About the Webbots:

  • It works based on the idea that all humans consciously or unconsciously have psychic abilities. Therefore those pre-cognition abilities (recognized or not) “spill” over to the language they use every day. Then the modelspace assigns a particular value to the underlining emotions expressed by those words. The sums of those values and subtle changes in the language used are used to detect the approach or withdrawing of a particular “object” from the temporal landscape. It’s not useful to forecast events with a lot of emotional charge attached to them (sport events, politics,ect.). The coming election is an exception because the discussion is spilling over to the global population and therefore it shows up everywhere in language, with and without large emotional values.
  • It doesn’t forecast actual events, it forecasts the language that will be used to describe future events
  • The events in itself may or may not occur. In fact the psychic leaks modeled by the webbots may be tampered by expectations, fears or other personal bias that may project themselves on the data and won’t actually manifest
  • Sometimes it can spot events in the making (being planned) that may or may not come into fruition.
  • Works with the lunar calendar, not with the gregorian calendar.
  • It gives temporal markers, not dates, to define a time frame for a specific event. A temporal marker it’s an event that precedes another event in a kind of domino effect (when one event happens it’s the marker that will tell that the next event is close).
  • 3 time frames for the forecasts are provided according to the type of “leaks” harvested. They are ordered by their accuracy regarding the description provided (from more accurate to less):
    • Long-term data (8 months to 3 years)
    • Short-term data (3 weeks to 8 months)
    • Immediacy data (3 days to 3 weeks)
  • By “witnessing” future events before they occur you are actively changing them. Quantum observance manifests in peculiar ways. This stresses the importance of how we should assimilate intel. Usually in a heavily programmed mind fears surface and they very much shape the perspective. That bias will distort the interpretation and produce a specific resonance that will change the outcome itself. So be aware when receiving any kind of intel through you “reality” lens, because the way you do it changes the end result it self.

With this said here are the highlights from this latest “intel” forecast from November 2016 to March 2017:

  • The election period is best described as extremely confusing. Apparently, Trump wins by a landslide but the [shadow government] prefers Hillary at any cost and will somehow hijack the election to put Hillary in the office. It’s not clear as to how (the results apparently are very favorable to Trump). This shatters any illusion of democracy among the sheeple. However more confusion emerges because Hillary [is missing] and is nowhere to be found (??)
  • Hyperinflation replaces deflation in western economies starting in US, coincidental with the Election period
  • Debt “explosion” (exploding not in the sense of rising but in the sense of destruction) because of extreme hyperinflation that’s debases the dollar and then the euro. This is caused by the repatriation of dollars [that process is ongoing now]. Apparently the hyperinflation is not caused by any sort of “reset” in currencies so it may not be related to our “Event”. The interpretation is more along the lines of the Federal Reserve covering up the repatriation of dollars buying more and more of those treasuries and printing more fake digi-dollars in the process. The loss of confidence in the political status quo in the US becomes the norm because of the political [confusion] as for the ability of the US to pay their debts back. In turn, this leads to dollar repudiation in the East and causes essential items prices to skyrocket. Real state and car prices go the other way and plunge adding to the confusion.
  • Markets crash and the FED starts blatantly buying equities causing a huge rise in the price of equities in the November-March. Protests follow through and increase until March when it all blows up again.
  • Bitcoin rises, falls and rises again. Mostly related with becoming widely adopted in China.

Other forecasts for the time period considered between November and March, not mentioned in this video include:

  • Divergence between gold prices in Shanghai Gold Exchange and western PM markets becomes noticed in early November
  • HUGE alien cruiser (UFO) fly-by somewhere between November and March. Intentions and shape are not described. It only flies by. Seen by billions of people. Undisputable proof of life outside our planet.

The point to retain here may be that although the financial “reset” may not yet in the immediate horizon (or maybe it is, who knows?) the point is that if in fact there’s a repudiation of dollar with simultaneous political instability and loss of credibility by the US, there’s the strong possibility that the western world is faced with destructive hyperinflation before the official financial reset.

This could be a double edge sword. On one hand the sudden drop in the purchasing power in the western world may cause a severe and sudden pain. From the perspective of the mission of liberating the planet this may well be “interesting” because, if the things that are being picked up by the web bots or remote viewers are not the description of the “Event” we’re all familiar with, it’s certainly an indication of a large contextual change from now on that we can use to our advantage. At least it will trigger “awakenings” and those will certainly speed up the compression breakthrough. We should also keep in mind that the more awakenings happen more confusion will emerge, and that we can use to our advantage.

