Everything we have been told is a lie of the elite

The CIA was created by Israeli Zionists and their sympathizers to control the US government for purposes of advancing the Zionist cause. Also, whenever there is a reference to the mafia, you should read “Mossad”. Kennedy wanted to stop the tremendous amount of money being sent to Israel by the US government, and have open inspections of their nuclear weapons. These facts are omitted from the video. Israel Zionist Mossad played a much larger part in killing Kennedy than is shown here.



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  1. I would beg to defer and would like to offer the knowledge (limited though it may be), that from what I know, the CIA was created towards the end of WWII in a collaboration ‘effort’ of the Nazis and the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The OSS eventually turned into what has become kown as the CIA. Given that the Vatican together WITH the CIA made it possible for A LOT of convicted Nazi criminals to escape TO Latin America (notably, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the US in particular) under te operation that became declassified as Operation paperclip, I would venture that the details of HOW the CIA came into being might be a tad more nuanced than is offered here, if only to dissect and broaden the overall scope of what Robert David Steele has termed the “7 CIAs”. Discernment and attention to detail AS WELL AS seeing the bigger picture in the scheme of world events is crucial if we are to get a full and deeper understanding of how the CIA has shaped world geo-political events. It does nto serve us as a whole to narrow the narrative to one faction or other since organisations such as the CIa, are never as clear-cut as we would like to believe or are made to believe.

  2. I noted several instances where the audio went blank with garbled background sounds. There may have been some additional points made during these segments. Still a powerful review of history that we are not told.

  3. So, why is the federal reserve still playing the ponzi scheme? And why have we not taken these people down a long time agO? So, what will hurt them the most? Then let’s do it. Just organize without knowledge, the secret mission is accomplished

    • the short answer to your question is because the people or beings you referred to booby trapped the Universe in a way that would not be a good experience – the traps have to be taken down before any major visible action occurs – but we’re close

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