to open up to higher dimensions. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, a concerned listener asks about the Orlando shootings. Are you familiar with that occurrence?

COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – What are your thoughts on this?

COBRA – Yes, another distraction and too much energy going into that.

Lynn – Agreed.

Lynn – Cobra, is there going to be any sort of evacuation of the earth in the next 100 years.

COBRA – It is not the highest purpose to answer this question at this point.

Richard – Who, according to your sources is responsible for the writing of the book “The Bible”? Is it completely fabricated by man for the control of our spiritual power, or is there any truth to what some people claim, that it was inspired by God.

COBRA – It is a collection of ancient text which has been compiled and presented and spinned in a certain way to get a certain psychological effect. This compilation was done by a scribe of a certain Archon called Constantine. His purpose was to control humanity. I would say that the way this book is presented is not having a positive effect on humanity as a whole but there are some very positive fragments inside which has which have been inspired by the light forces. So it’s a mixture. (I understand)

Richard – Is that sort of part also control also by the Cabal to leave those little bits of truth in it so you get the feeling that this is truth, and maybe not all truth? Kind of confusing for them?

COBRA – It is the other way around. When this compilation was made in the 4th century the awareness was too strong to completely eliminate the good parts. It would simply appear to be too strange. (thank you)

Lynn – It is known that military forces have examined the effects of infrasound and even looked into its use as a weapon. Exposure to infrasound has been demonstrated to effect recipients with symptoms including fear, sorrow, depression, anxiety, nausea, chest pressure and hallucinations. Infrasound are sound wave frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility. Do you know if new Hollywood movies and TV-shows contain infrasound in the soundtrack?

COBRA – Unfortunately yes. This is not a new technology. This has been implemented I would say for decades. It’s not something new but the intensity of that infrasound has been increased since 1996, since the Archon invasion. (thank you)

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Lynn – This question involves the Lung-Gom-Pa runners of old Tibet. Are you at all familiar with them, Cobra?

COBRA – To a certain degree, yes.
Lung-Gom-Pa runners

  1. Seclude yourself in a remote cave for three years.
  2. Spend most of your time practicing breathing exercises and chanting Buddhist mantras.
  3. Practice leaping upward from a cross-legged sitting position without using your hands. Repeat ad infinitum.
  4. Return to the society after their period of isolation and they are light as a feather, in a heightened state of consciousness.
  5. Run vast distances. Win races. Not that that’s their desire.

Is there anything else you can add to this Cobra? I think they are very interesting. Apparently they can run up to 200 miles in a day.

COBRA – Ok those monks are part of the old tradition which has connections with the Agarthan network. I would add this part. (I see)

Lynn – OK Cobra, I guess we’re coming to the close of another hour with you. I know that you have a couple of conferences coming up. Would you like to talk about them?

COBRA – Yes, we are preparing conferences in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the first week-end of July and 14 days later we have a conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Both conferences will be extremely strong and quite powerful because the energies are already preparing certain things behind the scenes already preparing. If people would like to join us there is a link on my blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com and they can register and of course everybody is invited. (thank you).

Lynn – Very good. Do you have any closing comments for our listening audience?

COBRA – I would say that we live in a very interesting period right now where things are getting a little bit more intense. Not so boring any more so hopefully we will soon be witness to some interesting changes and I would like everybody just to continue pushing for full disclosure and for the Victory of the Light.

Lynn – Yes, thank you so much

Richard – Thank you so much Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you, bye, bye.

In closing I would like to thank the whole team that has made this interview possible:

Cobra for being a gracious guest. Website is: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/
Dov for our theme song: Voices of the World
DaNell for her transcription expertise,
My co-interviewer—Richard,
Aaron on sound,
Untwine for modulation & editing,
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and all of our wonderful listeners!
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  1. Thank U Beloved Cobra & All in this Greater Movement toward the Liberation of Planet Earth & All her Living Beings இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ PEACE& LOVE TO ALL ღ¸.•¨`*☼ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ A Good & Awakening Weekend to All. U are Most Welcome to watch & share my “Favorites “- Playlist on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLzP8VXD8zF4obBVEehwaAXw
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    Warm Hugz from the Heart of Red Lunar Moon, Kin 249 .

  2. “Lynn – Cobra, is there going to be any sort of evacuation of the earth in the next 100 years.

    COBRA – It is not the highest purpose to answer this question at this point.”

    Interesting that he says nothing to such matter… wich i don’t like when information is hidden… i don’t like at all!!!

  3. I love you Cobra, and I love all the beautiful Palladian’s. I’m sorry I could not read all the pages that you have printed in these topics. Maybe it a little due to my age that I say this and I have discovered that I can not see anything with my eyes closed.

