This is a response to Cobra’s recent article :
I think the most important point here is to maintain our focus on our vision to create a society of Light. The dark forces have programmed humanity for so long to respond to crime and mistakes with punishment, which only creates loops of suffering, this is how they have shaped their ‘legal’ system that creates no justice, how they perpetuated their system after the french revolution, and how they have shaped belief systems with religious programming, including the false laws of karma:
A lot of programming has been created by archons to justify evil. For example the laws of karma, which state that for example, if I broke my friend’s bowl, then the universe will send somebody to break my bowl in order to teach me the consequences of my actions. This means that the universe will then send somebody to break the bowl of whoever broke my bowl, etc. This is totally made up and has nothing to do with true universal law, simply because if it did, nothing would ever resolve and suffering would just escalade forever. The true universal law is forgiveness and grace and this is what has been taught by the teachers who had a true connection. The will of Source is that if somebody does something hurtful, they should receive adequate healing in order for them to embody their true self again. Some re-balancing of the energy between the people involved might be needed, for example whoever broke the bowl can buy another bowl for its owner, or repair it, or do some other kind of service to compensate energetically. Or the owner of the bowl could simply forgive and the infinite abundance of Source would re-balance things automatically somehow, not by taking anything away from whoever broke the bowl, but by providing both of them with whatever is needed. Resources and abundance are unlimited. (Source)
Liberated societies respond to crime and mistakes not with punishment or revenge, but with healing. The legal basis to do so is the Galactic Codex, which guarantees good living conditions in alignement with the Light, forall living beings without exceptions.
It is good to remember that many cabal members were forced to participate in dark activities, heavily traumatized since early childhood, and many of them would leave and stop participating if they could. The cabal tightly controls all its members and violently prevents them from getting out. Those who do not accept the Light will be taken off planet for restructuring in the Central Sun. Those who will accept the Light are some of the most abused individuals on the planet, who will be in great need of help.
The difference between past experiences during prison Earth, and this time we are now in, is that this is the end of the cosmic cycle during which all darkness is transmuted without exception, never to exist again, so if humanity doesn’t make good choices they will make the transition much more difficult for themselves. When the waves from the Galactic Center reach us, we can not stop them, they purify everything no matter what, so our job is to align ourselves with the Light, and in this case, in order to truly close and heal this whole experience of darkness, humanity will need to have forgiveness.
On the other hand, we will also need to remember that the human masses have been very traumatized and programmed during many thousands of years of darkness, so they too will need to be accomodated and receive proper healing. In this context it may not be very easy at first for them to witness those who abused and enslaved them for so long freely enjoy their huge villas and yachts obtained with stolen money, while the majority of humanity works to finally have their first own basic home, their first proper access to clean water and electricity for many of them, and work to clean up this heavily contaminated world. Their pain and trauma runs deep and they will go through quite the shock and huge purification process. Once they know the truth, they will not trust easily, and will need a lot of guarantees and transparency so they can go through this process without riots. So I am proposing here a few more conditions in order to make the process more acceptable for Humanity :
1. We will need full public transparency on how exactly the Cabal is being monitored and prevented from taking back control, on who exactly is doing the monitoring, on what exactly the Cabal is allowed to keep, and on what the Cabal has done throughout the years.
2. We will need full public transparency on what is meant by the Cabal playing a role of ‘Other side of the coin advisers’ in the new society, and if they do play this role, we will need full public transparency on what they are doing as ‘advisers’.
3. We will need full public transparency on who exactly is negociating with the Cabal as soon as it is safe to disclose. Humanity will need to truly understand the situation they are in so they can take charge of their destiny.
4. In the first phases after the Event, the trauma may be so deep that humanity may wish cabal members to be completely out of their reality. Therefore in the name of Section II of the Galactic Codex, “The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties”, former Cabal members may have to be temporarily exiled from planet Earth if the majority of humanity chooses so, and if it is needed to facilitate an atmosphere of Peace on this planet, and to give enough space for humanity to heal and feel safe in their home Planet Earth. The members of the cabal that have accepted the Light and are exiled can then receive healing from Light forces outside of the surface of this planet.
After a certain phase of healing is completed, face to face reconciliation can be organized between former cabal members and humanity, under supervision of the Light forces.
We will change our whole reality, to create a world where suffering never happens no matter what. We will all need to surrender our shadows to the Light. We will need to turn all prisons into beautiful healing centers, and give a lot of assistance to those in need, until everybody can live the beautiful life that was intended by their Spirit and the Source.
Liberation now !

