12 thoughts on “Cobra update for May 23, 2017”

  1. 1. Be our genuine self with all joy and happiness without limitation, no material attachment/entanglement so we can discover our potential power, love and light.
    2. Our earth plant was and is under electric magnetic, electric net as prison as quarantine controls. Our solution is making the earth people enlightened as shining star with high electric/ light power to break through the EMP prision.
    3.Then, prime creator or higher beings from cosmic world will assist us. All the stars show activation of will and innate power to stop the evil slavery.

  2. How much more suffering need there be, how many kids raped and killed, how many starve, etc before this goes? Is this the best the ‘Light’ can do?. Very disconserting and upsetting. Good thing Lightworkers are resiliant and hang in

  3. Seems to me like we need not worry; just to be the best, most loving, most playful, most open and generous version of ourselves. No (more) BS will be allowed, we are completely safe and the GCR, EVENT is coming any day, hour, min, sec. now.

  4. Cobra, as Mick famously says to Rocky in Rocky II “What are we waitin’ fer?” as far as the event goes…

    Press the button for the event. We are ready. It’s time…

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