TZ here; This is a repost of an article that I wrote 3 years ago and that I have been recently reminded about as it may help some readers to be more ready for a joyful existence on 5D Gaia soon.

Are you ready to move forward now to your new life as a 5th Dimensional being? We are all part of One but within that One we are all part of soul families.  We have our core soul group and we also have dear relationships in wider soul groups. Many of us have lived many lives with our soul groups here on Earth. Being incarnated alongside those from our closest soul group is almost always a very positive experience and we often find support and security with these souls. Many will in the coming years find themselves realigning with very dear and old friends from their core soul group.

So where are we now? What should be a priority now? This would be the perfect time to transmute and to tidy up any ‘loose ends’ in relationships that do not feel whole. With the coming changes on Gaia we may find that we end up going forward in all kinds of new ways and directions which may involve ending some relationships. Some of our future choices might be so different than those of family members or friends that we have shared things with so far. This could be so much easier to accept if we ‘transmute’ these old relationships now.

If we take a few hours and sit down and think over our life and our different relationships we will find that some of these relationships have involved break-ups and sorrows of various kinds. We found ourselves functioning on another ‘wavelength’ to someone or that we lost so much of our life energy to a relationship that we felt forced to abandon it to survive.

You will most likely have heard about people coming close to death and how they experienced seeing pictures of their entire life flashing before their eyes very quickly. There is no judgement you see there is only Love and we ourselves are the only judges in the end. Divine Mother has recently been pouring Her Light of Clarity all over us. We know – we have the answers – so how do we transmute the past and end relationships in peace and harmony?

Let’s look at some examples of relationships that you might want to transmute.  1) It could be simply that you feel that someone you earlier knew at some other time in your life left you or you left them – either through death or misunderstanding or some other way and it does not feel ‘finished’ or peaceful. 2) It could be a now living person to whom you feel you owe a thank you or there feels to be an imbalance in that relationship of some kind. 3) It could be an on-going relationship that has some imbalance in the giving and taking of energy. I think these three examples should be enough so what do we can do with these imbalances?

The picture you see on this post is one of the many depicting’s of Beloved Archangel Michael. I had the great joy of translating a book about and by Him recently and I will give a link to this translation at the end of this piece. This particular picture is found more than half-way through the book – the reason I am telling you this is because the text found beside this picture has the words that Archangel Michael uses to explain about Judgement.

So many pictures/sculptures of Him show Him holding a scale some of them with people being weighed. Michael explains to us that He does not judge but merely supports us in seeing the truth.


So this is what you can do. Sit or lie comfortably with support. You will need to hold both your hands in such a manner as the fingers on one hand rests upon the other – like you are holding a cup in front of you. This can be done lying down on ones side if necessary. To make things easier you might have first made a list of those relationships that you would like to transmute.

Then you start by placing a relationship that you would like to transmute in your cupped hands. Then you look – and continue to ‘look’ at this relationship. This might take as little as 5-6 minutes and as long as 45-60 minutes depending on the circumstances and the imbalance. You might need to return again and again to this process to feel that it is balanced. Ask Mother to support you in seeing the truth of the relationship.

Sometimes we have purposely chosen difficult relationships to gain knowledge that we desired to have. Sometimes it takes a long time to love ourselves and to be able to say “No”. On that subject – our ability to say “No” Archangel Michael has some words to say from his chat with us on October 24th.

AAM: “You have learned — yes, you will continue to learn! — that the currency of the universe, the currency of the Mother, is love. And you get that. Now, my currency is peace and love, and you get that as well.

One of the things that you have spent the last two years — not simply the last year, but the last two years — perfecting, is the power of yes and the power of no.”

“Now, you do not always exercise the power of no as rapidly or as quickly as you do the yes. But you are well underway. You are learning, and you are embracing. You are anchoring. It is not theoretical. It is substantial. And I use that word specifically as “in substance.” You are anchoring union. You are anchoring union with yourself.”

I do so hope that this short article will help you in ‘cleaning house’ in your own life now in preparation for the up and coming time of Ascension which will coincide with the time of The Event. The more ready we are in every sense of the word the better for everyone.