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  1. and at this point I care more about getting all this madness stopped. so no more innocent people, especially children have to suffer at the hands of these people anymore.

  2. once I really got a grasp on what was going on, especially with all the cloning and mind control going on, the anger kind of melted away. and i’m normally a hot head when it comes to those things. then I wondered, if i was born into one of those families and molested as a child, put under mind control etc what would I be like? and the more I got to the bottom of who was really at the top of this power structure and figuring out they weren’t human, it was easier to let go of that anger. because that species is soul less they have no emotion and that’s just who they are. not saying it doesnt’ disgust me but it makes sense as to why they do what they do. i’ve always been interested in the criminal mind, what makes people tick. and although the horrors coming to light are shocking, it made me look at humanity in a whole new light. without all this manipulation humanity isn’t evil. not even close. we’ve just been led around like drones having propaganda crammed down our throats to keep us divided.

    so I think once people grasp all of this it will tame the angry ones who want to react violently with revenge.

  3. I know there was an uproar caused by the first of these posts in how to deal with the cabal. But that first post seemed to come across as saying, “The cabal will get to keep their castles, some of their money, along with their yachts and toys and live among us. We the injured and ruined just need to transcend our feelings and be more full of Light and of a higher vibrational mindset in order to forgive and bless them with love.” I’m sorry, but as evolved and peaceful and full of light as I seem to think I am, I still have some flaws that have not yet been worked out, so I do not fully share that sentiment.

    Asking the world (who for tens of thousands of years, have been enslaved, tortured, killed off, maimed, poisoned, robbed of new labor-saving, life-enriching inventions, starved and kept in bondage) to just forgive and simply move on past this issue, is ludicrous, naive and short-sighted — not to mention, totally unfair and unjust.

    That outlook condones the cabal’s behavior and shows a total disregard for the feelings and wounded state-of-mind and soul for all of us who have been left damaged in their wake. How about a respectful and responsible plan of action along with assured protection of the abused on this planet? That is not what was offered or even taken into account with the first post. Retribution is not being sought here, only responsible, fair and balanced treatment.

    As it has been proposed so far, it would be a lot like letting loose thousands of “Charles Manson” types and “Hitler” types from prison to simply be forgiven and let loose upon our planet to live among us in an unrepentant state of mind. Who in their right mind would seriously offer such a ridiculous proposal.? Oh wait… the first post did exactly that.

    I think it has been pointed out that most if not all of the cabal members HAVE NOT EVEN SHOWN ANY REMORSE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Why in the world then, would they get a complete pardon?

    IT IS HAPPENING EVEN NOW: Tell the parents of a child who was kidnapped by a satanic pedophile, and then raped, tortured, dismembered and sacrificed at a satanic ritual, to simply forgive those committing the atrocity and move on, and if they don’t, tell them they’re not exercising a high enough vibration — the kind that this planet needs in order to move on. This is exactly what has been going on and continues to this day. Really? Is that how you expect us to behave towards the cabal? Some of them are STILL involved in these atrocities.

    A SOLUTION? How about planetary removal and let them continue to live off-world on a similar unpopulated, low-vibrational 3D matrix like Earth, as long as they get compulsory treatment from the Ascended Masters, and any benevolent ET’s who feel led to help, along with a high-dose infusion of Light from the Galactic Central Sun until healing has occurred? Just don’t let them roam freely among us in their current unholy, evil mindset of unrepentant living.

    I wonder how many of us would be ok with this scenario instead of the first two? I know I would be totally ok with this option. I really do want them healed, forgiven and feel love, and be loved again. If only they at least show some remorse and sorrow for their actions it would go a long way. I really do want to see them return to the Light.

  4. How many people actually have a relationship with life? How many people live out their meager existence with no idea why they be? We must all assist each other to have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to feel, and the mind to know the truth. It is our love for life that will set all free. May we all NOW express life in the love for life itself for we are all one…there is no other.
    Infinite blessings for a life of peace, harmony, joy and boundless love that comes with the knowing we are our own source for life and for love. The way it was always designed to be lived.

