Visualization also works through harmonics. Visualization is harmonics.

Link from David Hopkins

You will visualize the successive transmission of energy from the base of your being into the highest most refined layer.

The visualization of color frequency tone, will occur alone or with conscious generation of sound frequency tone.

When these combine and erect a visual internal spine overlayed within and around your physical and silent external spine, you will have generated the portion of your light body relative to the sustenance of your existence on the physical plane.

This plane is the heart center realm of the living cosmic universal being.

The heart center is challenged by the ego and the imbalanced darkness of the night of the soul.

To strengthen, we are to balance and organize the darkness below, and the ego through the relative expansion of the visualization frequencies and sound harmonic tones of the corresponding higher energy centers.


This is what you will do to save Earth. This is what you have already done.

To face the darkness, is to know the light.

The muscular system acquires tensegrity. A balanced sense of tension and relaxation throughout the body according to the internal external flow of energy and physical posture.

The spine attains a posture that allows the energy and blood to flow gently.




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  1. I think in the new Earth the red energy is becoming pink as it rises,as the sun when descending on earth on sunset,survival becomes tenderness this is an important aspect of the change.Tenderness is of primary importance….is the mother energy the loving nurturing one…life will be pure paradise when people are tenderly caring for each other instead that competing and fight or struggle in life…

  2. I don’t mean there’s anything wrong with the content of this article, Edward Morgan, I know of this energy work and its value. I’d like this better to be presented as something we can choose, in resonance with what it is we’ve come to do on planet Earth. As I perceived in my experiences in life and working with energy, with others too, there are those with a soul-purpose, showing up in a huge variety of expressions. These instructions are valuable as tools for healing and to encourage being at peace with oneself and the world and not about saving, as I perceive it.

    I can’t see why we should participate in these techniques in order to save the planet. This work is about our awareness of presence, physically and spiriually. And if possible, a balancing of energies. Some of us have embodied the essence of this work fully and don’t need to pay attention to these sort of instructions as if it’s a must in order to achieve a goal that is already signed and sealed. Can you imagine that some of us only need to play and have fun, just be? I sense that this is a learning curve, definitely carved out for me, in this lifetime.

    The concept of ceremonies and rituals is unfortunately flawed by eons of religious dogma. That’s often causing clouded awareness and confusion in people who are on the Lightworker mission, on highways or on winding roads. There are many interpretations of the truth and often the truth of who we are is simple in its essence, much more simple than the windmills of our mind try to tell us.

    Some of us are here to simply witness life and others are doggedly searching for answers and the truth of their own soul-purpose, with more or less difficulty. Some are trailblazing, jumping into action and others are just be-ing, holding the vibration of love, to bring forth a new Earth and the awakening of humanity.

    Not everybody is here to save the planet, for as I see it, and of course it’s my truth, lady Gaia is perfectly clear about how to do that herself. She takes care of herself. It’s we who might better pay attention to how we can save us from ourselves, our delusion and fears. We can choose to follow her signals and silent voicing of her dream. I’m very fond of lady Gaia, we might discover that her dream is our dream, once the veil is fully lifted 😉

    • The message is that working on yourself is the very first step of saving the plane. We can’t save the planet if we do not change first…As we change so the planet changes!

      • Okay, that’s clear, thank you Edward. Amen to that “… as we change so the planet changes”
        I should’ve known that it was meant in this way, I jumped on the wardrobe in one flash, this morning.
        I’ve jumped off soon after 😉

  3. I and on behave of all known and unknown, will be always and We wish from oue heart and soul of the Ascension of Mother Gaia to her higher self The Nova Gaia. Liberation is now. Victory of light, love and peace forever more.Namastey.


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