The Illegal Land Grab Of Mexico US Annexation Of 1848

The US Invasion of Mexico from 1846-1848 ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The treaty forced Mexico to surrender over half its land mass for a meager $15 million dollars however, the sum was credited to Mexico’s debt to the US leaving Mexico with nothing.



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  1. So much wrong with your presentation let’s start with the title.
    After the slave revolt and Mexico’s extermination of 5,000 000 African slaves there were questions in the south about the firm stand with slavery that some desired.

    The North saw the enslavement of “native populations” as NEW evidence that Mexico was pro Slavery and that was quite the issue for them

    Mexico is Conquered and the USA decides NOT to include lands with populations that could change the representative balance of the US house and Senate at a time where slavery was a key issue between the North and the South.

    But I imagine that the identity politic version of history is just so much easier to tell.

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