It’s been used against you … now you can use it for you. Celebrating it’s inaugural first episode launch … Ground Crew Command Radio with it’s unique empowering format will be interviewing long-time vibrational medicine practitioner Ivan Anderson.

On Wed 29th March at 9pm EDT.

All attesting to the amazing clearing power of a technology The Powers That Were have been using against “trouble makers”.

i.e. … Lightworkers & Awake and Aware activists.

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Ivan will appear in the 1st part of the show that starts at 9pm on the Blog Talk platform.

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With over 1,634 likes on Ivan’s Healing Tree practice FB page, you can be rest assured you’ll be in for a revealing treat on black technology long suppressed by the Cabal to:

  • restore your energy so each day is no longer a struggle

  • clear your etheric brain to find solutions more quickly in your day-to-day life

  • clear your lowest density bodies of parasites, bacteria, viruses & so much more … so you can be energized to take on your soul path & manifest what you want

  • raise your frequency & support your evolutionary return to power

  • and so much more you know we can’t publicly say…

This interview is in keeping with the premise & principals of Ground Crew Command Radio – to bring Lightworkers, Starseeds & the Awakened … empowering clarity on what’s really going on with geopolitical chaos on and off the surface of the planet… and even more empowerment with interviews on the best healing, clearing & re-activation methods & resources …to help the awakened return to their soul path & thus push things along even more quickly towards Planetary Liberation.

Join us and meet Ivan, for the inaugural launch episode this Wed 29th March by clicking this link, and then click the follow button for reminders & recordings of missed shows … on the official Ground Crew Command Radio page

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  1. Learn more about this and other powerful technologies by clicking the link

    Let me know what you think. Ivan


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