(Note from Summer Sun:  Personally and on behalf of the Prepare for Change-Turkey group, I would like to thank you Cobra for taking the time and answering our questions. When my awakening started with a “dream” back when you did the second IS:IS Portal activation, I wasn’t able to find much information online that would help me understand what was happening to me. The only place I found information that made sense was Cobra Portal. Reading your blog and especially listening to your interviews made such a big difference for me and helped me in the process of remembering the forgotten. So, thank you for doing these interviews. These interviews make such a big difference for us.

Below questions were prepared by PFC-Turkey group. We have asked our members on our Facebook group what questions they wanted to ask you. Many questions were sent, however. A lot of them had been answered in earlier interviews – so some had to be eliminated as we had too many questions. Given this, I would like to apologize to those group members who will not find their questions below.

Thank you again Cobra.)

Q1: As you might remember, there was a big earthquake on Aug 17th, 1999 where the epicenter of the earthquake was Golcuk, Turkey. This location was also where the biggest Turkish Naval Base was located at the time. I was personally one of the ones lived that earthquake and a lot of people I knew died there.

USGS instantly measured the earthquake as 8.3 according to the Richter scale, then in time they lowered it to 7.4 . It was huge and lasted more than 40 seconds causing the death of thousands of people.

Later, there were theories about H.A.A.R.P effect. Or it could be a deep underground tactical nuclear bomb like Fukushima.

What do you think? If it was not natural, what would be the purpose? Just a test or a threat for the Turkish government to convince them for doing an unacceptable act?

C: It was a natural earthquake which was a direct response to the opening of a cosmic portal on August 11th, 1999 and subsequent evacuation of the vast majority on non-incarnated humans from the astral plane to the motherships of the Galactic Confederation. Such intense events put a great stress upon the planetary energy grid and upon the tectonic plates. Actually, drastic cataclysms were expected globally for 1999 and only because of the intervention of the Light forces they did not happen.

Q2: USS Saratago (CV-60) fired two See Sparrow missiles in 1992 during a NATO drill and shut down TCG Muavenet (DM 357). After this event, there was no logical explanation as to why this happened. We all learned from mass media that it was an accident.

Do you have any information about the real reason behind this attack?

C: Communication mismatch in the chain of command.

Q3: Was Ottoman Empire a plan of the Cabal? And was the collapse of the empire also the plan of the Cabal? Can you give us a different perspective on the Ottoman history?

(link provided by C) http://www.schillerinstitute.org/conf-iclc/1990s/conf_feb_1994_brewda.html

Q4: Who is behind the terrorist attacks that have been happening in Turkey?

C: The Jesuits and several CIA factions

Q5: We were surprised to see that the Reina Night Club attack came right after Erdogan claimed that the US-led coalition had been supporting IS and the Islamist terrorists, and that they had proof of this claim.

So, was Reina Night Club attack a message to Erdogan?

C: Yes.

Q6: Have the nuclear weapons in Incirlik Base moved to Romania?

C: No.

Q7: We have seen that many US tanks have been transferred in Romania.

Is the US really getting ready for a war with Russia?

C: Certain hotheads yes, USA as a country no.

Q8: You sometimes talk about mystery schools, masonic lodges which included the members of the Brotherhood of the Star that located in Europe and elsewhere. We have not heard you mention any schools/lodges from Anatolia. Here in Turkey we grew up with the teachings of the mystics such as Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi, Shams of Tabriz, and Yunus Emre.

So were there such organizations in Anatolia? And were Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi, Shams of Tabriz, and Yunus Emre members of the Brotherhood of the Star? Were Rumi and Shams of Tabriz twin flames?

C: They were part of the Sufi tradition. Sufis have their own mystery school, not only in Anatolia but all across Middle East. Rumi and Shams of Tabriz are not twin souls.

Q9: Turkey, especially Anatolia is filled with ancient ruins, huge underground cities with circular heavy stone gates that can only be opened from inside. Recently, Gobekli Tepe has become well-known with 10,000+ year old remains that prove that the history of the humanity as it is told to us is not correct.

Can you tell the purpose of Gobekli Tepe? Who built/used these structures?

C: Gobekli Tepe was built by a civilization that survived the Atlantean flood.

Q10: Do you know any other significant information regarding the underground caverns and passageways under Urgup and Cappadoccia?

