This picture was taken in 1937 during the Great Depression. It shows people waiting in breadline in Ohio.
Therese Zumi
17th October 2016 at 1008 AM CEST

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  1. I know the feeling to stand and wait, now part of my past. I’m very grateful to all those working at the Foodbank, during those 6 months in 2014. Since I live in the UK for almost one and a half year, comfortable and with a Dutch optimism and spunk, which comes natural to us “walkers on clogs in the clay”.

    I’m often confronted with poverty and depression, in the streets of towns and villages, in the UK, at such levels I’ve never witnessed in Holland ever.

    One of five citizens in Britain lives on the breadline. It’s very clear that it’s time to reset the sails and change Britains course towards recovery of a society, thriving and self-sustainable (leaving the EU) with a restored sense of gratitude and joy for life, absent for far to long due to a thoroughly disfunctional government.

    My flames of fury are burning in the comments of the Guardian and welcomed by those who respond to them, saying they’re happy to hear an opinion that sounds like coming from a well informed and level headed person. A foreigner from the continent. Many here share an opinion that the UK is a retarded isolated isle.
    I agree, but not too loud, for there’s shame on the faces of those sharing this with me.

    Shame for their country, which knew such heights, ruling the entire world almost, not that long ago.
    This society hasn’t yet recovered from that shock, it seems. Arrogance and a hierarchical system in
    bodies of authority is much present here, where Holland’s mainly done with that nonsense, using common sense and freedom of speech without shame.

    I don’t see a Great Depression waiting on our doorstep now. We will do it different this time :).


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