On the Day of The Event billions of people, approximately 65% of Earth’s population, will have an experience / a taste of bliss. This experience might only last minutes for some and for others several hours {to read a more exact explanation of this emotional Day see the first article when you open my website Veritas Galactic Sweden}. Those who have already had experiences of this desired state of bliss/joy in their Ascension process would all agree that when someone is in that state they have no desire of being a part of disagreement or conflict of any kind. It simply doesn’t make sense at all to even consider arguing with someone.  On this Day of days weapons will be put aside never to be held again. The overwhelmingly loving emotional experience that at least 2 out of 3 people will experience on this day will provide a calm base for digesting the flood of information that will ensue very quickly when we are informed that the old financial system is closed and that criminals are being arrested worldwide. This will be a day ( more likely a time period of about 4-5 days ) when the vast majority of mankind will gather with their families, friends and loved ones and find solace in discussing what is taking place and landing in a place of calm and relief never before known on this planet.

Within about 10 – 14 days the millions and millions of new projects will flower overnight to deal with the priorities of returning every person on this planet to a situation where they finally have (remember billions don’t right now) food and fresh water and a roof over their heads without any fears of that disappearing again. Projects will develop so that our beautiful Gaia will be returned quickly to a state of cleanliness and pristine beauty. Technological developments that have been hijacked and hidden away will quickly be brought into the light of day and make our everyday lives so much easier. Free energy and cars running on water (or?) are just a few of these changes to come. There will be something exciting for everyone to take part in and no-one will ever again need to feel left out and alone.

Collaboration Now and After The Event

Archangel Michael has recently urged us not to look back at the thousands of years of breach of authority on this planet. He suggests that we should not spend / waste time putting focus on past mistakes or missteps. He is not suggesting that we rush ahead and start new projects and completely ignore the pitfalls, however He now asks us to start working with our divine self / divine will and to start coming together with the best parts of ourselves to create for the collective.

Are We Ready to Be Active after The Event

I’m being informed that people in general will begin finding their perfect place of contribution in the myriad of projects that will start to develop worldwide after The Event, within an average time period of 3-4 weeks! People will be so excited and willing to weave their threads in the humongous weave of enormous beauty that will characterize positive activity all over Gaia to bring back abundance, equality, joyful coexistence to every corner of this beautiful planet. So many diverse healing type community projects will evolve where souls can find a haven to start a process of healing traumatic experiences of so many kinds.

jon_hanson_-_schooling_bannerfish_school_by-saLetting Go of Ego

This will be a time when people will quickly come to learn that the ego self will be best left aside. Archangel Michael used the analogy of a shoal of fish moving together. Here he points out that the ones leading the group are in fact no more important than those working side by side in the middle of the group. Individually or collectively we are not single fish but a large group movement together where all of the capacities are within the group. This will be the beginning of the real time of Ascension on Gaia and there is no room for ‘entitlement’ or ego.

Then he makes sure to clarify this by telling us that He does not mean that we must eradicate our personality. However, He does point out that we should not move forward in egoist ways like ‘I know best’ because we don’t wish to have a reversion to the old 3rd. “Nothing will destroy your forward thrust faster than that. So, the memories, which are important, of the history of the pitfalls, are present in order that that reversion to the old Third does not occur.”

He gave the example of when the settlers came to the eastern coast of the USA, how they did not know which river, pathway, etc. to take. They made many missteps but there was a collective will to escape what had been economic slavery. Everyone on those wagon trails were important, cooks, teachers, those who painted the landscape, each role was important.

He gave the example that after The Event if someone would have a project where they for example took care of a dozen women who had been slaves of one kind or another and worked with them to help them return to a place of trusting again, that this projects worth was NO LESS IMPORTANT than huge projects involving many people. Each person’s role will be valued and respected as being equally important to the bigger picture. Don’t forget who you are!

AM: “Everybody is necessary. And, nobody has a more important role than another.

For some it is a very individual act of will; ‘I am doing this and I am bringing my piece to this undertaking. I do not want the bigger picture. I simply want to work with 12 women who have been sold into slavery and to help them regain the sense of who they are and claim their lives.’ That is as important as the bigger picture. Everybody has to be respected – yes has to be respected and valued! Because what happens in the reversion to the old is that sense of value and respect of honoring was lost. And so one of the biggest things that I guide you on is the importance of maintaining, not only the sense of community, but the value and the honor and the respect of every being.”