Learn more about the webbots or buy an ALTA report in http://halfpasthuman.com/.

Artist depiction of the Powers That Were at this point 🙂

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  1. I don’t imply that there’s anything wrong with how data is interpreted and “read” Colaborama, by Clif High.
    It’s my pondering the exixtence of a future, before we arrive in it, that I’m doing some sparring with. If we are changing the future by observing it, we can only speak about possible outcomes of present events and processes.

    I believe in unexpected and unpredictable moves right now and that’s why I quoted Einstein, with this “We can’t solve a problem with the same mind that caused it” The word “problem” isn’t correct in this argument. Maybe it should be “We can’t foresee a future that is separate from our present state of mind and belief system, in how it shows up”. Maybe the, sometimes alarming, amount of intel of what’s at stake, related to ET’s contact or their influence, plus our sorting out of stuff at HOME: on our planet and in our personal lives, causes people to enter a state of anxiety and fear, due to being knocked off their socks and not being prepared that it might be just what the doctor (our Higher Self) orders….. being knocked off our socks, on a soul level, releasing old paradigms and welcoming “not knowing” of what and how the future will be.

    While in surrender to trust, joy and gratitude, doing the things our hands find doing.We can know of a huge amount of info on one day, through internet, from all over the world. Sometimes I wonder if our brains have adjusted themselves, handling this avalanche, balancing it with our emotional state and physical okayness.

    It can be an excersize on a tight rope, at times, focussing on our “workfloor” and how large our actionradius should be, related to our wellbeing and soul purpose. To go from being a lark in a high sky, almost crazy with song and thrills, to a fall from the sky to the ground, taking a breath, it’s both equally valuable.

    I guess I’ve allowed myself to take a breath right now and live in the awareness of a huge change, inside and out. While enjoying my first retirement year at 65, recovering after 5 years of walking a tight rope, after falling in an abyss, hitting rock bottom and finding the sword of truth, of who I am, as far as I can know, meanwhile cutting the crap 🙂

  2. Predicting predictions for the near or far future, based on halfpasthuman’s logic, is a contradictio in terminus.
    Why? There’s one aspect ignored and that’s the accellarating expansion of our consciousness in ways that are selfregulatory and organic, non-linear and therefore unpredictable.

    With each following step based on the experience of how the former one is made, fully unknown at first too. But still a manifestation of choice that is always in flux, when (human) consciousness is expanding. The cosmic humour of our time is hidden in the fact that linear time is ending and non-locality starts to show up. With expansion as a state of “being” everywhere and here, now, at the same time.

    I think that Einstein would’ve felt the urge to comment his famous statement “You can’t find a solution for a problem with the same mind that created it”. That’s where the contradiction in halfpasthuman’s logic shows up, in a nutshell. I’d love to hear any of your views on this halfpasthuman’s logic.

    • I would disagree Marian. The web bots are just big chunks of data that need an interpreter who is socially and consciously aware.

      Clif High understands consciousness and the non-material world. He is probably one of the few people on the world that understands what TIME really is, an reciprocal aspect of the material world, not a linear progression how our society made us think of it.

      He’s been harvesting data and interpreting it for more that 20 years, time he used to refine the process among many failures and successes. One thing I’ve learned about his work is that the timing of his forecasts is usually incorrect but the description of events presented is usually on target. However sometimes he taps into what we call timelines.

      Timelines, we all know by now, don’t always manifest. Sometimes they merge or disappear. But even in that sense the webbots are able to pick up on what people will be talking in a few months or years.

      Look here’s an example. In June 2014 he was able to forecast what Cobra, Corey and Wilcock would be talking this year, about Antarctica and the cabal seeking refuge or trying to escape from there. Look, here’s the video:


      As you will certainly notice the timming he forecasts turned out to be completely wrong but the description is very much coherent with what was revealed recently. This may be caused by what I’ve explained in the post. That we, by just “observing” future events are changing them and that our state of mind changes time itself.

      Therefore the interpretation, the way the audience integrates the information changes the outcome it self.

      I have some suspicions that make be believe that, at this point, something similar may be happening with our “Event”.

      Our bias, the way we have assimilated all the information received about that so far may be having some sort of impact (delaying it perhaps??) because either we like it or not, we are changing the future by just “observing it”.


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