Were these underground cities used by reptilians or other races in time? Are they still used  for different purposes?

And are these underground tunnels connected to other tunnels in the planet?

C: There is a huge network of undergorund tunnels that extends far beyond Anatolia. There are may layers of this tunnel system, some used by positive races and yes, some were used by the Reptilians. Deeper layers of the tunnels system are used by the Agartha Network and the Resistance.

Q11: Last year, people close to Isparta and Burdur heard low frequency sonic booms emanating from underground mostly at night, and observed some lights sync to those booms and these events lasted for one week. Then we heard rumors about the Pleiadians clearing out underground bases.

Is there any active underground reptile, draconian or secret program base in Anatolia? Especially close to Isparta and Burdur?

C: There was a secret underground military base near Isparta that was cleared.

Q12: On your Situation Update on March 25th, 2016 you wrote:

Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that.”

Has this escalation happened? Were you referring to the coup?

C: That siutation has not happened yet and may be prevented.

Q13: Are there important goddess vortexes in Turkey? Can you talk about some of the goddesses and their roles in our history, may be about Aphrodite ,Artemis, Mother Goddess?

C: Catal Hoyuk and Sanliurfa are Goddess vortexes of planetary importance. Peaceful neolithic civilization in Anatolia was the source of the Goddess energy for the whole region. Ku-bi-le-ja (Cybele) is an ancient Anatolian Goddess:

(link provided by C) http://www.thewisemag.com/mystery/anatolia-the-land-of-goddesses/

Q14: Turkey is on a very important geopolitical place situated between east and west, Europe and Asia. Different spiritual sources state that Turkey also holds important key points spiritually.

What can you say about this? What is the role of Turkey in this cosmic shift period? Turkey never had a democratic social order and governance. Why do they want to suppress Turkey so much?

C: Turkey sits on an important Goddess vortex and that is the reason for suppression. You can study the neolithic history of Turkey, you will find interesting things and also the spiritual key for Turkey.

Q15: Was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk a member of the Sirian Mission? Was he poisoned by the Cabal?

C: He was not a member of the Sirian team.

Event Related Questions

Q16: Are there people specifically selected by the resistance ready in Turkey to take over for the interim government after the event?

C: It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

Q17: Lately, some channeled messages from a group called “the Guardians” included information that some people will pass on during the Galactic Pulse because of the intense energies. Is this correct?

C: No.

Q18: If we die before the Event, is it possible to get out of the quarantine and go home now? Has there been recent changes regarding this situation?

C: It is possbile, but very difficult. You would need to attain a vibrational frequency high enough. There are constant improvements of this situation taking place.

Q19: Can you talk about Archangels Uriel and Aurora? Are they incarnated as humans on the surface right now? What is their role before, during, and after the Event?

C: They are not incarnated. Uriel brings wisdom, Aurora anchors energies of the New Age

Recent Developments

Q20: A few months ago, we saw some information in alternative news sites about a mysterious box found by the Saudis underground during a construction. The source claimed that the unusual events like crane collapse killing 107 people and the stampede that killed 717 happened in September 2015 was caused by this box. According to the article, Saudi’s informed Putin about it and Putin sent Russian navy to take it to Antarctica.  A speculation was made that the box contained Arc of Gabriel.

Is this true? If so what else can you say about this information?

C: No.

Q21: Have the beings that were supposed to go to the Galactic Central Sun who hijacked one of the teleportation portals been caught yet? If not, if they will ever be caught? Can these beings take over the control of other planets if they are not captured?

C: Yes, most of them were caught. The rest will be caught soon.

Q22: Was the quarantine of our Solar System by the Light Forces temporarily breeched? Have the Light Forces entered into our Solar System arrived because it was realized that the Chimera found a way to escape? What will be the role of the Light Forces that have come to help? How much can they speed up the process of Compression Breakthrough?

C: The only thing I can say about this situtation is that it has been resolved

General Questions

Q23: Why are Middle East and Africa the least developed places in the world? Why are these places so important that they are always controlled either by religious authorities or dictatorships? 

C: Middle East is not the least developed, but Africa is. It is because Africa is the planetary anchor for the Reptilian race and concentration of Reptilians is there the highest. Reptilians (as opposed to Dracos) are against development.