Plethora of Undertakings

He points out that there will be such a plethora of undertakings everywhere on the planet and that independent of whatever your project might be that you will feel that yours is THE most important one on the planet. This is indeed not strange as they will each of them be equally important to the whole.
However, we should not give it precedence over the whole tapestry. “We are not guiding you to become so driven, so overly focused on projects that you forget the balance of who you are. And that you reflect that balance and the perfection of that balance to one another”. He points out that we must have time for ourselves, time for reflection, time for prayer, time for play, time for love, (or) then what you are creating is not in alignment with the One. This is not the first time that the Co of Heaven has pointed out the importance of balancing our work on future projects on Gaia with time for introspection and loving communication with family and friends. Divine Mother has taken up this subject decidedly on at least three occasions in the past 2-3 years.  If we do not find a balance between work and play we are not in alignment with the One.

New Way of Communicating
2827751-stained-glass-in-catholic-church-in-dublin-showing-archangel-michael-the-stained-glass-windows-are-bArchangel Michaels advice here is so very important. I am working hard myself right now to take His advice, particularly in those often difficult relationships with the people who are there in our lives to push all of those unresolved old traumatic buttons. This is what we Lightworkers need to perfect NOW in ALL of our relationships. We need CLARITY OF COMMUNICATION balanced and tempered with the LOVE.

AM reminds us that sadly very often the ‘will’ tends to take a primary place in conversations. He says that we “tend to rush through conversations, make a point and then move on.” This we are reminded is NOT communication and NOT balance and love.

So what is good communication?

many ways, my beloved friends, it means permission, safety, security, open-heartedness. It is the ability, not only to express oneself and to hear yourself truly heard, it is also the ability and the gift of listening, of hearing – without a feeling of being told what to do or reprimanded or directed – but of truly hearing, listening to what is being said. Not simply to push forth your agenda or your desires, but that there is a mutuality of exchange.

There are times my friends – and you have heard me both seriously and in humor say to you when something is either incorrect or incomplete – you have need, yes need – this is part of love and will – you have need to say to one another, when there is a perception – because that is all you have to go with – yes, sometimes you say, “Oh it is a knowing, Lord.” And I suggest to you that it is a perception, that perhaps someone that you are speaking to is either veering away or not on the right path or that they are not truly hearing or listening to you. You have need to grant tacit and active permission in your new world to truly communicate, on the mental level, on the emotional level, on the heart level, on the will level.

And to be clear, not only with whom you are communicating with, but with yourself. ‘I really want to get this done!’ That is your will bringing forth ‘I want to get moving in action’. Now, is that Divine Will or is this your ego will? And if it is ego will, are you willing to hear somebody say, “Slow down. We haven’t taken x, y, z or this or that person and their needs into account.”

……. this is a time of action. In every realm we are saying, “Let’s get going!” But not to sacrifice genuine communication. So that is our guidance…that is the beginning of our guidance. Am I clear sweet friend?”

To complete this advice on communication from AM here is one final question from Steve B to AM.

SB: Very clear, Lord. Let me just confirm, are you saying that one of the elements of creating collective will is in that moment in which one is making an appeal or putting forward an idea, listening to the other people, making sure that they feel that they have been heard without allowing the discussion to go on forever, but allowing others the opportunity to present their perhaps objections, perhaps refinements. Is that the case?

AAM: That is exactly the case because in community, collaboration is going to enhance – not indefinitely delay – but enhance. Because what you are doing is coming together with the best parts of you to truly create for self and for the collective. That is how the entrainment {approx. to pull others along with you on some project} happens. Everyone is saying, “Yes. This is a great direction. Let’s go!”

For those that might like to read the full transcript from this In-Light Radio show here is the link.:

Collaboration / Communication on PFC

Here on PFC I really feel blessed to be part of a team where there is a wonderful sense of collaboration and good communication. We each have our individual ‘jobs’ that we have taken on and we attempt to support one another however we can. I was recently considering the repost of an article exposing the corrupt US media however my colleague Joao pointed out the risk of its creating confusion as it was dealing with the ongoing ‘theatricals’ surrounding the presidential elections and we here on PFC do not wish in any way to be involved in this ‘distraction’ and so we will continue to steer clear of this area. We always try to communicate truthfully and respectfully with one another. Our goal on this site is to prepare humanity for the change we call Compression Breakthrough / The Event. None of this madness with bought political puppets all over this planet will exist AT ALL once The Event has taken place. Now just to make it clear to those readers who believe that there are ‘good’ politicians with their heart in the right place, it’s my belief that they number about 20% on average worldwide. Initially maybe 50 % have good intentions (and are not merely seeking a well-paid career).  However, once in the ‘game’ where everything is controlled on this planet they too sadly become adapted to the system.

