A rowdy segment of the American electorate is hell-bent on banning a specific group of immigrants from entering the United States. Thousands upon thousands of other people – citizens and immigrants, alike – oppose them, choosing to go to court rather than fulfill the electorate’s narrow vision of what America should look like: white, middle-class and Christian. The Conversation

Soon a series of U.S. Supreme Court rulings could grant unrestrained power to Congress and the president over immigration control. More than 50 million people could be deported. Countless others might be barred from entering. Most of them would be poor, nonwhite and non-Christian.

This may sound like wild speculation about what is to come in President Donald Trump’s America. It is not. It is the history of U.S. immigration control, which is the focus of my work in the books “Migra! A History of the U.S. Border Patrol” and “City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles.”

Historically speaking, immigration control is one of the least constitutional and most racist realms of governance in U.S. law and life.

 Made in the American West

The modern system of U.S. immigration control began in the 19th-century American West. Between the 1840s and 1880s, the United States government warred with indigenous peoples and Mexico to lay claim to the region. Droves of Anglo-American families soon followed, believing it was their Manifest Destiny to dominate land, law and life in the region.

But indigenous peoples never disappeared (see Standing Rock) and nonwhite migrants arrived (see the state of California). Chinese immigrants, in particular, arrived in large numbers during the 19th century. A travel writer who was popular at the time, Bayard Taylor, expressed the sentiment settlers felt toward Chinese immigrants in one of his books:

 “The Chinese are, morally, the most debased people on the face of the earth… their touch is pollution… They should not be allowed to settle on our soil.”

When discriminatory laws and settler violence failed to expel them from the region, the settlers pounded Congress to develop a system of federal immigration control.

In response to their demands, Congress passed the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, which prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the country for 10 years. The law focused on Chinese laborers, the single largest sector of the Chinese immigrant community. In 1884, Congress required all Chinese laborers admitted before the Exclusion Act was passed to secure a certificate of reentry if they wanted to leave and return. But, in 1888, Congress banned even those with certificates from reentering.

Illustration, ‘How John may dodge the exclusion act’ shows Uncle Sam’s boot kicking a Chinese immigrant off a dock. Library of Congress

Then, when the Chinese Exclusion Act was set to expire in 1892, Congress passed the Geary Act, which again banned all Chinese laborers and required all Chinese immigrants to verify their lawful presence by registering with the federal government. The federal authorities were empowered by the law to find, imprison and deport all Chinese immigrants who failed to register by May 1893.

Together, these laws banned a nationally targeted population from entering the United States and invented the first system of mass deportation. Nothing quite like this had ever before been tried in the United States.

Chinese immigrants rebelled against the new laws. In 1888, a laborer named Chae Chan Ping was denied the right of return despite having a reentry certificate and was subsequently confined on a steamship. The Chinese immigrant community hired lawyers to fight his case. The lawyers argued the case up to the U.S. Supreme Court but lost when the court ruled that “the power of exclusion of foreigners [is an] incident of sovereignty belonging to the government of the United States” and “cannot be granted away or restrained on behalf of anyone.”

Simply put, Chae Chan Ping v. U.S. established that Congress and the president hold “absolute” and “unqualified” authority over immigrant entry and exclusion at U.S. borders.

 Chinese exclusion cases

Despite this loss, Chinese immigrants refused to comply with the 1892 Geary Act, submitting themselves for arrest and risking both imprisonment and deportation rather than registering with the federal government.

They also hired some of the nation’s best constitutional lawyers. Together, they swarmed the courts with challenges to the Geary Act. In May 1893, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear its first deportation case, Fong Yue Ting v. U.S. and quickly ruled that deportation is also a realm of “absolute” authority held by Congress and the president. The court wrote:

 “The provisions of the Constitution, securing the right of trial by jury and prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures, and cruel and unusual punishments, have no application.”

In other words, the U.S. Constitution did not apply to deportation. Immigration authorities could develop practices to identify, round up and deport noncitizens without constitutional review.

