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Among the actions Trump has taken since inauguration day, nothing has stirred more controversy than the travel ban. This executive order, titled ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,’ blocked entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations, suspended the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, and indefinitely suspended the entry of Syrian refugees.

As we reported earlier, the order excluded the countries responsible for 93 percent of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil – including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt – which also happen to be countries where Trump has business ties.

From the start it appears that the travel ban – poorly written and wide open to legal challenge – was based not on actual data but ideology and emotion. Indeed, Trump’s rise to power was fueled by aggression toward ‘outgroups’ such as immigrants, minorities or certain religious types, which is a pillar of authoritarianism.

Even though there is no rational basis for Trump’s travel ban, it is red meat for his followers and serves to increase division and hatred, while throwing federal and state governments into chaos. It’s also allowing Trump to dangerously lash out at the “so-called judge” – a Republican appointed by Bush – who temporarily lifted the travel ban, whipping up anger against a fundamental check against executive overreach.

The Trump team understands how easy it is to play on fears about foreign terrorist attacks, and seem to be immersed in it themselves (Flynn, Bannon, etc.). However, like the baseless travel ban, Islamophobia is not grounded in reality.

In fact, an American is more likely to be killed by a U.S.-born attacker such as Dylann Roof, who murdered nine people in an African-American church, or Robert Dear, who killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic, then they are to be killed by a foreign-born Jihadist-inspired attacker.

Of course, none of these people, including U.S.-born Omar Mateen who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub, would have been affected by the travel ban.

The irrational fear over foreign terrorists killing Americans is even more absurd when we consider five seemingly rare types of accidents that are far more likely to kill — Parachuting accidents, being buried alive, lightning strikes, drowning while taking a bath, and choking on food.

The enormous cost of enacting a travel ban – in terms of the treasury, the plight of travelers, and the increased hatred toward ‘others’ – is clearly not remotely worth the purported safety it provides.

Despite the facts, “terrorist attack on nation” and “victim of terrorism” are among the top five of Americans’ greatest fears. How did it come to this?

Quite simply, the media-political discourse is so skewed from reality that it has managed to replace fact-based interpretations of the world for most people. Emotion drives the narrative and the profits of mainstream media such as CNN and Fox News, which both benefit from Islamophobia.

It goes back to a phenomenon called the availability heuristic, first uncovered by psychologists in 1973, which states: “[A] person evaluates the frequency of classes or the probability of events by availability, i.e., by the ease with which relevant instances come to mind. In general, availability is correlated with ecological frequency.”

This matters because more and more, people construct their view of the world through the media they consume, which constantly pushes fear about Muslims.

“This is why Americans have also, since the early 2000s, thought that the crime rate was increasing, when in reality it was decreasing — until violence in Chicago and a handful of other cities started pushing it up.

Scholars call the product of it-bleeds-it-leads news cycles and violent entertainment Mean World Theory. Since the average kid sees 8,000 dramatized murders by the time they turn 12, they take the world to be more violent than it actually is.

It’s the same case with Muslims, terrorism, and the consequent Islamophobia. In an analysis of network and cable news shows from 2008 and 2012, communications scholars Travis Dixon and Charlotte Williams found that Muslims were greatly overrepresented as terrorists; they cite FBI stats finding that just 6 percent of terrorist acts in a separate four-year period were committed by Muslims, while 81 percent of terrorists on TV news were portrayed as Muslim.”

Interfaith strife and interethnic conflict are far more profitable than a real analysis showing that Muslims and foreign terrorists actually pose an extremely small threat to Americans. This not only benefits mainstream media but also the military-industrial complex, which always needs a bogeyman to justify outrageous levels of military spending and interventions in the Middle East.

The Trump administration appears to be doubling down on this dangerous, false narrative. Recent reports are that team Trump intends to “revamp and rename a U.S. government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism.”

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned –

(Seven Countries In Five Years -The U.S. Had a Plan to Topple All 7 Countries on Trump’s Refugee Ban List)

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/americans-terrorists-delusional/#O21sLcKfxdOPlvkH.99



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  1. Relax…it’s temporary…plus, this ban has been enacted before. Why such outrage and outcry this time? Also, why not take a pause from this rushed refuge immigration and properly vet our policy? What’s so bad about that? There are plenty classified intel that are not openly shared with the public…how can anyone claim they have all the facts to state that they know more than the collective group of experts?

    So…North Korea has not attacked us yet but they are always provoking…should we accept North Korean refuges? Just because a nation has not (yet) attacked us doesn’t mean that they don’t “hate” our culture and values…a bit concerning issue if they arrive en mass and don’t want to assimilate and peacefully introduce/share their culture. But, let’s open our arms to those who want to integrate with us.

    Also, what’s your argument against countries who permanently banned the Jews from their country? Now, that’s pure racism, right?

    Finally, I’m trying to understand how this post relates to ascension+Event+etc. Other political posts have at least helped shed light to inner workings of cabal/CIA/PTB – which were great! – but this just seems like a personal opinion for dislike of Trump. A bit diluting to the overall message of this great site.

