Source 1: Anonymous: If This Doesn’t Open Your Eyes Nothing Will!



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    • Quantum physics is still not fully understood, but so much of the ancient and recent knowledge is withheld, it’s hard to prove anything except we all have much to learn, and what is withheld is used against, not for the masses.
      The now old wave experiment proved matter doesn’t always act the same, only when observed, is something that is of great interest to me and I would have had a different life if I had learned this at a younger age. I guess wisdom or quest for it is the only perk of old age. It is easier to disprove something than it is to prove it, so your comment is accurate, truth changes by what is, and if time and space do not exist, it all gets so confusing, but fascinating, as all things seem to change when observed. A example is the control the media has over the masses, they report a crime against humanity, and three days later report something else and the last crime is forgotten, and no justice is ever served, and give this power to psychopaths and they run amok because no penalty will ever be served. All of that mumbo jumbo means we must be vigilant, we are not, There is much truth coming out by design, and it’s like Stephen King’s Langoliers just eat yesterday, we must be the ones in charge and with due diligence, or nothing will ever change, If they are watched and made responsible, this realism can not happen according to my hypothesis, that is why we have sociopaths, to do their work for them, they always have a way out, and that is why we must educate and wake people up, or this will go on for another 1000 years, there can be no shadows to hide in. I hope that made a little bit of sense.

  1. I’ve found and studied a old YouTube channel that explains a lot, and seems very authentic. I’m not very skilled on a computer,but I possess some playlists no longer available that might answer some questions. They are in a series, actually 2 or 3 series of videos from 3 or 4 years ago, but I feel they are accurate. The Secret Key Activator is the channel, but the playlists are gone.. If you email me, I’ll send them. Warning! I got noticed when sharing info from these videos. I only have them stored on email files, the channel was taken apart.

  2. Not exactly as stated and shows weak understanding of the problems. There are degrees of freedom just as there are degrees of wealth and everything else. It’s true the banking system is rigged to benefit the bankers more than the worker, but by how much more is the question. Every big question must include HOW and then the WHY question can be fully appreciated. The cunning of the control systems is how they allow a lot of, limited success, limited choice, and limited procreation within the construct. This keeps humanity from questioning how rigged the finished systems really are.
    Competition has driven evolution and now we see how cooperation can take us farther than competition. Until the how is better explained and better understood there will never be full cooperation.

    • Dear karl, there is so much anyone can do to explain humanity 13,000 years of complex slavery dilemma with a couple of 7 & 16 min videos, Let’s give credit to the producers of those two wonderful videos. We need to start being thankful to all those who have unselfishly donated their time and resources to create and spread capsules of truth and information with the only purpose to help others awaken.

  3. have to agree with Mike T., as there is no real intel in these videos, just “state of the union” we’ve heard for years now. give me ben fulford any day of the week over this.

    • Dear Peter Pan, it may not be the “latest Intel” but the information within these two “state of the Union” videos, as you call it, is 100% accurate. Information like this needs to be told from time to time and again and again until we achieve the final breakthrough need it for the Victory of the Light! Until then, it is our duty to spread truth such this as far and wide as possible and the videos within this posting are a really good tool to wake up those brothers and sisters out there who are still totally asleep…or they just may stay lost in Neverland forever!

  4. this is probably something I need to solve but maybe someone can help
    when we have an information source like Cobra to turn to, why do we still care or listen to Anonymous? Or anyone? The Anonymous video makes me upset because it is insulting.
    I want to scream GO BACK TO YOUR DEAD UNIVERSE – get out of here with that stuff
    the Annunaki civilization failed
    the archons here on earth are toast

    why do we care about these things?

    every single day on Earth could be one zillion times better than Christmas (or Holidays)
    every day

    every man a King if no one wears a crown – Huey Long

    am I missing something? is there something important here that I don’t get or should I recognize that I am the problem?

    Thank you kindly for allowing me this space.

    • Yes Mike, the Annunnaki failed because the people’s learning of the truth of what has been transpiring all along behind the curtains. Note that, as of now, not much has changed around you. The reason is because we are not out of the muddy water just yet. The more people wakes up the fastest we can move on, change and rebuild our society in line to a more benevolent model. Not everyone knows it all Mike, this is new information for many people out there, specially those who are barely waking up to this type of “truth”. I am glad you are already well informed but this sites caters to all people and people have different levels of knowledge and understanding; so please take what serves you out of this post and disregard what no longer serves you but allow others the opportunity to learn what you may already know…


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