Q24: Is the black stone in Kaabe brought from another planet? If yes from which planet?  And was its color green and then turned to black from negative energies? And what is the function of this stone?

C: It is meteorite from the asteriod belt. It is now the focus of many occult rituals .

Q25: What was found in the caverns in Bucegi mountains in Romania in 2003 that triggered Romania to be added to NATO? What is the significance of these findings? (http://www.hiddenfromhumanity.com/)

C: Advaced extraterrestrial technology and time capsules.

Q26: What is the purpose of creating / developing super soldiers? Were super soldiers chosen among star seeds?

C: Military wants to get stronger against their perceived enemy. Many super-soldiers were chosen among starseeds because they have extraordinary abilities.

Q27: Why did they develop Montauk project? Did they achieve time travel with that technology? What were they planning with time travel? Did they end this project?

C: They wanted to achieve time travel, unsuccessfully.

Q28: Now that The Illuminati is being shown as defeated in some alternative media and new government is taking place in the USA in the leadership of Trump. And it is being shown as Trump is going to do all the good things, disclosure, the revaluation, economic change, etc. Can we come to a conclusion that now the Illuminati seems to be fading from the scenes and the Jesuits are taking the stage and they are showing like a new world is dawning but they will stage the new world order and deceive all of us when we look at the events taking place now in the world.

Is this their final game against the Event or the cosmic shift?

C: Yes.

Q29: What are the differences between Jesuits and Freemasons? Are they both included in Illuminati/Cabal group? Are Jesuits higher in the hierarchy compared to Freemasons?

C: Freemasons were created as a positive group in the 18th century and higher ranks were inflitrated by the Jesuits in the 19th century.

Q30: A few weeks ago an announcement of a symposium was made about public disclosure of Agarthans  which will be held in New York in May . Do you have any information about this? The link is here : http://www.agarthaworldsymposium.com/

C: It is simply an event created by a surface person having some general knowledge about the Agarthans.

Q31: Cobra, you have said multiple times that Earth is not flat. You even posted a picture on December 8, 2015 on Cobra Portal taken by a StratoProbe 4, 24 km above where we can see the curvature. However, the number of people that believe in the Flat Earth Theory is really high. Why there is a strong campaign for this theory? Have you personally seen Earth from distance yourself? Did you see entry points into Agartha?

C: It is a disinfo campaign to discredit the alternative movement. Yes I have see the Earth from the orbit and it is NOT flat. I did NOT see any polar openings.

Q32: Corey Goode has mentioned in his recent updates that there is a group of people called “the banished” that live on the surface. Can you confirm that these people really exist? Are they negative beings? What is their agenda?

C: Yes. Many of them are quite frustrated and resentful and can be negative.

Q33: Was St. Mohammed an incarnate of Ashtar?

C: No.

Q34: What is Anchara continuum? Can you explain?

C: It is a term used by Sheldan Nidle for the dark forces

Q35: Did Anunaki have war with Reptilians? And are some of the deserts results of the nuclear wars between ETs as Wilcock revealed recently?

C: Anunaki is a disinfo term invented by Zecharia Sitchin so I can not answer this question.

Q36: Did Reptilians come to this planet before Annunaki? Where was the first place where Anunaki landed? Middle East or Gulf of Aden?

C: See above.

Q37: What are the Muhammed Accords? Who signed them and what was their agenda?

C: It is a term used by Corey Goode to describe a non-interviention agreement between the Light and the dark forces.

Q38: Is it possible to invent some type of shot/injection which is made of some type if healing energy that can heal people or stabilize their frequencies on Earth? Equivalent to the shots/injections we get but only in energy? May be plasma/etheric shots/injections?

C: Yes but it is not very practical. Better technologies will be available after the Event.

Q39: Is there a possibility that the lightworkers will be evacuated from the surface of the planet by the Galactic Federation ships if natural disasters (like volcanos, earthquakes, pole shift, tsunamis, etc.) get intense? Are we far away from this reality? Did we pass the timeline of big disasters? There are still some information going around that there will be a time for the star seeds to be taken to the ships.

C: It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

Q40: Someone claims that dark entities come through our tvs, phones, laptops, desktops etc because these things act as black mirrors when turned off. Act as microwaves when on. And this is one of the elites’ most important occult secrets used against us. Is this correct?

