By DaNell Glade – author


  • Loose Confederation of Advances Races
  • Oversees the evolution in this Galaxy
  • Use 5th + Dimensal Vortexes of Light to assist and
  •  Stabilize the planet
  • Send Spiritual energy to awaken us

(LF  – Choose to Live in Peace and Harmony and to create a Galactic Network of Light)

Below the Surface – Resistance Movement – Physical Freedom Fighters from Many Star Races.  Agarthans – handle the more Spiritual Aspect of this – influence Surface Populations.

On the Surface – Some Military, White Knights, White Hats, Some Dragon Groups, other Secret Groups, infiltrated since the ’70’s in Politics, Corporate networks, Banking, Technology, Development, Secret Service, Military, etc. etc.

Above the Surface – Positive Star Races from the Galactic Federation

Light forces do NOT Invade – must be INVITED.  Human Will must be protected each step of the way.  (Another reason things are taking so long)  See Galactic Codex

70 Million plus members of the Higher Resistance Movement currently

1-3 Billion member Pleiadian base – Norther Taiwan w/ teleportation chambers.

Light Forces have liberated all other Solar Systems.  Darkness contained in Earth Quarantine.  Thwarted SSP ships from leaving earth orbit with Dark Forces.

Shambhala – underground kingdom – protecting earth and inhabitants for millions of years – especially the last 25,000 years.

Can have a influence on the Reincarnation cycle to ensure light workers can be born.

Prevented Earth & her Inhabitants destruction by:

Stabilizing the tectonic plates, preventing Nuclear attacks, preventing wars & ensuring we do not have any drastic cataclysms plus thwarted as many Dark Force’s plans as possible, including eliminating DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases), Shut down cloning chambers, eliminated most Reptilian/Draco etc. etc.  LF has been working and helping for millions of years.

(This is a very short version of Light Forces)

Light Forces are waiting for Humanity to awaken

Humanity is waiting for Divine Intervention

Light Forces MUST be invited to help

Humanity has been tricked to think Religion is the only way

HUMANITY – ASK FOR HELP~~~!!!!!!~~~~

Humanity, we must do OUR part!!!!

           What YOU can DO

  • Join Sunday Synchronized Liberation Meditation     (9 am PDT, 11 am Central, 4 pm UTC)
  • Share information – internet, blog, youTube.  Write Articles
  • Connect with Your Higher Self/Soul  –  Receive Inner Guidance/Healing
  • Raise your Vibrations – Find Inner POWER
  • Fulfill your MISSION
  • Use your TALENTS   =  TAKE ACTION

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    What I undersrtand…… is that ALL LIGHTWORKERS here in this planet right now………….are, in spiritual realm,…ARE ALL direct FROM THE ARCHANGELIC /ELOHIM LEVEL. you have to have a fantastic ability, the full power to understand and subjugate the DARK , and you are not qualified to incarnate as lightworker if you are not DIRECT from those 2 levels. So, now you know you are elohims and one dimension lower, as archangels. NO, you are NOT elohim -archangels here, human egoic personalities (false self). You as Spirit are, (true self). Big difference. Don’t let anyone lie to you by telling you that you are an elohim here…….you’ll have to eat lots of rice before that happens. Elohims will do what they have to do THRU YOU, you know it or not.
    Now, about those ETs…..what i know………NO ONE can do any intervention here on earth without the permission of the EARTH COUNCIL. What this council says,..goes. (as above so below) Let’s see..Just who makes up this council..? The ENSOULed 7+ billion human population. We are separated here, but in another level, we are ONE and NON-DUAL. This is what we call elohim level, for the lack of other term) Here in this ONEness level, we make moment to moment decisions on what will happen on earth…called CONSENSUS..(consensus reality, anyone..?) .So, ummm….yes. if those ETs are interfering with those nuclear weapons, …you dear spirit in human form, residents of earth, gave them permission.
    this is information only, discern your truth.

  2. James, human life does matter but the majority are in denial or asleep. No victim hood here ok? The Earth is much more important of course but it is up to us. we must take on our own responsibility for ourselves as well as our home Earth but Earth comes first. That’s the way it is. Time for humanity to grow up and stop acting like children!

    • thatcrazytoaster……………ahemmmmm………….i imagine that if you deny YOUR VICTIMHOOD…. that you are not a victim, you’ll never want any solution. “Nothing here, no victim here”…………..Think about this : perhaps this is someone’s ploy to get your permission to continue sucking your lifeforce..?

  3. We can do this! if we ask for help or deliverance, we’re back where we started: children waiting for the adults to come to the rescue. We must grow up and realize collectively, we have tremendous power to change this world around. Starting with ourselves. Human must grow up and start acting like ADULT beings in this system.