Do You Really Understand What The Event Is All About?

I often get the impression from reading comments on various blogs that many people do not seem to have a clue as to what The Event is really all about. The Event will be a Spiritual Event like nothing else that has ever taken place upon this planet. I would speculate that maybe no more than 20% of the people who have read about and are aware of The Event really fathom the speed and the depth of just how comprehensive these changes that take place are going to be. Nothing, nothing, nothing will ever be the same again. Everywhere on this planet we will find ourselves parting ways with ALL of the former inferior situations that have existed in our lives. Very quickly the right spiritually inclined people will take leadership / mentor roles and ensure that the new society on Gaia is secured until people can choose/elect the leaders that they desire in every community. As I stated initially in this article within weeks’ millions of amazing projects will be starting up worldwide. If you at this time are merely focused upon the fact that The Event will bring the ‘reset’ of the financial system and an end to your financial difficulties and believe me approx. 75-80% of people on this planet are familiar with these financial difficulties, then you are missing the point of The Event entirely.


The Galactic Wave of Love at the time of The Event will bring to fruition overnight the real time of Ascension on this planet. A time of ascension that takes place in the physical bodies that we inhabit now, and more importantly we will be living active physical lives using our divine will to create a better life for everyone as we go through this process. We will not be hiding away in caves or retreats to take part in this ascension. We will however have great opportunities to learn all that we need to know about this process.

We will finally become aware of the truth of our being. Finally understand just who we are as spiritual beings in physical bodies. Truly understand that ‘we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.’

Scorpio New Moon Meditation

Last but not least let us please please realise the importance of taking part in this weekend’s meditation which has been extended to three occasions and the ‘why’ is explained very well in this article by our colleague Nova. The ONE area where we can truly affect the arrival of The Event is by taking part in the weekly Ascension/Event meditation. Please remember your mission in coming to be here at this time. We need everyone we can possibly get taking part at the correct times to strengthen the synchronized effect.

Please Note:
As quite a bit of the information in this piece comes from channeled information I must warn that reader discretion/discernment is advised.

Therese Zumi

27th October 2016 at 1100 AM CEST

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    • There’s no authority or savior who determines the moment of the Big Sneeze aka The Event.
      As I perceive it. As far as my understanding goes, it’s when a sufficient amount of humanity
      members is ready for it, Or souls.

      Than the countdown will start, so to speak. Maybe we’re in the middle of a countdown now, slowly
      and gradually? We’re the ones, each of us individually, masters in our past, awakening to our true
      “I AM” who will determine that moment, Tori, In simple words, by making an effort, being the best version of ourselves we know to be. I’m trying to keep it in that sort of simplicity myself, I don’t have
      to be perfect that way 😉

  1. Thanks Therese. But for now: I deeply wish to be concious of the peoples that were wiped out because of their knowledge and consientious way of living together with nature, a.o. North American Indians and Australian Aboriginals, and the ones I’m not aware of. They are not able to receive the Nesara/Gersara/Event abundance. Let the ones still alive be extra blessed.

    • Maria, I believe that all those that have gone before us, will be conscious of The Event as well, for I perceive this moment as a large bell ringing through all levels of existence. They’ll rejoice with us, when they’re awake, I’m sure. Who knows, how many of these ancient tribes have reincarnated and now live to assist in bringing our efforts to fruition and move with us to see that day?

      • Yeah. But that doens’t stop me from remembering pre- in stead of post event. While Kevin Annett ( still fights for recognition of the Indians in Canada and David Icke for child traficking, while I saw very filthy reactions of people on Indian In The Machine about indians, I never see anyone mentioning them. I’m not their voice but I care.

        • My response to yours is not an excuse or walking away from that what you care for, Mary, on the contrary. It’s not about closing my eyes to the present and look at the pot with gold at the end of the rainbow.

          I tried to point at the inter-dependency we all experience on all levels of life. It’s hard to imagine that suffering and death can be an accepted fate, on a soul level, personally and collectively, in order to “balance the books” in the Akashic records, finding a path to new growth. This is said without any suggestion of judgment whatsoever, it’s about harvesting the fruit from the seeds that we sow, in truth or lies.


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