– For the first time, a United Nations agency has directly accused Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” on the Palestinian people. The report also urges governments to “support boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] activities and respond positively to calls for such initiatives.” The findings come in a new report published by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, which is comprised of 18 Arab states. For more, we speak with the co-author of the report, Richard Falk. He’s professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and previously served as the U.N. special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights.

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  1. The UN is reporting about this now , it has been known and was in action always. A UN seal is not necessary now.We don’t need any UN anymore.’Good for nothing ” on this NEW EARTH. Victory of the light , love and peace forever more. Namastey

  2. I see ” Israeli government ” is……
    Israel is…, Russia is…, America is….,for me it feels like the old energy of judgment and separation.
    I see ” The goverment of…..and the name of a country “. Only the name of a country blame ” the people”.
    The Israeli government IS NOT the people of Israel. The Israeli government IS dictates by the Illuminati .

    The day that the ” people of Israel ” will be able to rise up PEACE WILL COME.

    • Aspect,

      Go tell that to the Palestinian people who’s land is being stolen and illegally occupied by the Israeli PEOPLE. The Israeli government AND the Israeli people have been subjugating the Palestinian people to DEPOPULATION and the LOSS OF MOST OF THEIR HOMELAND since the end of WWII. 70 years of HELL!

      That is a REAL and CURRENT Holocaust today. It makes the so called Holocaust (8 years long only) allegedly suffered by the 500,000 jews that were killed in that war seem like a picnic.

      And don’t bother trying to tell me more jews died during the war.

      There is NO scientific EVIDENCE that 6 million jews died then. No carbon dating from the Earth AT ALL suggesting otherwise. There is no evidence in the rings of trees that were there at that time to prove that most of those jews were burned in ovens. There is no evidence of any type of fuel, wood or gas used to kill 6 million jews being severely depleted during that time.

      And the gas used at the WORK camp of Auschwitz was for DELOUSING of linen and cloths. Not for killing jews. There is only a handful of mass graves totaling a few 100,000 bodies (by satellite imaging of the ground). No where near the alleged number of 6 million. Also, there could not be 100 million jews alive now if 6 million was killed back then. Their numbers would be far fewer today.

      And what about the 20 million Russians and 26 million Chinese that TRULY died during that war?
      Where are that so called Holocaust stories from those countries being inflicted upon the World?
      And why is the U.S. Government have such an unwavering support of Israel by proving BILLIONS of taxpayers dollars and state of the art military equipment each year, without the CONSENT of the America people?

      Wouldn’t one think maybe it should be Germany in that position instead of America? We didn’t kill jews in that war. So why should we support Israel in any way at all?

      The proofs out there.
      Research it for yourself with an open mind and Heart.

      Here are two links to informative video’s about archived newspapers from the 1890’s to the start of WWII claiming 6 million “starving” jews need help from us non-jews. 6 million jews starving for almost 50 years prior to the start of WWII! And then suddenly they were all “conveniently” killed within 8 years during that war? Impossible!

      Part 1-
      Part 2-



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