Recently I saw a movie that’s been out for some years called the ‘Cube.’ It’s a sci-fi horror thriller where 7 characters all strangers wake up with no recollection of how they find themselves in a strange never-ending hi-tech Kafkaesque-like maze.

It doesn’t take long to realize that the slightest movement in certain places could set off deadly booby-traps for the characters.

With little means of escape the movie progresses with unpredictable nerve-stretching intrigue…

The Cube’s purpose, who constructed it and how the characters got there, was never given. There have been many interpretations or attempts to explain it.

Saturn hexagonal feature - Cube Worship

I couldn’t help comparing it to planet Saturn’s related occult symbolism and not without reason.

Saturn and the black cube

Since ancient times in occult symbolism Saturn (a.k.a. Satan the Christian devil, Set the Egyptian God of evil, or the Gnostic ‘Corrupted Demiurge…’ etc) has been known to represent negativity such as that found in limitations in space and time, conflict and death.

Limitations in space and time, conflict and death are not the only comparisons that could be made between Saturn occult symbolism and the plot/storyline in the Cube movie: Saturn is symbolized by the cube.

The Saturn cube is derived from the planet’s North Pole called the ‘6 pointed star.’ The cube is a 3-dimensional representation of the 2-dimensional hexagonal North Pole 6 pointed star.

Saturn occult symbolism is symbolized by a black cube. Without many people ever knowing its sinister origin it can be seen all over the world and is used in the entertainments industry, religions and corporate logos… as the saying goes “If you haven’t seen it, then your eyes haven’t been opened.”

Heavily into the occult it has been said that the world’s ruling elite pay homage to and the worship of the Saturn cube.

The Saturn matrix control system – Be prepared to take the reddest of red pills!

Research suggests that in essence we are trapped in space and time inside a cube by the Saturn matrix control system.

Have the world’s ruling elite and their mysterious associates through the generations been playing us into servitude like a violin string using this extraordinary advanced technological Saturn matrix control system?

If you want to get some idea of how advanced the technology is in this then take a look at Norman Bergrun’s meticulous research ‘The Ringmakers of Saturn.’

A former aerospace and NASA research scientist described how the Voyager 1 flight to Saturn took photos revealing some 11,000 mile long cylindrical spaceships having an involvement in the making of Saturn’s rings.

— Yes, I know folks, this is really deep down in the rabbit-hole stuff and all too much for some, but please, I exhort you to do your own research.

It has been said that in the matrix control system Saturn is the ‘mainframe computer’ powered up by our sun’s photonic energy.

Then Saturn sends out information which is received by our Moon acting as some kind of interface modular system.

The moon, in turn, sends communication signals to Earth using virtual instrumentation, producing the simulated information: the fake reality that we receive and believe to be real.

The assimilation of this fake reality inside the inescapable matrix has been used as a platform for those seemingly never ending cycles related to reincarnation suffering, death, disease and famine.

Escaping the Saturn moon Matrix

If this is the case then how do we escape this computer programmed existence where everything’s based on lies?

I believe the answer lies in thinking, feeling and acting from the heart. The heart-centred singularity sees right through the lies, knowing that unconditional love is the only truth.

This is the ‘wormhole’ where we can go through and escape The Matrix: The platform for creating a life that’s based on serving others; selfless acts of kindness that will indeed encourage those surrounding to do the same thing while raising our conscious awareness…

— With unconditional love and that shift in consciousness anything is possible. No matrix controlling authority is higher than this.

YOU ARE that authority.




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  1. You can fly to Saturn, manifest the life you want there – then it’ll transmit the info to earth. Let’s take advantage of this power – I know I have!

  2. As far as my knowledge reaches, about the role or influence of Saturn, from astrological and esoteric points of view, Saturn seems to be the planet that represents the quality of manifestation in form, physicality. The challenge that I see in this is, that we as human beings, in the 3rd dimension, are offered a chance, a huge learning curve to many, to learn how to deal with that physicality. Am I my body or am I my spirit being?

    For our lives in a physical body on planet Earth are forcing our spirit being in boundaries that is a cause for much suffering. We all react instinctively to the pain of being forced into a physical form in 3D. We’ve got to deal with the restrictions of form and the laws of manifestation in form, practicing patience and enduring frustration.

    We’re never taught at school that our consciousness creates our reality. We’re ignorant to that until we discover that truth. For that we need to overcome our fears and self-importance and outgrow our limitations, our belief patterns that keep us emprisoned in a cube, the walls enclosing these patterns, the box that keeps us safe or so it seems. The real battle rages inside of us, in essence, as I perceive it.

    I believe that our dealing with all that, as a condition and choice, here on planet Earth I mean, not for too long anymore I hope, shows many forms of attachment to form and part of that is living in fear for scarcity, in fear of separation due to obeying to the mirage of form in a survival mode and making profit by designing wars or create diseases to wipe out large parts of Earth’s population.

    The cube is a threat to our freedom if we choose to live inside of it, that’s all there is to it. We need to choose our point of view outside the cube, outside the box, outside the illusion of physical form. To me, occultism is for a large part an excersize in creating illusions and play tricks for the eyes of a meek and gullible audience.
    Remember Wormtongue, the creature in the story The Lord of the Ring? He played tricks to mesmerize his father and as soon as the light of truth was thrown on it, by Gandalf’s staff, the spell was broken. I believe we need to see many Wormtongues of today in the eyes and heart and declare our truth. Also peace is in essence inside of us.

    I don’t mean to push the harshness of our reality and the story here aside in a casual way, for I’m well aware of the power that has grown on planet Earth, due to this huge challenge in dealing with the laws of creation and the geometry that underlies it. The limitations that prevent us from flying in freedom are inside of us and once we arrive at that realisation, nothing can stop us. And nothing will, in the end. That hour is near, I know it in my guts and in my heart. For eyes that can see and ears that can hear, in a free will condition.

  3. Paul A Philips was the author of this article on another website. curious as to who the real author is and what the original website posting is.

  4. in gematria you see the number 93 a lot, 39 too which is the reflection
    Saturn = 93
    I have seen Cube too – I thought it was clever
    we do not all have time to sit around and watch shows, but I was sick during the holidays and watched The OA. They present Saturn as the place you go when you are passing between incarnation and dis-incarnation.

    the new Dr Strange movie has some interesting clues too


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