Colonel L. Fletcher Proudly spills the beans about how oil was deliberately, incorrectly classified as a fossil fuel, when in fact it is Abiotic. As such, it is replenished, naturally occurring source. Peak oil is a myth, or more accurately, a lie. Just like almost everything else the establishment ever told you.


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  1. We need to create a conclusive book about the matter of this regenerative oil because we all know that we need oil for our daily lives

  2. Oil replenishable, nice. I am glad oxygen is replenishable, too, but what is today’s oxygen quality content say compared to 50 years ago?

    • the earth increases in mass at a rate of 5 to 300 metric tons a day…plasmas incoming from the sun reassemble themselves into the lighter elements, hydrogen, oxygen, helium, water, heavy element increase from space dust and meteorites.

  3. ummm…. organic or mineral, a great deal of carbon that used to be sequestered in the ground is now in the atmosphere. Hence temperatures rising. This is not a good thing.

    • It depends……if you accept that there is an all-powerful being that created all things and IS all things everywhere, and it sits back and does nothing to fix it……then it must not be of any importance whatsoever. HOWEVER…..if you are of the stance that no such being exists, and that the fate of our planet is totally within the hands of those inhabiting this planet, then yes, it is very much a problem that will most likely wipe out civilization as we know it back to the Middle Ages. So….pick your poison I guess…..

  4. Oil is “mineral”, very much alike. It is made when the heat from inside the globe melts “rocks” stones” in the mantel. hey,,dident you know ?? where do you come from ??

  5. people got to be smarter………oil is essential for the smooth movements of tectonic plates and a bunch of other important features………

  6. Oh, thank you for educating so well, in this article and the comments.
    Until this day I believed that oil was squished and squashed dinosaurs 😉

  7. oil comes from organic kerogen which is converted to liquid hydrocarbons at depth under high temperatures and pressures. keragen comes from carbon based life forms that have been buried in ancient sediments and have escaped oxidation in the rock column. yes he “spills the beans”…he is full of beans for sure.

    there was a russian scientist meyerhoff who proposed an inorganic origin for oil, but it hasnt been embraced by anyone i know. it doesnt fit with the facts.

    i get tired of people pontificating on things they know nothing about, yeah, i have a degree in geology and and no, a college education doesnt preclude one from having a correct theory about something…… no i dont believe i was brainwashed by propaganda in college! people seem to really get off on being a contrarian…and touting the latest assinine story line, like those who think the earth is flat…. maybe it makes them feel special thinking they know the “real truth” that nobody else knows but them. is just absurd what some people want to believe. whatever, believe what you wish. if it fits your model, go with it.

    • Lol. Nice yammering about kerogen. But oil is NOT a fossil fuel, that’s impossible mr. college degree. First look up the definitions of fossil and fossil fuel. Next, petroleum is mostly made of minerals, with a tiny amount of decayed organic matter that is a little more present in shale sourced oil, and helps the process of compressed minerals at high temperatures by breaking down into hydrocarbon molecules. If you want to be accurate, you would properly describe oil as containing trace amounts(though crucial) of decayed organic matter that help in the process, not that oil is a fossil fuel. People like you waving your college degree opinion around are why people are less inclined to accept scientists’ views as accurate. But thanks for helping me educate your followers ?

  8. i would say ,,just like blood,,the oil regenerate itself,,,like everything in nature,,,,the trees are her hair but also the record keeper,,the precious stones and gems are frozen forces because of the slowed down frequencies,,,look at fracking,,,its done on the Ley lines to cut off the incoming energies or frequencies for ascension,,they know that and the toxines that is the waste water,,is injected back into her flesh,,,i like to see how you would feel if all this happen to you,,,,i am very sensitive and when i tune in ,,i get really ill,,,
    we really have forgotten who we are and why we are here,,,i feel so sad,,,,,,

  9. Ok, so the term, fossil, does not apply to oil. But, if it’s not from decomposed vegetable matter (a stretch of imagination), where does the Colonel think oil comes from and why is it virtually inexhaustible? A bit thin on facts here.

    • Oil is composed primarily of minerals broken down by processes well known for many years and described in college textbooks and published scientific research. There’s no mystery or thinness of facts-it’s called science and geology. You should look it up instead of just reading blogs written by people with no PHDs……….

  10. ELGA, I feel the awakened on this planet at this time are aware that the Earth is alive, everything on her is alive. How can life exist on a dead planet?

  11. Thank you for the truth, I figured that they were misinforming us after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, when they searched and searched and couldn’t find any large traces of oil because organisims in the sea water feed off of the oil. The ocean floor seeps oil continuesly, it has to be replenishable.


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