  4. Here I am again, this time sharing info about the “Voice of God” something one of the questioners has asked Cobra to explain:

    “The Inner Earth beings were confused and anxious over what they had been told, according to Goode. He speculated that the Inner Earth representatives had been informed that their long time policy of deceiving surface humanity about their existence, and maintaining a strict policy of separation had not been appropriate to their role as planetary custodians.

    Apparently, this led to great concern over the merits of revealing themselves to surface humanity, who are considered dangerous and unpredictable. This consequently led to a split among the seven civilizations, who had briefly formed an Inner Earth Alliance as Goode described in his September 23, 2015 report.

    Three of the civilizations subsequently decided to break away from the Alliance and maintain their separation policy. They would do so by stepping up their counter-intelligence (deception) operations with surface humans in order to remain hidden.

    The other four civilizations in turn decided to follow the advice of the Sphere Being Alliance and take active steps to start revealing themselves to humanity.

    One of the first resulting steps taken was to stop falsely telling human ‘channelers’, who they had established telepathic communications with, that they were extraterrestrials. The new policy meant revealing that they were actually humans from the Earth’s interior.

    Coincidentally, on January 17, 2016, three days after Goode’s initial report on his Inner Earth visit, a popular channeler of the “Galactic Federation” and “Ashtar Command”, Greg Giles, released an update on having been deceived about channeling extraterrestrials as he first believed. Instead, he says he had discovered that he was being fooled by a military group using “Voice of God” technology.

    The so-called ‘channeled messages’ I received claiming to be from my soul family from the stars were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents, allegedly from the military industrial complex, working in concert with volunteers, many of which are secret society members who help propagate enormous numbers of hoaxed news stories of UFOs and related space news, building a backdrop for a PSYOPS program that lures science and spirituality-minded individuals such as myself into their web. [see update below]

    While Giles’ discovery that his telepathic contacts were not who they claimed to be preceded the January Kuiper Belt meeting, it nevertheless illustrates the ramifications of the kind of deception previously conducted by the seven Inner Earth Civilizations. Presumably, this would change in the future, at least for some of these civilizations, in how they respectively conduct themselves with surface humanity.”


  5. I just opened myself to the light,and I am trying to meditate to share light to my friends. Everything was confusing at the beginning but I am willing to help. Everything started after a hip replacement surgery that i started reading Saint Germain and Sathya Sai Baba´s books, and reiki, kundalini and chakras books. I quit eating meat six days ago, and quit smoking pot and drinking alcohol six days ago, and feeling depressed, weak and confused. My friends do not talk to me anymore, my family stays away from me very much. I started reading the bible´s apocalipsis book. and my farm quit being productive from avocados and limes, and everything is weer.

    I met Sai Baba thirty years ago in my heart chakra when I got shot by death squads, and changed from one day to another and started following spiritual life with his guidance; spent ten years like that and became “normal” again.

    This time I started meditating but felt very attractive to extraterrestial beings like pleyadians, sirians, arcturians, reptilians. It is the first time I hear about archons. I read about the new world order and the illuminati ´s conspiracy to keep us in darkness, and became very aware so I can contribute to stop their will.

    I decided to quit a two year relationship with my girlfriend and I do not have a desire for sex like I did when i was shotgunned.

    This is the first time I hear about Mr. Cobra and like his answers. Thank you.

    I joined The Arcturians, UFO Hunters and other websites to get informed.

    regards everyone,


    • Here is the original post on The Portal with the link to the petition: http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2016/05/situation-update.html warm wishes TZ

  6. There’s not much activity in replying to articles, in general, but I’m pretty busy on this one, today. The UK has voted for Brexit: leaving the EU and it’s hardly surprising that those who chose to remain, use all their power to turn this tidal wave moving towards Brussels. I’m all for it.

    The British government consists of many dinosaurs. There’s still a dress code for powdered wigs and many members of parlament are terribly set in their ways. Many rich elderly residents here are similar in attitude and there’s a whole lot of them, pretending that they don’t own a penny.

    Those that love to show off create all forms of pump and circumstance, keeping up appearances in supporting charity work and being members of the local Rotary club (under the umbrella of the Tavistock Institute). Oh that old empire, those days aren’t over yet, to them! I’m told by several elderly villagers, all ex University members, that there’s a huge amount of corruption in the UK.

    The Remain voters’ shortsighted view on “foreigners”, now shouting “out of here” at them, is appalling, at least to my Dutch ears. Many voted for Remain solely for their fear of seeing endless streams of refugees coming in, after leaving the EU.