    • We are not attacking Donald Trump in any way, we are only pointing out part of the dark NWO agenda that is being pushed through him. We are a voice of truth and the truth may not always be pleasant to know, but it is the truth that will ultimately set us free from the grip of darkness, perhaps you may want to read more about the details of the NWO plans and I also encourage you to read our previous “comments” made underneath this article to further understand the point we are attempting to make through the article. You may also look in to the links below:

      “Trump Silence on Ethnic Cleansing Law Cheered in Israel”


      “Israel Settlement Law Crosses ‘Thick Red Line’: UN”


      “In Trump’s World, Money Talks & Saudi Arabia Gets A Free Pass”


      We have everything backwards Marie and we are exactly where the NWO want us to be: promoting racism and Islamophobia towards the wrong group of people based on false information fed by ignorant politicians & by MSM. We are not saying Donald Trump is a NWO agent but he is sure being manipulated by them. How is this article related to the Event? well, until we learn to see our situation for what truly is and not for what we have been told to believe the “Event” won’t happen. Our consciousness won’t expand to the critical mass needed based on pure lies and yes, since we are in 3D that includes straightening out our current messy State of Affairs.

      • I thank you and many of the great posts on this site for gaining much knowledge. However, I irk when I come across inconsistent political opinion posts.

        For example, I don’t see much coverage of Obama’s offenses…his secret support of ISIS/Iran. Many Christian and Kurds lives were lost in Iraq. His political-military decisions led to this atrocity! And, Aleppo! US-CIA funding ISIS/Al Qaeda under the disguise of Syrian rebels? Iran deal? Hindsight, Obama did worst for the middle east than Bush.

        Oh, and Soros! The poster “child” of NWO supporting Obama. They’re from the same ilk.

        I could go on and on. But I don’t see any indication on this site about who Obama really is…that his real agenda for the last 8yrs was for cabal+NWO. To me, that’s biased.

        One…just one thing I ask of Trump. Dismantle our government dogma. I rejoice when he pisses off both RNC and DNC. I applaud him when these career politicians tries to school him on how our government works but he marches on in another direction.

        And all this chaos around Trump…it looks soooo bad on tv (and it is bad…) but I’m grateful to see who we really are. My friends and family…what they are capable of saying on social media…I guess I didn’t really know them until now. I will love them still…but I know my love needs to grow more to embrace them as who they are…the good, the bad and the ugly. (I’m no exception.)

        I think we should focus more on our true selves than trying to assess the physical situation on a site like this. That’ll lead us into the rabbit hole. I mean, we can’t “hide” our inner-truth into the Event, right?

        So I thank Trump for being a catalyst.

  2. The whole muslim immigrant situation is working out great for Europe. Rioting, gang raping women, vandalism.

    We don’t want this in the US.

    • Dear Greg, I agree with you, we don’t want in the US the same migrant situation that is happening in Europe now but just like the YouTube link you kindly send us in your reply explains right after minute 6:20 says that the movement is funded by “Radical Wahhabism from SOUTH ARABIA”. The point is that we are punishing the wrong countries who are also victims of this well known Radical Wahhabism created, promoted & founded by “Saudi Arabia” and the State of “Israel”. We are not tackling the real root of the terrorism problem but shifting the blame to its very victims in the Middle East; this attitude based on ignorance serves only to further advance the NWO plans for the Middle East. Everyone who is informed knows by now that Saudi Arabia & Israel did 9-11, why are those two countries being completely ignored or not mentioned nor listed under the terrorist ban list? The answer is: Because it is also widely known those 2 counties are aligned and loyal servants of the NWO/Cabal Elite.

  3. Yeah, M00slims are the new J00s – to fit the narrative. Politics as usual to a degree. Commoners are easily programmable. Military complex would not be needed without some sort of external enemy. Not having an enemy would be like finding cure for cancer, which would reduce or eliminate cash-flows. We could claim cash as the root of the enemy, but yet we have free will to make decision to speak or not to speak out. If snowflakes blow with in direction of the wind, who are those snow flakes really…then? House of Saud ISIL/Zion sympathizer state is not even on the list? Not weird when observing cash-flows.

  4. You may not be aware that escaping terroristic persons from war torn areas could escape most easily through less secure countries & corrupt dark cabal groups have long used such people as pawns & facilitated (& financed) their movement to create more chaos other places. Temporary increasing border security & travel risks seems very practical. Also, note the good guys are tracking down bad guys & rats tend to flee a sinking ship…

    • Remember Brent that the Cabal is here in the USA & in Israel, not in those 7 middle eastern countries. It is already well known that ISIL & Al Qaeda are US, NATO & Israel agents provocateurs paid mercenaries. This is the old divide & conquer technique and we are falling for it. We are just ignorant of truth regurgitating the usual MSM narrative filled with Zionist lies and instead we are only promoting unnecessary fear and racism towards the wrong group. WE have been bombing those 7 countries for years, they have NOT attacked us, Not even once! Now, Only terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Israel & Pakistan have attacked us, are those 3 countries on the list? with this new information lets ask the question again, why are we calling those 7 countries terrorists? But realistically, who are the real terrorist here?


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