    “God Speaks To Man: The Oldest Revelation” + HD Nature + Music

  5. When you see the types of activities that are expressions of violence is your first reaction compassion or is it that of anger, fear, resentment? If it is the later you are adding to the situation. This is the problem when watching tv, movies, and on line commentary. Know that the energy projections of the thoughts you think, the words you articulate, and the emotions expressed are either adding fuel or helping to neutralize the situation to bring a nonviolent outcome. We each are either reacting to life or we are emotionally and spiritually balanced and respond. An enlightened being would always have love as first cause and take right action. Just as the unconscious police officers are being played so are YOU.
    Emotional and spiritual maturity is needed at this time to allow for the healing to take place.

  6. Know that a shift can take place in a blink of any eye. Cobra has done a fine job in putting in place an environment that will allow for the integration to take place.

    All will have the opportunity to experience full self love.

    Infinite blessings for a life of peace, harmony, joy and boundless love that comes with the knowing that we are our own source for life and for love the way it was always designed to be lived.

    Declaring a state of harmlessness living by the laws of Nature.
    “The Law of One”,
    “The Law of Love”

    We are all actors in a big movie. What is your role? Do you really create your own reality?
    Are you the writer, producer, and director of your movie?
    Know that the game has been rigged up until now.
    Do you choose to be a conscious player in the game and live life by a new set of rules?
    If so speak only of what you want.
    Know that the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the emotions you express go out into the fabric of creation and creates worlds.
    Know that your thoughts have been manipulated, they have not always been your own. The choice is yours to begin listening to the higher-self and take control of your own thoughts.
    Self-awareness will make way for self-determination. What will you choose?
    What is the point if we do not learn from what does not work? The past is the past. Live for today.
    The earth cannot go on under the rules of man. We must return to Natural Law, the Law of One.
    A golden law for the golden age: “Nothing in nature lives for itself”,
    Rivers don’t drink their own water.
    Trees don’t eat their own fruit
    Sun doesn’t give light and heat for itself
    Flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves
    Living for Others, is the rule of Nature!
    Let’s all show our love for life! Stop all forms of violence. A Divine Union will always produce a Divine Child. This child would be enlightened and always be in right speech and right action.
    Declare a state of harmlessness! In this it is a mortal crime for anyone to harm your body.
    Live by these principles, the five principles for living in ‘Oneness’ the gold age, :
    1. Do no harm!
    2. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you!
    3. Love all others as yourself, love yourself as all others!
    4. Live for the happiness of others!
    5. Live in appreciation for all life!
    Declare, “I align my will with the Divine Will of Mother/Father God for my highest good and the highest good of all”.
    Take inspired action and live life on purpose…do things purposefully from the heart.
    So many are coming to the realization that Government is organized crime
    The judiciary is ineffective at providing social justice.
    Why are you playing their game?
    To all those that are still playing in the 3d matrix reality knowing it is crumbling. The reality you have been playing out has been manipulated. Most are unaware that their thoughts have not been their own. Self-awareness is the key to self-mastery and the key to self-determination. The use of words is casting spells this is why it is called spelling. Choose your words purposefully and wisely. Your energy is going into that which you focus on. Focus on that which you want and speak only of what you want.
    Voting does not make a difference. So why vote at all? Stop voting and stop paying taxes until, all ties to the “crown” have been severed, all wars have stopped. There needs to be a thorough house cleaning of the taxation department, all law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and parliament. Time for new global policies.
    There is nothing that can stop the wave, the tsunami, of love that is shifting life on the planet.
    Infinite blessings for a life of peace, harmony, joy and the boundless love that comes with the knowing each is their own source for life and for love the way life was always designed to be lived.
    Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah ❤

  7. I understand the overwhelming desire of most enlightened people to forgive, and send healing energy to those who, for whatever reason, find themselves on the dark side. I also recognize the fact that this is a third diminutional reality that we are experiencing and there is a NEED in this reality to see justice done in order to bring closure to those who have been wronged. Without that closure, the book cannot be closed, and the experiencer cannot move on. Consequence is a vital part of the learning process and that must be respected. Forgiveness is essential, but can only be given to those who are genuinely remorseful. So, until the offenders confess and apologise publicly, there can be no resolution unless they are removed.

  8. The first thing to do is love all lifeforms unconditionally , send violet flame to all lifeforms unconditionally and to forgive all , even ourselves, unconditionally.