C: Yes plasma entities can use a turned-off screen as a portal, but it happens less often than some people fear.

Q41: If various ‘entities’ represent electromagnetic manipulations of our memory and emotions, how do various forms of protection actually work to combat these entities – such as the “Pink Egg” protection technique which creates a membrane blocking negative energies.  Do these visualizations as well as chanting “OM” actually alter the electromagnetic field around our physical body to create a kind of shield?

C: Yes they change the structure of the plasma field around our body

Q42: What can you say about the souls of persons who are identical or fraternal twins? It seems that there is a strong connection between identical twins, but sometimes even fraternal twins have a special awareness of each other. Is it possible that there are strong past-life connections? Does anything change with triplets or more?

C: Many times there is a strong past life connection.

Q43: Is the statement that “nobody will rescue you, you are alone in this planet and the only savior of you is yourselves” true? Because with all of these physical, spiritual and mind manipulations and ignorance of our free will it seems it is impossible to awaken to see the truth and to rescue ourselves.

C: It is not true in the way it is presented. The rescue happens as a coopperation between us as sovereign inidividuals and the Light forces.

Q44: Do  these statements “love what it is, accept what it is, everything is perfect whatever it is, forgive everyone” bring someone to spiritual pacifism? Are these statements manipulation by the dark forces to leave people in a hypnotized state?

C: Yes it is a manipulation by the Archons to block any initiative to change things that are not acceptable.

Q45: Why are most of the channeler from the USA? Are some of these channelers taking messages from the dark forces via the Voice of God technology?

C: USA was a great force for spiritual awakening from circa. 1950 to 1995. There were many genuine channels in that time period, later hijacked by the Archon grid.

Q46: The question our Hungarian friends asked you about asking which you didn’t get a chance to answer:

“How can I become who I really am?”

C: Be absolutely honest with yourself.

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  1. México nesecita mucha ayuda también,desde la incongruencia colectiva,hasta la negligencia en las conciencias de todos, tantos años de manipulación y programacion mental para mantener a la población con la mentalidad de abeja obrera de la cual los gobernantes han aprovechado y sangrado a la población manteniéndola en una lucha constante para sobrevivir económicamente y sacando fuerzas de donde no las hay,luchando por que este país no se convierta en otros países de Latinoamérica sumido en la pobreza y la violencia ,desde el rechazo de los otros países hasta el orgullo mal dirigido, este hermoso país se ha degradado y a mantenido una mala reputación con el resto del mundo,sin embargo alberga un gran potencial de luz y amor que debe ser rescatada y limpiada, los recursos naturales de esta tierra encierran una belleza muy particular y las cosas positivas de unión dentro del lazo familiar sería un gran aporte a otras culturas carentes de ellas por la manipulación de los obscuros… Por favor no se olviden de México y de todos los trabajadores de la luz que luchamos día a día por nuestros congéneres y por este cachito hermoso de la madre Gaia, todo el potencial del Mexicano ha dicho manipulado,reprimido o nulificado por generaciones… Que esto no siga pasando, compartan buenos deseos también para nosotros por favor.

    • (Google Translate – English)

      Mexico needs a lot of help too, from collective incongruity to negligence in the consciences of all, so many years of manipulation and mental programming to keep the population with the mentality of worker bee from which rulers have exploited and bleeding the population Keeping it in a constant struggle to survive economically and drawing strength from where there are none, fighting for this country not to become other countries of Latin America plunged in poverty and violence, from the rejection of other countries to misguided pride , This beautiful country has degraded already maintained a bad reputation with the rest of the world, however it harbors a great potential of light and love that must be rescued and cleaned, the natural resources of this earth enclose a very particular beauty and positive things Of union within the family bond would be a great contribution to other cultures lacking them for the manipulation of the obscure … Please do not forget Mexico and all the workers of the light that we struggle day by day for our fellows and for this little Beautiful mother Gaia, all the potential of the Mexican has said manipulated, repressed or nullified by generations … May this not continue to happen, share good wishes also for us please.
      Thank you

  2. I think the critics of Cobra need to understand that just because questioners ask Cobra a question it is not always possible for them to be told the answer. There are a number of reasons for this including breaches of privacy or trust, or even that the answer may prove harmful to the questioner. I have been listening to answers from enlightened sources for many years, and I would like to offer the opinion that Cobra has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything he is asked and gives just as much information as he can that would be deemed helpful.

