Join us this Wednesday night at 9pm EST/EDT, the 19th of April, for another mind expanding (some say bending) … clarifying … but calming & empowering episode on the latest of not only world-events (as it relates to the secret war of planetary liberation)… but also the revolutionary Chi “Machine”.

Chi = The Life Force … of all manifestations of energy.


Has a brilliant, multi-award winning Chinese physics genius automated the clearing of negative chi (energetic blocks)?

Does this Chi ‘Machine’ energetically clear ALL your lower bodies?   (astral, physical, plasma, emotional, mental & etheric, and even electro-magnetic??)… for vibrant physical health, emotional healing & unlocking our powers?

And does it clear negative programs (scalar waves, as explained in our previous episode) in your DNA?

Does it activate the Pineal Gland?

That’s right … all the most sensitive, pressing & highest concern Lightworker questions like those WILL be asked for you, this Wed 9pm – 10pm.

After the headlines & ground-breaking interview, we get into:

….some decoding … dissecting & empowering understanding of Cobra’s Mass Meditation Report last week, that’ll save you from needless worries.

How last weeks’ global mass meditation was a big victory for all of us, depsite critical mass not being reached…..

….the truth about North Korea, and the moves the Chinese Dragons are making with the Pentagon white-hats

….what Doom 33 is … and how the Lightworker world made it possible to stop Doom 33 dead in its tracks, and what all this means for planetary liberation.

…..Is Donald Trump indeed toast … as one of Ben’s intel sources stated?

We’ll get into Fulford’s report too, and make sense of it for our global community… to lift us all to a place of clarity, power & command of what we want.

Freedom … abundance … and healing!

We’ll close the episode with a great exercise for bringing more of your omnipresent I AM Presence … to bring you closer (and possibly activate) the next level of your absolute power.

All this on Wed night 9pm EDT.

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  1. Boom to Doom33 we are indeed living in amazing times, the fear porn is still going strong but I just smile and when I tell people why they do it, they still have that dazed look on their faces like a child you’ve just had to tell there really isn’t a Santa Claus but the spirit is the key. I’m on the fence with Trump, I hope he sees the “Light” get it? But that’s his journey, we all want to free humanity and wake everyone up!!! Take down the plasma veil around earth, and take down all the mind control cloaked craft around the planet too! Our SSP that’s moved to the light can do this, they’ve already shot down craft trying to leave Antarctica for space we learned from Corey Goode. It’s getting close friends, another mass meditation would be perfect. I can’t wait for the MSM to be taken over by the LA and the truth about all of the events, ETs our history are broadcast on CNN, FOX, ABC all of them who have betrayed us. Victory of the Light!


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