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  1. Nevertheless, we, the global community at large, created it, so that we can dismantle it at the same time… ehh… later, I mean. We’ve allowed the shadow to overshadow us and even when partly unknowingly or
    in denial of that little voice inside, it’s still our responsibility to create our world anew, from within.
    Here’s an example of how we can educate ourselves, to create our world from within. It’s where it starts.

    This is a true life story.

    • This isn’t only a U.S.A problem but a wide world problem, this infection has spread to every single single country around the world courtesy of the Cabal.

  2. I have not watched the video (due to data lmitations) but, this seems a appropriate place to post this… My, albeit idealistic, perhaps overly simplistic, solution, which is intended to spark thought and possibly provide in the future, post event, a basic outline, of what could, be done to fix our broken bankrupt corrupt educational system, needlessly, drainng our budgets, locally and nationally putting graduates on the streets that are a shame to our educational system (often not being able to point out the united states on a workd map or tell you what the three branches if our government are (no they are not “military entertainment & corporate” just fyi for those, that do not know better although that could be argued today, validly from a certain viewpoint) and whom are both a national joke, and disgrace;

    What we need to do…. The current top 10% of teachers and university professors in every state should be retained to create Kindergarten thru PHD completely restructured curriculums – dozens of them -, for each grade. Every parent or adult student could then select their own curriculum annually for their children or in the latter case, themselves, or be gven the option of training their child to take over the family business or apprentce in the family trade.

    For a fraction of the cost of running brick and mortsr schools, every student (whom chooses or whose parents so choose) could be supplied a FREE tablet with said curriculum preloaded, and connected to a server for each curriculum to “grade” the ongoing work and provide onlne “help & instructions” along with resource materials like dictionaries, textbooks and encyclopedias for the chosen curriculum.

    These curriculums would created, with it in mind, to encourage, creativity & individuslism, not stifle it, encourage outside the box thinking, of how to better, the system, their profession, their trade or craft. Not reprimand such thinking, as “making waves” or “misbehavior” and label our brightest as “problem kids” (no doubt in todays educational system our most brilliant like Einstein would have been -are- stifled as “wave making” & “non conformist”. Einstein and our most brilliant minds, would have been stifled in the educational system today).

    The children, raised in the home, by their own parents, instead of highly overpaid babysitters that we label “teachers”, would help rebuild the American Family unit, generation by generation, encouraging as well, children to follow in their parents career paths, encouraging generational craftmanship in products and the highest level of service in service based industries. Its a well known fact, when family, small businesses, are operated, they are most often far better to do business with, than any others, just because the family, takes pride in what they do, their name and reputation are on the business, and their livelihood depends on it. Which is something mostly lost, in our corporate, – no responsible person -, era of mega business, that screws over the individual, as basically worthless (in my life alne I could cite probably dozens examples of how corporations have lied to, misled, mistreated, and robbed me, but, family owned small businesses, probably not one example, which pretty much says it all.

    Of course for the best yet, in certain fields of education today, (post event) certain programs could be established with limited budgets and time tables to solve any of the problems not solved after the event by releasing suppressed technologies. I cannot of course even guess now, what these, might be but, certainly, there will still be a need, for some, R&D projects with the very best people heading these up. Some few, of the very best of the best, educated people, could be retained into, such projects with a one, three, five, or ten year contract, after which, if they have not solved the R&D problem being researched, they are discharged and banned from further employment in any such R&D projects again. This would encourage production and creativity in such, ensuring only the finest minds are truly, “working” in these areas, not just drawing huge annual salaries for doing, as little as they could, which could not have been accomplished in a year, after twenty years on a given project… These are lifetime scammers, and must be discharged.

    Re: School restructuring, a few of the very finest students at each grade level could provide further online assistance or even video based tutoring as needed in return for a crack at being one of those selected to help create and run the new annually, created curriculums (keeping these always on top of their fields, no more teachng from outdated textbooks). Once they receive their degrees these people could compete to be retained annually (no tenure) to create one of the next year’s curriculums.

    All other teachers & professors whom do not meet the annually reviewed criteria for being ine of the above, are immediately dismssed without further compensation, could then be given the opportunity of retraining in other fields or applying to the new R&D Projects as assistants. All Brick & Mortar schools can then immediately be closed permanently, as schools anyway, and a fraction of the funding for paying teachers, maintenance, pensions, building new schools, etc., can be diverted to rebuilding these structures into low income housing for the homeless, and poor, from bunkrooms to studio’s, 1 bedroom and two bedroom apartments, solving most if not all, of our rental and homeless problems in one stroke of the pen. This housing would work on the basic idea of the USDA housing plan which is sliding income based rents, and indviduals couod be rotated thrugh these facilities at random to weed out mental cases, drug addicts, and violent types, for placement in appropriate facilities and programs to receive treatment for their conditions.