  4. Ahh, now I understand better what Sylphs are. Recently, in Devon near Dartmoor, I’ve seen feathery whispy cloud patterns accompanied by peculiar forms of clouds that seem to be of an entirely different nature.
    More often, I notice lentil shaped clouds in horizontal formations, usually late in the afternoon. Maybe I’m paying attention more now, though I’m not intending to look for them at all. I like to be at ease while walking. Lately I’ve seen a cloudshape that looked like a gigantic bird of prey with a clear hawk-like head.
    The eye and beak was clear.

    On another note, lately I’ve had sensations as if I was gently and lovingly greeted from within planet Earth, by Agarthans. This could be from somewhere deep inside as well, surfacing at this time of awakening.
    Has any of you had such an experience of being greeted? It’s for the first time that I realised “Oh, of course we’re not only living on the surface of planet Earth, there’s much more life inside of it too. I sort of had to let that become true for me and I pondered the honeycombe shape of inner earth.

    Also the explanation of Zorra (not Zorro) an Agarthan embassador, about the melting of ice at Antarctica, deliberately created to design waterflows for cruiseships to enter Agarthan territory, so to speak. I smiled when Zora mentioned it somewhat casually, picturing American tourist hanging over the railing of the ship, with sunglasses and Bermuda shirts, goggle eyed by the appearance of a huge entrance to Inner Earth over the water, thinking that this is one of the entertainments that are part of the cruise-program, for which they know to have paid dearly. Not to be missed!!

    Oh happy day when that day arrives:
    “Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest show on Inner Earth will start now” fasten your lifebuoy, you’ll never be the same after this experience 🙂

    Your response to my inquiry about experiences of being greeted from inner earth or elsewhere is much appreciated, thank you.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth, inside and out. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

    • My 2 cents

    • If I may give you a clue or suggestion, Cor, when I began to learn about this stuff I had no idea I was beginning a long journey of exploring, I simply acted on my interest with a wondering mind and began
      study subjects that sparked my interest. By going through the experiences you begin to sort of learn
      to discern and compare dots in a way that works for your understanding. Practice makes art and you’re
      living in most interesting times now with a huge library of knowledge, facts and ponderings of other
      people’s minds. They’ve started on the same journey once, the same you’d like to begin now.

      I guess I could say it in this different way too: “Act on your interest and decide to begin learning, no
      matter what and how and follow your heart in the company of common sense” Safe journey!

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

    • Welcome Cor, You can study the Law of One, Join and Binge watch Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure. Other great series and movies also available there, Watch The Thrive Movie. Lots of great links from here and other sites Dave mentioned below. Pray, be happy and don’t get discouraged if your friends and family think you are crazy. Peace. Love, and Light.

      • FYI – Thrive II will be coming out soon. We heard that at Contact in the Desert this past week-end. This site is also updating the Cobra FAQ section where the Cobra interviews are organized by subject – that makes a great way to study by subjects. Check back later this week or next.

  5. Had the Sylphs come in ages ago, and rid us of the Cabal, we would have not have to deal with toxins.
    I am glad they are now helping-better late than never. Although, I wouldn’t class them as ETs.

    • James Farrell,……….SYLPHs do not make the decision on when/where they go, on what.they can/cannot do. they are under the direction of PRIME CREATOR, the great super-mind that planned and created this universe. everything comes and goes in its own divine time.

  6. it is probably a good idea to remember that these ETs are your incarnational selves from other planets, dimensions and other universes. Some of you, if mot all of you are incredible commanders of those mighty space ships….you are always in touch with it intuitively while awake and you go check your crew when you get out of your sleeping physical body

  7. this is good synopsis. thanks Danell. Along with things that we could do in order to Connect with Your Higher Self/Soul – Receive Inner Guidance/Healing
    Raise your Vibrations – Find Inner POWER
    …is to work on ourselves that would include to MEDITATE (there are many forms including those that clear negative affects of (as well as help to dissolve) implants, integrate any shadow material, practice allowance and gratitude as much as possible, just to name a few

  8. Also, don’t forget that the Elemental Sylphs consume (transmute) the chemtrails for us. A word of thanks once in a while would help or just sent them energy. They have been doing this for us for some time and have been under attack by those who send the planes to spray the skies with toxins – population control. The Sylph look like clouds in the shake of angels, animals, birds, etc. Look for areas in them where there appear to be eyes. If you do this enough they will begin to recognize and acknowledge you but they are anything but emotional. They are very committed to helping protect us and without help we would have died from the toxins a long time ago.

    • The second picture from the left is a SYLPH DRAGON. real handsome. I live right by the shore of the Pacific Ocean …. I “own” (hehhh) the sky and the clouds, the ocean, the mountains…I see them sometimes when I sleep out in the patio upstairs.. They’re delightful to behold. Although I almost never see any chemtrail in this area of the world, somehow they like to dance around.

  9. Ets intervene when it comes to nuclear weapons, in that, they fear harm to themselves, or the planet. When it comes to all other harmful weapons, such as microwaves, they seem to turn a blind-eye. Human life doesn’t seem to matter.


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