Ex-Marine Shatters Myth of Joining the Military

Vince Emanuele is a former US Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq but who refused to do a third.

USA shooting and driving over people in Iraq:

5 thoughts on “Ex-Marine Shatters Myth of Joining the Military”

  1. ALL military people NEED to learn WHAT the so-called elite refer to THEM as being…Henry Kissenger said it best quote: “They are just DUMB STUPID pawns we use to further OUR global Agendas”
    The DAY all military people truly UNDERSTAND that will be the day the elites loose ALL power to conduct warfare…Not to mention there war proffitering!!!
    THIS Guy has awaked to that FACT.

  2. Everyone needs to read the book , “War Is a Racket”,written by one of our most decorated marines, Major General Smedley Butler. We do not send our loved ones to fight for our freedom. This is the sappy advertisement for the clueless. The bankers fund both sides of any war.

  3. Exactly, the more this truth comes out the more we shatter our old paradigm about war as a solution.
    The second video is awful, it came to me that often drugs are dealt to the soldiers to bring them in a
    state of “all power no fear” shutting down the human factor. Speed does that to soldiers and also the
    music that’s audible in that video. How much though these young soldiers are turned into killers, there
    are many who sit at home with post traumatic stress symptoms. The human part of us and the human
    heart is very strong and its voice can’t be suppressed forever.

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