  3. Very interesting. I’ve been really feeling an urge to go to Turkey and was thus drawn to watching all kinds of Turkish soap opera (Ottoman Empire period), listening to Turkish music, and now this. Really appreciated the link cobra provided about the young Turks and overthrow of the Ottoman Empire. Seems banal, but when we are really drawn to something, rest assured that some part of your spirit is engaged with that timeline or grid. Also read recently that there is a strong soul connection of turkey to Lemuria.

  4. I see others had the same reaction as I did about Cobra not answering all the questions. One example:

    “Can you tell the purpose of Gobekli Tepe? Who built/used these structures?

    C: Gobekli Tepe was built by a civilization that survived the Atlantean flood.”

    He never answered the question about the purpose.

    I wish the interviewers would not ask more than one question at a time.

  5. I’ve read so many interviews and Cobra’s material and the truth is that you come to the conclusion that in reality he does not say anything, nothing at all, it’s all a twirling thing over and over again … all this is a disappointment, bla bla bla Rubbish !!!

    • If that is you choose to interpret the questions and answers compiled in this interview, then your free will on the matter must be respected. However, the entire comment is a more accurate portrayal of “your” viewpoint (instead of vaguely implying yourself to be the spokesperson for all readers) with a subtle but profound alteration of words used:

      “I’ve read so many interviews and Cobra’s material and the truth is that “I” come to the conclusion that in reality he does not say anything, nothing at all, it’s all a twirling thing over and over again … all this is a disappointment, bla bla bla Rubbish !!!”

      • glad to see that these comments are not “censored”. Although i do not agree with Tony that “Cobra’s material is rubbish” , i do think that the lack of his fully answering the questions, which i have alluded to in my own comments, does favor a strong likelyhood of “disappointment ” in me and perhaps other readers as far as not truly addressing many of the questions.

    • People approve the comments from their own posts… sometimes hard to find the time to monitor/approve comments with 10,000 other things going on in these crazy times.

      Don’t take it personally – just consider ‘3D interference & stress’ as the primary cause to the annoyances you are experiencing.

  6. i am grateful to hear the information offered in this interview with Cobra. However some of these questions in this “interview” seem quite full in their own right and i find that frequent “answers” (particularly plain “yes” or “no”) do not fully answer the question. Even if the literal question is answered by a yes or a no, it would be helpful to expound somewhat on the information that was given leading up to the question. Thank you also to the light workers in Turkey who are involved in the liberation of the planet and seem to be playing a strategic role .

    • Every Q&A has its own energy which is heavily influenced by the daily lives and circumstances of the interviewer as well as Cobra. So many things are going on behind the scenes right now… I’m frankly surprised and grateful everything came together with relative ease. Much more goes into any interview than is visible on the surface… it’s more than just 2-3 people involved as well.

  7. THANK YOU – particularly, for me, for the reply to Question 44 !!

    Q44: Do these statements “love what it is, accept what it is, everything is perfect whatever it is, forgive everyone” bring someone to spiritual pacifism? Are these statements manipulation by the dark forces to leave people in a hypnotized state?

    C: Yes it is a manipulation by the Archons to block any initiative to change things that are not acceptable.

  8. I had a very realistic dream once where I was in a place that was like a theater production filmed at an ancient temple. A woman whom I new by the same name I had given my guardian angel when I was 7 years old was standing in front of me and we were in what looked like church pews. She was wearing beautiful ancient looking regal attire and said to me “We are Anatole” (she pronounced it like Anatolie with a long ee sound) I had never heard this word before. I looked it up and didn’t find it, but found Anatolian and learned about Anatolia. Can you tell us a bit about the alien or spiritual history of Anatolia and any significance to current events that may help us in any way, especially those of us who might have lived there in a past life?

  9. Shashwat pranam, Namastey dear Cobra. Thank you so much for the information. Victory of the light love and peace forever more. Namastey

  10. Thank you so much. I really appreciated the information presented in this interview. I am interested in learning more about Turkey for many reasons and was thankful for the region specific questions as well as the more general questions. Thank you PFC Turkey, and thank you Cobra. Victory of the Light, Now!


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