It was a stunning ruling even by 19th-century standards. So stunning that three of the justices issued scathing dissents, arguing that the U.S. Constitution applies to every law enforced within the United States. As Justice Brewer put it:

 “The Constitution has potency everywhere within the limits of our territory, and the powers which the national government may exercise within such limits are those, and only those, given to it by that instrument.”

But such dissent held no sway. Six years later, the U.S. Supreme Court tripled down on immigration control as exempt from judicial review. In that 1896 ruling, Wong Wing v. U.S., which was issued on the same day as the court upheld racial segregation laws in its infamous Plessy v. Ferguson decision, the court held that the Constitution does not apply to the conditions of immigrant detention.

By 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court had granted Congress and the president nearly unrestrained power over excluding, deporting and detaining noncitizens, both at U.S. borders and within the national territory. To date, they have used that authority to deport and forcibly remove more than 50 million people and ban countless others from entering the country. Most of them are nonwhite, many of them poor and a disproportionate share non-Christian.

 Making America great again

Over time, Congress and the courts placed several limits on what is allowable in immigration control. For example, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of “race, gender, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence.” And several court rulings have added a measure of constitutional protections to deportation proceedings and detention conditions.

But, in recent weeks, Trump and his advisers have tapped into the foundational architecture of U.S. immigration control to argue that the president’s executive orders on immigration control are “unreviewable” by the courts. As Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller put it: The president’s executive powers over immigration control “will not be questioned.”

On Feb. 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit turned down the administration’s “unreviewable” argument regarding the so-called Muslim ban. But Trump’s immigration enforcement order still stands. This includes a provision that subjects even those unauthorized immigrants who are simply suspected of crime to immediate removal. It also denies many of the immigrants who unlawfully cross our borders the due process protections recently added to deportation proceedings.

If implemented as promised – that is, with a focus on “bad hombres” and the U.S.-Mexico border – Trump’s immigration plan will exacerbate the already disproportionate impact of U.S. immigration control on Latino immigrants, namely Mexicans and Central Americans. U.S. immigration may no longer target Chinese immigrants, but it remains one of the most highly racialized police projects within the United States.

Trump’s executive orders are pulling U.S. immigration control back to its roots, absolute and racial. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit pushed back against this interpretation, affirming the reviewability of the seven-country ban. But the decisions made during the Chinese exclusion era are likely to protect many of the president’s other orders from judicial review. That is, unless we overturn the settler mentality of U.S. immigration control.

In under 140 characters, the brilliant Paul completely dismantled Trump’s entire delusional Chinese emperor-esque arguments for his “great wall” given during Trump’s first speech to the nation.

“We want all Americans to succeed, but that can’t happen in an environment of lawless chaos. We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders,” Trump exclaimed to be met with applause. “For that reason, we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border.”

Great wall on southern border? hopefully not to keep us in. Reduce incentives to illegally cross and change foreign policy! Problem solved!

Merit-based immigration is a good idea. No welfare magnet for illegal immigrants would work well too!

Ron Paul answered Trump’s fear mongering of “radical Islamic terrorism” with logic and reason instead of islamophobic emotion. As reported on extensively, US foreign policy creates terrorism.

These people don’t “hate our freedom” — they hate our bombs blowing up their children. It’s called blowback Trump, you should research it. 

“According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offense since 9/11 came here from outside of our country,” Trump spewed his carefully crafted sentence to make it seem as if terrorism in the US mostly comes from Islam. However, as pointed out on many occasions, Trump’s travel ban did not restrict individuals from the countries who actually committed the acts of terror. And, white Americans who carry out mass shootings and horrid acts of terror are almost never charged with terrorism.

Ron Paul went on to warn against Trump’s ominous promises to strongly vet those who want to travel to the US. As the travel ban has already shown, innocent Americans are ensnared and humiliated by its aggressive implementation. This will only get worse.

To learn more about the history of U.S. immigration control, see #immigrationsyllabus.



Sources: http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/165292


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  1. the fact that the elitest education and press propaganda is pressing anti-racisim into you, should give you a hint on the “honesty” involved. All of it is anti-white. Why because if EU and US are as black as afrika it will be just as enslaved. Check out IQ for country and you’ll know why some people are not “as bright” as others. Reality Check: If white people really suppressed others, they must run education, press, banks and government, yes? They don’t, international jews do. If white people did, why would they push anti-white propaganda…. geesus, people need to start thinking again.