  9. i’m definitely all for stopping “punishment” and suffering for all!!! however…. i’m not for rewarding the ongoing choices against humanity made by these dark ones either! healing is required for ALL INVOLVED, it seems. those who have been the perpetrators in this cycle, i feel, won’t be trusted by those who have been abused and lived through pain/suffering delivered by these ones. they need to be elsewhere to heal (#4) at least for a time; perhaps their wealth redistributed to repay their debt to humanity demonstrating their asking for forgiveness in acknowledgment they understand their past action’s impact on humanity. continuing an opulent lifestyle via ill-gotten gains off the very backs of those abused and being in ANY WAY involved in ANY ROLE “the other side of the coin” whatever that means… (we’ve got enough experience to play our OWN devil’s advocate should that be the meaning), will breed DIStrust of the status quo. that really isn’t a sound NEGATION on behave of humanity. while empathic to the abuse of some cabal persons…. there’s cannot be put ABOVE the others in the form of reward and maintaining remotely the same lifestyle while others are denied. feels off. healing all around, but it matters how/where its done. imho. thanks for the article…

  10. The Council of Seven Lights by George W. von Tassel

    “O mortals, though My Laws have been as doormats beneath your feet; though through centuries you have turned not to face the Light–I judge not, neither do I hold regrets, for all are given right to choose. Mortals in this density of three, having not chosen Me, now stand beneath the whip, but are rather facing rebound of the actions man has created. My Laws are fixed. None can change the Law of all Infinity. One fulfills the Law, or faces judgment by the Law, written in the Light of each of MY created beings. Having turned My Laws about, now you are faced with your man creations in opposition to My Law. So I gather up the scattered fruit, knowing that the bulk of My harvest has been lost to repetition upon repetition of errors, written in the history of mortals on this portion of Me. I must brush off this contamination from My cloak, that I may hang it in My closet clean. Those who have failed for centuries to recognize My person within their Being, are forced by their actions to repetition once again. My heart, manifested by you, is sore. But I shall recover to bring about the destiny as many times as necessary, that My pattern shall be complete for each one of My parts. So it is, again and again I cleanse My house. My love shall never fail. Everlasting Light is man’s by choice alone, and the choice I gave to him. I am the voice that manifests in every word you say. I am the sound in darkness to your ear, that leads the way. You stumble on the path to Me. You fail to see the Light within, that grows with every victory over self. To be a part of Me, project the actions of Me being you. Extend My Love instilled within. Do unto others as I do to you. For I can only Be, through you”.

    For the complete reading go here:

    Apart from this being one of many interpretations of the Godhead, possibly, it’s poetically expressed with love, as I perceive it. Personally, I prefer to use the name “fruit” or “harvest” in matters of the results of our lifework, as in the expression “We harvest what we sow”. This leaves out the rather airily concept of what karma is, avoiding unhelpful turns of our mind’s windmills in fierce dispute and also it’ll make it easier for human beings in general, to grasp the nature of having to live with that awareness.
    Once they’ve found the use of their common sense again 😉

  11. I guess it’s better to turn the other cheek. I agree that prisons are extremely low vibe places – by design. There got to be a efficient way to wake up humanity in one than putting one in a cage.

  12. Without resistence towards a compassionate and healing attitude in matters of crime, one of my recent comments is about an African tribe treating a member with loving kindness, after an act of crime, by each member naming a positive aspect of that person, I have experienced in my present lifetime, that a deep seated issue created by a certain pattern repeating itself, without me knowing motive or drive, could find completion by my decision to sort it out in this lifetime,

    So that I could step up and begin to embody my soul while in a physical body. It’s what I had in mind from the moment I was born, only it took a while before I realised it, though I hadn’t in mind what the form would be in which it should be made manifest. Just like knowing you’ve left a trunk in a locker, in a foreign city, years and years ago, but forgotten what’s in it, only finding out what’s in it by taking it ouf of the locker, opening the trunk and saying “Aha, that’s where it is…. I almost gave up looking for it”…

    This lifetransforming event involved my most beloved and longtime friend, willing to play his role convincingly, so to speak. The power of our spirit-being far outreaches our mind-control in matters when core-issues and balance of polarity are at key. This involves global events as much as personal events in each of us, as I perceive it.

