This most enlightening interview is worth listening every minute of it! Former CIA clandestine services case officer Robert David Steele provides in-depth unique information about the true inner workings of the CIA, about what Donald Trump needs to do to restructure it, to survive his term and make the changes he desires – changes that will have a positive impact on America.

Mr. Steele identities those who are in President Trump’s inner circle but do NOT have his best interests at heart.

This information-packed and fascinating interview is loaded with critical information about how Trump won, what he needs to do forthwith to remain viable, and what the future might hold if he does not.

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  1. This guy is part of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, which is tied to something called “Humanitad”, a radical New Age group who has this as their objective (and Robert David Steele is playing his small role in it):

    “We work toward the implementation and realisation of a new earth which now manifests in accordance to our collective will and in our pursuit of sovereignty, of natural law and of our highest expression. To this end, Humanitad is dynamically involved in fostering a manifestation of the next great stage in the evolution of humankind.”

  2. Mr. Steele’s interview with Alex Jones was super great. The part that worries me is that Steele’s advice to Trump is NOT getting to him. T needs to know, so how do we help ?

  3. Ok, this guy says “if Hillary had not been stopped she would have won the general as she won the primaries by stealing the primaries from Bernie Sanders” So who STOPPED HER?

    • Mary, as far as I’m informed, Hillary was compromised, due to criminal evidence that was revealed by Wikileaks. More of that became evident, before and after the presidential election.It’s such a quagmire of
      cover-ups and manipulation in politics of the US and its voting system. And who knows, maybe….
      divine will has stopped her?

      • Thank you, Dane Arr, I had in mind to give info that was backed up, like in this video, this is a helpful response. Also to refresh my memory. I’ve seen this video. So much happens in such a short amount of time, wow!

  4. Unfortunately CIA has been the cause of many destructive situations no only in USA, but around the world.
    And I think now President Trump is very clear on this, and what he should do about it.


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