    • Dear Alex, with your argument you are only explaining contemporary human history, in other words, if all human civilization stated when the Roman civilization started your claim would be accurate. Great ancient civilizations have flourished every where around the globe tens of thousands of years before the Romans, some even much, much earlier than that. The Egyptian civilization was in Africa, so others so much older and ancient (over 100,000 years old) Modern archeologists call now Africa the Cradle of our human civilization. Isn’t odd that all those people we are now rejecting from the Middle East, Africa & Latin America had some time in the distance past civilizations that were as great or greater than the one we have now?

      Please research the Chinese civilization, thousands of years older than the Roman which still stand strong today. Have you heard of the Mesopotamian civilization? The Persians? The Aztecs? The Incas? The Mayan civilization? have you ever researched and most important, visited their ancient sites, monuments and massive pyramids complexes to notice that even though they existed many thousands of years before ours they had far more advanced technology than what we have today? Arguments like the one you presented here that other races are not as “bright” as white people is exactly what keeps bigotry and racisms going all these years unabated. Reality check: If you are measuring the success of a civilization by their total amount of skilled shady banksters, satanic Khazarian mafia members, Cabal syndicates and their intricate network of minions of international Jews who have mastered the art of usury into an “Art” you are absolutely right on point with your argument Alex, our proud great western “white” civilization wins hands down!

  2. In the scale of issues there are priorities and at this particular time, there is a corruption issue taking place in America by the initiative of president Trump: Massive of PAEDOPHILES are being arrested including political personalities from the DEMOCRAT party and I guess there would be as well from the republican party, the Elite of Hollywood and many other figures from the American yet set.

    I hope American women will stand up for their kids and manifest to have a decent country and get respect for their children much more than to fight for the right to have an ABORTION –

    There are priorities and CHILDREN ARE THE PRIORITY because they are the future of a country! Obviously the situation so strict at present does not make America an easiest place to visit but never the less you may need to take drastic rules until the situation becomes much clear and you set immigrants in the country as you best can offer a hand and not under any condition.

    Why don’t you speak about the PAEDOPHILE issue don’t you think your CHILDREN come first than foreign issues. You don’t give a dam about foreigners do you? is the EXCUSE to attack Trump because despite of being the president elected by the majority of American people, there is a minority that does not respect DEMOCRACY – The price to pay will be certainly a civil war so don’t be surprise but the democrats have lost the battle for their corruption –


    • Dear Luz, You must be a new member because in the past Prepare For Change have been covering the Pedophilia problem by the Elite and in Hollywood extensively. Because of its monstrous nature, back then people didn’t want to hear it and instead dismissed it by calling it a “conspiracy theory”. We are actually one of the first Alternative News sites that started sounding the alarm on this terrible problem of pedophilia. We are trilled everyone is talking about it now! Unfortunately the “rabbit hole” goes much, much deeper than what most people would like to admit, to have an idea of what I am saying here I suggest you read my next posting titled:

      “Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Based Mind Control, Scalar Psychotronic Weaponry and Ritual Abuse”

      Regarding you accusation about – You don’t give a dam about foreigners do you? – this grossly inaccurate! I may not look like one since I am white with green eyes but in reality I am a mixture of French & Mayan Indian, adopted by an Englishman who raised me while traveling the world doing “specialized & highly secret government work” so I clearly understand both sides of the coin. Ego set aside, I believe that due to all those unique circumstances of my upbringing I feel that I am a lot more qualified to speak about those immigration issues than most!

  3. What is dividing America is not racism but the DEMOCRATS – YOU NEED TO BE BLIND NOT TO SEE IT OR ELSE YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE CORRUPTED DEMOCRATS PAEDOPHILES issue from satanic-secret-societies.

    This is a temporary measure taking by the government to stop the drug-traffic and the children-traffic coming from abroad and you need to be patient for things to change – Trump had been in place for just a month so respect DEMOCRACY apparently the democrats do not want to accept that they are not longer in power and that they have lost the elections – They have done so much harm during the time they were in power and Americans did not protest and accept everything.