    This longtime friend, half-knowingly on a personal level, offered me an extremely bitter cup, which I transformed into a most beneficial medicine for me, choosing to fully engage in the process of clearing and healing. Not only to heal myself, but to pay tribute to the spark of love that is in the center of our connection, present through thick and thin, as I felt it or chose to create it to be so. This is about forgiveness going both ways, even to past and future, for it changes the whole picture, see?

    What I mean to say, really, is that an act of crime potentially can turn out to be just what the doctor orders, when those involved, each individually, begin to see the bigger picture and are willing to outgrow the forces or influences connected to that act of crime. In most cases these are the destructive forces of fear, judgment, separation and revenge, experienced on a personal level.

    This dance of transformation takes only one, the opponent or “partner in crime” has its own story to tell and create. If this is the stance that is chosen towards those on Benjamin Fulford’s list, much can be gained I believe. Though it might be the toughest job to complete for many: to remove oneself from the crime scene whole and untouched, due to an exquisite compassionate attitude, disarming the enemy that way.

    I guess this experience of mine is an example of how I allowed myself to surrender, being caught by the Universe. I entered completely unknown and unpredictable territory, for the bottom fell out from under my life. By loosing everything I gained who I was before I forgot who I was. I’ve lived a large part of my life while being invisible to myself where it matters most. Autonomy is a vast terrain without a fixed horizon 😉

  13. Thank you, Colaborama, I fully agree with your comments on the extreme importance for us members of the human family to be assured that there will be full public transparency in relation to how firmly the new (temporary) leaders of our society are dealing with the profoundly criminal and very sub-human cabal .

  14. I don’t think you can change humanity that quickly. The world is utter chaos and people fear for the future because many bad things have happened to the majority of the population. Something huge has to happen for humanity to change and I don’t see it happening for centuries as long as so much evil continues to exist. There are a lot of people out there that wish for nuclear armageddon just to completely destroy the earth and all humanity because it is impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel. And I also feel this way most of the time.

  15. Dear PFC,
    This is a brief answer to your ‘public review and discussion’ concerning Cobra’s blog-post ‘Terms of Surrender’.

    We are respectfully forwarding to you the point of view by which Cobra and RM have to negociate which each of us by our request, but not only with those in power now.

    One item which we, as each individual, may be interest in is the possibility to break free entirely from any kind of imprisonment no matter how allegedly ‘a natural process’ it may be or not a part of.
    What we need to be assured is that you find a solution for any of us to be able to take out, to detach individually from the collective consciousness (as a whole) from which (as Corey states) each of us are only facets.

    We ask this in order to no longer share the reality manifested by the earthly (and like hell looking) human collective consciousness as a whole.

    By breaking free, we need to be able individually to no longer share the reality generated by the summum of individual thoughts of all earthly humans taken together.

    So, Cobra and RM may negociate with whom you want and whoever you consider it may be at best for the humanity as a whole.
    But on the other hand Cobra has to give to anyone the right to be separated individually from this disgusting collective consciousness, no matter it belongs to the nowadays or alleged post-Event era.

    May he and RM take in consideration all of these requests (possibly coming from common people) and may you put in discussion some sustainable solutions in this way.
    With kindest regards.

    AS A CONCLUSION – In order to break free entirely we have to have the right, and the possibility as well, to detach from this (disgracious) imprisonment which is the disgusting earthly human collective consciousness in which we are (by force, and against our free will) interconnected at a higher level, and which (acting as a whole) is manifesting (as consequence) a reality that may work totally against the individually free will of any of us.

    On other hand, in order to be entirely free, we have to have the possibility to detach from the shared reality created by the collective consciousness and to live in a particular or individual physical (or holographic, or other) kind of reality (in a lucid-dream-like environment) in which we share the only reality created by our consciousness and free will, without dealing with the disgusting reality created by other (fellow) entities.

    In this case we are no longer interested about the fact by which there was or not any kind of amnesty, and that its beneficiaries live further in their castles on earth.
    This is a point of view which Cobra and RM shall take seriously into consideration.

    With kindest regards.

  16. You said at the end, Liberation Now. Liberation needs to happen NOW, we have held out our hopes for Liberation and Change so long, that doubts creep in as to whether Liberation and Change are ever going to actually manifest?

  17. I agree with your suggestions, especially no. 4. But I do think all the stolen goods including money should be given to those who these goods have been taken.


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