Formation Over The CERN LHC Has People Asking Questions
Formation Over The CERN LHC Has People Asking Questions

By Paul Marco
Things have shifted for the control system. We are now in the phase where they must come out from behind the veil and take their overt position as our oppressors. Everything is in place to start a race war which will end in martial law overseen by the UN. These plans are hidden in plain sight, the controllers don´t care if you know; they feel they have enough power to make it happen, no matter what you do. They are vulnerable outside of the veil, this may be our last chance to break free.


Paul Marco talks about a big SHIFT taking place personally, and ‘by’ the control system. We need to be aware of both as we awaken and more things shift. The shift in us is very subtle, unlike the control system who has been masterminding us through the Tavistock Institute, and other mind control devices. Mainstream media and TV have to come out from behind the veil and take total control.

1:55 In other words, there will be a SHIFT from the illusion that people are free, to KNOWING that we are enslaved! They have to come out from behind the veil to do this, and before they come out from behind the veil, before we are LOCKED DOWN, they are in a very vulnerable position.


The biggest SHIFT is that they DO NOT CARE what you think! They show you, day by the day that they have the force, and they have the grit, and they don’t care what you think! The will of the people is totally ignored. In Britain they had a BREXIT vote and they voted to get out of the Union. Well, they might not be able to. They may ‘let’ them out however the will of the people, which used to be paramount, is totally ignored.

3:09 And then, there is the IGNORANCE OF JUSTICE. We see this in the U.S. with the Clintons being forgiven for the most heinous crime of lying to the public, lying to the FBI, and endangering the lives of Americans by mishandling secret information, and she is walking.

LORETTA LYNCH, the Attorney General, refuses to answer any questions. She sat in front of Congress but she answered NOTHING. Do they care, no they don’t care!

Over in England there is the CHILCOT REPORT, a damming of Tony Blair and how he killed people, he got them involved in a war that was unnecessary. And he knew about it. Do they care, no they don’t care! So, the concept of justice, you can just rip it up.

FALSE FLAGS are so sloppily done now, the ‘awake’ community cannot wait to get them, and analyze the stuff because they are so loosely put together. Do they care, no they don’t care!

Now, Black Lives Matter [BLM] is shooting policeman. BLM is backed by the mainstream media, by the government. Actually, Obama and Sharpton are in a lawsuit; a former prosecutor is suing them for the officer’s deaths in Dallas because he claims that they started a race war. It is so obvious, it can be taken to court. Do they care, no they don’t care!


Obviously BLM and EVERYBODY are being set up to disrupt both of the national conventions; Republican and Democrat. And everybody knows that the BLM is sponsored by Soros and sponsored by the government, and backed by the government to


It’s obvious to everybody. CAN YOU SEE IT! I’m sure you can but do they care whether you see it? They do not care. That’s the SHIFT! They don’t care! They’re coming out …

Most Humans Do Not Know They Are At War Yet

Read the full transcript, which is likely one of the most important documents you can read at this time if we are to prevent ‘lock down’ and break free.

CERN’s Awakening and the Dropping of the Veil [1]


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  1. We are our own worst enemies. Words are energy. Thinking, speaking, words are casting spells. This is why it is called spelling. It is important to become aware of the curses we are directing in our out of balanced and unconscious state.

    How many people know about the corruption with the politics of this planet as well as its relationship with the Galactic? Do these individuals stand in line and vote? How many continue to collect and pay their taxes? People need to give up their belief in Government. My question, “do people have the intestinal fortitude to know the truth? The idea that Government is put in place for the benefit of your life is an illusion” The question remains, “do people have the guts to do something about it?” NO violence and war is not the answer! Educating yourself and taking right action is. Stop cooperating with those in Government, stop paying taxes!

    How many people still perceive themselves as an American, a Canadian, a Russian or anything else?

    In the words of Krishnamurti “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
    “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. SO a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system: he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind”

    How many people actually have a relationship with life? How many people live out their meager existence with no idea why they be? We must all assist each other to have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to feel, and the mind to know the truth. It is our love for life that will set all free. May we all NOW express life in the love for life itself for we are all one…there is no other.

    Infinite blessings for a life of peace, harmony, joy and boundless love that comes with the knowing we are our own source for life and for love. The way it was always designed to be lived.

  2. What’s new?
    We know by now that THEY don’t care. We know that everything happens according the law of “as within so without”. It’s blatantly obvious that we hit rock bottom and create our plate with instant karma, ketchup and hot sauce included, each day.

    I’m becoming impatient and annoyed by the sharing here of dramatic stories, about what’s NOT GOOD in this world. I’m guilty of lingering on, I know, I should’ve left a while ago, cutting off links.

    Besides, there’s something fishy about Paul Marco, as I perceive him. Repetition of the drama surrounding us is the least we need right now, I think. I’ve finished this chapter, I’m closing this book.


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