    I’ve no doubt this could be done at a small fraction of our current, annual, education system overall cost. Any additional savings can be directed to infrastructure improvements. Especially after these housing facilities are set up, they are mostly self funding if the properties are properly managed and funded. No doubt there would be enormous budget savings still left over for infrastructure or other, best benefit, of all of the people, type projects.

    Furthermore, in todays world of this kind of tablet technology, the same ideal can be applied to the State Congress’s and local county & community board’s as well, tablets supplied that do one thing and one thing only, free to every citizen of 18yrs or more, which only review current issues even providing background information, and these devices have three buttons ‘yes’, ‘no’, and,, ‘pass’, for a non vote. One individual, one vote, a secured server, secured overseen voting process and equipment, true democracy, on the local, or even state, level. People would be given a set amount of time, a week lets say, to decide on issues (which could be submitted, within reason, by any citizen), non voting is registered automatically as an abstention, and with more than 10 abstensions in a year you must take a class on citizenship, this would encourage participation.

    Of course, after the event, is most likely, such a thing, in either case, school or gvernment, could be implemented. There would no longer be a school system as we have today, nor, a US congress with the wide ranging powers as there is now, in both cases: enslaving humanity, and affecting people’s state of mind, with lies.

    This is of course just an ideal, and only a hope, after having been under the boot heel of the American Education System myself, assaulted by at least one teacher physically, as a 8yr old child, and put through a living hell most of the rest of the time, I pray one day, our most innocent will not be terrorized, emotionally and physically abused (yes in some cases sexually assaulted) by people we entrust, our most innocent, our children, to. Our education system in America is a failure in every sense of the word to all but the very few, and,, today’s society, full of hate, crime, and unstable, psychotc, dangerous, criminal, under educated, adult citizenry, is an indictment, of that system, that is undeniable.

    The robbery of the public, to support these overpaid, and often poorly trained teachers, that cannot be fired, due to tenure, whom then run the school systems taking board positions creating cliques, of educators, that pat each other on the back, and guarantee their own employment, and political agendas are pushed, has to stop. This is insanity, an entire system, based on supporting the teaching staff, and school boards, and focused only educating the students, as a secondary, or third motivation, if that high. It is corrupt “overall” (not to say there are not some few good teachers that honestly care and not to say, that the system, does not work, for the few – often coincidentally, the students of the wealthiest families).

    However, the big money, must be taken out, of the system, with it, restructured at a tiny fraction of it’s current size in teaching staff and budget. Here in America, our educators are some of, if not, the most well paid (including benefits and pensions not to mention a three month paid vacation annually) in the world in education and yet, our educational system, ranks well down the list worldwide, of the finest educators and is in my opinion, one of the worst, most negative (for students) in the world (short of, I’d hope, N.Korea, China and Russia). In most cases teaching these students a wide variety (particularly HS & College level) materials whch are completely irrelevant to their chosen career paths, wasting everyones time (a 4-8 year education which if, the irrelevant materials were dropped could be done in 2-4 years I would think from what I have seen) not to mention huge sums of budget money.

    It is a shame and disgrace to our nation – again; “overall”, it is corrupt and an immense drain on our nation feeding a bloated wasteful system that does not educate but, drives students out of the system into lifelong slave wagery at places with nyln uniforms and paper hats “would you like fries wity that”…

    I am as an American, utterly, as ashamed of our education system, as our justice system, as our law enforcement system, as our political system, and as our medical system, and of course our industrial system…. It is all corrupt and needs restructuring bottom up, firing most everyne the further up you go. But, that is just one American’s opinion, I feel we can certanly do better but, it takes changing the nature of humanity from this self serving; “screw over the other guy to get ahead” attitude, replacing it with an attitude, of service to others, and service to humanity, as a whole, is the highest service, to one’s self.

    That I believe the event, and the re-education (data dump) which will accompany it, I hope, and pray will bring about. Then and really only then, could these idealistic views be implemented in any way or degree.

    Victory to the light
    (God Help Us, It Is Soon!)


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