Archangel Michael Sums up –again from Oct 24th

“Can I be tired and grumpy? And can I be youthful and playful?” It is all of these things, and that expands to your family, to your community, and to the planet. This is the foundation of cooperation and Cities of Light {the Cities of Light that are already being prepared all around Gaia.}. It is deep honouring and respect, not always agreement, but respect, and the knowing that as close as you may be that there will still be differences.

Regret? There is no room, because regret, my friend, is a form of judgment.

You are judging that you have wasted — an hour, a day, a decade. There is a school of thought that Gaia and your journey here is a school. Well, it is a form of school, but it is so much more. But can you be gentle with yourself and say, I was learning, I was expanding, and I was doing what I thought or felt I needed to do, even if that was taking the scenic route or perhaps the very long detour? It matters not. Because you think you are operating inside time, and you really aren’t.

But there is only the moment of being in your heart right now with yourself, with us, and with the Mother. When you are in regret you are attempting to live in the past, and it will get you nowhere. So this is the opportunity for you to forgive, to be compassionate with your sweet self. And in humility to say, “Perhaps I did not understand that my divine perfection included error, or detour.”

You love yourself. Hindsight, and understanding you can do things differently means that you do things differently now and as you go forward. And that is the purpose of reflection, not to be sad, not to be in regret, but to celebrate that you have the wisdom to see where you might have behaved, or thought, or felt differently.

Give it no more energy than that and go forward. Go forward with me. Go forward with all of us in this union that we have. And go forward, my beloved ones, with each other. You are so cherished. You are almost there. Do not hesitate. We are with you.”

You – we – cannot but feel the endless Love and support that these words carry, doing the final work of transmuting our relationships be they to people now living or to those who have already crossed over will increase our ability to love both ourselves and others – a win win situation. With Love and Light from Therese Zumi.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 03/11/2013

Book translated from Swedish – Archangel Michael Warrior of Light


First posted on PFC 19th October 2016 at 0822 AM CEST

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  1. Marian I was searching for something and came upon this earlier post and your wise comment here. You recently mentioned that you would be taking a time out from the comments section on PFC – I just want to say a ‘fare-well’ – be well – and wish you the very best on your journey onwards and say thank you for all of your engagement which many readers have appreciated. Yes the negative dragon dens are being exposed – wonderful to see millions in Rumania reacting to a government allowing corruption. We are all pretty tired now from these battles ~ Please God – Mother – we will all soon see a dawning ~ a very unexpected time of healing and recuperation, the final liberation from eons of imprisonment ~ it cannot be too far off now. Blessings to you Therese Z

  2. Thank you, Therese Zumi, for reposting your and Michael’s message. I’d like to share my view on that gesture of Michael, holding the dragon beneath his spear. Many people believe that he’s killing the dragon, but he’s not. He’s holding it in its place without allowing it to attack and do harm. As I’ve come to see it, the dragon is the archetypical symbol of our deepest unconsciousness and instinctual urges coming from our “fight or flight” programmed reptilian brain. The untamed fury within.

    It’s the fight against allowing truth to be truth in all our parts, on all levels, that prevents us from seeing clearly and when we befriend that inner dragon by giving it it’s proper place and function, we begin to see beyond the flames and smokey breath of that inner fury.

    Smoke and mirrors? I believe that’s shown to us when the fallen angels landed on planet Earth and presented themselves as our Gods. Reptilian beings, merging with our dna, by mating with the women and other tinkering, possibly. We’re tricked into a way of being where punishment, judgment and shame, submission to powers that can restrain our freedom, rule our behaviour and therefore, our sense of reality.
    We’ve come very far in obeying to that program, as a collective.

    I’ve got this view on fellow human beings, that we’ve got a devlish streak as well as a divine streak within us, due to this tinkering of once upon a time on a pristine planet Earth. It’s up to us what we choose, based on free will and if we allow the inner and outer dragon to rule us, or that we transmute that relationship too, present within, with our private dragon, and without, with those that still try to tinker with our consciousness through numerous programs that promise bubbles with dreams all made in mass-production, Disney style. Be part of the happy crowd and lose every sense of discernment, the ability to know the truth.

    The dragon dens are being exposed these days, so that we’re able to discern clearly, willingly or kicking and screaming over the threshold, to the room with truth present in it. A white unicorn stands on the table, replacing the rhinoceros 😉


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