    I’ve found that British people are self-centered for different reasons than for being rich, due to the difficulty to make ends meet, with many living on the breadline and a National Health System plus Education system falling apart. Quite a number of young families are homeless and beggars are in the streets here. England needs to wake up from its complacency and cynicism fast, now that it needs to build itself up from almost scratch, after the EU’s piracy.

    “Lynn – Do you have an opinion on this Cobra? Do you think they will vote for the removal from the EU or do you think they will they stick with it?

    COBRA – Again I would say that most likely people will vote for removal from EU and this vote will not be respected.

    Although many are very happy with leaving, many are not. Let’s wait and see what happens. I’ve posted a Brexit movie – video here with a length of 1 1/2 hour, it’s worth looking into it. I’ve honestly never met one person, since Holland and England joined the EU, that felt grateful for being part of it.
    I’ve never moved in rich circles of those in power though, for there’s a different voice of course.

  7. “Richard – Cobra, are the Akashic records real? Is it possible for humans to access these records?

    COBRA – Yes, they are real and yes it is possible to access those records.

    Richard – Are there humans now on earth now that are accurately accessing those records that you can actually trust?

    COBRA – Very few. (very few, thank you)”

    Just a suggestion and to add something regarding having access to the Akashic Records.
    With the veil thinning and speaking from experience, it’s easier to access this “library” now.
    For example, it can be very helpful to end a contract with a person, a belief system or an organisation, or ask for your own (soul-birth) Record and have a read with a clear intention to clarify something. It’s not a playground but I suppose you may try causing an angel to experience a belly laugh for the first time 😉

    You need to have a bit of experience, or guidance, with astral traveling and have some understanding of the protocol in that library, making a polite request in a respectful way, while keeping your
    physical body grounded on planet Earth. If you feel awkward, you can always return your attention to planet Earth and choose another day.

    As a safety measure you need to close your lower chakras a bit, for the amount of time you dwell
    in that realm and watch or do other research. At times, you may be confronted with dramatic parts of your past or those with others, so better not risk an overwhelm of your energy system. Always allow your inner eye to receive images, don’t reach out for them and keep your awareness in the center of your head. Let your life force energy flow both ways, through your prana tube and your aura field, while visiting that place, allow yourself to feel emotions and be an observer at the same time.

    Imagine entering a large hall with a counter, where a “celestial librarian” awaits you, appearing as an angel or an elve, or any being that fits your state of awareness and soul-vibration. That being will find the data that you require and bring it to you, while in the meantime you’ve seated yourself in a chair in front of a screen, on its request. It will prepare the device for you and the record will probably show up as some sort of DVD showing you the content, scrolling by on screen automatically when you push the button of a remote control.

    You choose when to stop, continue, go backward or forward, when you feel the need for it. It may be a neat and easy job for you when you allow the DVD to scroll by fast, on screen, without the need to “know” exactly what it is that is being shown. Your 6th chakra, your inner eye, will witness and comprehend what’s been displayed on screen, while you’ve decided beforehand, or will decide in that moment, what it is that needs to be done with it.

    It’s your intention/attention that decides what can be achieved and cleared. I’m sure there are energetic coaches who’re able to assist you, when you don’t feel like going on such a journey on your own and feel you won’t return with all your marbles in place. Always make sure, after your return, to do something in order to ground yourself and feel real on planet Earth, where your body is.

    Safe journey!

  8. Thank you for this interview, I’m truly grateful for all the work and efforts you create and try to accomplish. Also the transcript and translation work. As someone who’s studying communication and skills of it, I’ve got a suggestion about the transcript here. Is it possible to leave out emotional exclamations like “Great” and “Wow” and “Thank you!” etc.? It’s rather distracting, as I perceive it and it shouldn’t be published as part of the transcript I think.

    I’ve done this work and exclamations are always left out in lines with answers, when it’s a reaction of the interviewer, for the benefit of a clear and neutral presentation. To my own taste, the reader should be left to have her/his own reaction to what is presented by Cobra, in his answers (or by any interviewee for that matter).

    Besides, those exclamations of interviewers, presented in this way here, don’t really serve a purpose, do they? When it’s happening in a 1 to 1 interview, on screen, in a two way conversation, it’s a very different thing, see what I mean?

    • We live in a complex society and people will express themselves in a myriad of ways.

      I for one, cannot stand the use of foul language to emphasize a point during a discussion.
      No one will comply with my standards until we have Mass Conscientious Awakening.
      I have accepted this.

      So, for you to think just by proclaiming your provenance in the academia of communications, makes you the fore most expert to correct and direct the syntax of the transcript to suit your desires, is beyond ludicrous.

      Read and take all info with discernment and let the “uncivilized” text reveal the wisdom between the lines without you being prejudiced against the articulation of the article.



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