    The DEMOCRATS are EVIL people and they are doing what ever they can to put the government down and take it back by force – You are collaborating with this people and I am very surprise that someone spiritual like you does not have the ideas clear enough to see REALITY.

    You may end up in a civil war and paying with your own live, that is the risk you are taking but again, it will be just expected from a country that has participated to a global genocide killing so many innocent people around the world – Apart from Trump all the presidents you people have elected are literally criminals and none have been so strongly opposed as you are doing with president Trump.

    I don’t know this Donald Trump but is not issue from satanic-secret-societies. After the lier criminal Bush, the blow-job lover Clinton, the criminal Hilary Clinton and Obama, let me tell you that Donald Trump with his big mouth inspire more trust than those satanic personalities at the head of a well-armed country threatening the rest of the planet. Besides they are also involved in children-sacrifice well revealed whit the story of John Podesta and now been placed at Washington post to make bad- propaganda for Trump.

    The truth will be exposed and you people will pay for your crimes!


    • You are right Luz, lack of bipartisan cooperation & infighting is creating the real division in America, this is why Prepare for Change does not have any political affiliations. We only look and point at the right or wrong side of things.

      Saying Democrats are Evil is going a little too far; perhaps most people are ignorant of truth and misinformed and therefore highly susceptible to manipulation and mind control. This is unfortunately happening inside both political parties, Democrats and republicans.

    • Dear Norman, you do not know our internal policies therefore I suggest you read the articles that serves you and disregards those which do not serve you, lets exercise tolerance and agree to disagree…

  4. Hello Everyone, It is sad that we are “fortunate” to learn from our European allies what can happen when those of evil inclination filter into a country along with deserving immigrants fleeing terror. And it is our own country’s foreign policy that has fanned the flames of hatred at Western culture and the degradation of mass media & Hollywood that appears on televisions world wide, representing only a segment of Americans. Consequences. Blow back. Meanwhile, we must do what we can to protect our country from the rage we’ve engendered. I’m grateful that most Americans and immigrants are good people, with good intent, and spiritual. To say that we are unable to comprehend the complexity of immigration problems, historically or currently, is like saying we cannot cope with extraterrestrial visitors and Full Disclosure. Of course we can! What hurts us more are the lies and shadow government controlled by people of dark who themselves cannot cope with it. They are feeding unhealthy denial in the populace; the sooner we have truth and transparency the better. Those of us who are awake will be available to our families and friends who have bought into the lies of the legacy media and the cabal.
    Let us begin now to live in Light.

    Victory to the Light.

  5. This comment is for the prepare for change administrators. Please stop posting anti Trump commentaries. Obama deported millions of illegal immigrants as well. I seek the truth not political opinions. I do not trust the Bushes, Clinton’s, and Obama’s. If Prepare for change supports these politicians, then I am not receiving truthful info and will request to unsubscribe.

    Thank you

    • Dear Cheryl F. Batoon, Prepare For Change is pro Trump but not affiliated to ANY political party(s). To answer all your concerns and have peace of mind I suggest you read the comments I have made to others on this article.

  6. It’s a shortsighted argument to claim that the current deportation of illegal immigrants is rooted in racism. US has accepted people from all over the world en mass starting the late 1800’s and today we accept over 1 million immigrants yearly as permanent residence. To demand that our government enforce immigration policies fairly and equitably for all RACES is not racist.

    If one RACE of people exploited our immigration policy and demand entery above all other RACE of people…isn’t that racists? I’ve met a French couple who hired a lawyer to extend their US visa but was turned down…they had to return home. Me/My family waited 10yrs for our application to be approved and I have other family members in Korea who are still waiting their turn. Cubans no longer have “wet foot, dry foot” entry into US. Why are they forced to follow rules while one race does not?

    And, if the enforcement of deportation affect one particular race of people, doesn’t that show clear abuse of the law by that one race? That’s not racism or profiling…rather simple statistical outcome.

    On the other hand…let’s look at Mexico’s immigration law. They imprison and deport illegals in their country. I’m sure you knew that…and as we’ve discussed previously, you’d argue that we need to give safe haven to all those fleeing the corruption in Mexico. Ok, ok, ok… But, what’s been frustrating to read is how you selectively/continuously criticize and degrade the US people (especially Trump) while you seem to ignore others who commit the same or greater “crime.”

    I feel that many of your posts, which are often politically biased, will mislead some people who may not take the time to research on their own. So, instead of informing and encouraging critical thinking, some of your posts feed into fear and spread incomplete facts/info. I don’t think that’s helpful.

    Racism exists…true racism is often silent…fake racism is often used to distract.

    • Dear Marie, I am a US Citizen and The Prepare For Change organization is pro Trump, since Trump is not Jesus Christ I suggest not to follow every single one of his commands blindly. He is making mistakes and we are only pointing out deficiencies on some of of his unbalanced policies. I suggest you read my various comments given to others under this article, then let’s briefly discuss what you call a shortsighted argument. You come to Prepare For Change to hear truth, not propaganda, so based on our altered & highly edited current history books you are absolutely right. Unfortunately based on true hidden & occult history I am afraid you are incorrect.

      The truth may not be pleasant to know and that is why our rulers have hidden it and tried so hard to erase it from the public eye. Let’s briefly discuss the TRUE history of the 3 largest minority groups in the US: The entire black population of the US was brought into the US to serve as slaves for hundreds of years, they were used, abused beyond believe and never compensated for inflicting such pain and evil throughout the centuries. On top of it they are still the most looked down upon race of all. The Chinese were original brought in a similar fashion to build the railroads of America, they were also abused & highly discriminated until recently, sometime “after” WWII. Hispanics have always been discriminated and looked down as a lower class cast since even before the Mexican American war that ended up stealing HALF of their country territory. Have you ever wondered why the US States of New Mexico, California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado & Utah have Spanish names? Because those 7 states were Mexican States before we stole it from them by force through a good old fashion American war!

      Cuba has been under a total embargo & blockage by the US for almost 60 years that have completely ruined their economy under the excuse “They did not want to accept our freedoms”. My dear Marie K., we can do all the research we want but if we keep digging in our current history books filled with propaganda we will never be free! Albert Einstein said once: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
      25 years ago I was given a advise the completely changed my life, It took me years to understand its true meaning because it is a hard one to digest but perhaps I will give it you anyways hoping you’ll understand it:

      “Marie K, the problem is not that you don’t know anything, instead you are a very smart woman, the problem is that everything you know is wrong”

  7. People get easily distracted by the emotive strawman argument that by deporting criminals is related to “racism”. This argument is the favorite dis-info tactic by progressive Globalists who want to slowly destabilize a Nation.

    First, any migrants who have not gone through a proper legal procedure to enter the US are already law breakers. But, that is not the bigger issue. We know most of them seek work and a better life, so the law is not harshly enforced.

    However, when “illegal immigrants” – that is a legal status, NOT a race – which can be someone from ANY race or country, then commits a further crime, such as stealing, rape, murder, or violence, or harm to legal citizens of ANY race of LEGAL citizen – now this becomes a serious problem.

    It is even more important to deport them back to the country of origin because not only did they not obtain permission to enter the country, but also they are committing crimes in it. It’s pretty logical.

    • Dear Greg, Our current immigration problem lays exactly in the argument you just used: “Any migrants who have not gone through a proper legal procedure to enter the US are already law breakers” This same argument is now currently being used & abused by Immigration & ICE enforcers as a witch hunt based on racial profiling. Thanks to that argument or “technicality” they are now deporting masses of innocent people who have not committed any crimes besides looking for a better life or running away from their homes countries due to extreme violence created either by US wars or exacerbated by our extremely violent US foreign policy. The argument of “we must now use profiling to effectively put a stop to drug dealing” is an illusion. It is well known nowadays that it is our own CIA & MI-5 who has been commanding and controlling almost all the drug cartels around the world (specially the Latin Americans) I am speaking out of personal experience here as my father unfortunately used to be one of those officials of US Foreign policy enforcers in Central & South America countries. As usual we the naive & ignorant American people are being used to further the NWO of separate & conquer agenda and we are all falling for it:

      Confessions of an economic hitman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVsB07CcSNw

      • Edward,
        You said, “This same argument is now currently being used & abused by Immigration & ICE enforcers as a witch hunt based on racial profiling.”
        No, they are not abusing anything. They are enforcing the laws that are on the books. The people they have been rounding up recently are convicted criminals. For example, the one “poor mom” who they deported recently, was an identity thief. They are deporting the ones who have criminal records within the US.

        You said “The argument of “we must now use profiling to effectively put a stop to drug dealing” is an illusion.”
        They are not profiling race. They are going after any illegal aliens who also have other crimes on record already. They don’t care about Joe Blow the bus boy, or Larry the carpenter. It is true that the highest number of illegal aliens are from central America based on pure geography. So, mathematically speaking, there are just a higher percent of some nationalities. That is not racial profiling.

        Regarding your comments on the cartels and collusion with rogue elements of certain organization, I agree with you. That is awful for all of us. Migrants and citizens alike, and on both sides of the border.

        If it were up to me, I would let all the peaceful migrants stay and give a path to be citizenship. But, I would still deport those who are convicted felons and terrorists. And, that would be helpful to the innocent migrants also, because now their homes would be safe too.

        I don’t know how we stop the corruption NWO order side of things, because their power is so entrenched, except for what we are all doing here anyway, which is meditation for Ascension, and planning for change. That perhaps they will collapse soon under the pressure of the shifting energy and consciousness.

        That being said, I want to echo what someone else quoted here recently.

        Edward, I and others don’t come to this blog for this type of politically charged, mainstream sounding, agenda type information. There is plenty of that “out there” in other blogs and in mainstream media. We already know what is wrong, if we are on this blog.

        When I come here I am seeking metaphysical information, uplifting information, constructive information, self help, higher spiritual information, etc. I don’t want to read something that would also appear in the New York times, or Politico.

        If that is your thing, great. But, it is not really fitting the theme of this blog. You have some other great posts, and I would rather see more of those, than a political lecture.

        Thanks I

        • Thank you Greg, you have the correct and perfect answer to our current immigration issues:

          “let all the peaceful migrants stay and give a path to be citizenship. But, I would still deport those who are convicted felons and terrorists. And, that would be helpful to the innocent migrants also, because now their homes would be safe too”

          Regarding why we post this or that type of information in this blog is because the Prepare For Change community & website site were never mean to be a strictly Metaphysical site.

          Why we shared what you call politically charge information? to begin with we represent NO POLITICAL PARTIES, none! We have no political agenda but unity consciousness and the greater good of all behind in mind in every & each of our posts.

          Dear Greg, keep in mind that not everyone is at your level and knows all you know. Each person is at a different level of awakening and understanding therefore, all subjects that improve the quality of our lives, whether is political, health, social, economical, financial, metaphysical, etc. are welcome in this blog. If a subject does not appeal to you just kindly & respectfully disregard it and move on to the next.

  8. Racism of the past , using and discarding people of color was done by elites to further their treasure and dominance ( a European mindset ) at that time…there is no comparison to what’s happening now …although it appears to be merciless, it is to deport people without universal values of brotherhood …we can see that many folks are here who truly are jealous and hate America….and who can blame them as their forefathers were abused and murdered by the elitist….the Globalist want to destroy humanity ….

    • Dear Sky, As you cleverly identified the real root of the immigration problem. The problem are not the immigrants who are basically running for their lives, it is the Cabal & Illuminati “Elite” and that elite are already US & EU citizens living in mansions and palaces within our borders. “The real enemy is already within”, not on its way here. Let’s not deflect and place the blame on the helpless & on the innocent. Like Ron Paul wisely said: “Change foreign policy! Problem solved! US foreign policy creates terrorism. These people don’t “hate our freedom” — they hate our bombs blowing up their children. It’s called blowback!

  9. we are also looking for human traffickers. we are trying to stop the mexican knight templers. Some of the ice sweeps are looking for trafficked people.


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